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Jimmy Nuanu (Ray Danton), an entertainer, appears nightly at the 'Canoe House' in the Ilikai Hotel. A fight is occurring with glass and other objects breaking behind the poster advertising Jimmy. Jimmy scraps with another man (Robert Luck) as a crowd gathers around them including a young boy (Dan Jacques Kaleikini). Two men in suits look on in satisfaction but Jimmy's friend (Tom Fujiwara) and three waiters break up the fight. Jimmy is dragged back in followed by the crowd as well as a waiter (Terry Plunkett) holding the young boy. The two men talk about Jimmy's leaning toward violence.

Inside his dressing room, Jimmy is still angry. Jimmy's friend Eddie tells him to stop preaching so much, people come to see him sing! "You gotta shoot your big mouth off about how this being the last Eden and how everything is getting ruined". Jimmy gives up for the moment and asks Eddie to make him a drink. While Eddie makes the drink, Jimmy's son, the young boy earlier, runs in telling Jimmy he showed the guy. Jimmy asks Eddie to take his son home and Eddie agrees.

Later that night, Jimmy can barely walk and passes out beside his car. The two suited men from the crowd approach. Meanwhile, a man in a wet suit runs around a facility with a remote in his hand. Near the surf, he puts on his tank and backs into the water. He hits the remote and the place explodes and when it does, Jimmy rouses by his car.

Act One

Jimmy is brought with cuffs on to Iolani Palace in an HPD squad car with lights and sirens. Jenny (Peggy Ryan) answers calls as fast as they come in while McGarrett talks to 'Ed' saying no one and no groups have been ruled out. The entire staff seems to be working the phones because chaos has reigned since the explosion. Danno walks carrying an envelope telling McGarrett there isn't much left of the sewage disposal plant. McGarrett guesses dynamite was used after he handles one of the detonator caps in the envelope. Danno reports Che Fong (Harry Endo) and his technicians will figure out the explosive as soon as the fire department cools it off enough for them to operate. When McGarrett asks where the caps were found, Danno answers they were found in the trunk of Jimmy's car. Just then, Kono leads Jimmy into Five-O.

Before McGarrett can speak to Jimmy directly, he takes a call from the governor briefing him the plant is a total loss. McGarrett tells Jenny the press has to wait as he walks over to Jimmy. Kono gives the rundown: "blast took place approximately 4 a.m. Fire trucks were there within ten minutes. They found him leaning against his car. A bottle of booze on the floor inside almost empty and a bunch of detonator caps in the trunk". Jimmy claims he didn't do it and worse, he can't remember anything from the night before such as how he got to the plant. McGarrett warns him this is far more serious than a "nightclub brawl". Chin enters with Mr. Goff, the plant manager with a "complicated" twist. McGarrett leads them into his office where they tell him someone was in the plant during the explosion: Harmon, one of the watchmen. McGarrett orders Chin to "get the details" after Danno tells him Che has something: cast of a tire tread not matching Jimmy's car, even has a good nick in it. Che guesses right front for a big car or small truck. The explosive used was "tetrytol. Hot stuff. Not easily handled. Somebody really knew what they were doing". McGarrett goes back to Jimmy, verifying he was in the Army and which unit: "Forty-fourth Demolition". It's enough to book Jimmy for the destruction of the plant.

McGarrett visits Jimmy in the jail cell laying it out: they checked with the club. Jimmy drank heavily the night before and got into a fight. McGarrett yells, "you're a hotheaded Hawaiian. You got a short fuse and you pop off. And this time you really got yourself in trouble". Jimmy has nothing more to add but asks one favor: to get a hold of Eddie to watch over his son, Joey. McGarrett agrees, leaving the jail.

McGarrett talks to Charlie the bartender, who was standing with Jimmy's son during the fight at the club. Charlie tells McGarrett Jimmy wasn't drinking anymore than usual. With nothing more to add, McGarrett calls in Eddie. Eddie says Joey is okay at his aunt's house. McGarrett tries to nail a timeline and since Eddie was the last one to see Jimmy at the club, he should be helpful. Eddie says he took Joey home "before the party" as McGarrett asks about the fight. Eddie answers that a guy was heckling Jimmy from the audience and the fight ensued. He doesn't want to say anything against Jimmy but McGarrett needs answers to what happened. Jimmy walks in, free on bail. McGarrett recommended no bail because jail is the best place for him since he is the only suspect in a plant explosion costing $2 million in damage and killing a man. McGarrett and Jimmy tangle about the whole situation and how Jimmy has said in the past someone should blow up the plant. Jimmy swears he's being framed but the prosecutor has enough to charge him: Jimmy fits the bill. Jimmy pleads with McGarrett to believe his story because if McGarrett doesn't, Jimmy is "all pau".

