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A woman (Diana Muldaur) walks on the beach alone stopping at a public phone. She calls McGarrett and once he's out of his sleep stupor, he realizes she's Cathy, a long ago girlfriend. As he flashes back, she realizes her mistake and hangs up. Cathy keeps walking pausing before going inside a beach house. Once inside, she sees a dead body and screams.

Act One

McGarrett arrives on scene behind an HPD unit. Danno meets him, commenting on the early hour but McGarrett tells him, "Frank Wallis brings a lot of new industry to Hawaii". Inside, Chin starts the rundown: robber caught in the act and "panicked". Danno adds Wallis was in Hawaii on business, carried lots of cash and "wore an expensive ring". No murder weapon yet and the coroner said it was several blows to the head by something flat, smooth and "heavy enough to do the job". Danno confirms Frank's wife found the body because no servants are "live in" and HPD is bringing over his daughter (Kathy Cannon). McGarrett walks to the room where Mrs. Wallis is with Kono walking out calling her a "first-class lady". McGarrett enters only to discover it's Cathy! He's about to introduce himself but stops dead in his tracks as multiple scenes flashback in his head of the times they were together. It dawns on Cathy McGarrett didn't know she was married to Frank. Danno interrupts them telling them Joan, Frank's daughter, has arrived. Cathy comforts her the best she can and walks out as Joan sobs. The police continue their work.

McGarrett plays his guitar in his office as Chin walks in with the coroner's report: death by blunt instrument at about midnight plus or minus a half-hour.

McGarrett visits Borden (Edward Andrews) a friend of Frank's. He thrown a party that night at his house in honor of Frank and Cathy but something went amiss, especially between the pair. They fought to the point she slapped him while at the party. She then took off in his car. Borden drove Frank to the beach house at about midnight and with Cathy there, Frank entered alone. Cathy claims she wasn't at the house at the time and Borden admits he assumed she was there because Frank's car was in the driveway.

McGarrett accompanies Joan to the airport, where he has more flashbacks to Cathy. This time they were talking, or not talking, over coffee. Just before she flew out to the mainland, she wanted him to understand her predicament but McGarrett didn't and "never will". Returning to the present, Joan verifies the flight they want will be at Gate 9. McGarrett asks her if she had any idea what Frank and Cathy could be arguing about. She doesn't have any idea, but tells McGarrett about her fiancˇ, Arthur (Martin Sheen) calling her from San Francisco. When she sees him departing his flight, she runs out to meet him.

At the hotel, McGarrett talks to Cathy on a terrace overlooking the pair. Cathy confirms Arthur is a lawyer in Frank's firm and Frank disapproved of Arthur and Joan getting married. Cathy goes so far as to say she was convinced as well but now has second thoughts. The meat of their conversation though is the fight: "something trivial. But it seemed very important at the time". Cathy tells him they considered divorce and even separated for a short time but they "hadn't reached that final point". McGarrett asks her again what happened and she's puzzled by all the questions. She retells her story: she went to the beach house, heard someone arrive, left to walk on the beach because she didn't want to see Frank, called McGarrett and returned where she found Frank. McGarrett asks another question, of a personal nature: why did she call him? Cathy answers, "to say that years ago, you were right, Steve. That's all I wanted to say". She tells him Frank was "very difficult" to be married to and wonders if McGarrett believes her.

Act Two

Kids play on the beach with a little girl (Willa-Jo Broussard) running from her brother and another boy wrapped in a shawl. When they run around their mother (Helen Vincent), she asks Louise if she's been in her closet. Louise says she found it and points to a place on the beach. Her mother takes, noticing a stain: it's blood! In the laboratory, Che Fong (Harry Endo) types it as "O" and the shawl has a San Francisco store label on it. McGarrett orders Chin to take a detail and scour the beach where it was found.

