S02E06 - “A Bullet for McGarrett” - Plot

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A college class is in session with the professor (Eric Braeden) lecturing about ego and stress. He doesn't delve much more into it because time has run out for today. As students shuffle out, a male student named Richard (Winston Char) tries to talk a co-ed (Sheila Larken) into spending time with him. She turns him down in no uncertain terms. Focusing on her professor, "I'm in love with you," she leaves the classroom. As she opens her locker, a small gun sits atop her books. Entranced by it, she puts it in her purse, slamming the locker door.

She goes to the school's pool where Richard is diving. Emerging from the stairwell, she watches as he readies for another dive. With his back to her, Richard is unaware she is taking deadly aim at him. As he leaves the board, she fires no less than five times dropping her purse in the process. When she fires the last bullet, she scrambles to pick up the dropped items and takes off running. Richard is in the pool, dead.

Act One

Five-O arrives at the Pacific Cultural Institute and check out the scene at the pool. The only thing the coroner (Ed Sheehan) can say is the bullet was "a small bore". The angle of entry appears to be from above but McGarrett suspects Richard was diving, sending Danno to "Check the high boardÉsee if it's wet". Danno verifies that fact as Chin questions another swimmer who found the body. As the lab technicians finish, McGarrett finds a bit of powder beside the pool, "it smells like a cosmetic". Just after, he notices something at the pool's bottom. The swimmer retrieves it and hands it over to Five-O.

Che Fong (Daniel Kamekona) retains the ink on the card after being soaked in the pool. Now armed with a name, Chin runs her background and reports to McGarrett who rehashes it. "Karen Adamson, 20 years old, Caucasian, psychology major with excellent grades, cheerleader, sorority queen. Came to the islands three years ago with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Harold Adamson of Detroit, Michigan. Parents died. Boating accident three years ago. Lives alone in an apartment on Keoi in Waikiki." The team kicks around why Karen would kill "Han" and whether or not she is a professional assassin. McGarrett wants a complete dossier on Karen and figure out if there were any classes she had in common with Han. The last thing he wants is to waste a month's worth of work on the communist spy ring they have closed in on.

Danno finds himself in the classroom where Karen and Richard were in before. The professor states, "I've never had a more brilliant student than Richard Han" as he erases the chalkboard. The professor finds it hard to believe anyone would want to kill him as he "was liked by almost everyone". Danno asks about a connection between Han and Karen but the professor isn't helpful and is surprised Karen could be a suspect. However, Danno points out "we have good reason to believe that Karen entered the pool area shortly before he was shot".

In the open corridor, Karen grabs a textbook from her locker as Danno walks down the stairs. Once she is out of sight, he opens her locker using a combination obtained from somewhere. Inside he finds her purse and discovers the compact inside. After taking a sample, he puts the compact back and closes the locker smearing powder on the outside of it!

Back in McGarrett's office, Danno briefs "two kids saw her near the pool that morning. One saw her come out it a big hurry just about the estimated time of death". Kono walks in with the lab report on the powder -- it matches the powder found by the pool. After glancing at the report, McGarrett and Danno leave, later arriving at an apartment building.

Karen seems to be half napping on her couch when the telephone rings. When she picks up the phone weird music plays. As she listens, her hands shake and she moves in what seems to be slow motion. She takes a gun from a drawer just as McGarrett and Danno knock on her door. She turns the gun on herself but screams and runs out the back door. McGarrett kicks in the front door as he and Danno give chase. Karen runs out to the street, nearly being hit by a car but she keeps running toward an intersection. Her luck runs out as a large cargo truck hits her, throwing her several feet. McGarrett and Danno reach her a few seconds later.

Act Two

An ambulance leaves the scene with Karen. McGarrett rides with her, asking the doctor how bad. The doctor won't really know until they arrive at the hospital. Karen rambles in the meantime, seemingly talking to her mother. She mentions the names "Paul" and "Dr. Farrar" before dying.

Refocusing his efforts, McGarrett runs a policewoman (Marianne McAndrew) through her background: previously attended University of Chicago, her father a salesman at "Whiteman Paper Company of Illinois" and she's in Hawaii because it "sounded like fun". After the background practice, she asks McGarrett what's wrong. His answer is simple: "I just saw a girl die." She assures him there is no one better suited for the job and that her mission is straightforward -- discover if Farrar is involved and if he is, find how he is involved.

Discussion shifts discussing the spy ring again. Danno postulates, "As far as I can see, Karen shot Han out of jealousy or rejection. His involvement with the spy ring was probably just coincidence". McGarrett goes over Farrar's history -- "a professor of Oriental Psychology in Europe before he joined the UN forces in the Korean action. Captured by North Korea, spent three years, three years as a POW". McGarrett knows he's sending her into a lion's den and they are unpredictable.

In the classroom, Farrar lectures on mood. Joyce is the only student to give a decent description of mood, enough to get Farrar's attention. Shortly afterward, he dismisses the class.

