Classic Hawaii Five-O Top 10 Episodes

by John Chergi Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:53 pm

Classic HFO fans, I know it's impossible to rank all 280 episodes best to last. 12 seasons of rich episodes but I think it might be able to get a ballpark Top 10. Here are my FAV 10 Episodes Classic HFO: 1.Hookman 2.The Ninety-Second War Part I 3.Engaged To Be Buried 4.FOB Honolulu I and II 5.Didn't We Meet At A Murder? 6.Nine Dragons 7.King Of The Hill 8.Draw Me A Killer 9.The Vashon Trilogy 10.Double Exposure. What are the Best 10 or your FAV 10 Classic Hawaii Five O episodes? JC

by ringfire211 Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:08 pm

I found something I had written up a while ago when we were asked (on IMDB) to come up with our top 15 episodes (but only from seasons 1-7). So here goes....

MY TOP 15 episodes - in chronological order (seasons 1-7)


1) Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born (season 1)
This season 1 gem features one of my favorite teaser sequences where we see everything from the POV of the killer! Absolutely brilliant.. and chilling! And the music by Morton Stevens really adds to the suspense of that scene! We see the car pull up, then from inside the car we see a hand reach for the glove compartment and get the gun, then we are in the footsteps of the killer as we see what he sees as he approaches the edge of the brush which leads out onto the beach. We see McGarrett cautiously approach the killer (and us... who are also stalking McGarrett in a way via the eyes of the killer) and then we see McGarrett slowly beginning to remember and just then... BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Simply brilliant! We see Danno take over (for the first time in many such cases) and we see the team really push hard to solve this one. Also the moment where the killer is finally revealed is gasp-inducing! We see Trinian (John Larch) with his huge frame standing in the doorway looking like Frankenstein's monster! A horror of a man!

2) The Box (season 1)
My vote for the absolute best from season 1! One of the most intense and best-acted by Jack Lord! And the claustrophobic feel of a single confined space only adds to the intensity! Lord, Gerald O'Loughlin, and Gavin MacLeod turn in Emmy-worthy performances here! If anyone had any doubts as to what MacLeod could do with his "Big Chicken" character in his somewhat brief earlier appearance ("Daisies on His Coffin") then this episode seals the deal! MacLeod totally chews up the scenery here with such relish that is rarely seen - I can't get enough of this guy! "Big Chicken" is without a doubt my favorite villain in the Five-0 universe. And this is the episode that convinced me! I love the disdain that Chicken feels for McGarrett and vice versa. And I love how McGarrett riles him more and more by just keeping his cool even though you know he really wants to go ballistic on him. Cool, baby. Real cool. Chicken is just such a slimy bastard here - like a wild and rabid animal who only wants to kill! He circles McGarrett like a predator would circle his prey. Amazing stuff!

3) A Bullet for McGarrett (season 2)
My vote for best season 2 episode! I remember this episode well from my childhood so it holds a special meaning to me. I've always been fascinated with subjects dealing with mind-control and brainwashing. And this episode delivers that. And much more! The real standout here is Eric Braeden in what I consider the most memorable performance of his career. He seems to have been born to play Dr. Paul Farrar! He is equally charming, handsome, well-spoken, brilliant, and extremely deadly - Wo Fat's most brilliant disciple! The opening when Karen Adamson shoots Han diving into the pool is brilliantly shot, the hypnotizing sequence on the beach (with that sleepy music courtesy of composer Richard Shores) is appropriately eerie and disturbing, and the grand finale where we see a fight between McG and Farrar - Good vs. Evil, or The Saint vs. The Devil - is powerful and suspenseful!

4) The Second Shot (season 3)
Eric Braeden returns for another exceptional performance - this time as international assassin extraordinnaire Klaus Marburg! I just love the whole premise of shooting your own man (the detail and precision involved) in order to plant him into the confidence of your enemy! Great stuff! Marburg even later has his own man sacrificed just to erase any doubts from Five-0's mind as to where his loyalty lies. Great international espionage/conspiracy thriller!

