Quick thoughts on last night's show (more spoilers)

by Mr. Mike Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:00 am

I sort of liked it ... it had its good points.

This show should be renamed "Jerks," though, because

1) Chin has been acting like a jerk over his niece Sara (Kono was quite willing to tell him this), which may make problems for the kid (but I just discovered what happens on the next show, see previous posting in this forum group that I made a few minutes ago).

2) Danno is being a super jerk over his sister and the fact that she is having marital difficulties, has a close male friend who will listen to her, etc. Danno is totally incapable of just saying "I'm sorry." Maybe he is modeled after Trump, LOL?

3) The father of the boy was being a jerk because he covered up what his wife did and...

4) The boy's mother was a jerk for (a) driving while drunk and (b) taking extreme action after she had the accident.

This extreme action was really stupid, it's another case of the writers getting themselves into a corner and then trying to worm their way out of it. There is no way this mother would have picked up a rock and bashed the girl over the head to kill her ... and where did she get the shovel used to dig the grave, assuming that is what she used?

One thing I really liked about this show was the fact that the music actually SHUT UP for considerable periods of time, though think there may have been some near-subliminal bass noises during some of the "quiet" parts. Of course, there were no shoot-ups or car chases during the show, so that may be the reason the music was relatively subdued.

The direction of the show also seemed quite good (by Carlos Bernard, Tony Almeida from "24," who was a guest star as an actor a few seasons ago).

As far as the presence of Danno's sister was concerned, this was pushing things a bit, but she did have a logical reason to be in Hawaii. She was also quite a "dish" to look at.

By the way, Dennis Chun (Duke) finally made it to the main credits, but he was only in the show for a few seconds!

by Mr. Mike Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:22 pm

Here is my review, not too much different from the above:


Reaction to S07E10 (not mine)

by Mr. Mike Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:28 am

Reaction to last show on IMDB seems to be concentrated on Danno's sister's hairdo. Also some bad comments about the actress herself, not right for the part, the character was involved in an affair, which was immoral, blah blah blah. As far as I was concerned, she did a good job, hopefully won't be back on the show ever again and had nice cleavage!

I think the general consensus was that, despite its faults, this was one of the better shows of the season, if not for quite some time.

Personally, I thought the cop was going to be revealed as the one who killed the girl at the end, THAT would have been a real twist!!

by todd Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:11 am

Just saw this tonight.

I agree with most of your review. It was the best episode of the season. They should utilize these two writers more often.

I didn't mind the ending. It was far preferable to them finding a previously unseen villain out of the blue to be the "actual" killer, which is where I was afraid the episode was going. Like you, I also suspected that perhaps the cop was the one who did it, which would have been an even better ending if they did it properly, but I was satisfied with this one, too.

Mike, you say that the dad was a "jerk" for covering up for his wife, but it was clear in the episode that he was unaware his wife had killed the girl. She told him in 2006 that she hit a boar (instead of the girl), and he reported it to the insurance as such. I actually liked the disgusted and shocked look on his face when he found out the truth -- fairly realistic to what I would expect to be someone's reaction to that in real life.

The Danno's sister story was decent -- and by far the best of the Five-O "previously unseen family member" storylines, which I have grown to hate.

This one was at least realistic and understated, which was a nice departure.

Think of the family members we've seen prior to Danno's sister:

Danno's brother (now deceased): Annoying

Danno's nephew (sadly now a semi-regular): Annoying

Steve's sister: Annoying

Steve's aunt (now deceased): Not annoying, but WAY too much time was spent on this character that we otherwise didn't know or care about

I won't count Steve's mom here, because she is part of a long-running plot, and not a character they threw at us out of nowhere.

Anyway, it was nice to see a Five-O relative who had problems without being annoyingly dysfunctional.

I didn't find Danno's reaction to his suspicion of her having an affair to be over-the-top or unreasonable. I found it reasonable that he was concerned, even if he did perhaps try to nose into the situation a bit too much.

I agree that the actress' hair was stupid, and I thought they did it that way to make her resemble Danno.

But no!

Here's a photo of the actress:

She just needs to get a different hairdo.

I felt she did a good job, though she looked far too "fit" for an overworked career woman and tired mother.

Anyway, that makes two good episodes in a row.

I haven't watched next week's yet, but I see Mike gave it one star, so I won't count on a third hit.