At the beach house, McGarrett shows it to Cathy and she verifies it's hers. Joan, Arthur and Danno are also present when he asks where she last saw it. Arthur intervenes because Cathy where they found it and McGarrett tells them it was found in some weeds on the beach. Cathy explains she took it out to where to the party but it was too warm and she thinks it was last on the sofa in the living room. Danno tries to keep the questioning going as McGarrett freezes. He asks, "is anything larger missing?" Arthur mentions an inventory and standard procedure; which unfreezes McGarrett. Arthur explains he worked at the San Francisco DA before going to work for Frank. McGarrett lays it out: the wrap doesn't mean anything by itself but Cathy must account for her time now more than ever. She sticks to her story and the fact that she talked to McGarrett but that's too late: she must account for her time between midnight and 12:30 a.m. She finally breaks: there was no one else who saw her!

At Five-O, Chin walks in with a gentleman named Romero (Jose Mordeno) who works for Wallis' neighbor and spotted someone leaving their house about 1:00 a.m. Danno brings him into his office area where Romero tells him he returned late himself and watches a lady get into a car to drive away. He describes her as tall and wearing a party dress.

McGarrett and Arthur talk at the hotel where Arthur says he graduated Stanford. Arthur says he owes a lot to Frank and would rather not talk against him. McGarrett wants some background information and reminds Arthur Cathy and possibly Joan may need his help before the end. Arthur tells him Frank's will left a controlling interest in the firm to Joan while Cathy doesn't receive a lot because she had her own fortune from her family. When McGarrett sees motive for Joan, Arthur is perplexed the murder keeps getting pushed toward Cathy and Joan. McGarrett says they have a witness watching a woman leave the front door "at the right time". Arthur mentions the phone call: placed at 12:22 lasting 15 minutes. They talked about getting married and Arthur was willing to fly over to make it happen in Hawaii. Arthur figured Frank would have to accept it once it was fact, rather than speculation.

In McGarrett's office, Arthur and Joan show up. Joan fesses up to being the woman the witness saw!

Act Three

Still in McGarrett's office, Joan gives her statement as McGarrett records it. Joan recalls someone at the party told her she had a phone call and it was Arthur. She says she released everything and Arthur assured it would be okay. She also made a comment about how the phone call had to be costing money and "he was on the tie line from the office". After the call, Joan drove back to the beach house to talk to Frank about her and Arthur getting married. She claims to have gone up to the front door and knew her father wasn't going to listen and that Cathy was probably there too. Arthur was one point they did agree on, so Joan turned around and drove back to the party without going inside. McGarrett asks why she waited to say something and Arthur calls it "academic" but McGarrett doesn't see it that way. The time of death is approximate and something Arthur should know due to his experience in the DA's office. McGarrett tells Joan she's free to go.

On the beach, police scour the area even using metal detectors. Kono finds a hair dryer buried in the sand. In the laboratory, Che confirms it is the murder weapon to Danno with "hair and scalp tissues" belonging to Frank embedded in it. Danno brings it to McGarrett's office telling him Cathy's fingerprints were on it. Danno lays it out: on top of the hair dryer, it was her wrap with Frank's blood on it, she had motive due to the argument, and she has no alibi. Danno theorizes they started fighting again she hit him and tried to make it look like a robbery. "You've got enough to charge her. Charge her and book her". When he suggests McGarrett let the team handle it, McGarrett looks like a viper about to strike! With a definite non-verbal 'NO!' Danno walks out. McGarrett flashes back to the initial meeting of Cathy on Pearl Harbor as she pretends to be lost trying to find the Arizona Memorial.

