Hawaii Five-O


Jack Lord

Guest Stars

John Dehner


Anthony del Vecchi

Lara Parker


Angie Walker

George Fisher     Klieber

Randy Ruff     Marty Watts

Sylvia Clinger     Julie Mae

Laura Sode     Luana

Jim Reynolds     Grebbs

Paul Dennis Martin     Johnny Salomao

Monique Kaeo     Loa

Wayne Oxford     Clarence Firth

Gillian Dubb     Gertrude Firth

Edward Vierra     Santos

Angus Duncan     Tom Gordon

Rudy Aquino     Harrison

George Groues     HPD Officer

Kalani Hoapili     Skipper Newton

Seth Sakai     Prof. Hatari

Radio Control Airplane Technicians

Frank K. Espiritu Jr.

Richard C. Scott

Larry Villados

Daniel M. Thompson

Story Consultant

Seeleg Lester

Music by

Don Ray


Theme by

Morton Stevens

Director of Photography

Jack A. Marta

Art Director     Steven Myles Berger

Associate Producer     Beau Van den Ecker

Film Editor     Richard G. Haines

Set Decorator     Buck Henshaw

Unit Production Manager     Donald L. Gold

First Assistant Director     G. Warren Smith

Second Assistant Director     Carole Keligian

Casting (Hollywood)      Jim Merrick

Casting (Hawaii)      Dick Kindelon

Music Supervisor     Don Ray

Assistants to the Producers

Kenneth M. Raich   George Phillips


Lenses and Panaflex Camera by Panavision®


Consideration Furnished by

Ford Motor Company

for Appearance of its Automobiles

Production Mixer     Nick Gaffey

Costumes     Jim Kessler   Bruce Walkup

Makeup Artists

Fred L. Williams, S.M.A.

   Allen Fama, S.M.A.

Hairstylist     Jan van Uchelen

Propmaster     Darcy Adams

Title Visualization     Reza S. Badiyi




Prod. No. 1310-1729-0920

A CBS Entertainment Production

Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii

Developed by Leonard Freeman Productions