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Nightlife is busy in Singapore as a man (Dick Brady) walks down the street as if he is on a mission. He walks into 'The Jade I' club, a typical club with a deejay and people dancing. He sits at a table in a corner next to a panel of flashing lights. From across the room, he focuses on a man and woman (Marj Dusay) on the dance floor where he cuts in shortly thereafter. When her dance partner comes back, a fight starts between them with the second man possibly getting stabbed. After the knife is pulled, the woman runs out to the street.

Act One

The woman returns to her apartment awaiting the phone connection to Honolulu. She nearly screams, "is this McGarrett?" At his office, McGarrett answers the phone at first not sure what to make of the long distance connection. The woman explains six months prior he tried to question her about a man killed "in some motel near Kailua Beach". The light bulb flashes on for McGarrett -- the woman is Nicole Wylie. He puts Nicole on hold as he starts the tape recorder and asks Danno for the case file. Nicole explains she ran because she was scared of what Ravasco (Daniel Leegant) would do to her, i.e. kill her, if she told the police what happened. She's calling now because one of his thugs got too close for comfort after six months of searching. Nicole begs McGarrett to get her in Singapore as she trusts no one and promises to testify if he does. McGarrett calmly explains it will take him eight to ten hours to arrive in Singapore and Nicole is to go nowhere. He wants her to call the local police for protection but she can't and she won't go into details right now.

Danno smells a setup but grabs McGarrett's bag anyway. McGarrett orders Jenny to book him on the first flight to Singapore. To Chin, he wants extradition papers on Nicole and to Kono, to send a cable to Singapore Police to meet McGarrett at the airport. Danno gives voice to his doubts, "maybe he's using Nicole Wylie as bait to get you out of the country and set you up for the kill". McGarrett knows this is a possibility and it's "first thing that crossed my mind". McGarrett also sees an opportunity to bust Ravasco for Murder One.

McGarrett and Danno discuss the case while walking to the gate. McGarrett estimates he'll be back in 36 hours and during that time; Five-O is to keep Ravasco "so busy I'll have Nicole Wylie back here before he knows I'm gone". They part ways at the gate.

McGarrett arrives in Singapore and he meets with Inspector Fong (Raymond Tan) in the latter's office. With the extradition papers in order, McGarrett requests a car and driver as well as the location of Nicole's address, "Fuchao Street, number 12". McGarrett figures it's an easy pickup since he wants to go directly to the airport afterward. Inspector Fong warns Singapore "is a city of sinister entanglements. The night shadows hide great dangers". McGarrett acknowledges the warning and leaves anyway. The driver stops at the building where Nicole lives. A messenger on foot delivers a note to McGarrett before he has a chance to get out of the car. They now head to Emil's Bar.

McGarrett steps in asking the bartender, "where is she?" After paying him some money, the bartender tells McGarrett which room Nicole is in. He coolly approaches the door before kicking it in. Nicole is at first startled but she remains composed as McGarrett shines a light on her. Nicole clarifies why she isn't in her apartment as "Ravasco's hood" tracked her down and began pounding on her door so she fled out the back. McGarrett realizes how dangerous Ravasco is and wants to nail him before he kills Nicole. McGarrett asks about Victor, the man seen earlier in The Jade I. McGarrett attempts to get a full picture of what's happening, such as why Nicole couldn't go to the local police as she continues to drink. In a roundabout way, Nicole answers McGarrett's question. She couldn't go to the police because of her prostitution. After she throws the glass, McGarrett checks her arms for needle marks and asks, "what about behind the knees?" Convinced she's clean of drugs, he's now ready to leave. It all boils down to one thing for Nicole, "I'm so tired of being scared". They start walking out when the bartender interrupts telling McGarrett they need to go out the back way. In the process of sneaking out, they stop on the stairs as footsteps approach.

Act Two

The footsteps belong to Inspector Fong and the driver. They approach McGarrett and Nicole when Fong tells him about the reward for Nicole's head -- $50,000. He wants it for himself as McGarrett realizes Ravasco has paid Fong off. A shootout takes place with Fong fatally shooting his officer as McGarrett pulls him between himself and Fong. McGarrett shoots Fong before he and Nicole take off. They run down a street as McGarrett discovers his wallet gone. Just then, Victor finds the wallet.

McGarrett hides in another stairway holding onto Nicole as police respond to the shooting. Nicole puts their dilemma into perspective -- McGarrett can't go to the police because he's killed Fong and if he does turn himself in, Victor will kill her in the time it takes to complete an investigation. Assessing their situation, McGarrett knows the airport is out because Ravasco's men will have it covered. Nicole has a "few hundred dollars" on her, which is helpful. McGarrett also knows they'll need a car so that will be their next move.

Walking down a deserted street, they come upon a taxi service with several cars parked in a large open carport. McGarrett doesn't succeed in finding keys, but finds a flashlight in a car so he hotwires it so they have something. They get and start driving under the watchful eye of Victor and another man. McGarrett noticed they're being followed and he loses them. He then drives to the docks, securing passage on a freighter headed to the Philippines. They are listed as 'Mr. and Mrs. Henry Collins' on the manifest. Nicole still has doubts she'll ever see Honolulu again. McGarrett encourages Nicole in an attempt to erase her misgivings. They make their way to a cabin as the ship readies to sail.