Bills are counted out at an office where Eddie is paid off. Three men, the two in the suits and the man who fought Jimmy, are there knowing Eddie needs the money to pay off bad gambling debts. Eddie is worried about Jimmy and didn't know things would be so "rough". Zane, the man who fought Jimmy, blows him off but the main man, Colfax, (Paul Stevens) says, "the man deserves an explanation". He goes on talking about how he loves the islands and the amount of garbage being dumped into the oceans on a daily basis, nearly non-stop. Colfax has a company ready to take care of the garbage situation but politicians and delays cause more pollution to go into the ocean. Colfax calls Jimmy a "hero" for blowing up the plant, seeming to understand how Eddie feels. Zane opens the door for Eddie to leave. After he does the second man (Steve Merrick) doesn't like the idea of just letting Eddie go but for now, they don't have a choice. Colfax says, "a very nervous man".

Act Two

McGarrett briefs the team the DA considers the case against Jimmy open and shut but he knows there's something more, "like a frame". McGarrett wants Five-O to dig up their own answers. Kono has a list of other places using explosives on the islands and they split it up.

Chin visits a construction site with the foreman who tells him all of their explosives are accounted for both at the site and their "special building in a rock quarry up by Kailua". Chin asks about tetrytol and the foreman wishes he had some but it's "a military explosive".

Danno goes to see Captain Lyons (Bruce Wilson) on his boat, the Shelly Ann. Lyons used to specialize in explosives but claims that part of his life has long passed. Now, he's charters deep-sea fishing. "Just returned from Hanalei Bay a couple of hours ago". The bay is 150 miles away and Lyons says it was "a three-day charter". Danno asks about tetrytol, which Lyons calls "tricky stuff. But it certainly did the job". Danno agrees mentioning "last night".

Kono checks with the Army, riding in a jeep to the ammunition bunkers. Sergeant Dobbs (Robert Harker) opens the door as the major (Mitch Mitchel) says they have enough explosives "to lift Waikiki 20 miles straight up". Kono asks if this is the entire supply of tetrytol, "16 cases worth" but when he counts, there are only 15 cases!

In McGarrett's office, he talks to a professor (Richard Morrison) about ecology, which he says comes down to "greed and money". McGarrett is confused, is this about profit? The professor confirms this and McGarrett wants to know who exactly profits from the plant explosion. The professor tells him about the current bill in the State Legislature mandating a cleaner way of waste disposal. With the explosion the bill may be forced through. McGarrett still wants to know who profits if this happens. The professor answers "Walter Colfax, I suppose. The Colfax Corporation has developed an improved system. They've got quite a lot of money invested in it". McGarrett writes the name down.

Jimmy parties at the bar when McGarrett tracks him down. McGarrett asks if Jimmy knows about the Colfax Corporation or heard of Walter Colfax. Jimmy doesn't know either and talks about the "big party" he had but didn't show up, "kind of an alibi in reverse". McGarrett implies Jimmy could have blown the plant because he worked with tetrytol in the Army and still managed to get to the party but was too drunk to make it. Jimmy isn't happy with the implication and cuts off the conversation. McGarrett leaves with Eddie joining Jimmy on the lanai. Jimmy is going to take matters into his own hands and find who set him up because McGarrett was his last hope of not going to jail.

Act Three

Lyons is brought into McGarrett's office to be questioned about tetrytol such as how long it would someone to learn how to handle it safely. Lyons says it depends on the person and he's not a great example because what he learned was learned under enemy fire. McGarrett lists Lyons' facts: "Royal Navy, underwater demolition, decorations". McGarrett also brings up Lyons' three-day charter to Hanalei Bay but the Honolulu Harbor Master checked him into his berth the next afternoon after he supposedly left. McGarrett points the finger at Lyons concerning the sewage plant explosion. Lyons isn't keen on McGarrett's "veiled accusations" and McGarrett counters with a fact: Bernard Hughes who chartered the boat to Hanalei Bay is an executive with the Colfax Corporation. While McGarrett can't connect the dots just yet, he's still working on it.

Jimmy hits the phones calling in every favor he has out in Honolulu. Eddie cleans up the dressing room and seems to want to tell Jimmy what happened but stops short. Jimmy keeps calling.