5) The Ransom (season 3)
We've had our share of kidnapping stories over the years but none better than this one! I love that in their desperation to find a kidnapped boy Five-0 ends up losing one of their own. The reaction of rage and helplessness by McG when he sees the pictures of a badly beat-up Kono are incredible! I love Andrew Duggan as the head kidnapper and I absolutely love that distorted voice that is heard when communicating the ransom demand. That voice is a strange combination - funny and at the same time quite spooky and unsettling. I was a bit creeped out by it when I was younger. And I love the ransom drop that goes wrong at Sea Life Park. I was there at the park on my last business trip to Hawaii in the summer of '08! And something that completely blew my mind when I was at the park is that while watching the dolphin show (just like in the episode) the Hawaii Five-0 theme started playing on the loud speakers! I kid you not! I got more excited by that than the actual dolphin show..

6) Over Fifty? Steal (season 3)
So many great episodes during the third season that it's hard to pick just one favorite. The 2 above certainly qualify but maybe this one qualifies just a smidge more! What can be said about this one that hasn't already been said?! If Hume Cronyn didn't win an Emmy for this one (it looks like he didn't) then I'm mortified. We've had only a few light-hearted episodes during the show's run (with "Family Crook" and "30,000 Rooms" being the obvious ones) but none of them really hold a candle to this one. Witty and clever to the extreme! Exceptional from beginning to end with an amazing score by Morton Stevens (Filer's theme) that you find yourself humming long after the episode is finished!

7) The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney (season 3)
Well, I guess it's down to this eppie and "Over Fifty? Steal" as my season 3 favorite! Really, I can't decide. But this one is FAN-TAS-TIC!! And I saw this one for the first time when the DVD came out. This is one of the very few that I missed in syndication when I was younger. Intense episode with Danno being the target of a madman bomber! And I love the great contrast to the intensity by having Hope Summers (Clara Edwards from "The Andy Griffith Show") provide some comic relief by playing the acid-tongued busy-body hostage Mrs. Moroney. Great stuff!

8) ...And I Want Some Candy and a Gun that Shoots (season 4)
This episode completely blew me away the first time I saw it! I immediately thought I was watching the greatest Five-0 episode ever! There is just something really raw, ruthless, and violent about this one! I guess season 4 made a big point of making the series more gritty - taking the show from a more family-friendly espionage-oriented theme to a more urban/seedy/grim/disturbing theme. It works perfectly here! You basically have a total loon/psycho listening to some crappy music while taking random shots at passing vehicles while perched up at one of the bunkers on Diamond Head. It gave me a certain DIRTY HARRY vibe about the whole thing! Except of course Michael Burns (playing the sniper) is no Andy Robinson. Still, an amazing episode with another classic teaser sequence where we see the cross-hairs of the rifle and shooting out the police lights which then awesomely segues into the opening wave (while still hearing echoes of the gunshots in the background). TOTALLY AWESOME!!

9) Rest in Peace, Somebody (season 4)
My vote for BEST FIVE-0 EPISODE, period!!! Not even the gripping "Hookman" could generate the kind of tension that this one did! I couldn't believe how totally awesome this episode was! And I watched this one just a few days after I first saw the incredible "Candy and a Gun" back in the day in syndication. But there was no doubt that this was superior! The absolute best moments were the mysterious calls/harassments that McGarrett was receiving. The way McG was able to use snippets of those calls and play them back to himself to put together the pieces to the puzzle was amazing! Gripping and just plain sweaty-palms suspenseful from beginning to end! With an amazing and chilling score by Don Ray!! A+++++++++++++ "Tin idol!!!!!!! Judging men better than you are!!"

10) Journey Out of Limbo (season 5)
An amazing story that centers on Danno having to piece together fragments of his memory! Again, I recall being freaked out by this story (mainly the flashbacks) as a kid and so it holds a special place in my heart. Having recently rewatched it, it still holds up incredibly well and still sends shivers down my spine. I agree that it's quite far-fetched that "Danno's story" directly connects to the case Five-0 is working on but somehow it makes it all the more dynamic! Again, love all those flashback scenes and seeing Danno struggle to put it all together. And you gotta love the shocking opening when the truck begins to unload the sand and.. BOOM.. Danno is in the sand!! Amazing!!

