Guest Star Trivia

by RickNewportBeach Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:15 am

With a Season 8 guest appearance in Target The Lady as Wally Hatch, Andrew Prine who Mr. Mike says "plays his character as a total prick" was also quite busy in the Five-O babe department. Not only was Prine married briefly to Sharon Farrell, he was married three (yes) times to the very babely Brenda Scott (Up Tight). Also, Prine may or may not have been involved with some weird shit involving his then girlfriend which you can read about under 'Murder Suspect' on his Wikipedia page.

[Update 2019: Any reference to this on Prine's Wikipedia page has been removed; however, if you go to this page -- -- you will get information under "Lover's quarrel." If you look up Prine's Wikipedia page at, you will get the original page referred to in the above message. Prine was married to Farrell only for a month and 10 days according to one report.]

Prine also made a season 10 appearance in A Stranger in His Grave well as in JL's M Station Hawaii.

by ringfire211 Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:27 pm

Not sure if I remember about Prine and Sharon Farrell but I do recall reading about him being married 3 times (!!!) to Babely Scott... I mean Brenda Scott.

I love Prine's epic yawn in Target? The Lady.