Season 7 vs. Season 8

by John Chergi Wed May 24, 2017 10:43 pm

Some Classic HFO regulars have shared their thoughts on Seasons 7 and 8. I agree it's a very close call. Today, I start my 1st Summer head to head Classic HFO Season 7 vs. 8 match.

The Young Assassins Season 7 features the terrorist organization People's Attack Group who shoot and kill Hawaii people for the heck of it. Army the leader of PAG & older than the rest.

Season 8's Deadly Persuasion has a loner type criminal Stevens who is a young McGyver. He can walk a high rise beam and scale a rope. He also can steal a deadly gas from Kern Industrials without detection.

In this head to head, Season 7 wins The Young Assassins. I like the suspense of the episode with Danno abducted by PAG and Danny's possible death. Stevens is very intelligent, a brilliant plan and slippery to catch but there are several questions: How would a young CRMJ college student find this nerve gas? If this gas is so deadly, why wasn't it equipped with a strong lock or alarm on the glass case? Also, how would Stevens know how to store the liquid without releasing it into the air?

Young Assassins not a perfect episode but wins this round. I would give The Young Assassins 5 stars out of 6 and Deadly Persuasion 4 stars out of 6. Which episode do you prefer? JC

by ringfire211 Thu May 25, 2017 9:37 am

I'm a big fan of Deadly Persuasion (my favorite from season 8, alongside McGarrett is Missing) and never understood why folks don't care for it. That said, I gotta give the edge to The Young Assassins (my favorite from season 7, alongside I'll Kill 'Em Again) which I think illustrates my point that the best from season 7 edges out the best from season 8.

Funny thing is that season 7 has lots of fine episodes which many don't particularly care for or don't mention much - Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?, A Hawaiian Nightmare, Study in Rage, Hit Gun for Sale. I even like Diary of a Gun which some claim is the worst episode of the entire series (or the worst episode up to that point).

by John Chergi Thu May 25, 2017 12:36 pm


I think Deadly Persuasion is not a FAV of some because of the psychological aspect. It slows down the show when he talks to the picture of his father. Stevens is an intelligent criminal but he gets himself caught. Will admit when Stevens is on the roof in the finale...It was very suspenseful. One of the problems of Deadly Persuasion is how Stevens knows the deadly gas is located at Kern Industrials. It would be different if he worked there. Also, his major suggests CRMJ college student which would be more believable if he was a Chem student like Death With Father.

The Deadly Persuasion might have been helped if the Stevens father was instead the criminal. His age and police force experience would have given him access to records and things. Maybe, he could have stolen the gas to get his son out of jail or trial or something. JC

by John Chergi Fri May 26, 2017 6:38 pm

The 2nd Season 7 vs. Season 8 battle consists of: A Hawaiian Nightmare Season 7 vs. Season 8 The Case Against McGarrett.

A Hawaiian Nightmare features Bernie a compulsive gambler type and one of the leading volcanologists in Hawaii and around the world. Bernie with the assistance of 2 men have the volcano triggered for an explosive detonation. Bernie later kills both men and demands $500,000 or the volcanic explosion which could wipe out most of Hawaii.

In Season 8 The Case Against McGarrett, Honore Vashon of the Vashon family takes one last swing at McGarrett. McG destroys Honore's parole with some strong information and reports to the parole board. With some information, Honore and a handful of prisoners capture some dignitaries visiting the prison. Honore gets his wish when McG agrees to exchange himself for the safety of the dignitaries. McG's plan backfires to escape entering the floor as the prisoners have his escape route blocked sensing this move.

A closer call than I thought but Season 8 The Case Against McGarrett wins this battle. Love seeing Honore again and I enjoyed the mock trial. Honore blinded by revenge allowed the Special Unit time to rescue McG.

A Hawaiian Nightmare no doubt is suspenseful especially when Bernie is shot receiving the $500,000 at the drop site. McG arrives seconds too late as Bernie dies before telling him how to deactivate the explosion. The garage door opener was very ingenious but just as easily could have triggered the bombs.

