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GIs disembark an airplane at Honolulu Airport for much needed R&R from Vietnam. One (Tim Tindall) carries a Buddha statue and talks to the Customs Agent (Ed Sheehan) as he goes through the stuff. They put the Buddha in the top of the duffel bag. Corporal Kurtz departs Customs and walks outside but rather than get on the bus he takes a taxi to the Ilikai Hotel where he checks in to Room 1805. He takes an elevator up but never makes it to the room as he is found shot in the head in the elevator.

A car speeds up a mountain road. Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh) stands on a platform watching its arrival. His goon hands over the Buddha and Wo Fat promptly smashes it digging out the plates but they are blank! Wo Fat angrily tosses them toward the ocean.

Act One

McGarrett arrives on scene as Danno gives the rundown: "Marine corporal. Just returned from Vietnam. R and R. Still had his travel orders and his airplane ticket stub in his pocket". According to the bellboy, a group got on the elevator and most got off except for the corporal and a pair of Chinese businessmen. Chin finds Frank Sobo, the desk clerk who checked him in. The corporal had a reservation via mail from a travel agency in Saigon. As they bring the body out of the elevator, the doctor (Robert Costa) gives a preliminary assessment: small caliber weapon with powder burns and death was instant. The doctor hands McGarrett the corporal's dog tags but a Marine colonel (Richard Gossett) claims them and McGarrett hands them over. Danno gives up the "transit orders" as well. One problem: Kurtz's name doesnÕt show up anywhere on his lists, even if he was only passing through, his name would be on the R&R list. The colonel plans to inquire with Saigon. Che Fong (Harry Endo) finds something interesting: the clothes in the duffel are brand new and never worn and different sizes.

Chin talks to Customs finding the agent who processed him. The Customs Agent tells him Kurtz had a souvenir Buddha, which confuses Chin because it wasn't found among his belongings. The Custom Agent also tells him it can be had from any novelty shop between San Francisco to Singapore.

Danno barges into McGarrett's office with the news Kurtz had a "phony serial number". Danno has the man's true identity thanks to Interpol: Leo Price. McGarrett peruses his file, seeing he was wanted on murder charges from Macao eight days earlier. McGarrett theorizes he was smuggling in something, all he had to do was buy a ticket and forge documents and dog tags to become a soldier. Kono asks if it was narcotics but Chin shoots it down as Customs went through all his gear.

A C-141 transport airplane lands at Hickam Field with a Cadillac limousine picking up the VIP on board. McGarrett is about to get into the Park Lane as his friend Ron (John McMartin) from the Navy shows up. Informing him, they'll be working together again, they walk to the "new capitol building" as Wo Fat's men watch and report in. Wo Fat says they must succeed regardless of the cost to anyone.

McGarrett and Ron walk to the governor's office. McGarrett introduces Ron, "Commander Nicholson, naval intelligence, Tokyo". Ron introduces McGarrett to David Carter (Howard Gottschalk) of the Treasury Department. Jonathan Kaye (Joseph Sirola) steps out of a side room ready to brief them. His message is urgent: the fate of the free world could be determined by what transpires during the next 24 hours in Hawaii.

Act Two

Jonathan begins his briefing with an ominous tone discussing "ultimate weapons" such as nuclear and biochemical weapons. However, his briefing is focused on economic warfare where one nation's currency will no longer be honored by any other nation. Jonathan recaps Germany's attempt to create the British pound note and the example serves for what happened "ten weeks ago, another nation succeeded in creating a set of perfect plates. And this time it's our currency that's under attack". Jonathan tells them China made those plates and they want "to achieve an unqualified success that brings total victory". They mean to decimate the United States through economic ruin. Carter briefs the plates are near exact to those used by the Mint. They can also manipulate the serial numbers to avoid detection. While only a "sample run" exists, it will not take long to flood the U.S. with counterfeits. A deep-rooted Treasury Agent was able to steal the plates but was killed before he could turn them over to the U.S. Meantime, the American government has offered a reward of $1 million for the plates' return and that has brought all kinds out of the woodwork. At his hideout, Wo Fat says China is willing to pay $1.5 million to get them back and this is uptick because Russia is willing to pay $1.25 million. Jonathan turns the briefing over to Ron who has followed the plates since they were stolen. "a pretty bloody path all the way across most of Southeast Asia". A total of nine people were killed on the bloody path as the plates switched hands in various locations including Vietnam and Laos. The last killing was by Leo Price of a Portuguese trader.

