S02E10 - “All The King's Horses” - Plot

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A man (Pitt Herbert) climbs a fence onto private property protected by two German Shepherd guard dogs. They're released on the man who makes a run for the fence, barely making it over in time. The man slams a table at Irwin's (Jason Evers) house, "You want Mike Finney (James Gregory) subpoenaed, you serve him". The man leaves in disgust, telling Irwin and Fletcher (Lyle Bettger) he isn't going to do their bidding any more. Irwin is determined to get to Finney.

At a poolside party, McGarrett has his palm read. Returning the favor, he flirts with the babe asking her to dinner and dancing. Excusing himself, he walks over to Irwin to discuss Finney. Turns out when Irwin began his inquest, McGarrett and Five-O checked out Finney thoroughly -- the results: Finney is clean. Sending the results to Irwin, they were returned unopened and McGarrett wants to know why. "You're forgetting I'm chief counsel. I'm conducting my own investigation," Irwin defends. McGarrett accuses Irwin of trying Finney in the court of public opinion, putting his political aspirations above the truth. McGarrett wants to know what Irwin does about any crime because Five-O's job is to investigate crime in the state; "Governor of Hawaii says so". Fletcher produces a subpoena to which McGarrett responds, "Sorry, I don't serve subpoenas," but the subpoena is actually for him. With a snide "Tuesday at 10. Be on time" Irwin and Fletcher walk away.

A senator thanks McGarrett for attending and assures him the appearance before the committee is "routine". An unknown assassin readies a rifle in the brush between the party and the beach. The senator tells McGarrett he has every "confidence in the world" about Irwin and is about to introduce McGarrett to other committee members when the shooting starts. The first shot barely misses Irwin in the pool as the second shatters some glass on a table. Chaos reigns as McGarrett goes running toward the origin of gunfire, his weapon drawn. On the beach, he sees no one but finds the rifle lying in the sand.

Act One

Danno arrives at Iolani Palace with the rifle. Reporting to McGarrett, "Army M-1 carbine. Serial number 5876778. Stolen April 6 from an ordnance warehouse on Kaneha Street," but no fingerprints. Also, Irwin is claiming it was a hit from Finney. According to Chin, the shooter is approximately 5' 10"; 165 pounds but those are guesses. What's certain is size 10E shoe and is right-handed. The party was held at Senator Colt's (Jim Demarest) house and a lady neighbor saw a man running from the scene, even cutting through her yard. She also mentioned a blue sedan but no license number. She is looking through the HPD mug shots. Danno asserts it was setup, faked, because "six shots at that distance, nobody misses". McGarrett agrees and wants Fletcher checked out. Confused, the team asks if Irwin set up the 'hit' and point out Finney would like to get Irwin, especially since his past actions don't reflect well for Finney. McGarrett knows what they're up against, "we got a file 4 inches thick on Finney. Every rap sheet on the man going back to a bootleg-booze operation when he was 14 years old". He wants to meet with Finney anyway and tells Danno to coordinate it. McGarrett receives a call from the governor and he heads out, reminding the team to remain "neutral. Strictly neutral".

McGarrett arrives at the governor's office where he is introduced to Senator John Oishi (Keye Luke), "chairman of our state labor investigating committee". Oishi already knows a great deal about McGarrett, "from a good many other sources" and not just the governor or Irwin. McGarrett has already been contacted by the committee's counsel, aka Irwin, and shows the subpoena. Oishi apologizes knowing the subpoena wasn't necessary. Oishi goes on to explain the committee is not targeting anyone specifically but rather stopping "possible infiltration of criminals" into the local unions. Counting on Five-O's help to "distinguish" between fact and fiction, Oishi leaves. But before that happens, McGarrett asks Oishi where he's receiving his information on Finney, "you mean Irwin and Fletcher?" When Oishi verifies this, McGarrett nods and the senator leaves.

The governor leads McGarrett to the lanai. The governor is not stupid; he realizes Irwin is milking the investigation for every political advantage. The governor sets out the task for McGarrett -- to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the investigation. He wants the public to know and understand there is no cover-up occurring especially where Finney is concerned. McGarrett explains Finney is "an ex-con from St. Louis. Thirty years ago, he was an enforcer. Served time for manslaughter. But since he quit the rackets and came to the islands, I can tell you, sir, that he's clean, absolutely clean". McGarrett goes to bat for Finney and anyone else, everyone else, "people do wrong things in their lives. If they didn't get a second chance, there'd be nobody around". While the governor sympathizes, he is not in a position to help because Irwin's investigation has "gone too far to stop" and the governor would place himself in an impossible political situation if he intervened. As well, he orders McGarrett to serve Finney's subpoena but he will ensure Finney "gets a fair shake".

McGarrett and Danno visit Finney to serve the subpoena. As they drive up, Rudy (Charles Gilbert) polishes the limousine and orders the dogs, Lobo and Bruiser, to take it "easy". The dogs happily greet McGarrett who pets them both, "Hey, cut that out, McGarrett. You wanna ruin their act?" Rudy directs McGarrett and Danno to the back "by the orchids".

