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A man (Warren Vanders) stumbles down the street and up the stairs to his flophouse apartment. Once in the apartment, another man Vince (Albert Salmi) is waiting, "hello, Jase". Vince says he's been looking for Jase for six years and found him out of "pure luck". Escaping Seattle's winter to a warmer climate brought Vince to Hawaii, forgetting Jase used to live in Hawaii. Jase tells Vince he doesn't have the money; Madge (Madlyn Rhue) got all f it and she used him to double-cross everyone else. Vince pulls out a gun with a silencer but Jase says, "Madge, she's the one you want" before Vince shoots him twice. Falling onto the floor, Jase appears dead. Vince stuffs several packs of bills into the mattress dropping a few on the floor and picking them up. He then sneaks out. Jase wakes up, barely able to stand; he accidently rips down the curtain only to see Vince climb into a Mustang convertible driven by Madge!

Jase gathers his strength to go to his landlord Bemis (Robert Edwards) asking for a dime. Bemis is all confused seeing Jase is hurt. After Jase throws Bemis against the wall, the landlord gives him a handful of coins. Dialing the operator, Jase wants "Hawaii Five-O, fast". McGarrett answers but Jase hangs up. He decides to dial the operator again, this time for a long-distance phone call. He gives Bemis the stink eye making Bemis retreat to his office. Grabbing a newspaper and holding it to his chest, Jase slowly walks down the stairs.

Act One

McGarrett arrives on scene and immediately talks to Bemis. He tells McGarrett, "Well, like I told you on the phone, this guy in 25, he comes stumbling up to me and he's got blood all over the front of his shirt". However, this is as helpful as the landlord is because he doesn't keep a register and doesn't know the guy's name. Meanwhile, Jase stumbles along a street finding a familiar house. Danno and Kono arrive on the scene, meeting up with McGarrett who is finishing with Bemis. "So far a nameless rummy trying to make a phone call. He might bleed to death". The three enter Jase's apartment/room and begin searching. Kono finds a slug in the wall, which McGarrett wants ballistics run on it and a lab crew called to process the place. He also wants an APB out and all emergency clinics alerted. Danno keeps searching, finding the bills in the mattress.

Jase finds a spare key under a flowerpot to let himself into the house. He struggles to get to the phone where he dials the operator for a long distant phone call to Seattle. He wants to talk to Toomey Walsh (Paul Carr) and he's willing to hold knowing he doesn't have much time left. In Jase's apartment, the found bills are laid out: "hundreds, 50s, 20s, 10s. Four thousand, nine hundred and twenty bucks' worth". McGarrett finds it strange there is all this cash but he didn't have change for a phone call and notices the $10 bills are silver certificates. He tells Danno to check the currency with the FBI, it may hot. Jase is having some better luck, as the operator was able to locate Toomey. He asks to be rung back as a car approaches the house. A lady (Joyce Van Patten) is dropped off and she walks in to find Jase bleeding on her couch. Jase tells Lila that he needs to talk to Toomey and once he does, he's leaving but he wants her to forget everything she hears. "I don't wanna make any trouble for you, Lila". Jase gets his callback and talks to Toomey who's shocked to hear from Jase.

In McGarrett's office, he pins various points on a map, "after the guy left the rooming house, within a half an hour, H.P.D. had cruised every street within a two-mile radius". McGarrett knows he's not in good shape so he has to be within the area depicted. Chin walks in with an identity for the fingerprints: Jase Gorman. Chin gives Jase's history: he was born and raised in Hawaii but had issues with the law. He was sent up ten years ago for manslaughter, serving three when pardoned for saving a guard. "He left the islands as soon as he made the street and took a job in Seattle". McGarrett sends Chin and Kono out to check out if Jase had any friends and who they are. As they leave, Danno walks in reminding McGarrett of "the Bannister case in Seattle about six years ago". The Washington State governor's son was kidnapped and murdered but the $500,000 ransom was paid but never recovered. The case is still open because the kidnappers were never found either. The money found in the mattress "was part of" the ransom!