When McGarrett asks if Price was working alone, Ron briefs there were three originally. Working with Price were Nicole Fleming (Sabrina Scharf) and Anthony Cameron Madrid (Monty Landis). Supposedly Nicole and Madrid teamed up until Macao when they went their separate ways. Wo Fat has been talking to Madrid while the briefing happened and Nicole arrived in Honolulu. Jonathan finishes up the briefing telling them the plates are on the way but the how and the when are missing. Jonathan hands a file to Ron who shows it to McGarrett: the various representatives of world governments: Mikhail Ivonovich Toptegan (Roger C. Carmel), known as 'Misha' for the Soviet Union and Wo Fat for China. McGarrett scoffs at Wo Fat's photo, "yeah, we've met". The last one known to have the plates was Nicole.

At the morgue, Danno takes Nicole to identify her 'brother,' Corporal Kurtz/Leo Price. Nicole tells her sob story to Danno as McGarrett walks in trying to figure out why she's there. The story he has is that Kurtz/Price wired her from Saigon to meet her in Honolulu. Danno introduces them, as Nicole keeps up her front. She walks into the hallway as McGarrett follows, offering assistance. She mentions Kurtz's/Price's "personal effects" which get McGarrett's attention and he uses her real name. Nicole drops the front when she realizes McGarrett knows exactly who she is and she isn't Price's sister. She gives him her key to her hotel suite: "The Kahala, Suite 84".

Chin and Kono search through everything Nicole brought with her in her suite. Nothing turns up as Chin reports as much to McGarrett. He tells Nicole she is free to go but she knows she'll be watched "constantly". Watching her leave, McGarrett and Danno have to come up with a new plan. McGarrett notes that she seemed to want them to know who she is. Their new plan will start at the lab.

In the lab, Che digs a $20 bill out of Price's watch, their first real lead. Ron is with McGarrett and Danno and upon seeing the bill, calls Carter to come over to look at it.

Act Three

At his hideout, Wo Fat receives the "the news we've been waiting for". Once Wo Fat has heard the message, his goon burns the tape.

At the airport, Misha arrives with McGarrett meeting him at the airplane. Misha claims he's in Hawaii for a "holiday" and it says so on his visa. McGarrett knows this but still warns Misha, "no work," for a "colonel of the KGB". Misha asks about The Kahala and McGarrett answers, "it's a lot better than the Hotel National in Moscow". They both laugh as at least a rapport has been built.

Madrid squirms as Wo Fat terminates their deal/partnership. Madrid reminds Wo Fat he still needs the plates. Wo Fat agrees but he no longer needs Madrid for that purpose. He leaves Madrid with a stern warning, "it was only an accident of fate that we ever met. It will be a fatal accident should we ever meet again". Wo Fat's men see Madrid out.

Madrid seeks out Nicole who is poolside at The Kahala. An older woman (Peggy Oumansky) knits nearby. Madrid tries to talk to her but Nicole only laughs knowing what's happened. If Wo Fat doesn't need him, neither does she and she walks away leaving Madrid in the dust. The woman knitting makes a mental note as Kono watches it all from a balcony.

In McGarrett's office, Danno shows in Lieutenant Hinano from Army Intelligence who has been working on a triangulation project for Five-O. Lieutenant Hinano briefs they finally got a fix on several high-speed transmissions and points to a place on the Oahu map.

McGarrett and Danno fly in two separate helicopters with automatic rifles to the mountain retreat that has been Wo Fat's hiding place. They open fire, killing four of Wo Fat's men including one in a long fall over the cliff. Landing at the site, McGarrett shoots dead another goon as he starts a fire but they are able to retrieve some evidence as the radio equipment wasn't destroyed and a small fragment of tape.

Act Four

In McGarrett's office, McGarrett, Danno and Chin try to make sense of the gibberish on the tape. They go nowhere fast, as they need to consult with KGMB who can slow down the tape more than they're able. McGarrett also wants "the NAS cipher man over here too" as he expects to be a small piece of what Wo Fat received. As Danno and Chin leave, Che walks in with ballistics report showing Wo Fat's men killed Price. A phone interrupts the end of their conversation.

At the lab, Carter has been hit over the head to obtain the $20 bill Price had. The bill was to leave within the hour for Washington. Carter informs McGarrett the bill was perfect, not just the engraving but the inks and paper used were spot on. Che dusts the glass for prints but there are none, "wiped them clean".

In Five-O the KGMB technician tries to slow down the tape even more as Danno and the cipher man wait on the results. They're making progress but it's slow going.

