Repost: 5 Things We Might See In Hawaii 5-0 Season 7

by Mr. Mike Ľ Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:37 pm

1. Adam Released from Prison?
With Adam due to be released from prison, we can expect a big Adam/Kono reunion, but will it be a happy one? And if they do get some happiness, how long will it last? This couple have been put through a lot, their relationship constantly tested, so Iím sure we can expect things to go wrong once again. Their relationship has survived prison, the Yakuza and Gabriel Waincroft, what will the show throw at them next? Will their relationship survive the season?

2. Trouble from Michelle Shioma?
After attempting to kill Gabriel Waincroft, and causing a bit of trouble for the 5-0 throughout the season, 5-0 had evidence of her criminal activity to put her away, but she disappeared before they could arrest her. Could we see her return next season? She is a powerful enemy with ties to the Yakuza, and last season she had a mole inside HPD. Will she return worse than before? [The choice of the word "mole" here is pretty funny, considering Michelle fled from Five-Zero through a tunnel in her house which went to some unknown location. - MQ]

3. Will Chin Adopt Sara?
Last season we saw Chin contemplating adopting his niece Sara, and after his heart to heart with Gabriel, will he? If he does, how will this impact his work? And, with Julie Benz who plays Abby confirmed to return next season, how will this affect Chin and Abbyís relationship? [Chin hardly had a "heart to heart" with Gabriel, the dying Gabe just made a near-deathbed request of Chin. - MQ]

4. The Return of Doris McGarrett?
In the finale, Steve was taken to a CIA black site where Wo Fatís father forgave him for his sonís death. This all seemed a little random and unnecessary, unless it was setting up a storyline for next season. Maybe Doris McGarret (Christine Lahti) will return as she was briefly mentioned in the episode. [As I speculated at the time, this sequence was probably included because the producers figured this was going to be the last show and CBS extending the series for another season caught them with their pants down. - MQ]

5. Will Catherine come back?
Catherine broke up with Steve and left to go undercover for the CIA. Now that Steve knows the truth, will she comeback after her mission is complete? Before she left, Steve was planning to propose, on her return will they reconcile?