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At Oahu State Prison, the warden talks to a prisoner (Mark Jenkins) about being granted parole. The new parolee carries a case and arrives at Iolani Palace, which is undergoing restoration thanks to the 'Friends of Iolani Palace'. The parolee asks a lady (Terrilee Kekoolani) at the information desk for "Mr. Williams" and she directs him to the Five-O office upstairs.

Chin sits in his office speaking to an older lady (Hope Summers) not quite understanding what she would like him to do. She introduces herself as "Mrs. Minnie Leona Moroney" and tells Chin her children are forcing her to leave Hawaii because they believe she is too old to be on her own. But she doesn't want to move back to Wisconsin and be a "boring old lady". The parolee walks in as Mrs. Moroney continues talking with Chin telling him she likes Hawaii. The parolee approaches Jenny (Peggy Ryan) who talks on the phone telling the other end McGarrett is in Chicago and he'll return tomorrow. The parolee asks for Danno again and Jenny tells him Danno isn't there right now. The parolee becomes agitated when Jenny asks if someone else can help or can he at least tell her what he wants to see Danno about. The parolee grabs Jenny making her scream and gaining Chin's full attention right away. The parolee pulls a gun on Chin and takes his gun away just as an HPD officer walks in (Vernie Hoke). Holding everyone with the two guns he now has, the parolee forces Jenny to stand by Chin and have the officer put his hands up. The parolee disarms the HPD officer as well and steps closer to the outer door firing three shots to get everyone's attention.

Act One

The parolee has taken over holding Chin, Jenny, the HPD officer and Mrs. Moroney in the Five-O office with the case sitting on the desk in front of him. When Chin asks him what he wants with Danno, the parolee flashes to a fantasy scene where Danno is scared and is shot four times.

Outside, HPD and Five-O responds armed with rifles as Danno arrives on scene. He meets Kono on the Palace steps where Kono reports the gunman is still "up there" with Chin, Jenny, Officer Kyle and "a little old lady" and they have no idea what he wants. Kono also tells Danno there is an officer across the street with "high powered binoculars" who can see in. Meantime, the lady at the information desk, Diane, tells an officer named Ed (Clarence Garcia) and Danno about the guy who seemed "polite," asking for Danno. Danno runs upstairs with Kono as HPD shows up with a SWAT team. They look at the office in a mirror knowing the guy is armed to the teeth: three guns and four hostages.

Inside the Five-O office, Mrs. Moroney puts her hands down because she's tired and the parolee demands she put them back up. She refuses, proving to be an old biddy and very stubborn. The parolee calls her "a nasty old lady" and allows her to keep her hands down, but she's the only one. Outside in the hall, an HPD sergeant (Earl Thompson) tells Danno they're ready to move when he orders. Danno counters with slowing down, "we gotta figure as soon as we move, he starts shooting" and the first priority is getting the hostages out alive. Chin yells out to Kono because the parolee really wants to see Danno. Chin comes up with a fake story, unknown to the parolee, of Danno being on Maui. Kono yells back he'll be back in a couple of hours as Danno squeezes against the wall in order to get a view in without the parolee seeing him. Unhappy with the timeframe, the parolee demands Danno show up in an hour and pulls Chin back into the office slamming the door. Danno doesn't recognize the guy, ordering, "shields for the riflemen. Tear gas" in order to move quickly when they're ready. An officer runs through the group grabbing Danno, McGarrett is on the phone downstairs.

Across the street, an HPD officer (Barton McCullough) looks through binoculars to assess the situation while a second HPD officer (Arte McCullough) has a walkie-talkie. Meantime, in Five-O the parolee is set in killing Danno telling Chin he's not giving Danno any choice but to walk in. The parolee moves everyone into McGarrett's office taking his case with him.

In Chicago, McGarrett talks to Danno who tells him they don't know who the guy is, he wants Danno and they have an hour. McGarrett is five hours ahead of Honolulu and tells Danno to contact Roark (Harold Iseke) who was in charge of remodeling the Palace. There might be something in the plans to allow them entry. Danno isn't looking forward to the end of the hour: they'll have to "go right down the pike and hit that door with everything we've got". He tells McGarrett he'll keep the line open and goes about resolving the situation.

Across the street, they see everyone has moved into McGarrett's office and report to Danno. "We can see the guy with the gun now. He keeps moving in and out. With a little luck, he may set himself up". Danno wants Officer Olena (Roland Naauao) brought in because he's "the best scope man in the department" and he the best chance to take the parolee out.

In McGarrett's office, the parolee allows everyone to sit down as he checks out all the windows. Meantime, McGarrett paces in his hotel room in Chicago as only 15 minutes have passed since he spoke to Danno. As the parolee keeps looking out the windows, Chin sits on McGarrett's desk and pulls a sneaky move: he opens McGarrett's phone and dials the information desk downstairs! Diane picks up the phone but doesn't answer but when she listens she realizes she can hear the people in Five-O. Covering the mouthpiece, she gets Danno's attention and tells him what she's hearing. Danno neutralizes the mouthpiece so they don't accidently give away their way in.

