S02E08 - “King Kamehameha Blues” - Plot

(Prepared by Bobbi Baker)


Outside the Bishop Museum's walls are two guys -- one (Randall Kim) scaling the vertical gutter and the other (Vincent Eder) acting as lookout. The first guy successfully makes it to the roof. Inside, a tour walks around the main floor. The guide (Donna Benz) lectures on the cloak of "Kamehameha the first, Kamehameha the Great" made from birds long extinct. She also notes, the case is only on display during King Kamehameha week. Two young people (Brandon de Wilde, Jennifer Leak) are on the tour and as the museum closes, she removes a small pouch from her belt, giving it to him. The man tosses it near the cloak.

Once outside, they run toward some children playing on the museum grounds. They join in the fun for a bit before landing in the grass and smooching. On the roof, the first guy jumps the alarm system over the skylight in order to cut the wire and remove the covering. He ties a rope to a sling then lowers a cat named 'Sam' down from the ceiling.

Act One

Play continues outside as Sam is lowered to the floor and steps out of the homemade sling. He then goes for the pouch thrown before, setting off alarms in the museum. The guy on the roof quickly tapes the wire back, removing the jumper cable. Inside, guards scramble to ensure nothing has been taken. The guy on the roof hurries down as Arnie, out on the grass with his girlfriend, times the response, "sixty-four seconds. Remember that". McGarrett and Danno arrive as the couple lay back in the grass.

Running inside, HPD and the lab technicians are already hard at work trying to piece together what happened. Dr. Charles Thorpe (Robert Dixon) is the museum curator who Chin calls, "nice but the nervous type". Not certain what set the alarm off; McGarrett wants a good once-over anyway. Kono approaches with Sam in his arms, "Look, what I found behind Queen Emma's silverware. And I thought I knew all the cats in the islands". The discovery brings about some light-hearted moments with the team. McGarrett tells them to forego looking around now they know the cat triggered the alarm. He also orders, "No. Take him downtown and book him for trespassing. Tell him his rights and give him some milk and catnip". Danno laughs at the order until he sees Chin's stern face. Danno hands off the cat to Chin, who in turn, hands him back to Kono, "You hear what the boss said. Book him". Arnie and his girlfriend watch McGarrett and Danno leave, as Arnie knows exactly who McGarrett is, "he's Mr. Cop from the mainland to Tokyo". They leave as well.

In the apartment, the four gather together to finalize their plan. Eddie was on the roof, noting a floor alarm extending about 10 feet out. Johnny was the lookout, assuring Arnie he can handle his part. They decide to go "tomorrow night".

McGarrett studies the artifacts and the Bishop Museum itself. When Dr. Thorpe arrives with a piece, McGarrett wonders how a cat got in unnoticed and if cat can, what about a person? The issue has kept McGarrett awake the entire night. Thorpe is confident in the security systems in place, maybe overly so.

Showing McGarrett a floor plan, the scene flips between Thorpe/McGarrett and the four hoodlums. With a total of four security guards -- two on days and two on night duty -- the museum has some territory to cover and the guards crisscross at certain areas. Arnie figures they have four and a half minutes to complete their tasks. But before all that, the exterior alarms must be bypassed, which is pretty simple because it is "a straight electric circuit-break" covering doors, windows and of particular interest, the skylights. However, if the circuit is broken, the alarm is triggered. On top of all this, Thorpe informs McGarrett of "an independent alarm system with its own generator built right down inside the basement of this building" automatically set at closing every night when the front doors are locked. Thorpe demonstrates the alarm by tossing his glasses onto the Astroturf and setting off the alarm.

The four arrive at the Bishop Museum in the middle of the night. Arnie unloads the trunk with what Johnny and Eddie will need to pull off their plan. Arnie looks at his watch, "you have exactly three minutes from ... now". Johnny and Eddie take off for the roof as Arnie and his girlfriend wait in the car. Eddie makes it to the roof, tossing a rope down to Johnny. Arnie keeps checking the time as Johnny makes his way up to Eddie. At the skylight, Eddie bypasses the alarm like he did during the dry run. Once the skylight is opened, they lower a rope and both rappel their way down. On the floor, they piece together a tripod; which will be used to lift Eddie over the floor alarm. Outside, an HPD unit finds Arnie and his girl making out in the car telling them to move on. Arnie and his girl comply.

