S03E16 - “Ten Thousand Diamonds And A Heart” - Plot

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A man (Tim O'Connor) is brought out of 'Criminal Court' in handcuffs escorted by two HPD officers. As he is about to be put into the car, three men in gas masks release a pair of smoke bombs. Two go into the created chaos and knock out the HPD officers and grab "Orwell". More HPD officers run out of the courthouse with rifles as the getaway car pulls up long enough to pick up Orwell and leaves in a hurry. One of the men in gas masks is shot in the back running away from the scene.

An older man (Paul Stewart) checks his watch after placing a silencer on a gun. As sirens wail in the far background, he waits at the top of a parking garage smoking a cigar. Orwell gets out of the car, "you must be Lennox". The older man sizes him up then asks about Sturgis who was shot in the back. Murray (Ward Bensen) who helped Orwell escaped tries to explain Sturgis, "shotgun from like 20 feet. Well, I'm telling you, it really flattened him". Lennox pays Murray and he turns to leave with the driver (Beau Van Den Ecker) but Lennox shoots them dead. Lennox makes sure they're both dead taking back the envelope of money. Orwell stares at Lennox after the murders saying, "we just need each other. Ten million dollars' worth".

Act One

Che Fong (Harry Endo) and his lab technicians work the scene while Danno receives information from Dispatch: "neither Orwell nor Murray smoked". McGarrett kneels over Murray's body finding "cigar ash" and calls over Che. While Murray didn't smoke, his killer probably does. Orwell was a witness to a prison killing and whoever sprung him "probably had only one or two days' advance warning". Sturgis, the man shot at the scene is also dead, he "never even made it into surgery". McGarrett now has three dead bodies on his hands with little to go on. He orders Danno to check street sources to find out who's buying talent. Che shows McGarrett a bottle of nitroglycerin from the car's back seat: now they have to figure out if Orwell has a heart problem.

Film is shown at a jewelry exchange with one man (Logan Ramsey) saying, "the stones come in from all over the world". Orwell watches and listens with three other men along with Lennox. The man put a camera inside his case in order to film. Showing the entrance, Orwell notes the steel door as the man gripes about being an exchange member for two years and he still gets checked. Orwell asks about the number of guards; five total: four on the exchange floor and one in the lobby watching the closed-circuit television feed. The building is equipped with three elevators but only one goes non-stop to the 20th floor where the exchange is. The guard in the lobby won't let you on the third car unless one has the proper credentials. The building and the exchange are a fortress with safeguards in place in case of any trouble. Orwell believes he can find a way in; the issue is escaping back out. Orwell wants to see the circuits with one man (Norman Du Pont) who flew to D.C. to photocopy the plans at the patent office. Orwell makes it clear: they're now it in "all the way" and the robbery isn't over until the "plane lands in Brazil". He tells them to be cautious and wipe anything they've touched as well as not to all leave at once. Once everyone has left, Orwell searches for his nitroglycerin but it's gone. Asking an attendant (John McCormick), "got any nitro in that ambulance of yours?" He doesn't, but he can acquire some in about an hour, Orwell tells to do it. Lennox isn't happy about discovering Orwell has a bad heart. Orwell puts Lennox in his place because without Orwell, there is no scheme: he's the brains.

In McGarrett's office, Kono finds a mug shot of Orwell without his moustache. McGarrett walks in with confirmation Orwell has a bad heart from the prison doctor. He wants a flyer printed right away to all pharmacies and medical supply houses because Orwell will need nitroglycerin. Kono leaves to put the flyers together as Chin walks in with news about the smoke bombs: homemade in Murray's garage. McGarrett also has a lists of visits Murray made to Orwell at the prison. Danno walks in with what was found in ballistics: "open file B26A. The one they nicknamed Brunhilde". McGarrett's attention is piqued; the gun goes back ten years or more and played a part of at least four murders. Chin leaves "to dust off the suspect file".

At the apartment, Lennox tells Orwell he's been using the place for years and sent the woman who lives there to Miami. Harding, the ambulance attendant, drops off the nitroglycerin. Lennox and Orwell have a discussion about nitroglycerin and aspirin. Looking out the window, Orwell keeps his eyes open for "informers" because they worry him as much as McGarrett does: he's nailed Orwell twice and Orwell isn't taking any chances.

Act Two

In McGarrett's office, they're trying to figure out the next move the hard way: studying the Honolulu map and finding targets such as "Financial Plaza". Chin is posting photos on the board and says he checked his informants twice. Kono seconds that, checking his informants too. Che walks in with the analysis for the cigar ash but they don't have a matching file in Hawaii. He's hoping to hear something soon from Washington D.C. When McGarrett asks about the smoke bombs and gas masks, Che has something interesting: traces of marble dust was found in Murray's earwax but no one else's. Chin rechecks his file: Murray was an auto mechanic but no mention of quarry or stonework. McGarrett knows he has his hands full with Orwell: "once, just to prove a point, he crossed the Atlantic alone in a 21 -foot boat? Expert on burglar alarms, chemistry, explosives, police techniques. And now he's out there somewhere, planning a big one".