McGarrett goes to see Colfax who explains a bit on the pollution problem. Colfax is already in the process of building the plant but not before eating up all the competition. Colfax Corporation is the only one available for an upcoming $30 million contract with the State of Hawaii. McGarrett doesn't have a problem with it as long as things were done "in an ethical manner but now you're a monopoly" and this raises red flags for McGarrett. When McGarrett brings up the profits, Colfax abruptly ends their discussion. After McGarrett leaves, Colfax's right-hand man walks in with "company" a.k.a. Eddie. Eddie is worried Jimmy will find out what happened and Colfax assures him Jimmy won't find out anything. Colfax suggests a trip to the mainland and Eddie agrees.

Jimmy finds out from Pancho Eddie sold him out for $10,000. "Your pal, Eddie, was into the syndicate for 10 grand". Jimmy is stunned and sure someone is lying. Pancho says Eddie paid up "in full, in cash". Jimmy asks Pancho to keep it quiet and Pancho nods before leaving. Jimmy tries calling Eddie but doesn't get him.

Zane and the right-hand man drive Eddie to his apartment where he goes to pack. Meanwhile, McGarrett goes to see Jimmy at the Canoe House but Charlie warns him, Jimmy's in a "lousy mood". Eddie packs as the right-hand man admires the view. Just after he's done, he realizes they're about to tie up a loose end in the worst way. McGarrett talks to Jimmy, the I.O.U. Eddie had was pay or die. McGarrett tells Jimmy he can't handle it alone and he doesn't buy Jimmy's story that he loaned Eddie the money: Jimmy's broke. They decide to go talk to Eddie together. Eddie fights for his life but to no avail as Zane and the right-hand man throw him out the window.

Act Four

McGarrett and Jimmy are on the scene as Eddie's body is taken away. McGarrett immediately dismisses the idea of suicide when Chin asks. Jimmy deals with a mix of emotions because he hated Eddie for crossing him, now he wants the guys who killed him. McGarrett warns him to stay out of it because this is what he does. Chin and McGarrett find a button on Eddie's hand; McGarrett wants it taken to the lab. McGarrett notices a conversation walking over to Danno and Mrs. Kwan. She saw the whole thing and while she may not be able to describe the men, she could recognize them if she saw them again.

In McGarrett's office, they "run it down": Jimmy was drugged, left at the plant, probably drugged by Eddie but now Eddie is dead. Mrs. Kwan is about to go through the mug files and McGarrett wants her to look at pictures of everyone associated with the Colfax Corporation too. Things seem to be pointing in its direction but there's no proof. So they start over.

Danno and Kono go visit Captain Lyons again only this time they see a van with a nick out of its right front tire. They board the Shelly Ann with Lyons claiming to know nothing about the "truck" as Danno looks in various doors grinning at Lyons and he keeps going. Lyons and Kono follow him to the interior and eventually below deck where they find Sgt. Dobbs hiding.

At the Canoe House, Charlie readies for the evening as Jimmy stops by. When Charlie asks if he can get Jimmy something, he answers, "a cup of coffee". Charlie heads to the kitchen as Jimmy takes the gun from the cash register.

In McGarrett's office, Danno confronts Lyons and Dobbs with the plaster cast of the tire tread from the van: both from the plant and one taken currently. McGarrett also catches Lyons in a lie about his charter: "you weren't at Hanalei, you were at Nawiliwili" 50 miles closer to Honolulu and his boat could make the trip in five hours. McGarrett theorizes Lyons went ashore and placed the charges with the help of Dobbs. Dobbs claims he "just brought the stuff" and knows the charge is murder even if they didn't know anyone was inside. Chin walks in with some good news, identifying one of the men as Zane. Kono then bursts in with information form Charlie: Jimmy took the gun! McGarrett orders Chin to book Lyons and Dobbs as he and Danno run out.

Jimmy shows up at the Colfax Corporation taking out the right-hand man in the foyer. He walks into Colfax's office with the gun drawn accusing Colfax of using him and Eddie. Zane hits Jimmy over the head as Colfax agrees to "get rid of him". Zane and the right-hand man drag Jimmy to the parking garage with Colfax next to the Cadillac. When Zane opens the trunk, tires screech in the garage as McGarrett and Danno show up. A gunfight ensues as Danno provides cover fire so McGarrett can close in. Danno takes out the right-hand man as Colfax runs for it with Jimmy following him after he comes to. Zane keeps shooting at McGarrett and Danno before being shot by McGarrett. When McGarrett looks over Zane, he notices Jimmy running and goes after him. Danno collects the guns, finding a button ripped off the right-hand man's jacket sleeve. Jimmy catches up with Colfax running up the down escalator and cornering him in the open stairwell. Only McGarrett's last minute intervention prevents jimmy from killing Colfax. Colfax is arrested as Jimmy contemplates the future of the islands, "nothing's really changed, has it?"

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