Finney sprays his flowers as the pair approach, Finney groans in response. McGarrett says hello and introduces Danno as Finney scoffs, "another cop, huh?" Finney knows why they're there -- the subpoena, "it's written all over you". As McGarrett picks a bloom, Finney gets a shock when Danno identifies it, "Cattleya dendrobium. Hybrid orchid, rare". McGarrett mentions Danno's "hidden talents" as well as his penchant for research since he's been "been browsing in your store downtown". Getting to the point, McGarrett asks Finney why he doesn't "testify voluntarily". Finney explains his no-win situation: if he talks about how he hasn't done anything it will lead to more questions, eventually asking about his friends. If he doesn't talk about the friends, he'll be charged with contempt or if he takes the fifth, he's assumed guilty. McGarrett tells him Oishi is fair but Irwin is a totally different matter and they both know it. Judith (Karen Huston), Finney's daughter, interrupts asking if they are part of the committee's investigation. She hands over a newspaper with the headline 'Finney named in crime probe'. After accusing McGarrett of planting the headline, Finney and Judith walk away.

In his office, McGarrett hits the roof. Oishi defends Irwin to a point, "he called a press conference. It's unfortunate". Oishi isn't convinced of Finney's innocence but McGarrett sets "the record straight, senator. Finney came to these islands flat broke, but he had guts and an idea and he hit the jackpot" with his successful -- and legitimate -- flower business after Oishi claims Finney is living off the proceeds from crime. When McGarrett mentions Finney's prison term, "when does a man stop paying for his past?" Oishi replies, "that's a difficult question " with good reason, "in 1941, I was also imprisoned. Interned by the government as an enemy alien. I was a Jap for five years, an Oriental for another ten. Now I'm an American, but it was a long time before people stopped looking at me as if I were still the enemy". Oishi leaves the office telling McGarrett another stunt like this "will not happen again".

Act Two

A United Airlines flight arrives in Honolulu, a hit man (Nicholas Benedict) disembarks. In his hotel room, he assembles his rifle brought in his suitcase.

At Five-O, a possible break with a name: Vince Watson (Morgan Sha'an). According to Chin, the witness "passed him up twice before she picked him out of the mug book". Kono reads his info, "Vince Watson, private investigator. License revoked May 3rd, 1966, unethical practice. Arrested armed robbery, August '68. No conviction. Prior to that, he was a bail bondsman for Joe Fletcher". This last fact gets McGarrett's attention, their "first real hook". McGarrett wants Watson brought in, no muss no fuss and sends Chin and Kono for the job. Meanwhile, he sends Danno to ask Finney if he knows Watson.

Irwin shows Oishi the hearing room for their crime probe. Oishi reminisces about his first case in night court "many years ago" -- it was the same chamber. Oishi digs in, telling Irwin the probe will not turn into a "witch-hunt". Irwin says he was "misinterpreted" and that "Finney will have his day in court, as it were". Oishi reminds Irwin that Finney isn't being tried. Irwin backpedals, saying Finney will have a chance to air his case. Oishi asks if there is any hard evidence, Irwin's response is Five-O is interfering and "wouldn't surprise me if it goes higher than Mike Finney". Oishi reiterates he is in charge and he'll "call the shots" before leaving Irwin to his scheming.

Danno wanders Finney's estate when he can't find him. Instead he finds Judith and they have it out after she looks at Watson's picture and claim to not know him. She accuses Danno for seeing her father as a monster and she tells Danno she won't help find her father. "That's very intelligent, especially for a teacher". Exasperated, she explains her father's predicament: "I see a man who worked and prayed to be forgiven by society, and he failed ... You don't pity those who fail, Mr. Williams. You help them," Judith leaves as Danny finally realizes his mistake.

At Senator Colt's house, Irwin lays it out -- he wants Oishi out. Colt informs him it won't happen, besides he helped Irwin start the investigation and he will help see it to the end. Colt says McGarrett and Finney are fair game but Oishi is off-limits. Colt assures Irwin he'll straighten things out with Oishi. After Colt leaves, Fletcher tells Irwin Colt isn't going to help. Irwin is certain Finney is guilty and he's sure McGarrett is covering. Irwin sets his sights on McGarrett and he was proof of a "payoff".

Finney's wholesale flower market is a tourist stop and the hit man is among them. As the guide (Elizabeth Smith) talks about the various flowers used for lei making, the hit man wanders towards the offices. While the door to Finney's private office is locked, the hit man scouts out a spot from where he can strike.

