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A party is taking place as two guys repair a sailboat with one (John Vernon) working the crank and another, Neal (James Daris) making his way up the mast to fix a light. At the party a couple dance as McGarrett arrives. The husband (Thomas Norton) asks Richard (Dewey Martin) to dance with his wife (Linda Marsh). The husband, Clark, leaves the party and tells his wife to stay when she insists on coming along. Clark meets McGarrett who is there by Clark's "urgent" request. Clark explains it has to do with gambling and wants to take McGarrett to the yacht, "we can talk there". Clark and McGarrett go out to a tender where McGarrett says hi to Cal, the first guy working on the sailboat. Not far into their journey, the tender explodes sending McGarrett into the water face down as the wife screams for her husband. Cal jumps to retrieve McGarrett as Neal hangs onto the mast for dear life.

Act One

When the ambulance arrives, Danno and Cal are next to McGarrett. McGarrett is awake, "how's Sloan?" meaning Clark. Danno tells him Clark is dead but Cal pulled McGarrett out. Even from the gurney, McGarrett tells Danno to investigate what happened. Danno nods signaling the attendants to take McGarrett to the hospital. With Cal standing next to him, Danno asks if he saw anything. Cal answers he saw it all but it's weird because diesel engines "don't explode that way". Chin is on scene too saying they need to get the divers out there. Danno also tasks him with trying to figure who's who and when they arrived including people in the parking lot and the yacht club staff. Richard approaches Danno wanting to take Mrs. Sloan home. Danno asks her a few questions: she arrived with her husband and she would have left with him but he told her to stay. If she had gone, she would have been killed as well.

The divers start their work retrieving various pieces of the wreck. Danno briefs McGarrett in the hospital: "directional bomb placed right behind the helm. Plastic, it ignited as soon as the diesel heated up. Sloan never stood a chance". When McGarrett asks what else they have, Danno cuts him out because McGarrett has a concussion and a broken hand. McGarrett rephrases the question, "what else have you got, Danno?" Danno has a decent timeline with the bomber having 90 minutes to rig the bomb but the problem they have are the large number of guests and everyone had access to the boat. The doctor (Harry Chang) walks in telling Danno his time is up. McGarrett wants to be kept informed especially about Sloan's ex-wife (Ann McCormack).

Ex-Mrs. Sloan climbs out of the pool when Danno arrives to speak to her. She pours herself a drink talking about how ex-wives don't have to mourn and how she really isn't surprised Clark was killed. As a matter of fact, she's surprised it didn't happen earlier. She explains Clark was "ruthless" and their divorce messy because "when Clark wanted something, there was no stopping him. And he really wanted her". Her son (Joel Berliner) yells out that he's leaving and takes off. She tells Danno, "that was my son, Clark Sloan, Jr.".

At the hospital, Danno brings McGarrett up to speed as he sits on his hospital bed. Danno doesn't believe ex-Mrs. Sloan was involved but they're "checking just in case". A nurse (Carole Kai) brings in a wheelchair for McGarrett who refuses but she won't hear of it: hospital policy to the front door. As they walk and roll out toward the front door, McGarrett asks about the current Mrs. Sloan with Danno answering she's under sedation and no visitors. There's no real leads, "looks like a long, slow way to go". Danno mentions he spoke to Officer Onoe (William Keoho) of HPD: "he said he stopped a green MG doing 80 miles an hour on the freeway. It's Cal Anderson. Onoe gave him a ticket. Since Cal was the one who saved your life, the least you could do would be to fix his ticket". McGarrett laughs, sure he will. He mentions the gambling angle to Danno but Clark didn't lose so it may not have much weight in the case. As they wait for the elevator, McGarrett recalls a case of a fire on Maui about three years ago. The case parallels what they face now: a pair of wealthy men, new young wives and they both owned yachts. McGarrett wants to see that case folder, it may help with their current investigation.

McGarrett and Cal walk past McGarrett's boat, which is in desperate need of some TLC. Danno and Chin arrive to deliver the case file and joke about the boat. Even Cal jumps in on it.