The Case Against McGarrett also is suspenseful as Danno and the Special Unit must capture McG and lead him to safety with a handful of prisoners with him. Honestly, I would have liked to see the prisoners vote on McG's Guilt or Innocence.

Well, Season 7 and Season 8 tied 1-1 head to head battle. JC

by ringfire211 Tue May 30, 2017 12:53 pm

This one is closer than I thought. If you asked me in the past I would have easily gone with "The Case Against McGarrett" but these days I have a lot more love for "A Hawaiian Nightmare" than in the past. I think I'm gonna call it a draw. I love when we are told that Five-O will receive help from the top volcanologist in the field, and who should show up if not Bernie himself, the man responsible for the crime! Similar to "The Finishing Touch" where they enlist the help of the top document expert Norman Cargill, the criminal himself.

It really is a close one. Maybe if you put a gun to my head I'd pick "Case Against McGarrett" just because it is a Vashon episode and a pretty good prison drama overall. But it's not as perfect as it could have been or you'd expect of a Vashon episode. But yeah it's practically a tie. "Hawaiian Nightmare" also has a very good Morton Stevens score.

by John Chergi Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:17 pm

Today, the 3rd head to head battle Season 7 Diary Of A Gun vs. Season 8 Wooden Model Of A Rat. Diary of a Gun is an interesting episode as it traces the violent trail of one handgun over a day or so period. An older teenager purchases the gun from a dealer and quickly shoots a lost male tourist on Sand Island. Fleeing from police, he ditches the weapon into a postal box. It's collected by mailman Mike Briggs. Instead of turning in the gun, he holds onto it and shoots his two-timing wife and her boyfriend to death. This occurs at Palm Gardens Hotel. A young boy picks up the gun tossed out of the car by Briggs. The boy shoots himself and Eddie Larkin the janitor at the apartment complex steals it. McG & HFO team talk with Briggs and the mother of the wounded boy trying to find the gun... (Continued) JC

by John Chergi Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:51 pm

Season 8 Wooden Model Of A Rat has an excellent cast of characters as McG is framed once again. This time, McG is accused of stealing an Ittan Wooden Model Of A Rat and placing it on display at the exhibition Museum Of Oriental Art in Honolulu. It's quick thinking by mastermind August March as McG is closing in on an Asian art objects smuggling ring. DA John Manicote decides to fast-track McG's indictment as Gustave Lupin the Museum Curator helped McG with cataloging and moving the pieces. A perfect frame!

Wooden Model Of A Rat starts to heat up when March's murderous henchman Suzari knocks off loose ends. Diplomat Kim Chung Lo one of the smuggling ring is murdered before he can give HFO info who was involved. The nervous Lupin also is hanged when he becomes a loose end and a threat to talk. McG & HFO team have Suzari in their sights after some good detective and surveillance work. Knowing he's the next loose end, Suzari works with McG to capture March and get him to incriminate himself. McG finds his rat at the March estate and March is under arrest.

I would give Season 8 Wooden Model Of A Rat the WIN in this head to head battle. Lupin, March, Suzari are some of the best characters in the Series. The frame although improbable was very effective. Like McG stated, he would be really dumb to put the illegal rat on display. Diary Of A Gun was effective in showing the dangers of illegal smuggled handguns. I think the examples would have been better if the man at the beginning asked a college student in the park for directions instead of the middle of nowhere. The mailman was a nice touch but he should have just handed the gun to his supervisor. It makes no sense he would keep it. The end was bizarre with Frito going on a robbery spree with the handgun. They mentioned he just got out of prison. That seems to be the last thing to do. Season 8 takes a 2 to 1 lead after 3 head to head battles. What do you think CHFOF? JC

by ringfire211 Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:12 pm

I know at least 2 people who consider "Diary of the Gun" to be the worst episode, but I personally find it very unique and interesting. Sure, a bit far-fetched but interesting nevertheless. I also enjoy "Wooden Model of a Rat". It's really close between these 2 but I think I would give a slight edge to the latter, if just for the performances - especially Ed Asner and Kwan Hi Lim as Suzari. Those 2 are a fantastic pair of criminals and willing to turn on the other at the drop of a hat! Ed Asner's August March might just be the second best guest character of the season, just behind Helen Hayes' Aunt Clara. While I prefer the plot of "Gun" I prefer the guest cast of "Rat".

