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In Athens, Greece a man (Ronald Kent) arrives to listen to a doctor (Wright Esser) about another man's (Eric Braeden) heart, which is drawn on his chest. "There can be no error" and the first man nods to the doctor. Yet another man (Henry Woltag) stands by several photographs of Honolulu International Airport. The first man is handed a scope and a special piece of glass and he lines up his shot at approximately 18 degrees, which is what has been calculated in Honolulu. He nods when asked if he can hit it.

At Honolulu Airport, the day is a usual one. The first man arrives carrying a briefcase and enters a building. Meanwhile, a United Airlines 707 parks on the tarmac. The man sets up in a building near the control tower watching as the airplane parks. As the ground crew goes through their procedures to unload, the man assembles his custom made rifle with the special scope. The passengers disembark, among them the man who was the target in Athens. Aiming for the specific spot like practiced in Athens, the man fires and his target falls.

Act One

McGarrett rushes to the airport where Danno identifies the target as "Klaus Marburg, West German passport, he was hit just after he stepped off the ramp". Marburg is taken away in an ambulance as Chin finishes the outline of where Marburg fell. They have lots of witnesses but no one saw who the shooter was. McGarrett scans the upper levels along with the control tower and the shot could have come from anywhere where he looks. He tells Danno to check "service hangars, terminals, everything" and assigns Chin to find the bullet.

At the hospital, Marburg is brought out of surgery and McGarrett asks the doctor (Harry Chang) about the prognosis: Marburg will survive. As McGarrett leaves, Kono stops him telling him the governor wants to see him. Unfortunately, they don't have anything at the airport. McGarrett wants a police guard on Marburg's room and leaves to see the governor.

The governor hands McGarrett Marburg's itinerary: he wasn't supposed to arrive until day after tomorrow. However, the State Department is involved but why? "Marburg came here to interview Dr. Gregorios Lemira" (John Marley). McGarrett and Dr. Lemira have tussled due to the police answering "11 emergency alerts" that were false alarms. The governor wants McGarrett to go speak to Dr. Lemira.

McGarrett goes to visit Dr. Lemira and is greeted by one of his guards (Nick Georgiade) at the house's front door. Dr. Lemira welcomes McGarrett with his second guard (Antonios Karidimas) behind him. McGarrett tells Dr. Lemira Marburg was shot at the airport with the bullet just missing his heart. McGarrett believes the incident could be connected with Dr. Lemira somehow because Marburg was in Hawaii to see him. Dr. Lemira confirms he agreed to an interview with Marburg but they often disagreed politically. Dr. Lemira was hoping to persuade Marburg "of his error". As they talk, Dr. Lemira's niece Anna (Charlene Polite) walks in. Dr. Lemira tells her about Marburg and she asks "why?" McGarrett knows he's not going to get any answers and wants a policeman at the gate. Dr. Lemira is adverse to this idea, pointing to his guards Andreas who greeted McGarrett and Paulos who was behind Dr. Lemira earlier because they're always with him. McGarrett can't convince him of the protection.

McGarrett goes to the hospital to check on Marburg. According to the HPD officer on the door it's been "quiet. Real quiet". Satisfied, McGarrett enters Marburg's room, introducing himself. Marburg was hoping it was an "accident" rather than an intentional attempt on his life. Marburg tells McGarrett he received a death threat in Germany before he left and no, he didn't report it. Marburg suspects the attempt will bring attention to Dr. Lemira but McGarrett squashes that idea but says Dr. Lemira wants to convert Marburg. Marburg speculates this may mean someone in Greece truly wants him dead. The doctor walks in because McGarrett has used up his visitation time.

Act Two

McGarrett arrives at the airport as Danno and Chin have a luggage tug parked. Two lab technicians go about digging the bullet out but they're not sure how much they have: the entire bullet or a "fragment". Chin takes McGarrett to where the luggage tug was at the time of the shot. Chin gives the measurements before McGarrett scans the upper levels again, this time zeroing in on the HVAC building near the control tower. Leaving Chin where the tug was, McGarrett takes Danno to the HVAC building and realize they found where the shot came from. McGarrett wants the place sealed and lab out to dust for prints.