That night at the Sloan Building, Neal goes into Clark's business with a key wearing gloves and holding a flashlight. He searches for the safe, finally locating it in the wall behind Clark's desk. A night guard (Arte McCollough) patrols the building eventually walking into Sloan's office where Neal was about to open the safe. Finding the door to the safe askew, the guard moves in but Neal hits him over the head and makes a run for it. The guard manages to call police and Dispatch radios out an "all-unit call" with an HPD unit as well as Danno and Chin responding. As police close in, Neal jumps into his car and tries to take off only to be cornered by HPD and Five-O. Chin forces Neal out of the car while Danno opens the passenger door to find the current Mrs. Sloan ducked in the passenger seat. She demands to see her lawyer, Richard Fairbirne who danced with her at the party. Danno says, "why not? He can meet us here".

Act Two

Danno, Chin, Richard and Mrs. Sloan enter Clark's office with Danno wanting to know why Mrs. Sloan was in Neal's car. Richard answers for her with no answer. Danno and Richard tangle as Danno threatens to arrest her as an accessory but Richard tells him to check the laws concerning "false arrest". Richard also says she would be within her rights to demand a court order and Danno is willing, "all right, counselor, I will get a court order and we'll all sit here for as long as it takes. Unless both of you want to start cooperating". Richard gives up for now opening the safe. Danno and Chin take an inventory of the safe: two stacks of $1000 bills and a letter addressed to "Whom-It-May-Concern". Danno opens it and finds a motive: the letter is an affirmation by Maria, a.k.a. Mrs. Sloan, to renounce any claim on Clark's estate. Danno starts digging with Richard saying he has no right to "insinuate" she was involved but Danno doesn't back down because she was in Neal's car. Maria says Neal wanted Clark to loan him some money but Richard cuts her off. Danno tells her Neal may have an "interesting statement to make" being charged with multiple crimes. Richard stops him cold but Danno tells her they will want to talk to her again. As Maria and Richard leave, she explains the letter: if she gave Clark "five happy years" he would destroy the letter and insists she loved Clark, not wanting to harm him.

In McGarrett's office, Danno reports Neal is in debt to the gambling syndicate for $10,000. There are lots of pieces and parts but nothing is really coming together. They also have discovered Clark's estate is worth about $7 million. When Danno tells McGarrett he's going against doctor's orders, McGarrett claims he was just reading. He's found something interesting in the Maui case: the insurance company was trying to tie it in with a 1966 yacht explosion in the South China Sea near Singapore. Commonalities include a wealthy man leaving an older wife for a young girlfriend and a yacht. The phone rings and McGarrett tells Danno Neal is ready to make a statement.

At HPD, Neal tells Danno about his debt and the threats to have it paid, which is something he already knows. Neal was hoping to get $10,000 from Clark because Clark wouldn't necessarily miss it. The night before, he called Maria and he went to her house where they talked about a way for him to get the money even though Clark was dead. Richard was present during their conversation. Neal confesses to just about everything he did but he's adamant he didn't kill Clark. Danno doesn't buy it, "I told you last night, I'm talking about murder one".

McGarrett rides in Cal's car as they head to the boat talking about the engine problems. Cal runs a red light, or at least pushes a yellow, and McGarrett tells him Officer Onoe may be on duty. Cal doesn't know what he's talking about and denies he got a ticket on the freeway after McGarrett mentions it. At the boat, McGarrett contemplates their exchange as Cal finishes cleaning the part McGarrett brought. McGarrett asks Cal about Neal and Cal was surprised Neal was arrested because "Neal Porter is not what you'd call a brave man anymore". Cal explains Neal fell from a mast about a year before so badly he was in the hospital for a couple of months. Cal suspects he was trying to get his nerve back the other day when he tried to work on the light but ultimately failed.

Kono brings Maria into Five-O where she's under arrest and Danno isn't buying any more of her garbage. Danno asks her about Neal but she refuses to answer until Richard arrives. Danno asks if Neal introduced her to Clark and she confirms he did "about six months ago". Danno drops the bombshell on her: she and Neal were "married in Acapulco October 1, 1966".

Act Three

Maria says her and Neal were divorced in Las Vegas five weeks ago. Danno lays it out: she and Neal were still married when Neal introduced Maria and Clark as well, they were still married when she announced her engagement to Clark. Maria claims Clark knew all about it and he also knew "it was finished" between her and Neal. Still, she doesn't want anything bad happening to Neal. Richard arrives, making a snide remark to Danno then asking Maria if she's all right. Danno turns off the tape recorder as he and Richard tangle again. Danno points out what Richard already knows: Richard had been working for Clark for three years and was making six figures while doing so and when Neal went into Clark's office he had a key as well as the combination of the safe. Asking for his key, Richard refuses to give it up to Danno. Danno has an ace: the handwriting of the combination matches a writ by Richard from April 16,1967. Oops! Richard tells Danno Clark was going to give the money to Neal at Maria's request. Richard's plan was to speed the process along. Danno takes it all in, happily arresting Richard for "conspiracy to defraud [and] accomplice to breaking and entering, just for openers".

