S012E08 - “Voice of Terror” - Plot

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Act One

On a beach, three people retrieve weapons stashed earlier. A man (Kaz Garas) and woman (Anne Zimmerman) dig up the stash and double check the guns. The driver (Cal Bellini) finally gets out to hurry them along. She tells Mark, who dug up the stash, they have to stick together until the mission is done. A radio report informs Stefan and Gino, two members of their group, the "World's Liberation Army," were found guilty of bank robbery and conspiracy. They provided no defense because they consider the courts "an illegal arm of a corrupt establishment". The driver, Karl, turns off the radio and snidely asks if they're ready to go. Mark suggests they pick something simpler rather than a radio station because it's too open. Mark wants to negotiate for Stefan and Gino's freedom from a position of strength. Karl considers the tactics "over the hill" and wants to the world to know who he is.

At an intersection, two police officers sit in their patrol car. Dean, the female officer (Mary Angela) looks over to the group that just drove from the beach. Her partner (Daniel Kamekona) tells her to calm down, "quit looking at every dude like he's a felon, otherwise you're never gonna make it through probation". Because Karl didn't signal his turn, they pursue the car. Things get hairy quickly as it turns into a high-speed chase. Dean calls it in to Dispatch, where the dispatcher (Juliet Kono) takes the radio call. The dispatcher sends backup with "Car 19".

On a stretch of highway not used yet, Dean's partner forces the Cadillac off the road. Mark falls out of the Cadillac. A shootout ensues. Her partner is hit and Dean goes behind the car where she gets a face full of glass. Karl turns psychotic at this point, first punching Dean then grabbing Willa who is trying to help Mark. When Central calls Dean's unit, Karl gets the bright idea to use the police radio rather than a full-blown radio station. Karl takes Dean hostage and steals the patrol car. After they leave, Car 19 shows up. Car 19 calls in for paramedics as an officer has been shot and report the unit stolen with his partner nowhere in sight.

Karl appears smug as they drive down the road. Karl calls into Dispatch telling them he's taken the car and taken Dean hostage. He threatens Dean's life and demands to talk to "the head pig". An HPD helicopter spots the unit on the road. McGarrett shows up to Dispatch and radios Unit 77. Karl makes his list of demand: the first of is to get the helicopter off of them. McGarrett orders it pulled back but to keep them in sight. Karl starts toying with McGarrett but McGarrett isn't buying Karl's crap and reminds Karl that Dean is his only security. Karl starts screaming like a banshee before he lets Dean talk to McGarrett. She asks about her partner and McGarrett tells her he's alive but critical. Karl loses his cool and the screaming begins in earnest. He threatens to torture Dean if he doesn't get what he wants.

Act Two

Karl creates havoc by driving the patrol cars into other cars before screeching to a halt in front of an electronics store. Inside, he busts up several items of merchandise before settling on a certain radio, gaining the store manager's (Gary Kau) attention. As he leaves, Karl throws a bunch of money into the air.

They drive out to Koko Head, parking on a road overlooking Hanauma Bay. Karl is thrilled to be "on top of the world".

McGarrett visits the governor, bringing him up to speed. The governor wants this situation resolved as quickly as possible because they have to maintain law and order. McGarrett's plan is to wear them out. Duke calls in to inform him they're at Koko Head. The governor orders McGarrett to do something "positive to try to win".

HPD and Five-O set up at he base of Koko Head to include an assault team at the ready. Willa spots two officers near the ridge and Karl warns them to stay back. McGarrett arrives at the mountain base as Karl repeatedly asks for him. Karl demands HPD is pulled back. He also demands food and water as the command truck pulls up. Karl also warns the officer better not have a concealed weapon. McGarrett orders all the requests to be complied with and no one goes near or fires a shot without his expressed authority.

The officer delivers the food and water in only shorts so that a weapon can be easily seen. Karl grabs it, running back to the car. Taking most of the water for himself, Willa takes a drink then offers some to Dean before Karl takes it away. Karl plays his head games by asking for Dean's first name, Sally, and telling her the police are doing this to her not them.

McGarrett sets up shop in the command van. Karl demands to know where they are on the broadcast. Then he lists his demands: Stefan and Gino freed as well as a jet to get them all off the island. Karl tries to belittle McGarrett but McGarrett offers someone else to negotiate. Karl threatens Sally again but McGarrett plays it cool. Karl starts his banshee routine again when things aren't moving fast enough for his taste. Afterward, Truck briefs McGarrett they have found a way up. Truck also tells him about a nerve gas that would knock them out and a grenade for a distraction. Truck and another officer (Fred Lerner) could disguise as hikers with backpacks and flak vest under their shirts. Truck and Harmon leave to enact their plan.