In McGarrett's office, Che Fong (Harry Endo) has the bullet found and reports: "a trace of blood, rubber, metal but very little. No sign of any rough edges anywhere. Solid copper tip. Monel jacket. Hardened lead alloy ... Odd-size, top quality metal used, and it looks hand-Ioaded. No indentations". He explains it would impact its target but not expand. Che doesn't have much else and he can work up a ballistics report, "but you'll have to bring me the rifle first". McGarrett wishes as Che leaves. McGarrett and Danno know something doesn't wash because the hard head doesn't kill because it doesn't go "splat". Their brainstorming is interrupted by a phone call from the hospital.

Dr. Lemira whisks Marburg to his house because "I've been a doctor for almost 30 years and I can tell you that all hospitals are dismal By comparison, anything is better". They settle Marburg in delaying the political discussions until the next day. The doorbell interrupts this time as McGarrett bursts in, admonishing Dr. Lemira for taking Marburg from the hospital. McGarrett's main concern is the assassin is still loose and probably on Oahu. Dr. Lemira says there's no safer place for Marburg than on the estate.

The governor summons McGarrett to meet Samuel Hammock (Walter Brooke) of the State Department. Hammock says Dr. Lemira has become a symbol of freedom to his countrymen and the State Department's policy is to remain neutral. Hammock stresses nothing can happen to Dr. Lemira but according to intelligence reports out of Europe there is an assassination plot against Dr. Lemira supposedly to take place "within the next couple of weeks". Unfortunately, Hammock doesn't have any specifics and while security is tight, it may not be enough.

At Dr. Lemira's house, he changes out Marburg's bandages. Dr Lemira becomes sentimental talking about his birthplace, Skiros and how there's no other place in the world like it. Dr. Lemira tells Andreas to get Anna but Andreas refuses to leave Dr. Lemira's side until Paulos returns even when Dr. Lemira badly insults him.

McGarrett is at the airport once again, this time meeting Kono in the property office. The airport official (John Henry Russell) tells them routine checks have been made on the coin lockers due to an increase in burglaries and anything left more than 24 hours is confiscated. McGarrett knows in his gut this is the rifle used and tells Kono to take it to the lab to "make it official" with a ballistics test as well as anything else they can find out about it.

Act Three

Marburg complains of chest pain "like a needle sticking me" which Dr. Lemira guesses it is a "bone splinter". He calls McGarrett to arrange an x-ray at the hospital. As everyone walks the ground, Marburg calls his contact, "room one. Three o'clock. There's enough time". McGarrett arrives to take Marburg to the hospital and Anna tags along.

During the car ride, McGarrett and Marburg discuss the rifle and how it was found. Marburg suggests the assassin lost his nerve but McGarrett answers, "only amateurs lose their nerve. A professional can't afford to". McGarrett suspects the rifle was placed in the locker so they could find it as a diversion while the assassin moves in a different direction. McGarrett says he thinks Marburg is only a decoy but Anna doesn't believe it since Marburg was nearly killed. McGarrett says outright he believes it's all interwoven in a "single plan".

At the hospital, a nurse (Camille Yamamoto) takes an x-ray of a patient but it is the shooter from the airport! He places a .38 and silencer under the x-ray table as McGarrett, Marburg and Anna arrive at the hospital. The shooter walks near the entrance and makes eye contact with Marburg. Marburg points to him and McGarrett shoots him as the shooter draws his gun. When the dust clears, the shooter is dead and Marburg picks up his gun handing it to McGarrett.