The cabin is sparse but it was the best to be had under fake papers and none at all. It does provide bunk beds, however, Nicole objects to being put into the top bunk. McGarrett points out he needs the lower one in order to provide her protection. Nicole drops her shoes to the floor with the second one barely missing McGarrett's head. Both are uneasy but at least they are leaving Singapore. Nicole asks McGarrett not to fall asleep until she does and he agrees. He also agrees to call her by her first name. He trains his gun on the door.

Back in Honolulu, Ravasco runs a meeting telling his people how dire the situation is, "McGarrett and that girl get back here, it's me that's dead". One of his men reports to Ravasco where McGarrett and Nicole are and that Victor was able to put a man aboard at an intermediate stop. Ravasco keeps the price at $50,000 with a $10,000 bonus if the hit man can kill both of them.

On the freighter, McGarrett sends a message via the radio room. When he picks up the pad to write out his message, he notes the outgoing Morse Code message with the price, bonus and their fake names mentioned.

In McGarrett's office, Jenny (Peggy Ryan) answers the phone concerning a cablegram and she hands it to Danno. Danno takes down the message: "Arriving Manila. Freighter Jeremy Bay, 48 hours. Need assistance. Wife sends best. Signed, Henry Collins". With McGarrett "in trouble" Chin and Kono make it worse telling Danno what they heard on the street -- "Ravasco upped the price for the lives of Steve and Miss Wylie. Fifty thousand and a 10 G bonus". Danno makes some command decisions. He sends Chin to Manila while he and Kono will squeeze Ravasco. Kono won't be happy until "Ravasco's head [is] on a plate".

Act Three

Nicole jumps when McGarrett knocks on the cabin door even with McGarrett's gun in her hands. Walking in, he takes the gun from her. He dumps the supplies out of the bag: toothbrushes, combs, soap dishes. While he was out, she found a sewing kit and she begins work on his torn jacket as he shaves. She's paranoid but McGarrett offers the alternative, "we could be dead already". He also informs her the price on their heads went up, but how do they find the hired killer? McGarrett states simply, "he'll find us".

At dinner that night, the captain introduces everyone: Mr. Sudarka, Mrs. Gladden (Freda May Bird), the Collinses, Mr. Higbee (Ronald Kent), Major Gladden and Mr. Halloway (Edward Sheehan). Mrs. Gladden passes a note to McGarrett during dinner and afterward he dances with Nicole. McGarrett goes outside after Major Gladden cuts in; Nicole barely keeps it together. On deck, McGarrett hears Mrs. Gladden out. Turns out her husband can't say no to a pretty girl and 'Mrs. Collns' is the next on his list. When the major whispers something into her ear, Nicole leaves the dining room. As Mrs. Gladden and McGarrett finish, Mr. Higbee stands above them but moves on when McGarrett looks his way.

Returning to the cabin, McGarrett is jumped by Halloway. Halloway is somewhat successful in getting McGarrett over the rail but when Nicole screams, a fight ensues. McGarrett gets the upper hand and Halloway winds up overboard. Nicole runs downstairs only to be caught by McGarrett. She cries, "Oh, I thought that was you".

In cabin, Nicole loses it while McGarrett looks out the porthole. McGarrett tells her to stop, she only has herself to blame because she ran rather than testify months before. He goes to assure they will "outrun" anyone sent for them. They kiss but he pushes her away knowing he needs to focus on the task at hand.

In Manila, the ship is there but McGarrett and Nicole are not. Chin inquires as to the whereabouts of the Collinses. The officer tells them they disappeared at Lingayen. He also mentions Reverend Halloway also disappeared. The harbormaster (Moki Palacio) yells up looking for "a Chin Ho". Chin admits it's him the harbormaster is looking for. The harbormaster proceeds relay a message from 'Collins' to meet him "at the Kyobo shrine just outside of Santa Cristina. Please hurry". Chin moves quickly to make the meet, but he won't be alone as Victor overheard the message.

Act Four

Traveling in the back of a truck, McGarrett and Nicole have a heart to heart talk about the future. He tells her that so far, she has one and that's a lot farther along than she was last week. Nicole confesses she has been running for most of her life, "long before this murder, even". McGarrett counters that she has a choice, "then stop the running and face it. It's what we've got to do, all of us, eventually". He gives a little flower stalk and giving her hope.

The truck stops on the road near the shrine, McGarrett and Nicole get out. The shrine awaits, they make their way to it. Crossing the footbridge, they finally arrive on the grounds. They go to the giant bell as Victor emerges from the main temple. McGarrett puts the rest of their money into box as Nicole rings the bell. Hearing the bong, Victor fires towards them. McGarrett forces her down to the ground as two men fire at them. McGarrett shoots back. A third hood joins in the firefight, putting McGarrett against them all. McGarrett hits one of them (Beau Vanden Ecker), throwing him into the pond. Chin arrives with three officers of the Philippine police. The four of them take up defensive positions, wounding Victor and taking the last into custody. Once the shooting stops, McGarrett and Nicole walk near the bell. For their "fourth-day anniversary," Nicole wants "a hot shower and a cool drink?"

In Honolulu, the newspaper headline reads of Ravasco's conviction. Thanks to Nicole, Ravasco has been put away for a long time. She finds herself relieved by stopping and not running anymore. They walk toward her plane nearly in silence as the realization hits her she will probably never see McGarrett again. He answers, "Well, next time you have a vacation, try Hawaii. This is my beat. I'll be here". They kiss before she walks down the gate to board. They wave to one another, each going their separate ways.

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