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On a tennis court at the Makaha Inn and Country Club, a player (Valerie Holmes) takes lessons from an instructor (Jim Lathrop). Inside, a wedding rehearsal takes place as a man (Lloyd Bochner) watches the tennis courts from a window. A kid (Adrian McKibbon) takes photographs of the party including the clock on the wall, currently showing 2:55. A waiter offers champagne to the guests as the wedding planner/stand-in for the minister (Jack McCoy) keeps leading the rehearsal. The waiter keeps doling out champagne, this time to a couple: the man beside the window earlier and a woman (Laraine Stephens) who the kid photographs together. Watching the rehearsal, the kid turns around to take one of three glasses off the tray but is stopped by a young woman (Anne Archer), "no chance, Mark. These are reserved". Mark snaps her picture before she walks over to Danno leaning against a wall. Danno tries to be a smart aleck but pays Jane a compliment, liking her more than the "imported champagne". The couple of the peeping tom and his lady walk over. Walter makes a move on Jane who tells him "down" asking Sally if she can control him. Sally doesn't answer as Walter excuses himself to find another glass of champagne.

Outside, the player keeps up her practice as the instructor leaves. In the bushes, Walter waits walking onto the court after the instructor is out of sight pulling out a pair of plastic gloves from his back pocket. Inside, another run through for the rehearsal starts. Walter puts on the gloves entering the court saying hello to Linda with his hands behind his back. As soon as she turns around, he strangles her until she drops to the ground as everything continues without a hitch inside. Walter walks back inside with two glasses of champagne as if nothing happened! Walter tells Sally he had to fight for them and as he proposes a toast, she says, "to fighting" with Danno and Jane giving Sally some perplexed looks. Walter instead proposes, "to love".

Act One

McGarrett arrives on scene parking between two HPD units. A Beacon ambulance arrives just after McGarrett. Chin is already on scene, picking up Linda's tennis racket for evidence. Danno stands over Linda as the doctor (Robert Costa) examines her and McGarrett enters the court. Danno identifies her as Linda Marsh and briefs McGarrett time of death was between 3:00 p.m. when her lesson finished and two men found her at 3:17 p.m. Kono talks to all three men off to the side as McGarrett and Danno continue to work the scene next to Linda. Danno also briefs no prints and no tracks but they believe the killer wore gloves because a piece of plastic was found under one of her nails. Danno pulls back the sheet to reveal writing on her leg: 'and every death a tear can claim except the sinning sisters shame'. The plural bothers McGarrett who sees Linda's death as a start to many. Danno suspects it's "a quote from something" and McGarrett will dig into it. He also wants Danno to stick around Makaha to talk to folks there because he knows them.

Inside, Kono questions several people slowing releasing them as they get through. Chin questions Walter, Sally, Jane and about four other people specifically asking where Walter was during the last hour. Walter claims to have been there with the rest of the rehearsal party. Sally adds they were "drinking champagne". Chin releases the group and Jane kind of wanders being a mess. Danno enters the building pulling Jane to the side trying his best to comfort her. She calls it "horrible" and "unbelievable" asking the tough question, Danno answers right away Linda was not "assaulted sexually". He tells it appears to "happened quickly" and he looks around the room to which Jane reacts as him being "detached" but he's only trying to figure out who could have killed her. Danno tries to redirect Jane into helping him with information on Linda: "I wanna know about Linda's friends, enemies, love affairs, everything". When Jane doesnÕt come up with any specific boyfriend, Danno asks about her parents. Jane tells him they're on the mainland, divorced several years and Linda was like them, "orphans by arrangement". Jane is shocked because no one had a reason to kill her but Danno points out someone did have a reason because Linda was murdered.

In McGarrett's office, he has identified the line from a poem by Lord Byron, "The Giaour" about "a slave girl who's unfaithful, so her owner kills her". Danno points out the plural again, which bugs them all. McGarrett says Che Fong (Harry Endo) is working on handwriting samples but it's more difficult because this is "lipstick on skin" versus ink on paper. Chin says they're "checking the club staff and the groundskeepers and possible strangers. That's a hundred thirty-seven people" but he knows they'll get to the bottom of it. Jenny buzzes in as Jane has shown up at Five-O. Danno rushes out to meet her to break their "week-old date".