Inside the hospital, Marburg recounts he saw the man before but didn't know where. He tells McGarrett he saw the photo of Achmet Schwed at Interpol. They've been searching for him for about a year. The doctor says there's no damage and takes Marburg for the x-ray. Danno walks in telling McGarrett the coroner now has Schwed. McGarrett orders Danno to take the gun to Che and send the fingerprints to various agencies to get a make right away.

In the x-ray room, Marburg is finishing up pulling the tray from under the x-ray table taking the gun and silencer.

Act Four

McGarrett has returned to Dr. Lemira's house after the hospital incident with Marburg and Anna. Dr. Lemira isn't amused especially when Hammock tells him the assassin was looking for another target when he couldn't get through Dr. Lemira's security or the State Department preparations. Dr. Lemira kicks himself for allowing Anna to go along to the hospital, even lashing out at McGarrett but Marburg says McGarrett saved their lives. Marburg considers the danger over because "the assassin is dead". Dr. Lemira isn't necessarily convinced but gives in.

Anna and Marburg walk the grounds talking about Dr. Lemira's dreams of moving back to Skiros. Marburg asks about the bodyguards and Anna tells him they never leave him: at least one is with him all the time. Dr. Lemira finds them and begins his "political stimulation" with Marburg.

At the hospital, McGarrett and Danno reenact what happened with Schwed. They break down a 'what if' scenario with Schwed shooting Marburg in the back, but it doesn't work if the guy was a professional. For amateur night it works well! "When a pro sets up a hit, he works out all the details. That's why he survives". Danno suggests he was setting up the hit for when they exited the hospital but something isn't adding up.

Dr. Lemira and Marburg debate politics and history. Marburg asks point blank what Dr. Lemira hopes to accomplish being in so far an exile. Marburg was hoping to provoke Dr. Lemira but fails. On a lighter note, Marburg asks about their private beach and "a change of scenery". In his room, Marburg puts the silencer on the phone.

The rifle is perched on the table in McGarrett's office. Danno walks in after talking to Marburg's editor in Munich and while the editor didn't know his exact schedule he did know he was heading to Honolulu. The editor hasn't heard from him "but he says that's not unusual. Marburg comes and goes pretty much as he pleases". McGarrett isn't surprised and was more interested in "tying off a loose end". Looking over the rifle, McGarrett wonders why Schwed didn't shot a second time because there was time to "empty the full clip". Chin walks in with a make on the pistol from Interpol: two sets of prints were verified with one belonging to Schwed but the other isn't Marburg's. McGarrett realizes what may be happening and calls Dr. Lemira's house. Anna answers telling him they went to the beach near Lanikai. McGarrett tells her to get the guards there because 'Marburg' is going to kill him.

Dr. Lemira and 'Marburg' stand on the beach with Andreas and Paulos. 'Marburg' leads Dr. Lemira on a walk with the other two faithfully following but 'Marburg' is tired of them and is able to have Dr. Lemira to make them back off. The two men keep walking alone toward a secluded part of the beach.

McGarrett and Danno rush to the beach discussing why Schwed shot 'Marburg' in the chest. "It had to look good. Perfect, in fact. The whole point was for him to survive but not by much". This became the best way for 'Marburg' to infiltrate Dr. Lemira's inner circle. Danno wonders about the real Marburg and McGarrett shares the gloom that he's probably dead.

On the beach, 'Marburg' and Dr. Lemira reach a point where Dr. Lemira wants to turn back but 'Marburg' insists on going further. Paulos yells at Andreas in Greek knowing they should have gone with Dr. Lemira. McGarrett and Danno arrive as 'Marburg' and Dr. Lemira walk out of sight of Andreas and Paulos. Now, 'Marburg' makes his move saying he has a message from some friends in Greece, "goodbye". 'Marburg' pulls the gun as McGarrett shoots 'Marburg' with the rifle standing on a bluff above them. When they hear the shot, Andreas and Paulos run toward the noise. McGarrett and Danno jump from the bluff and run toward Dr. Lemira who declares 'Marburg' dead. "Perhaps a quarter of an inch higher, he might have lived".

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