S02E05 - “Savage Sunday” - Plot

(Prepared by Bobbi Baker)


It's a quiet Sunday morning in Honolulu. HPD Officer Cooper (Frank Atienza) complains things are quiet, even for a Sunday. Danno responds, "Don't knock it. This is our first Sunday off in a few weeks." There's some back and forth before the HPD unit moves on.

At the 72nd Battalion Armory all is quiet as well but it will soon be noisy. Armed militia men break into the building, overtaking the guard (Beau Van den Ecker). One woman (Julie Gregg) is with them, she watches over the guard as a vehicle door is opened. A signal given to a cargo truck waiting nearby, it drives to the armory. Once backed in, the group discovers several crates under "a canvas" containing automatic rifles. "These are the guns we need for the revolution," the leader Elpidio Acuna (Henry Silva) orders them loaded. As the guard comes to, he surveys what's happening but pretends to still be unconscious. When the woman moves away from him to help load weapons, the guard pulls a ring to set off the alarm before being shot. An unmarked HPD car responds, having a tire blown out as they pursue the fleeing truck. The truck smashes through a chain-link fence in a hasty escape.

Act One

McGarrett, Chin and Kono along with several HPD officers are on the scene at the armory. Tear gas is fired into the building in order to smoke out the leader. Just as he's overcome by the tear gas, he spots boxes of gas masks. Donning one, he keeps up his fight behind a makeshift barricade. When an HPD officer asks if they should fire a round, Lieutenant Colonel Sasaki (Edward Fernandez) answers, "No ... there are 2,000 gas masks in there. He's bound to find one." More rounds are fired from inside, some very close to Danno as he scrambles from one end of the HPD line toward McGarrett. There is no way into the armory because of "a couple of steel fireproof doors that completely wall off the other section ... locked and bolted from his side." Forming a plan, McGarrett tells Kono to get rope, a gun and a gas mask. McGarrett is going in via the roof and its skylights, but all he can do is smash them. "I want every man with a weapon firing. Keep it up for at least 30 seconds," McGarrett's idea is smashing glass won't be heard with all the gunshots.

The cargo truck drives to a civilian warehouse. Once parked, two of the men begin washing the drab green off the cab. Meanwhile, Ramon (Tom Nardini) opens the back to let out the woman named Marla. She is concerned for Elpidio who is their leader and holed up in the armory. She nearly cries, "my husband does not know his way in this country." Reminding her to be strong, Ramon keeps his eye on the larger goal of moving arms to their people, even the playing field in their country. Marla stays in the truck to "pray for the safe return of my husband."

At the armory, Elpidio is not giving up by keeping up the gunfire toward the police. McGarrett signals down to Danno who shouts, "fire at will." A massive shootout commences as McGarrett breaks the skylight. However, Elpidio spots him while he is still in the air.

Act Two

Elpidio fires as McGarrett jumps to the floor. The pair engage each other by firing from behind vehicles and equipment on shelving units. Outside, the police line maintains its position. McGarrett ends the fight by pushing over a stack of boxes and shooting Elpidio in the leg. As McGarrett drags him to the door, Five-O and HPD move in. McGarrett tosses a rifle to Danno, "There's a watchman inside. He's wounded. Get him." Kono takes care of it a Chin checks out Elpidio's injury and McGarrett rips off the gas mask.

McGarrett and Danno arrive at Leahi Hospital. McGarrett is interested in what the watchman has to say, sending Danno to him. McGarrett goes to see Elpidio who wakes up as McGarrett walks in. They discuss killing enemies when McGarrett stops the conversation cold stating his full name, "Elpidio Acuna." Acuna sits puzzled, "I didn't give anyone my name." McGarrett changes the subject to Vallios (Wright Esser), a consul for Acuna's country. Acuna despises Vallios. McGarrett isn't interested in the politics, "How did you get into Hawaii?" Acuna answers evasively only stating he entered the state "illegally". McGarrett knows Acuna wants arms and ammunition. McGarrett digs for more facts such as his accomplices and where they acquired the trucks. Acuna laughs at him, "I have nothing to tell you," ripping off his hospital gown showing the scars of prior torture. Acuna proves to be a tough customer, willing to die for his cause. The law, the fact that a crime was committed and the stolen arms interest McGarrett, promising Acuna the weapons aren't going to leave Hawaii and he will hunt down those who helped in the raid.

