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A helicopter takes off from the airport and a man, Oren (Nick Nicholas) calls asking for "Room 702" and telling them about the helicopter. On the other end is Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh) who tells his hit man (Daniel Kamekona) the helicopter will be arriving in minutes as he leaves. The hit man waits as a Lincoln Continental arrives at the Ala Wai Heliport. Two men wait by the car as the helicopter comes in for a landing.

Three men get out of the helicopter but the hit man aims a one (Chuck Couch) who runs upon seeing the two men by the Lincoln. The hit man shoots the man on the second or third try. One man (Norman Dupont) from the Lincoln says he'll get an ambulance but the second man (Gerald S. O'Loughlin) doesn't want to bother and orders them to put him in the car. While they do this, he looks toward the Rainbow Tower trying to figure out where the shot came from. The Lincoln takes off.

Act One

McGarrett arrives on scene where Five-O and HPD are hard at work. Chin talks to a guard while Danno digs a bullet out of a palm tree and figures a rough angle of the shot. Kono is working inside the Rainbow Tower. McGarrett orders, "get the story here, Danno". McGarrett moves onto a security guard and chews on him for not notifying HPD or Five-O but he answers he isn't authorized to talk about it. McGarrett scoffs, leaving the scene. The guard calls "Mr. Kavanaugh".

McGarrett drives to Honolulu General Hospital seeking out Kavanaugh, who was looking at the Rainbow Tower trying to figure out where the shot came from. Kavanaugh is very casual when he first meets McGarrett who is not amused. McGarrett wants to know what is going on and Kavanaugh leads him into a patient's room. The man shot is Shepard, "a British subject" who spent the last decade in China working for U.S. Intelligence, Kavanaugh's agency. Shepard uncovered where all the missile silos, present and future, are located in China. But the information is locked in his brain, it's not written down. The phone rings, Dr. Forbes (Donald Moffat) wants to see Kavanaugh right away. McGarrett follows him out.

On a boat in the harbor, Wo Fat is informed by the latest: Shepard is still alive but in a coma. Wo Fat says they must ensure he never wakes up. Oren points out the entire wing of the hospital is "sealed off". Wo Fat answers they have to use "a less conventional way".

Dr. Forbes tells Kavanaugh and McGarrett that while the bullet didn't penetrate, it creased the skull and it has possibly caused "intracranial hemorrhaging". The only way to verify is to perform surgery. Kavanaugh isn't interested in surgery because there's a possibility Shepard could wake up. Dr. Forbes says he's not responsible for Shepard's fate with the delay in surgery.

McGarrett follows Kavanaugh out because it's up to Five-O to discover who shot Shepard. Kavanaugh isn't interested in that either because he believes Shepard blew his own cover. McGarrett suspects a leak in Kavanaugh's agency.

At the harbor, a mom, Mrs. Forbes (Linda Ryan) tells her daughter (Sherry Plep) she'll pick her up "in an hour" as she puts a life vest on her daughter. She walks away from the dock with a man as Oren and Wo Fat's hit man watch.

Act Two

The sailboat the daughter was in is found empty. Meanwhile, Dr. Forbes and Kavanaugh verbally tussle as Shepard does not improve. Dr. Forbes is ready to throw in the towel but Kavanaugh tells him he'll have an answer in an hour after he calls Jonathan Kaye in Washington. Dr. Forbes receives a phone call from his wife, Janet Forbes who dropped off their daughter for her sailing lesson telling him he needs to get home right away.

When Dr. Forbes gets home, Wo Fat is waiting. Wo Fat has a proposal: he has their daughter and will return her unharmed as long as Shepard dies without regaining consciousness. Wo Fat keeps talking, making himself into a sympathetic, desperate individual. Dr. Forbes asks what if he's not allowed to operate, to which Wo Fat answers, "however you accomplish it, doctor". As Wo Fat leaves, Kavanaugh calls with the go ahead to operate.

In his office, Dr. Forbes keeps asking, "what am I going to do?" McGarrett says the only thing he can and that is to operate. Kavanaugh is skeptical but McGarrett goes to the mat for Dr. Forbes because he told them about the kidnapping. McGarrett also point out Dr. Forbes is the top neurosurgeon in Hawaii and if Kavanaugh doesn't use him, Kavanaugh is the one who "killed Shepard". Kavanaugh has found himself backed into a corner and threatens Dr. Forbes, "Shepard had better live". Forbes steps out to prep for surgery. Danno calls in saying there are "bits and pieces from a lot of witnesses" and McGarrett leaves to help sort through it all. He still believes there is a leak in Kavanaugh's ranks because "Wo Fat obviously has a pipeline right into this hospital".

Wo Fat receives a phone call on the latest happenings in the hospital. He steps into the room where the daughter is being held and tells her it won't be long before she's returned.

At the heliport, McGarrett and the team work the scene. They have where Shepard fell roped off and Chin in the room where they "found the spent shells". McGarrett looks around and the Park Lane is parked where Kavanaugh's car was. They know Shepard stopped and ran, but he didn't see the gunman, there's a palm tree in the way. As McGarrett looks at Danno and Kono at the Park Lane, he gets an idea and leaves for the hospital.

At the hospital, Dr. Forbes and his team start on Shepard with one letting Kavanaugh know the progress. McGarrett walks into Dr. Forbes' office to speak to Kavanaugh. McGarrett fingers Ralston who was with Kavanaugh when Shepard landed. When Kavanaugh scoffs, McGarrett makes it simple, "or you. Take your pick".