Act Two

Inside the museum, Eddie and Johnny keep working on the tripod. Setting up the tripod, a long pipe is inserted and Eddie hooked on one end thanks to a harness he's wearing. Johnny lifts Eddie barely inches off the floor alarm. Outside, Arnie and his girl return to the museum giving enough time to satisfy HPD. Johnny swings Eddie to the cape where he unties and grabs it. Johnny brings Eddie back to the starting position, unhooking the harness and quickly taking everything apart. Gathering everything, they climb the rope out through the skylight. They replace the cover haphazardly because a celebration of sorts occurs as Eddie waves the cape towards Arnie and the girl. Johnny and Eddie climb of the roof fast and run towards the car before they all leave the museum.

The police are all over the museum in the morning. McGarrett directs prints to be taken off the neck of the statue where the cape was tied and for the photographer to get "up-shots below the priest". Danno inspects the roof for any clues while Kono finds some footprints just outside the building. Some plaster casts are taken of these. Switching back to the roof, Danno finds the jumper cable on the skylight cover as well as a feather piece inside the skylight frame. Inside, McGarrett asks Charley (Daniel Kamekona) if he's found any fingerprints but no such luck. However, he has found scrapes on the marble floor, McGarrett agrees, "yeah, something scratched the marble". McGarrett asks Charley to "get me a reading on it".

Arnie's girlfriend wears the cloak in the apartment, "you did it just like you said you would". Arnie offers the cloak to Johnny who resists. Eddie points out what they accomplished is the largest caper in the islands and they should enjoy their spoils. Arnie seems thrilled the group has knocked "the establishment right on their status quo". Arnie puts the cloak on Johnny who is doing anything but enjoying the aftermath of this prank.

Something comes into focus under the microscope as Charley identifies it, "Steel shavings, from the kind of pipe you could buy from any plumbing store". Danno also lists other items used -- the wire jumper and rope -- are generic enough to lead just about anywhere. The footprint casts prove the same. The governor calls the lab looking for McGarrett who doesn't like the governor's idea of amnesty, "I don't think it works. I think it's a license to steal". Despite his misgivings, McGarrett is given no choice. In a television broadcast McGarrett states, "By authority of the governor of the state of Hawaii, I've been instructed to offer any and all persons involved in this theft complete amnesty. Return the Kamehameha cloak immediately and the state guarantees that no charges will be pressed against you. Now, a word of caution. The cloak is extremely old, extremely fragile. It should never be placed in direct sunlight for any period of time. It should never be creased or hung on a hanger".

The four watch from their apartment and don't take it seriously, except Johnny who is much more somber than the rest. Arnie's motivation is to "put all the haircuts through a wringer" and essentially make everyone sweat. When Johnny suggests they should give it back, Arnie's attitude is to "burn this thing before I give it back to them". Arnie then plays matador with the cloak with Eddie joining in pretending to be a bull with his fingers as horns. The girl joins in too as a "female bull".

Act Three

McGarrett holds a floor plan of the museum showing Danno and Kono where the scratches "show us exactly where they had the tripod. Right here, outside the bugged area". McGarrett's theory is the tripod was a base for a long pole to swing someone over to the cape, "It's the only way it adds". They discuss someone would need to be strong enough to manipulate the pole and have someone light enough to be suspended. Midget? Jockey? Monkey? Giraffe? No. "Maybe kids," Danno tosses it out but dismisses it because the cloak would have no value to kids. McGarrett isn't so fast to dismiss the idea -- their motive would be "none we'd understand". Chin interrupts with HPD Officer Larry Kai (Barton McCollough) in tow. Officer Kai briefs everyone about the pair of kids who he saw and disrupted their smoochy shenanigans the night the museum was robbed. While it was dark, Officer Kai says he can give a description and the car was a yellow sports car "foreign type" with a parking sticker on it.

