Five O Worst Episodes Medals

Actually liked Season 6, Episode 23 by todd Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:43 pm

While Mike only gave this one two stars, I thought it was one of the better episodes of the season.

The plot itself of the main story kept moving, wasn't predictable, and had various interesting twists. They even managed to "humanize" Gabriel a bit without even showing him on-screen, rather than how they previously portrayed him as a super-evil megavillain. I like when the bad guys gain a bit of complexity.

Wasn't sure about the Michelle Shioma character at first, but I'm getting to like her.

While of course some plot points require a suspension of disbelief, I found this episode didn't do anything too outrageous. Like Mike, I did wonder how Chin was able to magically find the place that the rest of Five-O was about to storm, as soon as he "escaped" from the hospital bed.

The Hirsch subplot wasn't bad, especially because it tied in a bit with the main story. I agree with Mike's assessment that Hirsch's father didn't seem to be in bad condition, despite Hirsch's claim that his "health is failing". Not sure why they didn't show Hirsch's dad being sicker, as that would have made the whole thing a lot more powerful. Aside from that, I actually found the sidestory to be engaging, rather than some other sappy Five-O moments where they bring in a new character we're supposed to care about too quickly (Carol Burnett, anyone?)

This episode really wanted to make me watch the next one, to see how it plays out. I can't always say that about new Five-0 in recent years.

This was definitely a "Chin and Kono" episode, as McGarrett, Danno, and Grover didn't have much to do.

Speaking of Grover, do you think the writers are regretting bringing him aboard? He really seems like a 5th wheel, and has ever since he left SWAT and joined Five-O. Take away his rivalry with McGarrett, and he doesn't have much of a hook anymore.

Also, did I miss something? How did Abby Dunn get involved with Chin and Five-O again, after exposing herself as someone who was spying on them? Was there some point where Chin and Five-O completely forgave her?

by Mr. Mike Mon Sep 12, 2016 7:25 pm

All I have about Abby's return from the dark side are as follows:

Episode 17 - Abby approached Chin Ho in his office, saying "there's something I need to tell you."

Episode 18 - At the end of the last show, Abby was about to fess up to Chin Ho about the deception involved with her following Five-0 around, that she was spying on them. In this episode, she threw her San Francisco Police Department badge into the ocean, accompanied by the usual sad Lost-like chordal soundtrack, renouncing her witch-hunt. Later, Abby is just about to leave town when McGarrett appears at her hotel room and, despite Abby telling him "I lied," he offers her a job with Five-0.