The next morning, Misha meets Wo Fat on his boat: 'Holokai'. Misha has the $20 bill stolen from the lab and he shows it to Wo Fat. He calls out Wo Fat's lie that the plates didn't exist because the bill proves they do. Misha has notified Moscow already and their proposal is simple: combine resources to recover the plates then put one in Moscow, the other in Peking. Wo Fat is not thrilled by this prospect because this means the plate will never be used. Wo Fat says they will consider the proposal but to combine resources "may not be necessary". Misha leaves in a worse mood and takes the bill back.

The cipher man is about to pull his hair out as he wads up another piece of paper. Danno calls Chin to get to the office, they have "a five-digit code, but it's in Chinese".

McGarrett walks around The Kahala, picking up two balls of yarn for the knitting lady. He finds Nicole, knowing she wants to be seen by all the police surveillance including one officer (Beau Van Den Ecker) at the bar. McGarrett warns her, "the race is on, Miss Fleming. And you're gonna come in second at best. If you're still alive". Nicole is unphased.

Danno and Chin walk into McGarrett's office as the code has been broken. All they have to work with is "Z-l-L-M-A". McGarrett writes it down on a piece of paper and breaks it up every way possible.

It's actually the partial name of a ship: 'Brazil Maru'. That ship is docking today at Honolulu Harbor. Somehow they figure it out as Five-O and HPD arrive at the harbor. Wo Fat watches from Aloha Tower not pleased McGarrett has figured it out. Identifying himself to Captain DeJongh (Edward Fernandez), McGarrett tells him no one is to board or disembark. The captain wants to know what's going on and McGarrett explains there is contraband on board and they are going to take it off. DeJongh explains it's already been taken as Commander Ron Nicholson stopped the ship at the breakwater. DeJongh says the third engineer, Zagore, is the one Ron met with. DeJongh leads them to Zagore's cabin. McGarrett and Danno find him dead, shot in the back. "Nicholson's got the plates. Looks like he's going in business for himself".

Ron calls Nicole telling her he indeed has the plates. Nicole reassures Ron as they hang up and she returns to dinner with Misha. Misha puts an offer of $2 million from the Soviet Union. In the meantime, Ron has a Buddha like Price had and he breaks into it, revealing the $20 plates.



Shows scenes from Part One. No new scenes or information.

Act One

McGarrett goes to see Jonathan who is at his wit's end in the Legislative Building. Jonathan demands to know why with McGarrett answering, "how do I know why? Greed, avarice". Jonathan goes off about Ron being loyal for years and after all that time he had a price: a woman. Jonathan goes so far as sniping McGarrett for not anticipating Ron's move. However, McGarrett points out it would have worked exactly the same way and no one would be the wiser for Ron's part in the scheme. McGarrett's plan is to use the distrust the bidders have toward one another against them. The phone buzzes: it's Ron who is looking to make a deal of $2 million and amnesty for the plates. Jonathan agrees much to McGarrett's malcontent.

Ron holes up in a camper on the beach while Kono reports to McGarrett the latest on Nicole, "she just sits there. Doesn't talk to anyone, like she's waiting for something to happen". McGarrett walks over to Nicole telling her Ron's price and the fact that she won't see any of it. The woman knitting overhears their conversation.

Madrid goes to see Wo Fat hoping for another payday but is sorely disappointed when Wo Fat tells him he knows Ron has the plates. Madrid is trying to be needed but he's barking up the wrong tree. Wo Fat tells him flat out to not contact him again.

Misha and Nicole meet again as she starts another bidding war. Misha offers $2.5 million and considers the bidding closed squeezing Nicole's hand to emphasize the last point. Kono watches their meeting from afar as the old knitting woman walks past him.

Chin brings Madrid into McGarrett's office literally kicking and screaming. McGarrett has to tell him twice to sit down and lays it out: Madrid is small time in a game that is too big and fast for him to keep up. McGarrett calls him "a nuisance in everybody's way". McGarrett wants to know where Wo Fat is but Madrid won't talk. His patience gone, McGarrett dismisses Madrid.

At The Kahala, Nicole watches the clock while everyone else watches her. Just before 2:00 p.m. Wo Fat calls her on the pool bar phone offering $3 million, his final offer. Nicole accepts and considers is a "firm deal". She assures Wo Fat that Ron will not be a problem. As Kono tries to tap the phone, the connection breaks.

Act Two

Madrid catches up with Nicole as she leaves The Kahala. She refuses to talk to him and gets into a taxi. Madrid continues to snivel about how things are "not fair" but has no choice but to watch her leave. Kono and Chin pick up the taxi as it passes them on the street.