At Lila's, Jase finishes his phone with Toomey asking him "to hit him hard. Hit him real good". When he tries to leave, he collapses on Lila's floor.

Act Two

In Seattle, Toomey calls Lew (Richard Brady) and tells him to pack a bag; they're headed to Hawaii. Meanwhile, McGarrett enters his office with Danno right behind. Rather than send out the entire list of serial numbers, McGarrett tells Chin and Kono to call every bank on Oahu to be on the look out for $10 silver certificates because that was the only silver certificate denomination issued that was also part of the ransom. McGarrett and Danno leave.

Jase wakes up at Lila's and she urges him to see a doctor. Jase won't hear of it because it means cops, "I ain't talking to cops until Toomey and Lew take care of Vince and Madge". Lila knows a doctor who won't ask questions and Jase shoots that idea down as well. What he wants is a drink and tells Lila to go get him something. She reluctantly agrees. They both wonder what might have been.

McGarrett and Danno talk to the landlord again. He doesn't know anymore than what he already said. McGarrett asks where Jase drank but the landlord doesn't know anything. He then remembers a dive bar where Oliver (Alan Naluai) is the bartender. McGarrett shows him a picture of Jase but Oliver backpedals, "I don't wanna make any trouble for anybody". Oliver tells them Jase comes in once in awhile and sits at a corner table. A waitress, Lila, who works nights sits and talks with him if things are slow. All Oliver knows is they know one another "from way back". They find out she works at 7:00 p.m. and lives at 3334 Bailey Street.

In Seattle, Toomey and Lew make their final preparations for Honolulu. Toomey stews about Vince sitting back and most likely tipping off Madge in Denver. Lew asks where Vince is staying and Toomey shows him a postcard of the Hawaiian Village Hotel. Vince returns to the hotel, buying a newspaper on the way to the elevator. Meanwhile, the valet knocks on the door for Madge. She gathers the clothes she wants taken care including Vince's jacket where she finds the bills he picked up in Jase's apartment. She puts them in her purse next to her gun just before Vince arrives at the suite. They talk about the lack of news on Jase and Vince tells her to be "patient," which makes Madge nearly snap. She's been hiding out looking over her shoulder for Toomey and Lew, expecting them to kill her at any minute. She wants to spend the money but can't; by doing so, she blows everything. They talk about what the conclusions will be and Vince is sure: the police will close the case and Toomey and Lew will think the same thing that Jase had the money and what was found in the mattress is all that's left.

McGarrett and Danno drive up to Lila's house. When McGarrett asks Danno to "check the back" he looks in the window and sees Gorman. McGarrett breaks a window to unlock the door and rushes to Jase. He finds a pulse and tells Danno to call an ambulance. Lila drives back and past her house when she sees Danno on the car radio. Inside, McGarrett tries to wake Jase and they talk, to a point. Jase tells McGarrett about Vince, Madge, Toomey and Lew. He also says Lila knew nothing about the scheme before dying. Danno walks back in but it's too late and he knows it. McGarrett has names but he doesn't know who's aiming for whom or why.

Act Three

Jase is taken away as a crowd gathers outside. McGarrett tells Chin and Kono to list Jase as 'John Doe' and to keep all the details quiet including the flophouse and Lila's address. McGarrett orders Kono to stake out the bar where Lila works, perhaps she'll show up. He also tells Danno to stay for the lab crew.

Lila drives to a phone booth calling Oliver. She says she needs to talk to someone but to be careful, the police might be watching. She tells him she's at "the Rudo Market parking lot. At Alahala and 12th Street". Oliver writes it down and hands the note to Kono who picks her up.