Orwell goes over the electric circuitry with the man who acquired copies from the patent office, Potter. Every time they trace something it leads to a dead end or multiple directions. Orwell notes the dust on everything and Lennox answers a guy next door sculpts. Orwell moves on giving Potter an assignment, "you're gonna go down to the diamond exchange and tape us some pictures".

A man named Ogden (Mark Sebastian) works at a medical supply company and pays a visit to Five-O. Danno talks to him discovering Orwell bought thylacine stearate from him the day before. Asking if he tried to buy nitroglycerin, Ogden says "no, just the thylacine". Danno is puzzled, what is thylacine? The drug is a "thyroid derivative" used by medical students to cause heart attack symptoms. Ogden is sure he was Orwell and becomes more certain looking at the flyer. Danno is willing to follow-up if Ogden is that sure, which he is. Ogden remembers Orwell getting into a cab and while he didn't see the company he says the cab was "red and yellow". Danno grabs the yellow pages to find the company.

Che enters McGarrett's office with information on the cigar ash specifically an answer from Washington. Che tells him the brand name is "Kamal, it's made in Istanbul" and while not sold in Hawaii, the nearest distributor is in San Francisco. McGarrett hands it to Kono to call San Francisco and find out who handles the brand in Hawaii. Chin looks over the photos on the board noticing Lennox who he calls "a dinosaur". Chin goes on saying Lennox isn't at his "big estate" on Maui but is on Oahu somewhere. McGarrett calls the murders of Murray and the driver "like the good old days in Chicago and Cicero". McGarrett wants Chin to discreetly investigate the murders at least until they figure out where Lennox was when the murders took place.

Potter shows up at the Diamond Exchange, showing his ID to the lobby guard (Leonard Jenkins) and allowed access for 'repairs'. He bypasses the Exchange floor and goes straight to the utility room. The inside man goes about his normal work as Potter gets busy to videotape the proceedings on the Exchange floor by tapping into the video line.

McGarrett briefs several officers in his office about Orwell's history and not to expect help from alarms. McGarrett's plan is to have several unmarked cars no more than four minutes apart and a "chopper in the air". After the briefing, Danno walks in with some news: not only did the cab take Orwell to the medical supply but also to the Ala Wai Harbor. Some HPD officers are checking it out. Both he and McGarrett can't figure out why Orwell would want a drug to induce fake heart attack symptoms. McGarrett says it is "key" to the plan.

Orwell figures out the schematics: the Exchange elevator is a trap. He shows Lennox: if thieves are able to access the floor, they swipe up the gems but how do they leave? The third elevator is the only way down but one switch will stop it dead until the police arrive to hand pump it down and thus the thieves are caught. Orwell says there's a way he just hasn't figured it yet. Lennox isn't happy and expects Orwell to take a long while to find another way out. Orwell tells him to relax suggesting they use the backup apartment. Lennox is worried about what the gain is with a $10 million robbery. Orwell counters they'll be rich.

Act Three

Chin walks into McGarrett's office with a lead on the Kamal cigars. There's a seller in the Kahala Mall with 17 standing orders and Chin has interviewed all but one: Roxie Newton who is in Miami Beach. Chin tells McGarrett he's got a lead on her landlord: Stanley Tripp (Wayne Oxford) and he's meeting him in 20 minutes. McGarrett corrects him, "we're meeting him".

Orwell shows a film to Potter and the inside man, Putney, a film on rappelling. Putney isn't keen on the idea of rappelling 20 floors but Potter tells him he learned to rappel in one day while in the Army. Orwell's idea of bypassing the elevator trap is blowing a hole into one of the other elevator shafts. Orwell wants the rappelling done in 30 seconds, no more and tells them to practice out at the Pali.

Tripp opens the apartment door for McGarrett and Chin. McGarrett wants to know who smokes the cigars and Tripp is clueless. He doesn't pry into Roxie's affairs because she pays her rent on time, actually overpaying. McGarrett notices the dust on a table and recognizes it as marble dust, confirmed when Tripp talks about the sculptor.

Orwell goes over the escape plan: they'll park the ambulance at a dead end street. They'll then cross some terrain on foot and get into their parked station wagon on another street. Meanwhile, Che enters McGarrett's office verifying the marble dust found on Murray is the same as that found in the apartment. Che also goes into hair samples found in the apartment's bathroom: three total with one being Orwell's, the second being Roxie's (assumedly) and the third, "male Caucasian, about 60. Silver-gray hair, curly originally reddish-blond". McGarrett pulls Lennox's photo from the board, some dinosaur! The only Chin has on him is Lennox left Maui a week before but he's still not been seen. McGarrett orders an APB on Lennox to follow but no intercept. Looking over Lennox's information McGarrett notices an airplane "with sufficient range to reach the mainland". He wants the airplane located with Danno checking with Maui police and Chin and Kono checking Oahu airports.