McGarrett approaches from another angle talking to Misha. McGarrett informs Misha, "she's making the deal with Wo Fat". Meantime, she arrives at the Ilikai Hotel where she takes the glass elevator to the top. They split up as Kono takes the "express elevator" and Chin keeps an eye on the glass one. When she's high enough up and no one in the elevator with her, she changes her look and rides the elevator back down with a crowd of people. Kono is standing at the top end and does not see walk off. Once it's back down, Nicole walks past Chin who is intently looking for her.

Misha doesn't stand still after McGarrett's chat as he breaks into Nicole's suite. He finds his informant, the old woman constantly knitting, tied up in the bathroom! Nicole trapped her so she could get away. Misha surveys the room for clues and finds a notepad that has been written on with a scribbled map. Misha is able to make the map readable by coloring the page but he has no idea where it is.

Kono calls into McGarrett, telling him Nicole gave them the slip. McGarrett orders an APB on her. McGarrett suggests she was going to handle the entire deal before Ron blew his cover. McGarrett, Danno and Chin know Ron wants amnesty but Nicole "couldn't care less about anything except money".

Nicole drives out to meet Ron. They smooch then she tells him about the other bids. Ron only wants the $2 million deal with amnesty. He shows her one plate and tells her the other is "safe and sound just the way we set it up". They smooch more before Nicole shoots Ron four times! She takes the plate from his pocket and takes off.

Act Three

Ron is found in the surf and taken away. The doctor says he was killed by four shots to the abdomen very close range with small caliber ammunition. McGarrett tells him to call the lab and to give him a full report as soon as he can. Danno finds Ron's rental agreement in the camper as McGarrett processes Ron's death. McGarrett notices Nicole's shoe prints in the sand and he knows she has the plates.

Misha goes out to see Wo Fat but the boat is taking off. Kono watches it go down as Misha yells in Russian pretending to fish off the pier.

At the lab, Che finds fresh tar on Ron's shoes. They're still running tests on the camper itself such as the air filter and carburetor because there are lots of road resurfacing happening all over the island. Danno suggests a drop and it makes sense to McGarrett because of how deadly Wo Fat is.

McGarrett breaks out the transparent board noting where all the resurfacing projects are taking place. To help narrow the area Danno says the rental place clocked 59 miles on the camper and it is 31 miles from the rental to where it was found parked. This leaves a radius of 14 miles but this is still a big area and they don't have a lot of time. McGarrett suggests a visit with Misha.

At Waikiki Aquarium, Nicole and Wo Fat meet. She's been paid and gives him a briefcase with the front plate. Instructions are in the briefcase for the back plate but Wo Fat is not having it. With a pair of goons backing him, he forces Nicole to accompany him to the drop off location.

McGarrett goes to see Misha and they are both skating on thin ice. McGarrett agrees not to inform Moscow of Misha's "delicate position" that he has found himself in. As well, they need to help one another otherwise Wo Fat will take off with both plates and both countries will be screwed. Misha hands the map to McGarrett who isn't sure what he's looking at. Misha definitely doesn't know because if he did know, he wouldn't need McGarrett.

Act Four

McGarrett shows Danno the map but nothing clicks until they compare it to the transparent board. The roads, which one was "recently tarred," leads to the Valley of the Temples.

Wo Fat and Nicole arrive at the Byodo-In Temple. Wo Fat's man stands watch as they go to retrieve the back plate. Wo Fat now has both plates in his possession but his man is dead in the koi pond. Madrid wants to exact revenge on all of them because they tried to push him completely out of any deals. Madrid holds them at gunpoint, demanding the briefcase. Wo Fat offers $3 million to Madrid but Madrid wants no part of it. As Madrid goes for the briefcase, Wo Fat fights back getting shot by Madrid who makes a run for it only to be blocked by McGarrett, Danno, Chin and Kono. Madrid shoots at them but is shot by McGarrett falling over the bridge. Nicole scrambles for the suitcase demanding $1 million but McGarrett has had enough and just grabs it out of her hands. "It's worth murder one". McGarrett orders, "book her," as he hands the briefcase to Kono. He and Danno then go looking to Wo Fat but all they find is a blood trail. McGarrett wants Oahu sealed with an APB on Wo Fat.

After all the commotion, McGarrett delivers the plates to Jonathan personally, sliding the bullet-ridden pieces across the table. McGarrett goes to the airport to see off Misha with the plates in Washington and Wo Fat in Peking. "Then everything is precisely as it should be".

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