O'Loughlin leaving? Lenkov's reaction (and more)...

by Mr. Mike Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:35 am


This article is so full of it!

We had hoped it was going to be a surprise [that Grover's son Will was Danno's daughter Gracie's boy friend], but the promo department let that surprise out.

Lenkov, King of the Khyber Spoilers, had nothing to do with this information being released??? I find this hard to believe.

We're going to do a few more episodes with Adam, and we're hoping to involve him a lot more next season.

Next season? What an optimist! (Though I am sure it will happen. )

[Co-showrunner Eric Guggenheim:] In Episode 10, we're going to meet one of Danny's sisters [played by Missy Peregrym].


Positioning himself for a better deal? I don't know. We always saw it as, honestly, as long as people are watching the show, we would keep going. If Alex elects not to come back, that's obviously going to be his choice. But we're moving forward as if the show's going to keep going. I'm pretty certain that we're going to at least have one more year. Even if we did end [with] Season 8, the idea of doing eight seasons on a reboot of a show is pretty spectacular. But we're planning on moving forward.

Lenkov is not going to make himself popular with fans, suggesting O'Loughlin just wants more money!

Here is some fan reaction to this article (both the posting and the comments):


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Word of the day: "fungible"

by Mr. Mike Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:03 am

IMDB posting by kelly4649:
Thu Nov 10 2016 22:28:57

If there really is a season 8, they NEED AOL and Scott Caan (for even 15 FULL episodes) to be at all entertaining. Everyone else is fungible. Teilor Grubbs and Taylor Wily might be the 3rd and 4th most important cast members at this point


Definition: able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable

S07E08 reviewed -- http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#8

IMDb reaction to TV Guide interview

by Mr. Mike Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:09 am

Comment by by dapoppaq
Sun Nov 13 2016 13:46:34

I just read the interview [with Lenkov about O'Loughlin leaving, etc.]. Ridiculous. Fans follow performers. Actors, actresses, singers and sports figures. That is where the fan base is. With the exception of famous directors or producers, like Martin Scorcese, Steven Speilberg, George Lucas, etc., nobody cares who directs or produces shows or films. No one cares what they or their partners wear on the red carpet. If he was on Dancing with the Stars with the other has beens,wanna be's and also rans (not including our recent Olympians), no one would even know what talent got him the gig. He is a legend in his own min[d]. The show is successful. Why is he trying to rock the boat? Sad. Very sad.

S07E08 reviewed -- http://fiveohomepage.com/2010-log7.htm#8

Lenkov on the defensive

by Mr. Mike Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:24 am

Lenkov really PO'd some people with his comment that AOL's talk about leaving the show is motivated by a desire for more money.

Some of these people hassled Lenkov on Twitter so much that he blocked them. So, of course, they just started up under another Twitter name.

Shippers Angry
@PLenkov @sarita1vane Well when I lock myself I did not say anything bad or looking for a fight. So why do I block Mr. Lenkow?

Peter M. Lenkov
@PLenkov Nov 11
2Much hate in this world already. Blocking any1 looking 2 pick a fight. Stop reading between the lines.