S07E13 - Farewell to Max

by Mr. Mike Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:03 pm

Review: http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#13

by todd Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:51 am

Your 1.5 stars was too generous.

This was the worst episode of the season, and probably deserved half a star.

There were SO many long and pointless time wasters, not the least of which was the 7-minute Ohana gathering at the end.

I didn't even understand that nostalgic farewell for Max. He was always just a side character, and never integral to the show. If any of the "original four" (McGarrett, Danny, Kono, Chin) left, I would have understood the lengthy retrospective and going away party. Here the whole thing just seemed forced -- almost as if the show was trying to force down our throats that Max was a more important character than he really was.

You called the crime of the week "filler", and sadly that's kind of what it was. Like you, I noticed the impressive set design (or CGI?) of the destroyed building, but that's about where the impressiveness of this episode began and ended. The investigation (and the crime itself) was confusing and full of holes, as already pointed out in your review.

I did see that you asked how Alan knew where the $2 million exchange was taking place. By the dialogue taking place when Alan showed up, it seemed to be implied that he showed up too early, and was supposed to come in and kill Gabler after Rorke was already gone. That part made sense, as presumably Rorke didn't want any part of the murder, but just wanted to extort the $2 million. However, what did NOT make sense was how Rorke decided to pull a gun on Chin when being pulled over, resulting in being shot dead. Seems like odd behavior from someone who was already uncomfortable with being present during a revenge murder.

This episode was pretty much junk through and through.

Pointless debate about dipping malasada into coffee: JUNK

Flashback scenes of Max while Jerry was reading his journal: JUNK (and oddly enough, none included Max's best episode, which was the one involving the killer of his mom)

Danny playing that whipped cream board game with his son: JUNK (why was this even here?)

Seven-plus minute farewell party for Max: JUNK (also was boring and appeared forced)

The junk was so off-putting this time (and so frequent) that I actually thought better of the crime of the week than it deserved, until I read your review here and realized how lousy that one was, as well!

I'm glad they followed it up with a much better episode (#14), which I thought was probably the 2nd best of the season (behind #10).

by Mr. Mike Tue Feb 07, 2017 2:06 pm

The fact that we will hopefully never have to see the annoying character of Max on the show again alone was worth a rating of one star!!