Karl knows he holds all the cards as Willa wonders if they'll get the broadcast. He talks about breaking Sally's fingers again, which makes Willa grimace. She's the one who said, "revolution justifies anything?" Karl then blames the cops again for the situation.

Act Three

McGarrett is told the networks are ready. The networks patch through and Karl begins his tirade about the World Liberation Army. His voice raises and the banshee comes out again spewing about violence several times. The governor listens from his office as Karl continues. McGarrett is not impressed and especially not when Karl puts the microphone to Sally who is rebellious as ever only to be slapped by Karl. Truck and Harmon climb to the top, releasing the gas.

Another officer watches through a periscope device watching as Truck and Harmon walk up behind the unit. Karl isn't impressed because he didn't that much airtime. Willa sees Truck and Harmon, readying her gun. Karl gets out and aims but the gas is useless because the wind shifted. Harmon readies the grenade but it's too early. Karl shoots Harmon and he goes down with the grenade exploding behind them. Willa shoots truck in the arm and he goes down. Karl approaches both as Willa screams for the assault team to get back. Truck fights back but Karl takes him down. Karl is now ticked off and calls McGarrett. McGarrett threatens to bring in another negotiator, Captain Ellis who's in charge of the assault team and he's very "gung-ho". Karl doesn't want him but McGarrett doesn't care.

The recon unit reports Harmon is alive because he moved his leg. Karl desperately calls McGarrett and wants to only deal with him. Karl asks about Stefan and Gino being released, the mike is open as Willa asks about Mark. Because they didn't mention Mark before, it'll take longer due to his name being added to the court order. McGarrett pins Karl into a corner demanding one of his officers in exchange. Karl agrees to give him "the dead one," meaning Harmon.

Two HPD officers in shorts climb up and take Harmon down the mountain. But upon arrival at the base, Harmon has died, too much blood loss.

Act Four

Duke arrives at the base. The governor calls in, apologizing for what happened and taking the blame. The prisoners are on the way and he leaves it to McGarrett to get to a resolution. Duke briefs what they found from Interpol: "this gang was involved in terrorist activity in West Germany and the Mideast. They blew up a school bus. Twenty-seven children died". Duke pulls out a tape, the anonymous tip that busted Stefan and Gino.

Truck has been handcuffed to the front of the patrol car. Karl yanks Truck's hair as he waits on his men. They scan the radio for news coverage but there isn't any. Karl radios McGarrett again, asking about his men and he knows what McGarrett is planning. He demands a jet and tells McGarrett they're all piling into the car for the airport once the three prisoners arrive. Karl cuts off communications for the last time.

Mark, Stefan and Gino arrive at the base. Two officers bring Mark into the command truck. They tell McGarrett he's unwilling to meet up with his friends at the top. McGarrett orders Mark strapped to a stretcher and if Stefan and Gino want to join their friends, they'll have to carry the defector with them. Mark tells them they're in "leg irons" and it'll take awhile to be freed. McGarrett smirks, knowing Mark is stalling. Mark explains Karl's ego has taken over but McGarrett doesn't buy it because he knows something about Mark: he gave the anonymous tip! McGarrett threatens to patch the tape to Karl so that he will know Mark betrayed them. Mark doesn't want to play saying Karl is liable to do anything. Meanwhile McGarrett knows how it will go: Willa will be killed because she wasn't at the restaurant either and Karl will assume she was in on the betrayal. McGarrett makes his move as he's tired of taking the blame for Karl's actions, "well, Mr. Revolutionary, this is your problem, and Willa's, not mine". McGarrett wants their recognition signal and Mark finally relents after several threats of playing the tape to Karl.

Duke calls Karl on the radio informing them their men are on their way up. Three men walk up the mountain looking like Mark, Stefan and Gino. However, it's McGarrett and two HPD officers. As Karl walks toward them, Truck throws dirt in Karl's face and shots ring out. McGarrett shoots Karl causing him to drop the handgun, which Truck picks up and aims at Willa. She surrenders. The officers arrest Willa as McGarrett gets Sally out of the car after giving cuff keys to Truck. Sally Dean's ordeal is over.

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