Danno catches up with McGarrett on the lanai at the hospital. Repeating what the watchman told him, "said there were four other men in the gang besides Acuna. Three of them young, one of them older, white-haired...there was a girl along too. Said she was even pretty with a carbine in her hands." The main question becomes, were these people already her or did they come with Acuna? Danno plans to check immigration files with McGarrett proposing an HPD cross check specifically looking for criminal records.

Manuel (Edward Colmans) tries to comfort Marla who admits she's scared -- and reveals she's pregnant. Manuel walks away, understanding the stakes are far higher now. Outside, one of the guys (Gary Camara) paints a van white. Manuel takes Ramon to where the crates containing "farm machinery and machine tool parts" will be used to transport the guns. When another of accomplices (Daws Dawson) points out the customs seals have to be broken to take out the equipment, Manuel shows them the false ends on the crates. They begin swapping equipment for guns.

At Five-O, Kono reports what the officers in the unmarked car saw: "a GI truck" about four tons. However, all the military trucks are accounted for with no reports of any stolen. Kono leaves to inquire at truck rental companies. McGarrett studies his transparent board while Chin gives a bright spot about tire tracks and there are photographs of treads being circulated with tire dealers; otherwise "the lab boys" came up empty. McGarrett hypothesizes the group was unable to leave the city because of the quick response -- six to eight minutes -- to the armory alarm. Guessing at the truck's speed, McGarrett determines the search diameter to be 14 to 15 miles. Chin tells McGarrett it's "a big job" but McGarrett knows those arms are a much larger fish needing to be caught. Chin leaves to begin searching any place trucks are used.

At the hospital, Ramon and one of the accomplices disguise themselves as orderlies with a laundry cart. When Ramon distracts the HPD officer on the door, the other guy hits him in back of the head with a gun. They move fast to grab Acuna and get him out of the hospital, piled under linen in the cart, before anyone is the wiser. Wheeling the cart out to the dock, they load it all into the white van and take off.

Act Three

McGarrett punches a locker in Acuna's hospital room, "we had him." McGarrett knows who's responsible because it was the same method employed at the armory. The doctor (John Stalker) complicates things for McGarrett. If Acuna moves his leg, he risks tearing the new sutures, faces internal bleeding and possibly general blood poisoning leading to death. The doctor states it plain, "assuming it happens the way I've laid it out, 24 hours. And if he bleeds heavily, less than that." The doctor agrees to tell the press the same thing if McGarrett sets up the news conference. Danno points out that Acuna has "lived in the shadow of the noose for five years" and evaded capture by anyone wanting to cash in on the reward on his head. McGarrett knows Acuna won't panic, "but it might force him to make a move, change his plans, make that one step he doesn't wanna take."

Ramon and Jose (named during Acuna's hospital escape) take Acuna to the rendezvous area where he is tended to by Marla. She tells him he's too weak to travel but he's determined to keep moving, wanting to leave within the hour. Acuna tells her, "I love you. I only say it because ... it's your love that keeps me going." She smiles bravely before leaving the room.

Outside, the group wrestles the crates onto the "big truck". Marla approaches Manuel who argues with Ramon. He knows moving Acuna now could kill their leader. Ramon insists the guns must be taken off the island and taken to "our brothers who wait in the caves and jungles of our land, defenseless." Manuel retorts, "Ramon, you would kill your own father for the success of the raid." Ramon says he would kill his own mother if necessary. Manuel sadly agrees. Acuna emerges from the office, limping toward the group before collapsing in Ramon's arms. They load him onto the truck. Manuel stops Marla as she follows the group, asking if she has revealed her pregnancy to Acuna. She shakes her head, knowing he would force her to stay behind but she wants to remain at his side no matter the risk. She goes to sit by him in the truck.

The "alien registration files" only turn up a handful of suspects and through questioning proves to be another dead end. Chin has a lead on one of the tires -- it's "almost new. Grade A, iron tread, expensive." McGarrett sends Chin and Kono to check on the seven retailers who carry those tires and to discover if any of Acuna's countrymen bought any along the way. When Chin protests, McGarrett reminds them Acuna has enough guns and ammunition to keep the revolution going for years. Nearing 6:00 pm, McGarrett and Danno discuss how difficult it will be to bring Acuna in. "He crossed 3,500 miles of ocean, he cracked this rock, and he raided an armory," McGarrett has his hands full with time running out.

