S07E01 Reviewed

by Mr. Mike Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:46 am


by ringfire211 Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:56 am

Ok, I just had to check out this episode so I saw it last night. CGI Lord was absolutely hideous and left a really bad taste in my mouth. I have no idea how you can call this respectful towards the old show or towards the old McGarrett when you're basically watching some kind of Jim Henson muppet on the screen. It might as well have been Yoda giving some profound advice to AOL. Seriously, it was like someone took a character from one of those SHREK movie or a Pixar movie and spliced it into a live-action show. Talk about completely taking you out of the scene and launching you into Planet 9 from Outer Space. Did I mention it was disrespectful too? Oh, and the voice - why does McGarrett speak British, aside from not even sounding like himself? He sounded like the fake McGarrett in "The Ninety-Second War" who was voiced by Paul Frees I believe.

The wheelchair chase through the hospital where they slam each other into walls and run over patients was another new low for the series!!! It's as if Lenkov is doing everything possible to make this show as bad as it can be. Who would ever allow such a thing in the hospital??? And these are cops doing this????

When I saw those victims with their eyes gouged out I was ready to just turn the damn thing off. Why the need to show such disgusting images on network TV is beyond me. No restraint whatsoever. Just crassness all around.

And of course the parkour chase was lifted straight out of the Bond movie CASINO ROYALE. Another ridiculous thing that just goes on and on and is clearly used as padding because there is no more story to tell. Of course AOL instantly turns into a parkour expert himself. Ridiculous!! Because yeah when a perp throws himself off the balcony Spider-Man style you follow suit and do the same.

Gotta be the worst episode thus far that I have seen!! Which isn't saying much because I haven't seen much of anything past season 1.

by todd Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:59 pm

The almost-10-minute foot chase scene was unnecessary.

Also, why weren't they shooting this guy in the leg or something? It's not like there was any doubt he was both guilty and a danger to society if he escaped.

I kinda liked the end of the sequence where this seemingly superhuman building-to-building jumper overextends himself, and winds up slamming down to the earth. I just wish they got there quicker.

This serial killer angle spread over multiple episodes is a decent one, though I don't know why it was mostly shoved aside for the odd James Bond tribute story in episode 2. It's like the Five-0 writers have ADD.

Agree that the Jack Lord CGI was creepy, and that the wheelchair race was odd/unnecessary.