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Three men in a van park outside a mansion's gate when one (Ron Hayes) jumps out to open the gate. All three then get out with the older man (Andrew Duggan) leading them to the house on foot. The older man chloroforms the young boy (Geoffrey Thorpe) in order to take him out of the house without a lot of disturbance. The man then sets an envelope addressed to 'Mr. Nelson Blake' (Lloyd Gough) written in magazine cutout letters.

Act One

McGarrett and Danno arrive at the Blake house and talk to him in his home office. They "received unofficial notification from Honolulu Savings and Trust that you withdrew $250,000 in cash this morning". The bills are small ($10, $20), unmarked and non-sequential, which adds up to one thing for Five-O: kidnapping. Blake isn't amused the bank notified Five-O and isn't cooperative, he's actually downright combative asking them to leave multiple times. McGarrett warns him he can't handle it alone and Danno informs him kidnapping is a crime "whether you report it or not". Blake says it's another "business deal" and the money is nothing to him but McGarrett tells him he can't treat this as another business deal. Blake is adamant going so far as warning McGarrett if he interferes and harm comes to his son Timmy, he will hold McGarrett "personally responsible".

The group holes up in an abandoned shack near some unused military bunkers. Timmy's eyes are taped as the older man, Obie, takes a Polaroid picture of him. The gate opener takes Timmy back to a small room with a bed after Timmy complains of being hungry. Obie finishes what he needs to for the picture putting it into an envelope and dropping it all into a bag the third guy (Peter Bonerz) carries out.

Chin and Kono stake out Blake's house and report no movement "in or out". In McGarrett's office, the tap on Blake's phone activates with McGarrett saying the Attorney General wasn't thrilled about giving it. The third guy plays a tape recorder of a message for Blake when he answers: he's to take the money to Sea Life Park at 5:00 p.m. and stop at the information desk. Once Blake answers he understands the instructions, the third guy hangs up and drops an envelope addressed for Blake at the ticket window/information desk. The Ticket girl (Leonelle Anderson) takes it and puts it under the counter.

McGarrett and Danno strategize on how to best counter the kidnappers who obviously know what they're doing. Meanwhile, Obie sends the other two off to Sea Life Park as the time nears 5:00 p.m. Blake shows up, parking his Continental with Chin and Kono not far behind. Blake checks his watch: 4:55 p.m. and gets out walking toward the park.

Once inside, Blake hangs out by the ticket window as Chin walks past him and Kono hangs out in another area. McGarrett and Danno stand on a bridge, watching different parts of the crowd. The Ticket girl asks if she can help and Blake introduces himself. She recognizes the name and grabs the envelope handing it to him. Blake opens it, finding the photo of Timmy and instructions: 'follow the group to Whaler's Cove and wait'. Blake does this under the watchful eyes of McGarrett and the team. The gate opener is just in front of Chin in the crowd as they pass under the bridge. McGarrett and Danno split up as the crowd keeps making their way to the staging area.

Eight dolphins jump into the air as their trainer whistles at them with a dog in the boat. Blake sits down with Chin beside him and the gate opener not far away. As the dolphins put on their show, McGarrett and Danno keep moving, surveying the crowd from as many angles as possible. The third guy calls the ticket window/information desk with Miss Sakana, the Ticket girl, answering. She pages Blake because he tells her it's an emergency. Once Blake moves to take the call, all Five-O eyes are on him. The third guy instructs him to put the money where he's standing and to walk away. When Blake asks about Timmy, the third guy slams down the phone.

While Blake complies, the third guy walks out past Kono. But no one is in the clear as Blake walks out with the crowd, another guy picks up the case trying to give it back to Blake who doesn't want it and is in near panic mode telling the guy to put it back where it was. Danno wants to move in but McGarrett waves him off. The two men wrestle with it and it pops open, spilling the money. Chin forces his way through the crowd as the gate opener walks away behind Danno. Kono spots the van but his attention is really gotten as the gate opener runs past him. Kono is able to stop him but the third guy comes around from the driver's seat with a gun. Between the two of them, they're able to overtake Kono and put him in the van handcuffing him for good measure. They close up and drive off.

Act Two

McGarrett and Danno revisit Blake discussing Kono and if he were dead, he'd be in "ditch somewhere" Blake is furious, "now look where we are, McGarrett. They still have my son, and one of your cops" and about to admonish McGarrett for interfering but the results wouldn't have changed.

At the shack, Obie chews out the pair for panicking and running. Worse yet, they brought back a "souvenir of Sea Life Park" a.k.a. Kono. Obie gets push back from the gate opener but Obie counters he had everything "designed right" but didn't anticipate McGarrett. In the room with the bed, Kono unties Timmy. When he takes the tape off his eyes, Timmy is shocked to see Kono who keeps him quiet. Looking around the room, Kono sees the only way out is up and gets Timmy to eventually climb onto his shoulders. Timmy pushes back the grate and starts running through the night. The gate opener finds Timmy missing the next morning and beats the crap out of Kono.

A delivery truck drives down a road, finding Timmy asleep on the side. Back at the shack, Earl the third guy and Roy the gate opener are in full-blown panic including a plan to kill Kono. Obie has other ideas: use Kono instead of the kid to get the ransom money.