Farrar conducts some extra curricular activities of his own, meeting with Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh). Discussing the murder of Han, Farrar's attitude "case is closed". Wo Fat doesn't share his opinion and informs Farrar that Joyce Bennett is a policewoman. Farrar is shocked. Wo Fat's plan is to eliminate McGarrett and to have Joyce do their dirty work. Farrar can woo Joyce but "hypnosis is not an exact science". Wo Fat knows this because he used the same tactics on Farrar in North Korea. He considers Farrar "my most brilliant student. A disciple." Before leaving, Wo Fat gives Farrar the order, "transform Miss Bennett into a bullet for McGarrett".

Act Three

On campus, Farrar joins Joyce at lunch. They talk about relationships with Farrar stating, "I think in any kind of relationship, respect for one another's privacy is a prime consideration". When he implies they have a relationship, Joyce reminds him that he couldn't remember her name. Farrar contradicts, "names aren't very important, my dear. Eyes are. Hands are important". When he takes her hand, she observes he is left-handed. Saying hands can tell a lot about a person, she jokes about fortune telling. "The future ought to remain a surprise. It is from our past that we learn about ourselves," Farrar studies her hands carefully. They smile at each other.

At Five-O, a young man goes through several photos. He finally settles on Dr. Farrar's saying "that's him." McGarrett reiterates, "are you sure this is the man who got you to buy that gun?" When the young man agrees, McGarrett sends Danno out to pull Joyce off the case. Meanwhile, he rushes to his phone to have Jenny call Dr. Abrahams (Al Eben).

Farrar and Joyce are at the beach as weird music plays. Farrar claims he's used it in class before to set a particular mood. "What kind of mood are you trying to put me in?" Joyce asks as she offers her cup for more wine. Farrar wants her relaxed and comfortable -- and vulnerable to his suggestions. Farrar gets down to business, taking Joyce back to her childhood specifically to the man her mother almost married. He was a drinker and an abuser, "very crude" and someone Joyce "couldn't stand". Now feeling sleepy, Joyce can barely stay awake -- Farrar strikes. He puts her into a trance-like state, taking her back even more into her childhood memories but rather than the man being her target, Farrar replaces him with McGarrett.

At her apartment, Joyce acts cold toward McGarrett who went there to check on her because there was no answer on the phone. They discuss Farrar with Joyce defending him, "I know we were wrong in suspecting him of being implicated in any crime". McGarrett walks toward the door, informing Joyce she is being taken off the case. She protests and he lays it out, "We think that Farrar may have hypnotized Karen Adamson into killing Han ... He bought the gun that killed Han". He points out Farrar taught Oriental Psychology, his time as a POW and written books on hypnotism and similar subjects. He tells Joyce to stay away from Farrar pushing her to near hysterics up to the point of slapping McGarrett. Repeating she is off the case, "you're not to see Farrar under any circumstances. Now, that's an order," McGarrett leaves her apartment. Joyce seems confused after he leaves.

Act Four

Dr. Abrahams visits Five-O discussing hypnotism. Asking straight if Karen could have been hypnotized to kill, Abrahams says "impossible to answer. I didn't have a chance to examine the girl". McGarrett wants to know if anyone could be put into that position and also about regression. Abrahams explains, "regression is an approach to the past through the unconscious. By regressing a patient through hypnotism, a doctor can get to the source of the problem that still hangs on from childhood". Because children have a different sense of right and wrong than adults, a hypnotist can present the situation to the adult and transfer the hostility to a person of the hypnotist's choosing. The last question -- can someone be hypnotized without knowing it -- receives a complex answer: without knowing, no; without remembering, yes.

Joyce answers her phone and the weird music plays again. Under his spell, Farrar gives Joyce instructions to get dressed and go to his classroom. Somewhere along the line, she calls McGarrett. She tells him she's going to see Farrar and she needs his help but he must come alone. Danno and Chin don't like it but they have no choice but to watch McGarrett leave because if they all show up they could put Joyce into a post-hypnotic shock.

McGarrett arrives at the school. He walks around calling for Joyce, finally finding her on the steps in the dark, crying. Joyce is confused as to why she's at the school as McGarrett walks her to the Park Lane. McGarrett keeps his eyes open for anything amiss and Farrar. Once inside the car, Joyce opens her purse seeing the gun. She knows what she is supposed to do. Getting out of the car, she takes aim at McGarrett as he tries to talk her into putting the gun down. Firing three times, she hits McGarrett in the shoulder and takes off running. McGarrett staggers to his feet, Joyce stops and takes aim again. She fires twice more toward the rustling sound in the bushes.

Farrar reveals himself, encouraging Joyce to finish the man off. McGarrett spots Farrar from a distance and decides to take him from behind. However, when he rolls to stay low, his revolver is left on the ground. When Farrar finds McGarrett a fistfight ensues as Joyce points her gun at various places. At a pivotal moment, Joyce fires; hitting Farrar in the back. McGarrett gets to his feet with Joyce trying to fire the gun but it's empty. Joyce calls out for her mother as McGarrett talks her down. He takes the gun from as she slowly realizes the truth -- they are there alone. She awakens from her trance before McGarrett walks Joyce to the car.

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