Danno meets her in his cubicle and she already knows he can't go. She sympathizes because she doesn't want to go either but being part of the committee, she has to. Asking if they're making progress, he tells her it's slow going but they're chipping away. Jane tells him Linda's death haunts her but she re-focuses on the future asking if they can go to dinner that night. He happily agrees, which she's grateful and walks out. He watches her leave.

At an auction for 'Hawaii Junior Blind' the rehearsal leader is now auctioneer. Among the attendees are Walter and Sally. Things are not as pleasant as they appear when a seat opens by Walter, Sally reluctantly moves beside him. When he brushes back her hair, Sally goes off in a professional manner as Jane stands behind them. Sally tells Walter he always puts on a show in public but to not bother anymore. Jane tries to break up the tension but fails miserably. However, when the latest piece sells Jane moves into action taking the money from the winning bidder. Asking the latest tally, Jane is carrying around $8850! The next piece auctioned is a watercolor by local artist Pete King (Michael Medeiros). Walter bids $200 on the piece with Sally outbidding him with $300. Walter waves his checkbook bidding for both of them at $500. Sally gets up in huff, as Jane takes Walter's check. After she leaves him, Walter gets up himself. Sally had walked to a lanai for some air and Jane stops to talk to her with Sally telling her it had to come out sooner or later.

Jane makes her way downstairs to the accounting office for the charity at the country club. As Jane opens the door and enters, Walter startles her, claiming he forgot to sign his check, which indeed happened. She pulls his check out and he signs it as she deals with the rest of the money. Her back is still turned when Walter pulls out the gloves and puts them on. When Walter mentions the spat between him and Sally, Jane says she won't talk about it. "I know you won't," Walter strangles Jane as her basket falls with money landing on the floor with her crumpled on top of it. Walter pulls out a lipstick as he apologizes to her.

McGarrett and Chin are in the office with McGarrett on the phone and Chin picking up the money. The lab technicians dust the office as Danno enters the doorway going into immediate shock. He runs out with McGarrett and Chin following as fast as they can but not immediately. Outside, Danno flashes back to Jane running in a field before collapsing in grief with McGarrett and Chin catching up, trying to comfort him.

Act Two

Danno sits in his apartment as McGarrett tries to talk to him about his loss, very similar to how Danno tried when McGarrett's nephew died. A picture of Jane sits on an end table. Danno claims to be "okay" but McGarrett knows different urging him to take some time off. Danno figures it out pretty fast, McGarrett is trying to sideline him from the case. McGarrett won't answer him directly but pushes it off to "tomorrow" and leaves. Danno downs his drink, which is a mixed drink.

At Five-O, Danno reads the quote written on Jane's leg: "she was a form of life and light that, seen, enters into night". Danno isn't happy when someone obviously considers Jane one of "the sinning sisters". McGarrett walks in not happy to see Danno at work. Danno pleads with McGarrett to work the case, otherwise he'll go insane. McGarrett relents studying the picture of writing on Jane's leg. Danno wants to know where they sand on alibis: Chin says they have a couple dozen left and Che is developing the pictures Mark took of the rehearsal. Kono briefs the medical reports are the same: both women were strangled. The plastic has been identified as "heavy-duty gloves used in handling hot liquids, detergent, that sort of thing". There's a supply on hand at the club and they're trying to figure out who had access to "swipe a pair". Danno wonders about a connection between them and Hawaii Junior Blind going so far as to say they knew their killer. Jane wouldn't just let anyone in when she was handling money, and there was a lot around when she was killed. McGarrett agrees, telling them to "concentrate on the friends".

Walter is not happy at his construction site for a pair of reasons: a vendor is having a delay and Sally asks for a divorce. For Sally, the two murders are making her take stock of her life and wanting it to count for something. Walter tells her their marriage has to work but Sally knows they've been on brink for a while. Walter berates her, "a rich child, rich girl, rich woman" as he tells her he built his construction company with his bare hands. She knows this but the cost is now too high for her with little to no attention to her or the possibility of a family. She goes to leave and Walter grabs her by the arm, with shades of domestic violence, but Sally stands her ground and gives an ultimatum: he is to be packed and gone by 6:00 p.m. that night. Getting into the car, she races out of the site.

