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by Mr. Mike Tue May 16, 2017 5:43 pm

In another posting, Todd mentions the newsgroup which was on Usenet (and still is) starting in the mid-1990s. This was a discussion group, sort of a precursor to social media, where people like myself, Todd, Karen Rhodes and others would discuss our favorite show. You can still read messages from this newsgroup by following this procedure. If you try this, and it does not work, please reply to this message!

Go to this link:!forum/

Warning, you will get a lot of very offensive spam-like messages which have been posted in this newsgroup in the last few years. We don't want these, we want the messages when the group first started.

Filters is a box near the top; click the downward arrow on the right of it.

Scroll down in the pop-up and click beside the first appearance of the word "Custom," which is under "Last 30 days"

Change the dates under that "Custom" to 1/1/95 and 1/31/96 (you can copy and paste from here to the boxes)

Then click on "Apply selected filters" at the bottom of the pop-up.

You will then see messages posted between the beginning of 1995 and the end of January, 1996. There are almost no messages in 1995 at all, aside from one from me which was when this newsgroup suddenly appeared at the bulletin board service (BBS) where I was connecting to the Internet, and then promptly disappeared for some time.

If you want to see other months (and there are often a LOT of postings in a single month), then just change the dates in the Filter place like the above.

by Jeff*H Tue May 16, 2017 6:25 pm

I'm in the JL Hairpiece thread, posted 10/7/97 as McGarret11! What a fun blast from the past! And f*** that crazy "Judith" pinhead...

by todd Wed May 17, 2017 12:02 am

Ha... I just searched out some of my old posts from 20+ years ago. Here are some of them:

Shake Hands with the Man On the Moon

This is one of the better season 10 episodes, focusing on a pathetic has-been astronaut. Though we get an unusually detailed view into the astronaut's current life and his past, there's one minor problem: The episode took place in 1977, and he supposedly landed on the moon 10 years ago -- in 1967!!! The first moon walk was in 1969! The astronaut's girlfriend, a "hustler since age 13" who was only with him to "keep an eye on him" for his real-estate-developer/scam artist/murderous boss, was a bit "fast looking".

The end scene, where the astronaut overpowered two goons who were pointing guns at him (from opposite sides!), was a bit hard to swallow.

The realism of the has-been astronaut character, though, made up for the minor flaws listed above.

I'd give this episode a "B" or a "B+" on my rating scale.

Episode 217: Cop on the Cover

This was one of the better season 10 episodes, though I found the "gimmick" of the episode (the reporter who McGarrett was forced by the Governor to let tag along) to be annoying. When McGarrett at first wouldn't comply with the Governor's request, the Governor says, "You Irish are always so stubborn!"

The only real "plot problem" with this episode was how the female kidnapper, who worked with the victim's father, was sure she wouldn't be recognized on the bus by someone who sees her in the office every day! Also, wasn't it a bit stupid for the female kidnapper to wear her "unique" glasses when picking up ransom money?

Moe "Truck" Keale plays Moala, an ex-con set up to take the fall for the kidnapping. Though Keale's character had the 2nd most number of lines and appearances out of all the guest stars, his name was still listed at the end in "small" print! Karen, didn't you once tell me that Keale was not really an actor, but instead worked as an electrician on the Five-O set?

In response to the above, Mike said that he always felt Truck was a poor man's Kono! LOL!

by ringfire211 Fri May 19, 2017 11:46 am

In response to the above, Mike said that he always felt Truck was a poor man's Kono! LOL!

No doubt about it. He definitely was!