S07E04 reviewed

by Mr. Mike Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:53 am

Was I too mean?


By the way, there are a couple of things in this episode that refer back to the original series...

by todd Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:12 am

I agree with your assessment of this one... all of it!

The best part was McGarrett and Alicia being trapped in that blowhole, and the sequence of them attempting to get out.

The rest was pretty much garbage.

I remember when they got out of the blowhole, I said out loud, "Huh? What happened to their serious stab wounds in their backs?"

In fact, you saw both McGarrett and Alicia walking together, and there was no hole or blood stain on either of their shirts, despite wearing the same clothes as in the knife-in-the-back scene!

That's a huge blunder. How can you possibly introduce a plot point where two characters (including the main one) sustain intense, possibly life-threatening injuries, and then those injuries completely go away just a few hours later?

The entire serial killer story was done poorly. It got off to a decent start in S7E1, but from there it fell apart.

Among the problems:

- After building momentum for the story in the season opener, they barely touched it in episode 2

- Episode 3 also did not further the story too much, except for the revelation of a new suspect at the end

- Episode 4 wrapped it all up, but we got confirmation of the killer too quickly, and we never really got an answer as to how the killer accomplished what she did. How did she convince all of these other killers to do her dirty work? (It's implied she found them via online dating ads, via mentioning she was a fan of Jack the Ripper, but that's a pretty big stretch.) How did she find the fugitive serial killer couple? How did she develop the physical strength, dexterity, and skill to take out men much bigger than her, even if by surprise? What was her exact motivation? None of this was really answered, nor did we get much of a glimpse into who she was.

It seems the original Five-O did a much better job with serial killer stories. Think "I'll Kill 'Em Again", "Draw Me a Killer", "One Big Happy Family", "Mother's Deadly Helper", "Nightmare in Blue", and many other high quality episodes.

Also, what's up with the NFL player cameos they keep forcing into the show every so often?

Why does Danno seem to be missing so often these days? Does Scott Caan have a lot of other commitments?

The Alicia Brown backstory would have been more powerful if we had time to digest it. But we didn't. It was hidden from us (for no good reason) until Episode 4, and at that point it was hard to care about it. You can't get emotionally involved with a character's demons if those demons are only present for a very short time. Prior to Episode 4, Alicia Brown just came off as kinda frenetic and unhinged. Once you understood what was wrong with her, the episode was close to over.