Cal's wife Alicia (Diane Morrissey) stops by the boat yard to drop off lunch. She and Cal discuss their kids and the money/loan from Pete Chang. McGarrett says hello to Alicia as they unpack the basket she brought. Cal tells the story of how McGarrett acquired the boat: a gift from an "old Chinese man" McGarrett helped once. Alicia asks what McGarrett's plans are when the boat is fixed up and he thinks he'll go to Maui, asking Cal if he's ever been to Maui. When Call says he hasn't been there for a decade, Alicia stops momentarily with McGarrett noticing.

In his office, McGarrett answers the phone and it's Officer Onoe returning his call. They talk about Cal's speeding ticket and if he's sure it was Cal. Officer Onoe has known him for years and said the entire situation was "strange". McGarrett would like a copy. Officer Onoe says it's no problem.

McGarrett goes to see Neal in his jail cell. Neal knows who McGarrett is and that he was on the tender with Clark the day it exploded. Neal maintains his innocence, as McGarrett would like some more information specifically the timeline of him and Cal. Neal arrived about 10:00 a.m. with Cal meeting him there "after lunch". They worked together all afternoon except for one point when Cal went to call Alicia, which occurred after Maria and Clark arrived on their tender. Cal and Clark knew one another and while he didn't work on Clark's boat, he had worked on Richard's boat a few times.

In McGarrett's office, he drops his theory on Danno, Chin and Kono with Danno not believing it: Cal is responsible for the explosion. Cal was born in Hong Kong, his father was wealthy and left his mother for a younger woman: like Clark Sloan. When Cal was nine, his mother drowned unknown if it was an accident or suicide. Things don't add up because Cal can't remember the speeding ticket or being on Maui in 1967 when the yacht fire happened. McGarrett checked, Cal was on Maui when the fire happened.

That night, Cal and Alicia sit on their walkway. Alicia is concerned and wonders why Cal lied to McGarrett about being on Maui. Alicia reminds him he was on Maui in 1967 for almost a week working on a boat there. Cal guesses he forgot about being there.

The next morning, McGarrett walks into Five-O where Danno meets him. Thinking he had a solid case, Danno kept digging and found something for McGarrett's case. Discovering a naturalized citizen passport application for Cal, his past employment came up. He was in Singapore in 1966 when the yacht explosion took place. This information puts Cal in the vicinity of all three incidents.

Act Four

At Oahu State Hospital, McGarrett and Danno speak to Dr. Landis (Grace Albertson) about split personalities. She basically tells them the personalities build walls against one another so one personality becomes powerless to stop the other. Dr. Landis says it comes down to suppressed rage over rejection and blaming the death of his mother on his father. As far as the cases are concerned, Dr. Landis says Cal believed in each situation, he was killing his father. McGarrett wonders what would happen if someone pushed Cal into seeing he had two personalities, Dr. Landis says he could go over the edge and anything could happen. She tells McGarrett he could even be the one to push Cal.

McGarrett stops by Cal's house on a pretense of a broken part, leaving a copy of the speeding ticket on a workbench. McGarrett tells him he'll be working on the boat that night. Cal finds the ticket and wads it up.

McGarrett drinks coffee as Cal pulls up to the yard. Cal was able to fix the part and McGarrett asks him to install it. As this goes on, McGarrett starts pushing Cal by telling him the murder charges against Neal have been dropped. McGarrett pushes further asking about the non-existent phone to Alicia and his father's funeral. Cal remembers as a kid coming home finding all of his toys smashed and burned. McGarrett brings up the other cases: the explosion in Singapore and fire on Maui. Cal keeps it together before finally snapping. McGarrett and Cal fight as the rest of the Five-O team jumps out of hiding to help McGarrett. Danno gets thrown when Cal knocks him and the ladder he's on over onto the ground. McGarrett backhands Cal sending him overboard onto the pavement. They arrest Cal.

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