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An Aloha Airlines flight arrives at Kahului Airport on Maui. A man (Don Stroud) meets a woman (Marianne McAndrew) as he deplanes followed by another man (John LeBrecque). They arrive home in their convertible Mustang and she makes Nicky "carry the bags". Later that night, they're about to eat dinner when the other man prowls on their property. Nicky sees him and goes to check it out telling her to stay put in the kitchen. A single gunshot rings out and she runs out of the house to find him over a dead body. She says, "they found me."

Act One

The front yard is partially dug up as a blanket covers the body. McGarrett arrives on scene met by Danno and the coroner (Kwan Hi Lim). They identify the dead man as Tigner who has been dead a day or so. The coroner will be more specific later. McGarrett tells Danno it looks like Harry Quon (Alfred Ryder) finally made a mistake. Their only witness is Mrs. Pruitt (Hilo Hattie) who lives next door and is sure "Mrs. Hollander" has been kidnapped. Mrs. Hollander likes Maui too much to go anywhere. Only Mr. Hollander goes to Honolulu for work. McGarrett and Danno enter the house where everything seems normal at first glance. Strange thing: no prints in the house, someone wiped it clean and it's the same with the car. Chin reports outside the Maui police believe the murder took place in another part of the yard then Tigner was buried in the flowerbed. The running theory for now is "somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to walk away". Their first task is to find the Hollanders.

In Honolulu, the Hollanders go to an apartment building where she sublets an apartment near his. She pays the rent to the Apartment manager (John Alexis Howard) and he'll bring a receipt later. He also reminds her the regular tenants will return in six weeks. Nicky waits for the manager to leave to deliver her suitcase giving her a pill to help her sleep. He tells everything will be okay and he'll arrange for them to leave.

McGarrett pays a visit to Harry Quon at his restaurant. Quon eats ice cream as he listens to McGarrett natter on about his "other business" and how McGarrett is going to finally nail him. McGarrett mentions he was close two years ago when Jon Louisiana (Walter P. Young, Sr.) was murdered. Eventually, McGarrett tells Quon about Tigner being found dead on Maui. After McGarrett leaves, Quon calls over Charlie (Al Harrington) who's sitting at the corner of the bar and tells him to find "the kid": now!

Nicky gets a call and tells the other end, "yeah, I'll be over. I said, I'll be over". Meantime, Julie has a nightmare reliving the John Louisiana murder: Tigner and Charlie held him down after he won big and Quon stabbed him in the back multiple times. She wakes up screaming as Nicky enters the apartment. She freaks out when he says he has to go out but he calms her down telling it's going to all right.

In McGarrett's office, Danno theorizes Quon wanted Tigner out of the way but McGarrett shoots it down because he feels Quon didn't know about Tigner until McGarrett told him. McGarrett knows the answer on Maui will lead them straight to Quon.

Nicky shows up at Quon's restaurant to meet him. Nicky slides into the booth where Quon tells him about Tigner. Nicky plays dumb and wonders why Tigner was on Maui. Quon wants the person who killed Tigner and he wants Nicky to kill the person (i.e. himself).

Act Two

On Maui, McGarrett returns to the Hollander house where he meets Danno and tells him about Tigner's rental car. Returned to the airport the morning after he was killed, wiped clean of prints. Che Fong (Harry Endo) continues searching the house finding a print on the underside of a closet shelf. Che lifts it, putting it on a form, stating it's a "lady's thumb print".

In Honolulu, Nicky mails Quon a letter and buys the day's newspaper. He returns to her apartment where he tells her the bad news: they found Tigner. Julie laments it's all her fault and Nicky did nothing wrong. Nicky tells her if he met anyone else, he'd still be looking for his perfect girl.

Kono reports in at McGarrett's office: scuttlebutt "up and down the beach" that Quon is looking for information about who hit Tigner and there's a contract out. Kono says it sounds like someone is moving in on Quon and there's a possible gang war afoot. Bad news, he couldn't find out who has the contract. Their only witness in the Louisiana murder was cocktail waitress Julie Grant, killed by one of Quon's men but they could never figure out who killed her. McGarrett wants to know who's moving, "all about it".

At Harry's, Nicky tells Quon what he knows: he thought at first it was a gang moving in, but turns out Tigner was "fooling around" with a married woman on Maui and the husband caught him in the act. Looks like the couple didn't stick around and Nicky considers it closed but Quon doesn't. He wants them found and he shows Nicky the note with magazine letters warning they're moving in on the action, whoever they are. Quon wants Nicky and Charlie to check it out.

In McGarrett's office, Danno reports they've checked everything and no one is trying to move in on Quon. The gang war is probably internal, "a family feud". McGarrett wants to know why the contract exists and postulates Quon doesn't know anymore about what happened to Tigner than they do. McGarrett brings up the Hollanders, the fact they don't want anyone to know who they are and he wants to know why. Kono walks in with information from the FBI: the fingerprints from Maui belong to their witness, Julie Grant! Supposedly died two years ago, Julie's aunt made a positive identity based on Julie's watch but the body "was too far gone". McGarrett says Julie had help two years ago and she had help two days ago. She won't come in because she's afraid of Quon and frankly, McGarrett doesn't blame her on that front.