An MDS cargo truck pulls up to the Pier 39, but there is a strike in progress. Manuel talks to Harry (Nick Bockwinkel) about the picketing behind them. The sides are trying to reach a settlement and things should be resolved soon: "tomorrow will be the latest." Manuel returns to the truck, turning around to go back to his warehouse. Ramon demands the truck be unloaded immediately. Manuel lays it out, "He knows I would not go through a picket line. It would be foolish to make him wonder." The truck drives away, even around an HPD car!

In his office, McGarrett coordinates stakeouts over the phone at "any place Acuna might try to reach under cover of night." Danno knocks on the door, telling him Vallios is there to see him. McGarrett isn't surprised since he received a heads-up from the governor but he has Danno wait a minute so he can put on his jacket. Vallios enters with a smug expression looking for a progress report on the investigation. Vallios isn't surprised Five-O hasn't caught Acuna yet because he "is very clever." McGarrett brings up the point that the government has been hunting him for five years. However, Vallios believes Acuna is had now and "simply leave him to die." McGarrett is dumbfounded. The real purpose for Vallios' visit is to ask Five-O not to press their search, "unofficially" of course. This sends McGarrett into a rant -- he wants Acuna as much as Acuna's government, the difference being McGarrett wants him alive to stand trial because that's what the law calls for. He then kicks Vallios out of his office.

At the MDS warehouse, Acuna is determined to live and considers what the doctor said to be a lie manufactured by McGarrett. Acuna is also determined to stay put and hidden; he is adamantly against calling or getting a doctor. Manuel takes a stand, talking about the last revolution and how Acuna's father saved his life then died in his arms. Manuel is not going to allow the same fate now. As Manuel nears the phone, Ramon produces a gun, cocking it; ready to shoot. Just as he is going to pick up the receiver, the phone rings. It's Harry informing Manuel the strike is over. Acuna orders them to move out.

Act Four

Chin and Kono report 26 buyers of the unique tires but four could be Acuna's countrymen. Chin names them: "Managos Produce Company. Heurta Meat and Poultry. Morales Delivery Service. Siempras Express Delivery." McGarrett quickly forms a plan to have HPD to keep their eyes open if any of these trucks move. Not to leave any stone unturned, he orders Chin and Kono to take the first two names while he and Danno will take the second two searching for the guns or a missing truck. McGarrett figures Acuna has nothing left to lose. They all leave.

Meanwhile, an MDS truck makes its move under the cover of darkness. However, HPD unit 16 reports their movement with Central Dispatch informing McGarrett. Calling for "an ambulance and some fire equipment," McGarrett closes in as the chase is on. Manuel realizes a fully marked police car is onto them and he tries to hurry to the docks. McGarrett and Danno intercept the chase in the Park Lane.

Acuna stands up in the back as he hears the sirens growing louder. Marla tries to keep him down, "Elpidio, you can walk out of a prison, you can't walk from the grave." Up front Manuel tries to drive to the docks as quickly as possible. Approaching a roadblock, Manuel narrowly misses an unmarked HPD car and hits a public phone booth stopping them from going any further. Manuel, Ramon, Jose and Carlos are forced out of the cab and arrested by HPD officers while Acuna and Marla remain in the back.

McGarrett and Danno arrive just in front of the ambulance and focus on the back of the truck. Aiming his rifle, Acuna is ready for anything including the noise of the falling tailgate. He fires as McGarrett tries to yell over the shooting, demanding Acuna's surrender. "The first time I heard that, I was 17. My answer then is my answer now," Acuna shoots toward the back door again. When McGarrett mentions Marla, the picture becomes much clearer for Acuna. "I want to live, Elpidio ... I'm going to have a baby, your baby. If he cannot have a father, in the name of God let him have a mother." Marla starts crying as Acuna considers surrender for the first time. Danno opens the back door quickly, expecting a firefight but they find Acuna and Marla in an embrace. Acuna tosses the rifle to the side and nearly collapses but caught by Chin and Danno. Meantime, Kono checks the cargo and verifies all the guns and ammunition are found. Acuna is put into the ambulance and taken to the hospital with Marla at his side, who thanks McGarret for not killing her husband.

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