by John Chergi Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:59 pm

Battle 4 consists of A Study In Rage Season 7 vs. Turkey Shoot At Makapuu Season 8. A Study In Rage features the late Richard Hatch (Anapo) who works at a tennis club as a tennis pro/instructor. He plays Mike Anapo/Opana who is deeply in love with a mainland girl Glynis Martin. She was in Hawaii on vacation and a brief romance occurred. The intelligent but psychotic Anapo creates a devious plan to get Ms. Martin back to Hawaii. He kills her father a businessman type and doing some vacationing in Hawaii. Anapo's Psychiatrist Arthur Spears makes a connection with Mr. Martin's murder to Mike as the possible killer. Spears is viciously strangled by Anapo who takes a cassette tape and his file from the cabinet before HFO arrives. Apano makes Dr. William Chow victim #3 at the tennis club when he pours an odorless and colorless poison on Chow's towel. After a game or so, Chow uses the towel which poison absorbs into the skin and falls dead in the tennis club. Apano has cleaned up the loose ends and talks with Glynis who has arrived for funeral arrangements and affairs. HFO analyze an unfinished Spear's painting which paints a troubling picture of his recent patient. With the file stolen and the death of the doctors, HFO have an uphill climb to find the killer... (Continued) JC

by John Chergi Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:30 pm

In Turkey Shoot At Makapuu Season 8, hang glider Molly Taggert witnesses her friend Sheila's car trouble and later her car being stripped for parts and her friend chased by Blooey. When she finally lands, they look for Sheila and contact HFO. Sheila's body is later discovered dead and the two criminals Blooey and Tonker need to silence the witness Molly. Instead of shooting Molly in the air hang gliding, Draper Taggert her brother is shot and wounded landing in the ocean. One of the Coast Guard vessels finds Draper's body in the water dead. Can HFO protect Molly from Blooey and Tonker?

Battle #4 Turkey Shoot At Makapuu (Season 8) grabs the victory. I thought the hang glider witness very creative and innovative. Lee Purcell also is a high 8 or 9 on the sexiness meter and she portrays Molly with a dynamic quality. Great acting by Oscar the car parts dealer and Blooey and Tonker crime duo approach works and are interesting characters. Molly was very brave maybe stupid to risk her life as a sitting duck in the air with the 2 shooters.

In A Study In Rage, I wish we knew more about Anapo's back story. It's also strange that Glynis would not be more romantically interested in Anapo. This Mike is a very good-looking guy, drives a red Mustang, and has solid employment at the tennis club. Sounds like a man going somewhere. I was impressed by Anapo's roommate Charlie who had some outstanding acting scenes. The dream house scene ending was bizarre with McG & Danno wearing gas masks. Apano showed himself as a true psycho as he could have killed Glynis the one he supposedly loved. Enjoyed the painting analysis as well. Season 8 now has a 3-1 Episode lead but Season 7 has some Classics coming up. What do you think CHFOF? JC

by ringfire211 Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:40 pm

I'm actually a fan of "Study in Rage" and don't get the low rating for it. Richard Hatch's "black-face" aside it's another really good psycho story. But I'll give "Turkey Shoot at Makapuu" a slight edge because of the hang gliding scenes, the really interesting and creepy villains (Tonker and Blooey), Lee Purcell for being a total babe, and the excellent score by Morton Stevens!

So far all the matchups have been really close but it seems like season 8 has the 3-1 lead. Hoping things will even out eventually.