McGarrett paces his office as Danno says "thirteen hours". Chin chimes in that the kidnappers have to move soon. The phone rings: Timmy has been found alive and well on Makapu'u Road. This gives hope to the team as McGarrett rushes out to Blake's house. He was a "sweep of the entire area".

McGarrett drops Timmy off at his house with Blake overjoyed to see him. McGarrett says Kono "cut him loose" and the kidnappers still have him. In Blake's office, the phone rings with the kidnappers telling Blake "the deal is still on". They want the money or "they kill Kono".

Act Three

Blake pulls out his briefcase: he was willing to pay to get Timmy back, he now offers the money to McGarrett to get Kono back. McGarrett isn't optimistic: even when ransom is paid, "most kidnap victims are murdered". Meantime, Danno and Chin close in on a possible place where Kono is being held. Kicking in the door, the place is abandoned. Looking in the second room, Danno finds blood splatter on the floor.

Obie leaves an envelope for McGarrett on an HPD squad car then buys a newspaper. Driving to their new hideout on a small boat harbor, Obie hands off groceries to Earl and asks Roy how their "friend" is doing. Roy opens a wooden box with Kono inside.

McGarrett has the envelope in his office. Opening it he sees the picture with a message: 'just a sample, instructions later'. McGarrett walks zombie-like to his office window handing the picture and envelope to Danno. They hope with his eyes taped he doesn't know who they are and there's a chance they won't kill him. McGarrett makes a vow that if they kill Kono, he will hunt them down and "get them. No matter where they go, no matter how long it takes".

At the new hideout, Earl's fueling business, the three discuss their scheme. Roy and Earl aren't happy that Kono knows what they look like. Obie isn't concerned but tells them under no circumstances will Kono be harmed, "You kill a cop and there's no turning back. McGarrett will forget about the money sooner or later. But you kill his boy and he is never going to forget that, never". Besides, there are a lot of people who look like Earl and Roy and by the time they figure it out, the three of them will be long gone.

At Blake's house, McGarrett plays a tape for Timmy to see if he recognizes the voice. Timmy is pretty sure it's not one of the men. McGarrett knows he's running out of time and this was his "last chance" since the FBI wasn't able to make a voice print match.

At Earl's place, Roy tells him they'll do everything Obie wants, except for one thing. Since Kono saw them, Roy figures it's their decision on what to do with Kono and he plans to kill him after they get the money.

Act Four

Obie takes another picture of Kono, this time with the day's newspaper in the shot.

In McGarrett's office, the photo is in their possession and he shows it to Blake. Che Fong (Harry Endo) wasn't able to find a print on anything including an audiotape. The instructions are for McGarrett and Blake to be at a public phone at 3:10 p.m. McGarrett tells Danno they'll use "a crossover pattern. Every five blocks, the other cars will keep us in sight without being spotted". He then calls the phone company, specifically Special Agent Memms.

Obie leaves Earl's place telling Earl and Roy they will be rich in no time. Obie tells Roy to say exactly what he told him to say and nothing else. When Obie pulls out, Roy follows him in the van.

McGarrett and Blake drive to the phone booth at "1145 12th at Waialae" with Danno keeping them in sight. Roy finds a phone and calls the booth just as McGarrett parks his car. Roy tells him to go to "Oahu Cemetery on Nuuanu. Take the money to Section C, Row 18. Fifth stone from the divider". McGarrett throws a curveball: the deal is off! He wants to talk to Kono to make sure he's still alive. Roy back pedals a bit but eventually agrees on the condition Blake delivers the money at the same time. After they hang up, Danno pulls up to pick up Blake and McGarrett calls Chin at the phone company. They're ready for a trace as Chin hands over McGarrett's number to the technician (Winston Char).

Back at Earl's, Roy calls the phone number again. McGarrett answers and begins stalling so the connection stays open as the technician starts the trace. Roy puts the phone to Kono's face but he refuses to talk. Roy starts beating him with McGarrett hearing everything going on. The trace continues as Roy threatens to shoot Kono if he doesn't talk. Kono relents and McGarrett tells him to "hold on". Roy breaks the connection but not before the phone company traces the call. Chin calls McGarrett with the good news.

Blake arrives at Oahu Cemetery where a military funeral is being held. Blake delivers the money as Danno and another officer (Doug Mossman) watch from a distance. Blake is successful only to have a 'soldier' pick up the bag and give it back to Blake. Only it's Obie in uniform! He tells Blake to put the money in another bag or Obie will kill him. Blake complies as Danno and the officer watch, unaware of the problem. Blake waits for Obie to walk away to a point before yelling he's has the money. A gunfight ensues between Obie, Danno and the officer with Danno shooting Obie dead.

At Earl's place, McGarrett, Chin and several HPD officers conduct surveillance with no way in because Kono's life is at stake. When a boat drives to shore, McGarrett gets an idea. Roy is antsy and he gets Earl nervous too. They decide to split but they want to kill Kono first. McGarrett pulls up in a boat asking for gas. As Earl fills up the tank, McGarrett pulls his gun and tells him to hold it but is sprayed in the face with gasoline! Earl takes off in the boat. When McGarrett regains his bearings, he shoots Earl who falls into the water. Roy fires from the other side. Hearing Roy move toward Kono, McGarrett positions himself to shoot Roy and just in time too, he was about to take out Kono! Kono is taken to the hospital.

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