Danno talks to another volunteer (Emma Veary) at the Hawaii Junior Blind. She doesn't recognize the poem but she has a list of painters Jane was able to obtain works from for free for their fundraiser. Danno calls in to Five-O talking to Chin to recheck Pete King who works in the club kitchen.

At Five-O, Chin shows Danno three checks Jane wrote Pete, each for $100. Danno wonders why she was giving that much to "a kid who works in the kitchen" and he drifts off into his own world with Chin having to snap him back into reality. Asking where Pete is now, Chin answers he had Kono "run him down" and they are in Pete's apartment. Danno and Chin take off for there.

In his apartment, Pete refuses to answer anything about the checks. When Chin tells Pete they're in the middle of a murder investigation, Pete answers he's in school, "doing it the hard way". Pete also talks about being an artist and Chin compliments him, "good too". About the auction, Pete says he gave them to Jane for free, making it sound like they were chummy. Danno's hackles go up theorizing Jane was about to cut him off. Talking faster, he focuses in on Pete as a suspect putting it together: he had access to the gloves, he knows the club and all its "back ways" and he was probably angry Jane was cutting him off. Danno outright accuses him of sneaking around the tennis courts and into the accounting office. Chin pulls him aside reminding Danno they haven't read Pete his rights yet and all they have is circumstantial evidence. Danno keeps going, asking if Jane had cut him off to which Pete answers if she did, it was "okay" because they had "a good relationship". The hackles go into overdrive for Danno especially when Pete tells him to not make their relationship "dirty". Pete tells Danno not to drag her through the mud and gets an attack in return!

Act Three

Danno enters McGarrett's office sheepishly knowing he was in the wrong. He tells McGarrett Pete's innocent because he was being chewed out for sketching when he was supposed to be working. Danno places a letter on McGarrett's desk, which McGarrett picks up and refuses to accept it: Danno's resignation. Danno feels terrible, beating up Pete but McGarrett won't let him off so easily. McGarrett wants him to take some time off; he's obviously still grieving. Danno turns to walk out and McGarrett stops him, reassuring him if charges are pressed, he'll do what he can. Danno leaves.

At his apartment, Danno reads the article on the two murders flashing back to the wedding rehearsal with Jane. Pondering what to do next, there is a knock on the door. It's Pete! He wants to talk to Danno who tells him he should have his lawyer with him. Pete apologizes and gives his condolences calling Jane "nice people". Pete goes into how Jane starting helping him out when Danno says she never mentioned Pete. It was Jane's way of paying it forward since she had everything she ever wanted. Pete also tells Danno that Jane talked to him about Linda being killed, quoting the poem and how "Miss Hawthorne would be very upset". Danno keys in on the name but neither know who she is. Pete didn't think it was important at the time but Danno plans to find out who Miss Hawthorne is and her relevance to the case, if any exists.

In McGarrett's office, Danno briefs Miss Hawthorne runs a finishing school "right out of the Victorian age". Danno goes on to explain Miss Hawthorne didn't contact them because she didn't know Linda and Jane had been killed. As well, she reads Byron all the time to her students. "a few years back, there were a group of five girls, Jane and Linda included. Neglected by rich parents, they called themselves "The Orphans"" and "The Giaour" was their poem, their theme. Danno gives up the other three names: Martha Garrison, Marjorie Baskin, and Sally Clark, now Gregson; Walter's wife. McGarrett appreciates the connection and orders 24-hour surveillance on the other three setting Kono to start that immediately. Che walks in as Kono walks out with the pictures from Mark Davis, "boy photographer". Che points out the clock photos at the beginning and the end of each roll, a time stamp for the afternoon. Chin and Danno point out a couple of names who needed alibis and McGarrett finds Sally, but where is Walter? Danno points him out in some photos but not during the time Linda was killed! Danno zeroes in on their killer: Walter.

At the construction site, Walter and his top man (Bernard Ching) go over some information and Walter tells him he doesn't want to be disturbed locking the office. Walter puts on some coveralls because he's planning on something other than "laying out the specs".