That night, McGarrett goes back to the beach house looking over the crime scene again. Another flashback: this one is the Admiral's launch to the Memorial. Once on the Memorial, he discovers her brother died while on board. She didn't know him because she was only a year old and the memories she has are those of her father who hoped his son would take over the family business, which is "everything and it all makes money". He also discovers she's been there before but really wanted company and she usually gets what she wants. McGarrett returns to the present but flashes again to a time when he told her he was falling in love with her. He returns again, this time going through the closet only to be reminded about the time she told him she was leaving, engaged to be married to someone on the mainland. Slamming the closet door, McGarrett recalls the last time he saw her, walking straight onto to plane without turning around. In the present, McGarrett hears someone entering the house with a key and he draws his gun. In the living room, a man rummages through a drawer when McGarrett tells him to "freeze". It's Borden!

In McGarrett's office, Borden explains what is happening. Danno tells Borden his company was having problems and Borden calls them "organizational". A crucial Board of Directors vote was about to take place and Borden was most likely going to be replaced by the President of the company. According to Borden, Frank had the deciding vote and Borden was sure Frank was going to side with him. Only during the drive from the party did Borden discover Frank was about to vote against him. Frank wasn't going to attend the meeting but rather send in a proxy vote and Borden knew exactly where the proxy was. Borden explains the company leases the beach house on a yearly basis and he had ready access. When McGarrett accuses Borden of killing Frank, Borden counters if he did why would he walk out without the proxy?

McGarrett visits Cathy but it's not pleasant, because there are several facts against her: the fight, she arrived at the beach house ahead of him, her wrap, her hair dryer with only her fingerprints. She still claims to have not killed him. He pours her a cup of coffee in a move reminiscent of their time together but she only takes the cup. McGarrett re-focuses, wanting to believe her. "If you didn't do it, where's all this evidence against you coming from?" Cathy has no idea and he pushes her into who could have killed Frank. McGarrett finally faces reality, arresting Cathy "for the murder of your husband".

Act Four

Joan goes to see Cathy in jail where they start arguing because Cathy is not amused. She asked to see Joan 10 hours before but Joan is just now showing up. Cathy has been thinking about them, what Frank did to Joan and Arthur and what Cathy helped him do to the couple. "Now maybe I deserve to be punished for that, but only that. I don't deserve this". Cathy accuses Joan of killing her father even suggesting an accident or a fall. Joan freaks out, pounding on the door to be let out. Joan runs out as Cathy screams after her.

McGarrett shows up at HPD to talk to Cathy who tells him she couldn't tell him before but she thinks Joan killed her father because Frank was going to fire Arthur and ruin his career. McGarrett asks if Joan killed Frank for the money and Cathy says no, it was about Arthur. When McGarrett asks about the lack of her fingerprints, Cathy suggests gloves, which makes Frank's murder premeditated and the frame against her "calculated". McGarrett says they've been through every angle and only points to her.

In McGarrett's office, he plays the tape of Joan's statement again as Danno paces. Danno isn't buying Joan could work out everything in the plan while McGarrett finds just the right spot on the tape. McGarrett zeroes in on the "tie line" comment in Joan's statement. He wants that checked right away. Chin traces the phone number to one at the airport. Kono also finds a stewardess (Kathleen O'Rourke) who identified Arthur as a passenger who flew to Honolulu from San Francisco as one who returned on the eastbound flight.

McGarrett brings Cathy and Joan into his office to "make a phone call". McGarrett calls the operator while Joan sits unimpressed but gets Cathy's attention when he wants Frank's office. Meantime, Danno shows up at Arthur's suite to have him sign a receipt for the Borden company proxy vote. McGarrett asks for the tie line and has Cathy pick up the phone to place a call to "734-2211, Suite 53 Honolulu". At McGarrett's behest, she hands the phone to Joan. It calls into Arthur's suite and when he realizes it's Joan in Honolulu and not San Francisco, Danno gives him a stare down. Joan falls apart as McGarrett explains what Arthur did. Cathy comforts Joan the best she can as Danno arrests Arthur.

At the airport, Joan says goodbye and goes to check her and Cathy in for their flight. Cathy and McGarrett say good-bye again but part as friends rather than star-crossed lovers. This time, she waves rather than just boarding without looking back.

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