Danno briefs McGarrett on a call he just got from Chin. Watson left on a flight the day before for Los Angeles after making a huge scene. One of the clerks recognized his picture. McGarrett has no choice but to issue an APB, this time "from Seattle to San Diego". He gives Danno the task and the latter leaves only to run into Fletcher standing inside the door. McGarrett is wary. Fletcher has "a proposition to talk with you, McGarrett ... it's way after my bedtime" and he's serious. He keeps up but McGarrett isn't interested. Fletcher claims he can put things right for Finney and really wants to know what Finney has on McGarrett. Before they really get started, McGarrett turns on the tape recorder. Taking Fletcher off his game, McGarrett knows he has the upper hand especially when Fletcher tries to run from the office. McGarrett stops him, shoving him against the door and proceeding to search finding a hidden tape recorder. When McGarrett yells at him to leave, Fletcher runs for his life. "Open the windows, Danno. It's rank in here".

Fletcher's next move is to go to Finney's flower shop and break into the locked office not knowing who is around the corner. In the office, Fletcher puts some money in an envelope and begins typing a note thanking McGarrett for his help. The only problem: he doesn't finish it because the hit man shoots him with a double barrel shotgun!

Act Three

As the coroner attendants work to take Fletcher's body away from the scene, McGarrett finds a spent shotgun shell on the floor. Walking Kono through the analysis of the shell, McGarrett determines a 12-gauge riot gun with self-loading shell -- "measure his own powder, pellets. Set his own wadding. Control the pattern. Can't hardly miss". It all adds up to a professional hit man and McGarrett wants him found; Kono starts the search. Inside the office, Chin shows McGarrett the envelope and the letter Fletcher was typing. It's clear Irwin and Fletcher want McGarrett out of the way, "well, I'm in the way". Finney walks in and he won't stop talking. McGarrett tells him to "shut up," informing Finney his pals on the mainland appear to be getting nervous, "as of now, you and your daughter are under protective custody". Finney says he'll handle the contract and leaves. McGarrett splits the manpower: Chin will stay on Finney, Danno on his daughter.

The next day a student of Judith's named Johnny struggles to tell her goodbye. Danno watches from the street asking to join her for lunch. Judith is uneasy about Danno following her and he tells her it's his job to make sure nothing happens to her. Judith informs him she's leaving at noon for a vacation. Trading half sandwiches they sit for a moment before a limousine arrives to pick her up. As she walks to the limo, Danno gets into his Five-O car to follow. As they take off, Rudy rushes through an intersection enough to hopefully lose Danno. However, a blue station wagon pulls in behind them on the other side. Danno runs the red light when he sees what's happening. The station wagon drives alongside as the hit man takes aim and fires. Finney is able to pull Judith down in the backseat but Rudy is hit. The limo is stopped with Finney pulling Rudy out when Danno drives up a few seconds later but it's too late as Rudy dies on the pavement.

Act Four

At Finney's estate, he walks with McGarrett and Kono reminiscencing about how he and Rudy were together for 30 years. The conversation turns cold when McGarrett asks who put out the contract. Finney evades the question, referring to his lawyer and how he and McGarrett are on two different teams and "rules of the game". McGarrett says Finney's rules "stink" and reminds him he's acting like the hood Irwin is making Finney out to be. Finney knows who put the contract on him and why but won't name names. Meantime, Danno arrives informing them Judith is on a plane for the mainland and relays her message, "take care of yourself". McGarrett notes Finney doesn't care whether he lives or dies and Finney doesn't disagree. McGarrett orders Kono to stay with him as he and Danno leave. At the car, Central Dispatch patches McGarrett to Chin who is at the found car. While the lab technicians are searching for clues, the hit man is nowhere to be seen "like playing ghost".

The hit man sits in his hotel room when the phone rings. The holder of the contract states plainly, hit Finney a third time or a new contract will be written. Out of the suitcase, he pulls a pistol affixing a silencer on it.

At the committee, Irwin begins drilling Finney. Oishi points out Finney has a right to a lawyer and while Finney knows this says he doesn't need one because he has nothing to hide "because that, from the time I first set foot on the island of Oahu nine years ago, I haven't done a thing wrong, not a thing". Irwin doesn't buy it claiming Finney has always been involved with the rackets and his purpose of being in Hawaii is to infiltrate the labor unions for "the organization".

Vince Watson has been found and brought into Five-O, claiming false arrest and threatening to sue McGarrett. McGarrett knows it won't fly and asks about Irwin. Watson denies knowing him. McGarrett lays it out -- they have the weapon, description of the car and an eyewitness who is ready to point him out "anytime, anywhere". Watson begins to sweat as Danno turns on the tape recorder.

Irwin continues his grandstanding at the committee reducing the place into chaos. Oishi tries to regain control as McGarrett walks in with Watson's statement. This new evidence turns the tables on Irwin, as he is the one now implicated in wrongdoing. Oishi tears into Irwin, "I'm talking about a disbarment proceeding, Mr. Irwin, and possible criminal prosecution". Just then, the hit man strikes shooting Finney in the back. McGarrett gives chase, killing the hit man on the courthouse steps. Back in the committee room, Finney expires, denied his second chance.

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