Lila is screaming in Five-O as Jenny (Peggy Ryan) returns to her desk. Kono brings Lila into McGarrett's office where he tape records her statement and answers to his questions. She fills in some blanks about the five kidnappers but she doesn't know last names. Lila tells McGarrett what she heard on the phone call Jase made: he thought he and Madge were double-crossing the gang but in reality, Vince and Madge were setting him up to take the fall. McGarrett calls in Chin and Kono as Lila explains why she didn't ask too many questions and how she thought Jase was actually pretty decent. When Chin and Kono walk in, McGarrett finishes with Lila as asks her to step out. With the door closed, McGarrett tells them what he has: Toomey Walsh and Kelso flying to Honolulu to go after Vince and Madge. He tells them to check the airlines' passenger lists from Seattle.

Vince hangs out in the suite as Madge returns from downstairs. He rushes her as they're supposed to be going out. Discovering he's out of cigarettes, Vince digs through Madge's purse only to find the bills he had picked up from Jase's. Vince freaks out as Madge explains she spent $25 on a pair of earrings. Vince warns her not to spend any more until they are out of the country. He puts the bills in a suitcase with the rest of the ransom money.

Chin takes a call in McGarrett's office and no one by the name of Walsh or Kelso on a Seattle to Honolulu flight so far. Pacific Airways calls in to say they had Walsh and Kelso on flight 502 that arrived at 2:30 p.m. ten minutes too late.

Act Four

In his office, McGarrett struggles to track down Walsh and Kelso. Danno walks in reporting Chin and Kono had no luck with the cab or rental companies. McGarrett struck with airport security as well. Danno takes a call from Mr. Nolan, "manager of the Waikiki branch, First Hawaiian Bank. About a deposit he just got. Four $10 silver certificates". Danno puts him on speaker and he gives the details to both of them.

Toomey and Lew arrive at the hotel, checking in under aliases. While Lew takes care of the check-in, Toomey asks for Vince's room. Meanwhile, Nolan gives the details to McGarrett and Danno stating the deposit was from the gift shop at the Hawaiian Village Hotel. As McGarrett and Danno leave, Chin stops them with his pay dirt: a car rented by Walsh with the license number. All four leave for the Hawaiian Village Hotel.

The hotel clerk (William Cataldo) verifies their names and welcomes them to the hotel. As they wait for the elevator, Toomey says he found a "Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ryan" registered there but no answer in the room.

Five-O arrives at the hotel with Chin and Kono checking the car with the parking attendant. Meanwhile, Toomey and Lew 'settle' into their room with Toomey calling Vince's room again as McGarrett and Danno check names with the front desk. This time, Toomey gets through, shocking Vince into reality. Toomey keeps talking as Vince shushes Madge. Vince tries to play smooth, giving Toomey the suite number so they can meet for drinks, to which Madge greatly protests. Toomey really shakes up Vince when he tells him Lew is in tow. Toomey and Lew arm themselves as Madge has a total meltdown. Vince readies to deal with the pair by putting Madge with the money and her gun in the bedroom. McGarrett and Danno find a Vincent Ryan from Seattle among the guests and head up to investigate. McGarrett wants Chin and Kono to check out 319, where Toomey and Walsh are checked in.

At the elevators, Toomey and Lew get in with a family switching rooms at the same time Chin and Kono get off to check their room and with no answer, Kono breaks down the door. Vince takes the gun from the suitcase, ready for Toomey and Lew to walk in but the knock at the door is McGarrett and Danno! McGarrett forces Vince against the wall and Madge makes a run for it only to run into Toomey and Lew in the hall. She fires a shot at them getting McGarrett's attention in a hurry. A swift gunfight takes place with McGarrett shooting Toomey and Lew giving up. Chin and Kono race around the corner to arrest Lew. McGarrett remains in the hall ordering Madge to open but she fires at the door then at the second when Danno tries from the suite. Vince has been left unguarded and pulls his gun out taking aim at Danno when McGarrett shoots Vince. Gathering their sources, McGarrett backs up Danno as he kicks in the door from the suite. They find Madge a blubbering mess trying to put the money back in the suitcase. Danno walks over to arrest her and recover the money.

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