Previous season finales in a nutshell

by Mr. Mike Sun May 14, 2017 3:39 pm

1 - Governor Jamieson is assassinated, her assistant is blown up, McGarrett and Kono are implicated in serious crimes.

2 - Fryer is knocked off, HPD is blown up, Chin Ho is forced by his enemy Delano to choose between his wife and Kono as to who he should save, McGarrett gets the big reveal that Shelburne is his mother.

3 - Kono is in deep shit for a variety of reasons, Adam's brother is killed, Kono and Adam leave for China courtesy of "Ma McGarrett" Travel Services.

4 - Wo Fat escapes from Supermax (seriously), Grover's daughter is kidnapped by computer hacker Ian Wright, Grover is demoted by the Governor.

5 - Kono and Adam are getting married, a nuclear bomb is about to go off in Honolulu, Danno and McG take it out to sea before it explodes, Gabriel threatens Chin Ho.

6. McG and Danno, investigating some drug business, fly to an island far away; on the way back, they are ambushed, their plane crashes and McG is seriously injured, so Danno donates part of his liver to him.

by ringfire211 Mon May 15, 2017 12:06 pm

their plane crashes and McG is seriously injured, so Danno donates part of his liver to him.

I'm reading these and laughing to myself. So ridiculous and such faux "drama"! I'm trying to think of the old show and apply these crazy scenarios to those episodes.

Let me try with the old series finales:

The Big Kahuna - Five-O tries to figure out who's trying to scare old Sam Kalakaua off his property; meanwhile Chin has a butt scratch that won't go away, and Danno's ingrown toe nail is really beginning to bug McGarrett.

Kiss the Queen Good Bye - someone is trying to steal a precious gem; meanwhile Kono realizes that he can function without his spleen so he decides to give it to the Governor for his birthday.

The Grandstand Play - a baseball star's son witnesses a murder; meanwhile Che Fong realizes that Jenny is responsible for the whoopee cushion found in his lab chair. A shocking revelation follows when Victor Reese and Big Chicken are found in a compromising situation inside the Aloha Tower. McGarrett is despondent over his dead plant.

Feel free to continue...

by barnzoboy Mon May 15, 2017 2:58 pm

These are good - and I want to take some time to think of a couple as well. Give me a few days to think of some

It does ache me a little inside to do these though - I kind of feel like I'm guilty of blasphemy