Danno fills in McGarrett as he's in the office across the street. Communications is working on splicing McGarrett into the office line and Officer Olena should be showing up "in a few minutes". Meanwhile, the parolee becomes antsy wondering why nothing is happening. Chin asks the parolee who he is and maybe he can help. The parolee is in his own little world fantasizing about killing Danno again. The parolee demands Officer Kyle to the window where Danno sees him through the binoculars. The parolee orders Kyle to open the window, go out on the balcony all the way to the rail. The parolee then shoots Officer Kyle causing Jenny to scream and when Chin moves in, the gun goes off again flaring in Chin's face. Officer Kyle falls two stories as Danno watches in horror. The parolee is satisfied they know he means business.

Act Two

The doctor briefs McGarrett directly about Officer Kyle just as Officer Olena shows up. He and Ed talk about what they're up against: 214 yards to McGarrett's office and there's only one shot because the parolee is liable to shoot everyone else if Olena misses. Olena says the scope is good for 300 yards and goes in to set up his shot.

In the Palace, Danno returns to Kono's position reporting Officer Kyle will survive and asking where the communications guy is. The communications guy says everything will be done in a few minutes and they will be able to hear everything through a speaker. McGarrett will be able to hear too as long as the connection stays intact from the inside. The parolee starts yelling for Danno because "time's running out!" Danno readies himself to lead HPD through the doors, ordering the officers to spread out and the sergeant tells him they can be through the doors in five seconds, locked or not. Danno moves into position, but Kono calls him back where they receive some bad news: the door is rigged with dynamite! Mrs. Moroney asks the parolee what the heck is wrong with him! She points out he's shot Officer Kyle and now he plans to blow everyone else up. Meanwhile, Jenny tends to Chin who is sitting on the floor blinded. The parolee tells everyone, including those listening in, that if the door is even cracked, the dynamite will explode. Danno has no choice; he and HPD SWAT have to stand down. Danno orders an ambulance and "a medical disaster team" standing by on scene because anything is bound to happen. He also tells Kono to contact the bomb squad and get Mossman (Doug Mossman) on scene.

The parolee has the dynamite rigged with a grenade with a wire woven through the bookcase beside the door. Jenny and Mrs. Moroney help Chin to a chair. Chin tells the parolee there's no way Danno is going to walk in and it doesn't look good for any of them if he doesn't.

Across the street Mossman looks over the dynamite setup. Mossman comments the parolee knows what he's doing and he has enough to "blow the whole wing". When Danno asks about the people in the corridor, the answer isn't good. They still don't know who the parolee is but Olena says if he goes near the window he can hit him. It has to be done in one shot otherwise the hostages are at risk.

Roark finally shows up with the building plans and they zero in on the ventilation system. Danno prepares to crawl into the vent as Roark talks about the Palace, "it's the only palace on American soil". Danno goes in with a rifle and a small flashlight. Meanwhile, the parolee checks his watch as Mrs. Moroney gets Chin some water much to the chagrin of the parolee. Mrs. Moroney isn't taking any crap from the parolee, even when he holds the gun to her head. The parolee says she's reminds him of his mother, "the way she used to yell at me and Joey when we were little kids". He relents allowing her to get Chin some water. Danno continues to make his way through the vent all the way to the runoff. Mrs. Moroney continues moving around admonishing the parolee for not having any manners, even ruining a shot Olena had. Danno runs into his own bad luck, not being able to fit into the runoff vent even though he can hear them easily. Danno backs out as Chin drinks the water offered. The parolee tells Chin to enjoy while he can as he fantasizes killing Danno yet again.

In the corridor, Danno checks the time with Kono who answers the our is nearly expired. Kono knows Danno's next move and he doesn't like it: neither does McGarrett who points out if he goes in, he becomes another hostage and chances are slim to none he'll come out alive. Danno argues they are out of options and the parolee wants him not the others. Danno makes it plain: what would McGarrett do? McGarrett gives up, knowing Danno is right and pleads with him to "be careful". Danno stands in the corridor handing his gun to Kono as the parolee yells out demanding Danno. This time, Danno yells back wanting the others to be released as he walks in. The parolee refuses, answering they'll talk about that once Danno is in. Danno walks to the door, stepping inside only to have the door slammed behind him.

Act Three

The parolee shoves Danno into McGarrett's office. Danno asks for the others to be released but the parolee refuses again. The parolee has yet another surprise, opening his shirt revealing a vest rigged with dynamite and a timer, which he flips on. Danno tries again for the release of the others but no go. He notices the open window leading to the balcony where Officer Kyle was shot. The parolee re-rigs the door making it more complicated than before. As well, the parolee natters on where he learned how to do this stuff: practical electronics for rehabilitation. To the parolee, the door is to ensure no interruptions but the vest is "the main event" consisting of 20 pounds of high explosives and no way to stop the timer. Listening in, Kono knows things are now different: he radios Olena telling the sniper the one shot has to be a head shot.