Lennox nervously looks out for Potter and Putney since it's well after dark. Pacing the room, he passes by Harding and their fifth accomplice (Bruce Stillians) playing cards. Orwell continues poring over the schematics when Potter and Putney knock on the door. Putney collapses onto the couch exhausted. Orwell asks Harding if he's on duty the next day when Harding confirms he is, Orwell tells him he wants them off the duty roster by 1:00 p.m. Looking at his watch, Orwell says they will hit the Diamond Exchange tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

The next day, Putney shows his ID to the lobby guard and waits with a crowd for the Exchange elevator. Potter walks in with his toolbox to make more 'repairs' even stopping the elevator from closing as the guard checks him in. The time is about 1:45 p.m. when Lennox walks into the building as Orwell pretends to be a tourist taking pictures outside.

As McGarrett tries to pinpoint where Orwell will strike; a pair of technicians leaves telling him the extra phone lines are working. Chin hangs up the phone reporting Lennox's plane is due into Oahu without Lennox and has a full load of fuel to reach the mainland. McGarrett knows today is the day as Danno remarks, "and aren't we in great shape?" McGarrett is optimistic because they can at least ground the airplane. They discuss the pair of excursions Orwell made: to buy the heart attack drug and to the yacht harbor. McGarrett orders Danno to check out the harbor again, this time look for something smaller because of Orwell's sailing experience. He then sets Chin to ground the plane upon landing and for Kono to call the chopper to get it airborne. He then sets them onto calling the "18 most likely targets" with McGarrett calling the first six.

In the utility room, Potter bypasses the alarm systems as Putney pretends to conduct business as usual. The Exchange guard (Michael Morgan) talks to McGarrett reporting "nothing unusual". McGarrett wants him to call them every ten minutes because their non-response will key them into Orwell's hit. About 1:57 p.m. Potter starts the playback of the video he recorded before. Lennox distracts the lobby guard long enough for the video feed to switch. Orwell enters the lobby, taking a pill and hanging out by the water fountain. He tells Lennox to chill out but he just goes to the pay phones to overlook the lobby.

On the Exchange floor, Putney pretends to want to leave and when the guard unlocks the door, Putney knocks him to the side. This is enough for Potter to enter the floor and they tell the guards to drop their guns. The main guard who talked to McGarrett earlier hits the elevator shut off but it's too late, they threaten to kill the guards by the door if the guns aren't dropped.

Act Four

Putney walks around the room forcing his colleagues to place all their gems into a single bag. Downstairs, Orwell barely enters the elevator before collapsing of a 'heart attack'. Lennox talks the lobby guard into getting everyone back while he calls an ambulance. At Five-O, different agencies call in while the ambulance arrives. The two attendants go to Orwell while Lennox manages to push his way through. When Harding tells Orwell he can quit acting, Orwell remains on the floor gasping for breath as Harding looks to Lennox knowing they're in trouble. . The floor guards are stuck on the Exchange floor with the door "jammed somehow". Potter and Putney blow a hole in the wall and begin their rappelling. Kono notes the Diamond Exchange hasn't called back in their ten-minute time frame. McGarrett moves into action putting all units on full alert. Chin calls the lobby guard as the rappelling is completed. They put Orwell and the diamonds on the gurney and prepare to leave as McGarrett attempts to call. The lobby guard answers the Exchange elevator is still on the 20th floor but a man just had a heart attack and was taken in a Clark ambulance. McGarrett calls out to his units again informing them of the latest.

McGarrett and Kono take to the streets maintaining radio contact with the various units. Ordering units to provide the best blocks, McGarrett calls up to the chopper. Burke (William Monteilh) reports he hasn't seen anything yet. The ambulance keeps going on its planned escape route. Burke spots the ambulance turning onto Koko Place, a dead-end street. McGarrett continues his coordination between units as the group parks the ambulance and starts running. Lennox grabs the bag before leaving Orwell behind. From the air, Burke watches them run for their second vehicle. Kono blocks them with the Five-O car as a second car blocks the street completely. McGarrett isn't amused aiming his gun at the car shooting out two of the tires. McGarrett orders Lennox out of the car and the five men surrender. McGarrett takes the bag and finds 'Brunhilde' on the car seat. He asks where Orwell is and Lennox tells him they left Orwell in the ambulance and he's dead. McGarrett empties the bag and a bunch of shiny black stones pour out. A switch has been made! McGarrett calls out to Unit 3, which is at the ambulance. They report it's empty! There's only one more chance for McGarrett to catch Orwell ...

Danno has been at the Ala Wai Harbor keeping his eyes open and fixated on one particular slip. McGarrett arrives on scene briefed by Danno: "Slip 207". McGarrett walks to it meeting Orwell, as he is about to cast off. One question: where are the real jewels? Orwell takes McGarrett to the hiding spot as Danno watches from the pier.

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