What do you think CHFOF? JC

What's CHFOF?

by John Chergi Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:36 pm

Classic Hawaii Five O Fans Ringfire. I should have the next Season 7 vs. Season 8 battle up this week. JC

by barnzoboy Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:34 am

I seem to like all of the episodes where the villain is a pure and simply psycho - Draw Me a Killer, I'll Kill 'Em Again, the nephew in "One for the Money" and so on. I'm not sure why that is, but I think all of these "psycho" episodes allow the Five-O team to really showcase their investigative talents and analysis.

by ringfire211 Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:45 am

I'm with you on that, barnzoboy. Those episodes are the best! And the Five-O squad really have their work cut out for them to catch those creeps because the crimes are typically so random and bizarre.

by John Chergi Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:02 pm

Season 7 vs. Season 8 Battle #5 The Computer Killer vs. Anatomy Of A Bribe. Computer Killer begins with Tony Tillis killing his wife after an argument and quickly leaving the scene. He's seen by a neighbor. It looks like an open and shut case of Murder 2 and Tilles will be found guilty during the trial. Enter the Computer Killer. Charlie Aarons converses with Hugh Tilles the wealthy father after the courtroom empties. Hugh goes along with the deal sending several thousands of dollars into an account. Aarons a computer expert goes to work. He makes it appear that the wife bought a necklace from a store through his computer and discredits the witness. It shows he made several calls to the woman like they had a relationship. The trial starts to swing towards Filled favor. Aarons saves the best for last killing an ex-con Palmer and placing the necklace in Palmer's place. He places the dead man fingerprints on some sunglasses and then murders another woman fitting Palmer's MO leaving the glasses there. Palmer is also buried and through the computer Aarons makes it look Palmer booked a flight and took off. Visiting Palmer's place, McG & HFO team find Tilles wife's necklace and it appears Palmer murdered both women. A brilliant frame on Palmer! Can McG see through it all or does Tilles get away with murder? (Continued) JC

by John Chergi Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:28 pm

In Anatomy Of A Bribe, The Global Trade Center becomes a tinder box going up in flames. It's destroyed with a handful of people dead and another dozen injured. McG discovers quickly that substandard building and wiring was used in the Global Trade Center. This is now murder. A strong start to the episode. McG learns the GTC contractor Marty Rogers is missing but through the building inspection agency...They learn Joseph Kamura was the inspector who signed off on the building. Kamura is quickly located and murdered by Vincent Maynard one of the head inspectors. Poor Joe is struck over the head by a board and then tossed several stories out of a building. Suspicion quickly falls to Maynard after Che discovers that Kamura's signature was forged concerning the GTC. This episode starts to fall apart like the GTC when McG enlists the help of Harris hoping Maynard agrees to take a bribe on a new project in development. Vince is smart and discovers the tape recorder in Harris briefcase. He yells entrapment as McG has to plan another move...
Season 7 Computer Killer captures Battle #5. Aarons the Computer Killer is an intelligent and cunning criminal who is a computer expert and has no conscience. I think Aarons could have gotten away with it but since Aarons designed most of the computer systems and things...He was a good suspect. Vincent Maynard was equally an intelligent killer but his ending with a psychological twist really dropped the episode a star. They should just have left it a revenge episode. Aarons creative use of the computer was years ahead of its time as far as crime dramas go. It probably would have sprung Tilles but that pesky McG and the HFO team. Season 8 still leads 3-2. JC

by ringfire211 Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:04 am

This is the first real easy one. "Computer Killer" handidly wins this one. I like "Anatomy of a Bribe" a great deal but "Killer" is a top 3 from season 7. Charles Aarons is a cold blooded killer - basically a machine/computer, like the one he operates. The false trail he weaves using that computer is pretty brilliant! Great score by Don Ray too.

Vince Maynard is also a very effective villain - greedy and cold-blooded. Like Jonathan Cavell in "Murder is a Taxing Affair" (another superb episode) Maynard both works WITH Five-O and AGAINST Five-O at the same time, hoping to cover his tracks. I agree that his psychotic side at the end seems to come out of nowhere but I'm not too bothered by it - it somewhat explains his murderous tendencies.