Parked near a beach, Danno pretends to photograph a hot babe in a bikini next to the car. She hams for the camera, giving their cover creditability. McGarrett stands nearby, waiting for the run down. Danno casually answers starting with the girl, "Diana Cole, junior. Minds her own business, got no close girlfriends. She's majoring in anthropology". Moving on to Arnold Palmer III: a senior, he's been seeing Diana steadily during this "last term", he's earned straight A's and majoring in mathematics. Also, he comes from a wealthy family in Denver and has no record.

The four theives are in the apartment as a special program airs showing everyday Hawaiians lining up to contribute to a reward fund for the cloak. The announcer (Hal Lewis) walks through the crowd, telling of the people's plight and the "spontaneous efforts" to do what is necessary to get the cloak back. He stops one little girl, "Jeannie Kamamalu" (Willa-Jo Broussard) who contributes money she has saved.

After turning off the television, Arnie and Diana mock the interaction. Eddie joins in the mocking too knowing the peoples' efforts are futile. Johnny again asserts they should give the cloak back as "we've all had our fun". Arnie turns nasty asking why, steadfastly refusing to budge insulting Johnny's heritage to boot. Arnie isn't alone as Diana asks if the Earth is supposed to swallow them whole "for missing with Kameha-what's-his-name's bathrobe?" She agrees with Arnie, "it's too groovy ... I like the way it feels. It's nice," she starts dancing around the apartment all the way out the front door into McGarrett's arms.

McGarrett serves a search warrant as Danno and Kono walk in behind him. Arnie mouths off, at first saying a search warrant isn't necessary and wondering why "four upstanding college kids like us" would have anything to do with its disappearance. Arnie scoffs at McGarrett being worried about "symbols, about the past". McGarrett tears in, "I'm worried about a world without law and justice. A jungle where no one is free and no one is safe. Where no one gives a damn about anything". McGarrett lays it out that Eddie was the 'monkey', Johnny the muscle and Arnie the brains. Diana is, Diana. McGarrett keeps looking around as Danno and Kono search the back. Kono stops momentarily to relate to Johnny as a Hawaiian brother hoping to get through, "Kamehameha was our king. Stealing his cloak was like spitting on him". Johnny doesn't give in. McGarrett asks straight out but all he receives in return is static and mouth. Finally, he suggests the four go turn the cloak back over to the museum because if they don't -- "all bets are off" with no reward or amnesty. Arnie continues to throw insults even as the Five-O team leaves, forcing McGarrett to take Danno by the shoulders and take him out the door lest a fight ensue!

Arnie and the others gather together to decide what to do, Eddie points out the reward money is building up. Arnie immediately shoots him down as he is determined to keep the cloak. Johnny prepares to walk out but Arnie gives him a veiled threat, "Be very careful, Johnny. I mean, we're all in the same bag. If we go, you go, right?" Johnny throws his beer can into the apartment before slamming the door behind him.

Act Four

Chin and Kono lose the kids during their tailing because they "they jumped a light, turned a corner, and there we are boxed in behind two cars". McGarrett is not amused and orders Danno to issue an APB "pick up and hold". Just as Danno leaves McGarrett's office, Johnny is standing there. He slowly enters the office. It takes a bit but Johnny finally breaks, telling McGarrett he can't live with the theft. He continues saying the others are going to drop the cloak at sea using Arnie's father's boat docked at Ala Wai Yacht Basin. They run out of the office.

At the marina, Arnie, Eddie and Diana arrive running for the boat. They put the cloak on the flag line and raise it above the boat. Arnie and Diana take care of the mooring lines while Eddie starts the engines. While she's detaching the stern lines, Diana sees the Park Lane racing toward them and she yells, "hey, it's McGarrett".

The boat just gets moving and hasn't yet left the harbor when McGarrett jumps on board. Arnie tries to fight him off with a grappling hook, which McGarrett grabs and throws overboard. Arnie moves to the top, where he finds yet another hook. This time, McGarrett tangles it with a life ring and throws Arnie overboard. After fishing him out of the water, McGarrett makes Eddie turn the boat around back to the harbor. They're met by a pair of HPD officers, who arrest Arnie and Diana. As Eddie is being arrested, he points skyward toward the cloak, "amnesty. You said amnesty". McGarrett shakes his head, "If you turned it in. If". Eddie is taken to the cruiser with the rest as McGarrett brings the cloak back down to Earth -- a treasure of his state saved.

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