The Year of the Horse

by ringfire211 Sat May 13, 2017 2:25 pm

I was never a fan of this one and it hasn't improved much during this last viewing. I think mostly it's because it doesn't really feel like a Five-O story. Sure, there's a drug-smuggling operation, which is familiar territory, but it's not on Hawaiian soil and McGarrett really isn't the top cop here (instead working in tandem with the Singapore drug-busters). I suppose a change in scenery was nice, and unlike "The Singapore File" they actually filmed on location in Singapore here, but unlike that episode this one feels kinda dull and lacking in suspense or tension. There's an assassin in the former who's trying to eliminate a witness but in this one it's just McGarrett playing catch-up with drug smugglers. It just feels kinda tired. You can tell JMac is ready to retire. McGarrett wearing a monk's robes is pretty bad too, as is the cornball stuff with the nunchuck-wielding attacker wearing that mask (which happens twice!!). Then there's the weird ending, which Mr. Mike noticed as well, where during the standoff between Sandover and General Oban when Oban seeks revenge against Sandover for the death of his daughter, all of a sudden McGarrett points his finger at Oban and says "You killed her!!". Of course I thought he meant this in the same way as when he said those words to Honore Vashon - that he wasn't there for her when she needed him. Instead he says "You're the Honolulu connection!" This comes completely out of the blue, none of this was ever hinted at earlier. McGarrett just seems to pull this out of thin air. Furthermore this means what? That Sandover isn't responsible for the drugs that killed Oban's daughter?? Really bad writing there. The score by John Cacavas is good during the Oriental passages but otherwise is dull. There is one very positive thing about the episode though - two words. VICTORIA PRINCIPAL. Wow!!! An absolute knockout of a looker!! She gets my vote as the all-time top Five-O babe!! I had forgotten how great she looked. Can't get that face out of my head.

P.S. I think the episodes which aren't filmed in Hawaii aren't among my favorites. Even "Nine Dragons", certainly a superior episode to this one, doesn't go on my all-time favorites list. I guess I just love seeing McG in his office, snapping his fingers, eliminating clues, as he arrives at the solution. That doesn't really happen in these episodes.

by John Chergi Sat May 13, 2017 3:53 pm

Year Of The Horse is an episode that grows on me over repeated watches. I don't see how the Governor is supposed to be involved in this pipeline and McG checks it out. Bostwick and Principal have a good chemistry. There is this love between them but Bostwick has changed over the time passed. VP jump starts Year Of The Horse when it slows down. Her arrival and Luke sighting gives HFO a face to look for. McG is attacked by a masked intruder and survives a cable car struggle with Luke. I like when the blind man tests the quality of the drugs. Good casting and I enjoyed the final scene when they kill each other on the ship. I think McG wanted Luke to surrender to American side. He knew Luke would be executed otherwise. Maybe because they were both Naval Officers there was an honour McG showed Sandover he wouldn't have other criminal types. Agree there were plenty of questions after things wrapped up. I'd give Year Of The Horse a solid 4.5 stars out of 6 stars. JC