A clear win for season 7 here. But season 8 still leads this series 3-2.

by John Chergi Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:02 pm

Well, it's moving closer to June 19th 2017. The 6th head to head battle Season 7 vs. Season 8 consists of Season 7 Steal Now Pay Later vs. Season 8 Honor Is An Unmarked Grave. Steal Now Pay Later features Colby an enterprising businessman who gives good discount merchandise to local owners. Unfortunately, the merchandise is from illegal thefts by his ring of thieves. They usually hijack big trucks carrying clothes, radios, washers, refrigerators etc. For months Colby's operation has been running smoothly. However, they make the mistake of killing an undercover agent who has been trying to catch the ring. A dumb mistake by the perpetrators gets McG & HFO involved. They stash the dead agent in a refrigerator which is traced back with the ID number. Colby is a smart criminal who hides the stolen merchandise in different warehouses and moves out the swimwear, refrigerators, radios quickly to eager buyers. HFO investigation leads to Colby who has beautiful women around him and talks to potential buyers at party-type meetings. It is difficult to find Colby or infiltrate the operation. Does Colby get away or will McG arrest this businessman? JC

by John Chergi Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:32 pm

Season 8 Honor Is An Unmarked Grave is one of the best Season 8 episodes and an interesting mystery for McG & HFO team to solve. Travis Marshall an investigative journalist, lawyer, and writer discovers the grave of the missing Brian Henderson. He had been missing 7 years. HFO never did solve the case. Marshall is part sleuth and part showman drumming up interest for a new book through talking with TV reporters. McG discovers Henderson was murdered his skull pierced by a bullet. Marshall talks with the Henderson matriarch Agatha Henderson and she hires him to report back info about Brian's case. Through his investigation, Marshall pieces together that Maru a young mother and Koji the servant's daughter had Brian Henderson's child named Kimo. He located the grave watching Koji the servants movements. Koji's sudden death heightens the mystery and Marshall is visited by McG who wants to know the informant and how he put the Brian Henderson puzzle together. Marshall runs out of time and is killed by someone to silence him.
I give Honor Is An Unmarked Grave the win in this head to head battle. Marshall is an interesting and flamboyant character. He figures out a crime even HFO had problems solving. Agatha a brilliant acting performance as the matriarch and a lady who knows secrets about Brian Henderson's death. Outstanding photography and a well-paced mystery gives Season 8 a 4-2 lead. Steal Now Pay Later is a solid episode and Colby is a cool criminal businessman. I loved the ending of the episode as Colby incriminates himself and it is played back on several of the stolen cassette recorders. What do you think CHFOF? JC

by ringfire211 Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:22 am

Season 8 indeed takes a 4-2 lead.

I'll have to go with "Honor is an Unmarked Grave" too. But not because I consider it one of the great episodes or one of my favorites. It's just simply better than "Steal Now - Pay Later" which I always found pretty dull. Ray Danton as Colby is pretty smooth and cool but not a standout villain by any stretch. The plot is about a crooked businessman who deals in stolen merchandise - not all that interesting. Season 4 had a similar one ("Air Cargo - Dial for Murder") which I found much more interesting. There was a nice subplot with the dying wife of a man (Michael Strong) who's trying to get the medication to her to save her. This subplot crosses paths with the main plot which helps McGarrett nail the culprits.

"Grave" at least has an interesting mystery going for it and makes you pay attention to what's happening. Jack Lord does a fine job with the direction duties.

by John Chergi Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:36 pm

Today's 7th Head to Head battle Season 7 vs. Season 8 consists of: Season 7 Hit Gun For Sale vs. Season 8 Loose Ends Get Hit. The Hit Gun For Sale features an excellent cast Nehemiah Persoff, Sal Mineo, and Tommy Sands. HGFS has a sizzling start when a hired gun dies of a heart attack on an airplane to Hawaii. They attempt to save him with CPR and other measures at the Hawaii hospital. The HFO team locate a key on the dead man's person and find a rifle and scope inside a locker. Who is/was the intended target? McG has an idea when a syndicate boss Cordell (Nehemiah Persoff) arrives from Cali to visit Hawaii. Cordell claims he's in Hawaii on vacation visiting his daughter Nina. Eddie one of the junior mobsters decides to do some business with 1 of the 2 Hawaii mob groups fighting for control. This includes eliminating Cordell as well and Eddie and this group would have power and control in the Hawaiian mob. Cordell plays it cool catching wind of Eddie's plan but is he too late... (Continued) JC

