Promo for episode #150 (next week)

by Mr. Mike Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:40 am


Premonition: In the video, Grover says "This is bad."

By the way, I dunno why Lenkov has an obsession with this being the 150th show. Does he figure the show will not get to 200? I sure hope it will not get to 278!

This reminds me of Steve Martin when he was playing the banjo on Saturday Night Live:

Okay, this half of the room! Beautiful! Now this half! Good, good! All right, two fifths! Now, three-fifths! Good. Seven-ninths! Two-ninths. All right, in Chinese now!

By the way, I just saw advertised some huge box set with all the works of Mozart to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the composer's death (see What a laugh!

by todd Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:49 pm

It looks like Five-0 is starting to become more of an action show, where flashy gunbattles and fighting sequences take precedence over a well-written story.

Pretty sure this is going to be another "Five-O member goes on a mission to a foreign country" episode.

I don't mind one of these every so often, but I already had my fill for the year with Season 7, Episode 2.