At Kahului Airport, people walk into the terminal as Nicky and Charlie walk perpendicular to them. Charlie stops at a candy machine as Nicky hangs out at the terminal, leaning on the fence outside. Behind Nicky, McGarrett and Danno arrive from Honolulu. McGarrett approaches Nicky with each posturing the other. McGarrett mentions a gang war with no reaction but Nicky starts at the mention of Julie's name and the fact she's alive. McGarrett and Danno walk away, eventually driving back to the Hollander house. They both know McGarrett hit a nerve when it came to Julie but the question is what.

Mrs. Pruitt carries a plant to her house from the Hollanders. When they talk to her, McGarrett shows her a picture of Julie who Mrs. Pruitt identifies as "Mrs. Hollander". He then shows her a pictures of Quon who she's never seen, then Charlie and again, no. McGarrett then shows a picture of Nicky, a.k.a. Nick Pierson, who she identifies as "Mr. Hollander". Everything makes sense to McGarrett and Danno: Nick fell in love with Julie!

Act Three

At dinner, Nicky isn't hungry and Julie asks what's wrong. They're eating in his apartment because the phone rings and he answers it. He reminds Charlie again they'll meet in the morning. When he hangs up, Nicky realizes things are becoming desperate. He wants to put Julie on a plane that night to leave Hawaii and he'll follow in a few days. She refuses to leave without him. Nicky will tell her everything but she'll leave and he takes the chance anyway. He comes clean telling her about Quon, how he sent Nicky to Maui to find her and kill her. Somewhere along the line, he decided no one was going to hurt her. He gave them a body of a girl about Julie's age to make everyone believe Julie was dead. After hearing everything, Julie says she'll never leave Nicky.

Kono meets the Aloha Airlines flight from Maui with McGarrett and Danno the first off the flight. They bring Kono up to speed on the Hollanders, Nick Pierson and Julie Grant: two people in love. McGarrett wants Nicky found and Julie "won't be far away".

McGarrett arrives at the apartment building checking out Nicky's apartment. Asking the manager if he rented to any young women recently, he mentions Julie. They go to her apartment where she refuses to answer but the manager opens the door as Julie stands back. Meanwhile, Charlie pulls up to the curb in front. McGarrett walks out with Julie, putting her in the Park Lane. Charlie watches it all including McGarrett driving away.

Nicky arrives at Harry's, where the place is closed. Charlie leads Nicky into Quon's office where Nicky retells the story of Tigner fooling around and the couple disappeared. One problem: Charlie discovered Nicky's secret and Quon is not happy. Quon gives Nicky an ultimatum: kill her or he will be killed. Quon tells him she's at "police headquarters".

Act Four

At HPD, Julie demands to be released but McGarrett isn't budging because she's a material witness "and I've got enough to hold you in connection with Tigner's death". She refuses to cooperate so McGarrett talks about Nicky even showing pictures of some of his kills. Danno brings in Quon, but Julie still won't budge. McGarrett tells Danno to take Julie downstairs and they leave with the policewoman escort. McGarrett tells Quon to sit down. Meantime, Nicky makes his move in the downstairs hallway hitting Danno with a nightstick. He grabs Julie and they run. McGarrett is alerted, helping Danno to his feet. Outside, an officer writes down Nicky's plates. Charlie makes his own move, pulling a gun on Nicky from the back seat.

Central Dispatch puts out an APB on Nicky's car and Nicky. McGarrett, Danno and Quon leave HPD and drive to their last known location. McGarrett orders, "every available car in the area of Makapu'u to Sandy Beach on full alert". HPD launches a helicopter to help in the search.

Nicky keeps driving to the middle of nowhere pulling off into a lookout. Charlie forces them out of the car and eggs on Nicky to kill Julie. Nicky aims the gun at her but swings around fast to hit Charlie but Charlie fires at Nicky, hitting him too. Both men go down and Julie helps Nicky to the car where they drive on the road. McGarrett finds tracks to where they went and turns onto the road. Quon is confident all is said and done but McGarrett keeps going. Nicky tells Julie he loves her as he continues to bleed out and drive. He tells her there's nothing to worry about while McGarrett, Danno and Quon find Charlie's dead body. The helicopter keeps Nicky and Julie in sight as McGarrett, Danno and Quon go after it. Nicky drives off the road, unable to go further. Julie gets out and helps him away from it. McGarrett pulls off finding Nicky's car and seeing blood and the gun in the front seat. Danno leads Quon out of the Park Lane at gunpoint. They find Nicky and Julie not far away with Nicky just dying. Julie agrees to testify against Quon.

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