by John Chergi Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:09 pm

Season 8 Loose Ends Get Hit focuses on Billy Madrid's future trial testimony against his boss Kum Chi. DA Manicote and McG agree that Madrid's information on syndicate boss Kum Chi is worth a deal and protection. Madrid watched Kum Chi shoot and kill Harry Quan 3x inside a restaurant. McG and the HFO team have been trying to nail Kum Chi for years but never had a witness come forward until now. McG is winged when a hitman tries to assassinate Billy Madrid walking out of the DA's office or official building. Officer Sandi Wells (Amanda McBroom) is selected to be McGarrett's driver and to protect him as his arm heals from the bullet wound. Officer Wells shows her abilities and talents quickly hiding their car from Kum Chi's goons and then forcing them off the road. Billy starts to become nervous before the trial and requests his wife Madeleine to be with him at the safe house. The plan to spring Kum Chi during trial looks perfect when Madrid states that McG forced him to testify. Does Kum Chi beat the system or does McG have a plan to make sure Madrid honors his agreement to testify against Kum Chi?

This is a close battle...I enjoyed the scenes with Cordell and his daughter Nina and the car explosion was spectacular. The hitman twist ending was another surprise. I probably liked Loose Ends Get Hit better because of the great acting and chemistry between Billy Madrid and Madeleine. The Madrid final trial testimony was one of the best in the series. However, I think it was improbable that Kum Chi's hitmen could place a bomb near the front wheel of Madrid's car especially with 2 police officers staking out Madrid's place. It was also insensitive and out of character for McG to blame Officer Wells for planting the bomb on Madrid's car. With all this considered, I call it a draw as Season 8 leads 4-2-1 after 7 battles with Season 8. What do you think? JC

by ringfire211 Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:03 am

I agree that this is a close one but I think I'll give a slight edge to "Hit Gun for Sale". The idea of a hitman dying on an airplane before having the chance to carry out his assignment was pretty brilliant, with Five-O then having to figure out who the intended target was supposed to be and whether there's gonna be a second hitman en route. And the twist ending might just be the best in the entire series! I was floored the first time I saw it - definitely didn't see that coming.

While "Loose Ends" does have a cool twist along the way as well (which I also didn't see coming) the main plot itself about McGarrett having to protect a witness set to testify against his employer mob boss isn't anything original. We've seen it before. Also the subplot about an injured McGarrett being driven around by Sandi Welles (which everyone seems to love) isn't all that interesting to me. We know that McGarrett typically has somewhat sexist attitudes towards female cops (we've seen that before) so it's nothing new or original here. Sandi is an okay character and I didn't mind any of her 4 appearances, I just didn't think she was anything particularly special. Still a solid episode though.

So I give an extra point to season 7. It's 4-3 now in favor of season 8.

by barnzoboy Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:19 am

I watched "Hit Gun for Sale" last night and I did watch "Loose Ends Get Hit" about a week or so ago. I do like both episodes and they're both good reminders to myself that just because the episode did not occur somewhere within seasons 1 through 6, doesnt' mean they're not going to be good quality stories.

Both are decent episodes with a nice unsuspecting plot twist along the way. I'd side slightly with "Hit Gun for Sale" as I personally enjoyed the way the plot develops and the type of interaction throughout the show slightly better than "Loose Ends"

In watching Hit Gun last night, I had a sort of deja vu moment when toward the end McGarrett and company are looking for Persoff's character and McGarrett calls Persoff's daughter in a frantic attempt to locate Persoff because he's going to be the target of an assassin. I had a major flashback to the scene in "The Second Shot" (SE03 E03) toward the end when McGarrett makes a similar phone call while he's looking for the Greek doctor Gregorious Lemira who at the time was out walking on the beach with Klaus Marburg who was going to attempt an assassination on Lemira. Obviously different episodes with different themes, but that one moment my mind was just like "I've heard this before"!!! Maybe I'm watching too many of these episodes in binge-style fashion!!

I just Googled Persoff and I am surprised to see that he is apparently still alive at a current age of 97!!!

by ringfire211 Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:34 pm

I do hope Persoff makes it to 100! He'd probably be the first Five-O actor to do so.