Is Kono/Grace Park leaving?

by Mr. Mike Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:41 pm

Is Kono leaving Hawaii Five-O?
There's no official word yet on the fate of Kono, who went "rogue" to deliver justice to the other hubs of the sex trafficking ring, but interpret this as you will: Five-O for Season 8 is looking to cast the series regular role of a female lifeguard who was a first-rate candidate at the police academy until she got kicked out for 1) cheating on an exam and 2) punching out a training officer. Don't be surprised if this new arrival eventually makes her way onto McGarrett's team.

From elsewhere:


That's a really original idea above. Remember in the pilot, Kono, who was a rookie, punched out some guy who was interfering with her surfing skills! DUH!

by Mr. Mike Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:49 pm

Any update on Grace Park returning to Hawaii Five-0? Hailee
Yes, actually. I had my colleague Nick Maslow press Grace Park for info at ATX. But first, for the uninitiated: When we last saw Kono, she was on a plane to Carson City, so shes effectively left the team for now. But whether that means weve seen the last of Park remains to be seen. I dont know as of right now, the BSG alum said. I did go talk to Peter Lenkov the other day, who is the showrunner, but its still undecided as to whats going to happen. But of course I have hopes for it to go well, but Im not sure whats going to come from all this. So there you have it.


In other words, even Park doesn't know what her fate will be! Talk about stupid. What do they expect to do with Kono? Does she get murdered on the Mainland or something? If so, what happens to Adam? Will he join Five-Zero (pretty absurd, but I wouldn't put it past the writers)?