At the 'Hawaii School for the Junior Blind,' Sally picks up five kids she's taking on an afternoon excursion. An HPD officer in an unmarked car is ready to follow as the kids say goodbye to Ms. Costello who talked to Danno earlier about Linda and Jane. Meantime, Walter sneaks out of his temporary office through a trap door in the floor. Careful not to be seen, Walter makes his way to a work truck with a wooden rack in the bed.

In McGarrett's office, a banker (Richard Gossett) speaks to them about Walter and his loans. Walter's worth is about $1.5 million but he has loans for at least $2 million using Sally's stocks as collateral. Danno becomes antsy at the information as the banker continues. He tells them if it weren't for Sally's wealth, they would never have made the loans because Walter has probably bitten off more than he can chew. McGarrett thanks Mr. Brewster for sharing the information. McGarrett walks Brewster out closing the door. McGarrett knows it's only Sally's money that is keeping Walter afloat. Danno connects the dots; if Sally dies, Walter inherits. When Chin asks about the other two, Danno has a meltdown realizing Walter set up the murders to cover his tracks, i.e. Linda and Jane died needlessly.

Kono visits Walter's construction site asking for Walter. The top man tells Kono he left strict orders to not be disturbed. Kono pounds on the door anyway and the top man tells Kono it's locked from the inside. He looks for a way to open it. Meanwhile, back in McGarrett's office, Che walks in just after Danno's meltdown stopping abruptly at the door. McGarrett breaks the ice asking what he has. Che has an example from a business memo Walter wrote and verifies the same man wrote all the words clinching their murder case against him. At the site, Kono breaks into the office but no Walter but finds the trapdoor. When the top man asks where he went Kono answers, "to kill somebody".

Sally has stopped at an ice cream truck at a lookout on the highway handing out ice cream to the kids. She even gives the HPD officer a cone telling him the next stop is Hanauma Bay. Walter watches it all from a short distance away.

Act Four

McGarrett calls Ms. Costello from his office looking for Sally only she left a few minutes before. He orders an "open mike" to Officer Fujiwara. However, Fujiwara is incapacitated after being hit over the head by Walter.

Sally drives down the road oblivious to the danger lurking behind her. She and the kids start singing as Walter continues to follow her. Meantime, ambulance attendants take Fujiwara to the hospital as Kono radios in to McGarrett. They have her schedule but they don't know which direction she's going: the Pali Highway, Diamond Head or Hanauma Bay. McGarrett orders Kono to Hanauma Bay, as McGarrett will take the Pali. As Five-O scrambles, Walter keeps his target in plain sight. McGarrett radios Danno and Chin telling them Diamond Head isn't covered and Chin takes it. Danno drives toward Hanauma Bay.

Sally and the kids arrive at Hanauma Bay where she gets them out and places them against the rock wall as Walter watches from his truck. Danno drives through a shortcut with his siren wailing. As the kids take in the stimuli for their other senses, Walter walks up and Sally shakes her head. The kids know something is up but Sally remains calm putting the kids up against the wall. Walter takes to the side "where we can talk". Danno keeps racing to Hanauma Bay. Walter takes Sally toward the cliff's edge where she tells him she has to get back to the kids but things get creepy when he tells everything will be all right pulling out the plastic gloves. Sally realizes he killed Linda and Jane! She screams, begging for her life as Walter coldly tells her she pushed him into a corner talking about divorce. As he moves in to strangle her, Sally hits him upside the head with her purse! She keeps fighting back and Danno parks squealing the tires. The kids jump around in near unison pointing in the general direction Sally went. It doesn't take long for Danno to find the pair scrapping on the cliff edge. With his gun pulled, Danno holsters it taking the fight to Walter. Danno and Walter fight including several punches as Kono arrives on scene. Kono finds them when Danno's gun discharges falling over the cliff. Kono runs toward the noise as Danno flips Walter. Danno is clearly ticked off throwing one last punch putting Walter into the position of hanging on by his fingernails over the cliff. Danno stands over him, eventually pulling the murderer up onto solid ground. Sally cries over the entire mess.

Danno walks back to the parking lot as Kono helps Sally put the kids into the car. Kono then asks Danno how he's doing with the only answer, "just tired". Danno walks to the wall perhaps to tell Jane goodbye in his own way. McGarrett interrupts his thoughts by calling on the radio. Danno reports Walter is in custody, Sally and the kids are "fine". Danno drives out of the parking lot.

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