Lenkov talks about MacGyver, Five-Zero, Five-O, music, etc.

by Mr. Mike Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:05 am


There is plenty of food for thought in the above, for example:

NS: The music was a very important part of the original show [MacGyver] for me. What can you tell me about the music in the reboot?

PL: Just that we're staying true to the soul of the original show and the music being an important part, and I know the theme is very important to the original fans.

I look at what I'm doing as similar to Five-0 in that I'm keeping the torch lit. I'm not doing anything other than keeping this thing alive and and relevant so that somebody 30 years from now is going to reboot it because we helped keep the idea alive. So music and those kinds of things that were important to the original show are important to this version as well.

NS: What would you say is the biggest difference between the new MacGyver and the new Five-0?

PL: Location! Other than that I think the biggest difference is a lot of the original MacGyver audience are still actively watching television. The audience that back in 1968 was watching Five-O are not as avid tv watchers nowadays. I think the people that watched MacGyver are still very avid tv watchers -- it hasn't been off the air that long. So people are more vocal and more involved in social media compared to the generation who watched Five-O. And so what I'm getting now on MacGyver is a lot of feedback, good and bad, from an audience who fondly remembers that original show. I'm very aware that there's a huge audience out there that does not want me to mess up their beloved show.

by RickNewportBeach Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:18 pm

...so, he's saying we're a bunch of old geezers then?

by ringfire211 Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:12 pm

Yep apparently MacGYVER fans matter more than us Five-O fans. Because we're old fogies who don't know how to turn on the TV these days. Sucks being a 35-year old fogie.

Also it seems that to Lenkov "music" means theme song and that's it. That may be all the music that he cares about.