Good IMDB comment by alysia26 regarding Catherine

by Mr. Mike Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:32 pm

I think that they [Catherine and McGarrett] initially had chemistry. Although I agree with you she was convenient for him. Around season 4 they weren't as cute anymore and Lenkov brought in Billy. I assume so that they could find a way to break them up. This show is written by teenage boys. PL plays with words and plays games with viewers to up ratings. I truly believe that by season 5 they would have found a way to either send Catherine off or just kill her off. Remember how the ex Billy suddenly appeared out of the blue, but died when the actor got more episodes on another show. They love to bring on the pain and angst for Steve. We would see him sad and grieving for all of the last 15 minutes including the commercial breaks. Then the next episode he'd be back on the case of the week.

I've watched this show for 7 seasons and I have yet to see the writers do a committed relationship that they show on a regular basis. Lou is married we never see his wife. Chin got married but they killed his new bride. Danny is divorced and has had several girlfriends but they never last. Kono met the man of her dreams and he went to jail. He did show up for 5 minutes during episode 12. I have yet to see any network show where the "hot" male lead is in a long term committed relationship that they repeatedly show.

Despite all the drama they do keep bringing Catherine back, so they obviously didn't think it was that bad. I didn't know about all of the issues until season 6. I was indifferent and didn't care one way or the other if they were together. For the fans like me the writer's have completely ruined her character by making her no different than his mother. Steve has abandonment and trust issues, which he's shared with Catherine. The one person in the world that he believes in does the very thing he has issues with. That is not the "haters" fault. They do not write the script. They could have easily found a plausible way to write her out without making her an insensitive jerk. I truly believe they are purposely doing this and PL is signing off on it.


Follow up posting by the same poster on whether Lenkov makes casting decisions based on what is posted on discussion boards:

He couldn't care less. If he did he would write better and more realistic stories. What's actually interesting is that people actually believe Lenkov was going to put the hot male lead in a long term committed relationship. Except for Grover which the majority of young male and female viewers could care less about, all of the other men on team are unmarried. He's living out his own fantasies through his characters. I have yet to see a character like Steve's in a committed long term relationship on American television. Writers usually hold out until the show is in its final season because it's considered a show killer.

Oh and the other thing that annoys me, just my last 2 cents. I liked the character of Catherine and thought she should have been brought in as a stand alone character and not Steve's arm candy. She's an independent woman and didn't need him. However, I always hear all these fans say they love and want Catherine back, but they don't seem to love and want her back unless she's with Steve.