Inside McGarrett's office, Danno continues to assess asking Chin how he's holding up. Chin will be okay answering Danno it was "only the gun flash". Chin still doesn't want Danno in there and Mrs. Moroney adds, "you're the one he's been making all the fuss over". Mrs. Moroney pushes the parolee to tell them what it's all about: Joey Collins. Danno flashes back to a street chase where a teenager pulls a gun and fires at a pursuing Danno who also nearly gets hit by a car in the street! The kid pushes a guy (Arthur Hee) as he keeps running and eventually enters an apartment building where the kid shoots at Danno again in the stairwell. Chaos ensues as people run in every direction and Danno tries to tell one to call the police. Finding the door locked, Danno shoots the lock but winds up hitting the kid inside the apartment. Rolling the kid over, he dies in front Danno who comes back to the present.

The parolee finally gives up his name: Joey's brother Marty. Danno says he warned him but Marty counters that Danno murdered him. Kono puts it together and tells Ed to give him a rundown on both Marty and Joey Collins. Meanwhile, Marty keeps berating Danno for not feeling anything for Joey except he was someone to gun down. Danno flashes back to snapping at McGarrett, "it's a stinking job" and McGarrett has no sympathy for him, lecturing about pulling their guns and shooting people. Marty keeps up even as Danno explains, again, Joey's shooting was an accident and the grand jury refused to return an indictment and cleared Danno of wrongdoing. Marty blows it off saying the grand jury cleared him because he's a cop and he didn't clear Danno. Joey's death was two years earlier and Marty had to wait before facing Danno "and while I was waiting, Williams, I killed you 3,000 times". Marty happily waits for the finale, for he’ll kill Danno for real.

Kono brings McGarrett up to speed telling him they're trying to track down Marty's mother (Bea Barrett-Davis) who is his only relative. Kono passes on what they learned from the warden: Marty was a loner, serving two to ten for armed robbery and a "troublemaker". Only things changed when Joey died, Marty became a model prisoner to earn parole and got it only five days before.

In McGarrett's office, Danno strategizes what to do next moving into the window. The officers across the street take notice. Marty keeps needling Danno when Mrs. Moroney steps in yet again. She agitates Marty to the point he points the gun at her yelling at Jenny to keep her quiet. Jenny implores Mrs. Moroney to let Danno handle the situation and Marty refocuses on Danno. Danno tries again to release the others but Marty isn't budging.

Act Four

Ed brings in Mrs. Collins who explains to Kono she didn't even know Marty was out because he didn't stop to see her. Mrs. Collins is willing but she's not sure she can help because only Joey could talk to Marty. The brothers were very close and Joey was the world to Marty. Meanwhile, Danno tries to talk Marty out o the entire affair saying it's not worth it. Danno explains he wanted to take Joey alive but couldn't and grieved for him when Joey died. Marty meets Danno's sentiments with cynicism and sarcasm. Marty says there's no way to stop the timer on the vest and to try to remove will cause it to explode as well. As Marty checks the door setup, Mrs. Collins calls out to him on the bullhorn. Marty freaks out because he didn't tell anyone his plans! Marty goes off threatening to kill everybody right there unless she leaves. Mrs. Moroney steps in again, this time admonishing Marty for putting his mom through all this, calling his actions "despicable". Marty screams she shouldn't even know he's there. Danno sees an opportunity leaning on McGarrett's desk in front of the phone. Marty shoves Danno out of the way to rip the phone out of its connection in the floor and in doing so cuts off the outside to what is happening.

Kono talks to McGarrett again saying Olena needs a good setup but nothing yet. Marty is sometimes in view but not enough. Kono's plan is to rush in and while the odds are against him, he needs to try anyway. In the office, Mrs. Moroney pushes Marty's buttons again and Danno makes his move yelling at Collins continuing on Mrs. Moroney's "coward" comment. Marty is about to shoot her when Danno starts yelling at him calling him a coward … just like Joey. Danno eggs him on, moving him closer to the window! Danno ducks and Olena takes his shot! Marty is thrown to the floor with a fatal head wound. The problem: the vest has to be deactivated. Kono, Mossman and other HPD officers are by McGarrett's door. Danno describes the vest setup to Mossman who tells him there has to be a way to deactivate it. The wires go to the center switch and Mossman tells him the wires have to be jumped in order to remove the detonator. Danno starts the process by cutting a wire from the mangled phone connection. Stripping a spot on a "common wire," Danno makes a connection then repeats it on the other side. He cuts a wire to isolate the timer and then tries to remove it but struggles before he is able to free it because the detonator is attached. Throwing it into the corner of the office, it blows up but none of the dynamite does.

After several minutes, Danno calls McGarrett to tell him it's finally over. The door has been disarmed and everyone leaves the office. Kono tells Chin the doctor says he'll be seeing okay in a couple day. Mrs. Moroney walks out in front of Danno who tells her no one can force to do anything she doesn't want. Jenny follows with her and Danno hugging before the phone rings and it's business as usual.

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