Act Three

McGarrett lays out his argument that Shepard ran because he recognized either Kavanaugh or Ralston as a Red Agent then panicked. Kavanaugh doesn't buy it. McGarrett points out Wo Fat knew Shepard was still unconscious, hadn't talked yet and Dr. Forbes was the surgeon. This is impossible because the wing has been sealed off since Shepard was brought in and the only ones allowed in and out have been Kavanaugh's men. This leaves Ralston who returned from the Far East six months ago after being in "Hong Kong, Vietnam, maybe even inside China". McGarrett's theory is that Shepard felt he was being trapped and tried to run for it. Kavanaugh wants Ralston iced but McGarrett's plan is to allow him out of the hospital with Five-O following him for a lead to Dr. Forbes' daughter.

In the operating room, Dr. Forbes continues the surgery. Kavanaugh briefs Ralston the Chinese have known their every move. Kavanaugh knows there's a leak and tells Ralston he believes it's Tyler (Baird Miller). Kavanaugh assigns Ralston to keep an eye on him, tap into any calls and follow him if he leaves.

Ralston departs to begin his assignment with Danno and Kono hot on his trail. Ralston drives through town stopping at a Shell station. Danno and Kono park across the street. Looking through binoculars, Kono can see Ralston dials the operator. Dr. Forbes continues the surgery as Ralston calls Wo Fat telling him they believe the leak is Tyler and not him.

Wo Fat is pleased by this "most fortunate turn of events" and walks in to relieve Oren who gets lunch from Chung. Wo Fat visits with the daughter telling her not to be afraid and offering her some lunch but she's not hungry. Wo Fat relates a story of another little girl earlier in his life. They begin playing chess.

Kono calls his contact at the phone company to pull the ticket on the phone call Ralston made. Meanwhile, things continue on at the hospital as the surgery keeps going. McGarrett and Kavanaugh still wait, interrupted by Kono with news from the phone company. When they can't find the ticket, McGarrett suggests a call to a mobile or marine unit. He yells at Kono "to get on it".

Things go South in the operating room as Shepard goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Sanders (Michael Leong) had been on the phone the entire time and now passes the bad news. Kavanaugh tells him to seal the room as he and McGarrett go to the operating room. Kavanaugh wants the surgical team to go through its post-operative procedures as if Shepard had lived. He plans to leak that Shepard is about to talk his head off. McGarrett asks about Dr. Forbes' daughter and Kavanaugh goes off not believing for a minute she's still alive. However, McGarrett is not working under that assumption and neither is Dr. Forbes. Kono calls and tells McGarrett Ralston call a marine phone to a boat named 'Sea Gypsy' rented by Oren Bates. McGarrett needs time and asks Dr. Forbes how much longer the surgery would have taken if Shepard had lived. Dr. Forbes answers, "two hours," and McGarrett wants those two hours. After a tense few minutes, Kavanaugh gives McGarrett the two hours.

Act Four

McGarrett and Danno look for the boat from a helicopter including a closer look at one motoring into the harbor. Meanwhile, Ralston is oblivious anyone is on to him and keeps up his assignment of watching Tyler.

In the operating room, the surgical staff sits and waits for time to pass. Dr. Forbes' daughter falls asleep with Wo Fat watching after giving her a "gentle sedative". Wo Fat plays the chess game until 'mate' as McGarrett and Danno keep looking. The minutes tick away as Ralston calls the hospital for an update. Kavanaugh says two minutes won't make any difference and puts his plan into action. Dr. Forbes is beside himself as Kavanaugh orders Shepard to recovery and the surgical team "kept under wraps".

McGarrett and Danno find the boat as Ralston calls Wo Fat. Wo Fat is stunned Dr. Forbes would risk his child. Wo Fat leaves giving the dreadful order to Oren and Chung to kill the girl. Meantime, McGarrett and Kavanaugh tangle again about the girl's rescue. Chin picks up Kavanaugh and Dr. Forbes and takes the to the harbor where the boat is. They watch Wo Fat get into a limousine and take off for China to dismantle the silos.

After Wo Fat's departed, McGarrett's plan of masquerading as Coast Guard inspectors goes into effect. The Coast Guard boat pulls alongside the one berthed next to the 'Sea Gypsy'. He, Danno and Kono carry out an 'inspection' with their next target being the 'Sea Gypsy'. Oren watches them and makes Chung hide the girl up front. Oren tries to cast off but he's too late. McGarrett tells him the inspection will only take a minute. As Danno and Kono check below deck, McGarrett surveys the top. Chung hides the girl under a blanket with his gun drawn but she stirs as the sedative wears off. Danno notes the child's life preserver in the room where she was held. The front is last to be checked but Oren is reluctant to let them in. When he opens the door, Chung shoots Oren and using the girl holds Danno and Kono back. McGarrett hits Chung in the neck and snags the girl. Danno and Kono take Chung into custody. Dr. Forbes runs from the car when he sees McGarrett carry his daughter off the boat. He takes her into his arms as McGarrett meets up with Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh thanks him for not moving in until Wo Fat left. McGarrett says the "two friends" will only see the Coast Guard stumbled onto a kidnapping. As far as Ralston is concerned, Kavanaugh will "handle him". McGarrett and Kavanaugh decide to work together in the future.

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