11) "V" for Vashon - the trilogy (season 5)
I'm putting these 3 together as it would exclude more Five-0 gems if I were to list these separately in my TOP 15. Again, what needs to be said that hasn't already been said about quite possibly the greatest series of episodes in the show's run?? The Vashon trilogy pretty much single-handedly elevates season 5 to the high point where it sits. It's the reason most consider season 5 to be the best season. Of course the second part ("The Father") is clearly the best in the trilogy because a sniper (Don Knight) has his cross-hairs set on McG's head but the other 2 episodes are awesome as well! Kudos to Harold Gould, Luther Adler, Robert Drivas, Kwan Hi Lim, and Don Knight and his Aussie accent for stellar performances!! These 3 episodes give us riveting performances and crackling dialogue rarely seen before or after on this show!! AMAZING!!

12) Hookman (season 6)
A crackling thriller which somehow always reminds me of my personal favorite ("Rest in Peace") where we see an elusive aggressor/killer who has our heroes at his mercy! Only instead of simply McG being the target and the villain taking pleasure in taunting him (as in the former), here the killer is completely cold-blooded, almost machine-like (in great part due to the mechanical hooks), who makes absolutely no contact with his victims but just proceeds to operatically kill them in cold-blood only to leave his calling card at the scene of the crime - a gun with the dead officer's name on a plaque attached to the gun! Brilliant and mostly silent performance by Jay J. Armes as Curt Stoner, the "Hookman"! And the absolute best score of Morton Stevens' career!!!

13) Nightmare in Blue (season 6)
Another rare episode that I never saw in syndication and saw for the first time on the season 6 DVD. WOW!! Totally mind-blowing episode!! John Beck's portrayal of the rapist cop Walter Stark has to be one of the most disturbing characters in the history of the show!! And Don Ray's unsettling score really gets those ants going up the spine! The opening scene where the police cruiser pulls up to the edge of the road, the door swings open, and the body of the woman falls out as Ray's music revs up and the title of the episode appears is OUTSTANDING!!! And I love whenever Stark is "on the prowl" - in addition to Ray's creepy music we see everything from the POV of the blue police light as it "prowls" down quiet neighborhood streets. I kept thinking of JAWS with the blue police light being like the shark's fin sticking out of the water as it closes in on its prey. It's stuff like this that convinces me that Michael O'Herlihy truly was the "master director" on Five-0. There were other great ones but O'Herlihy was the man!! And this episode is among a myriad of others that show his skill at work! His camera angles/camera positions were incredible! Basically elevated the whole thing to something more than just a weekly episodic TV show.

14) The Young Assassins (season 7)
I will always remember this one for the masterpiece it is!! Loved seeing McG go totally psycho on Stanwood (Scott Marlowe) at the end after he rescues Danno! And I jumped every time McG yelled "Never!! NEVER!!!" when expressing his views on negotiating with terrorists. I also remember the opening scene where Mike (Larry Wilcox) confronts the tourist couple on the beach, introduces himself as a member of the People's Attack Group, and then shoots the guy point blank through the surf board! Hardcore stuff! As a kid it almost put fear in me when it came to the thought of visiting Hawaii someday. Tourists getting killed in the middle of the day??!! Anyway, fantastic episode where emotions run high - especially after the death of Professor Metzger (Wright Esser) and then the kidnapping of Danno!

15) I'll Kill 'Em Again (season 7)
Danny Goldman as the schizoid killer Eddie Josephs??!! Totally CREEEEEPYYY!! Mike Quigley got it right when he called him the creepiest killer on the show! Can we say "Mmmmmissster MMMMMMMMcGarrett" everyone? Great stuff!! Another superb unsettling episode from my childhood! And the idea of a killer recreating past crimes solved by Five-0 was ingenious! Plus an excellent unsettling score by Harry Geller.

By the way, here are some masterpieces that I had to exclude from my TOP 15. As difficult as it was.

Season 1
Full Fathom Five
Tiger by the Tail
King of the Hill
One for the Money

Season 2
The Singapore File

Season 3
Beautiful Screamer
The Reunion
The Double Wall

Season 4
No Bottles.. No Cans.. No People
Wednesday, Ladies Free
Odd Man In
Cloth of Gold
Good Night Baby, Time to Die

Season 5
Thanks for the Honeymoon
Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?
The Listener
Here Today.. Gone Tonight

Season 6
Draw Me a Killer
Secret Witness

by John Chergi Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:06 pm

Enjoyed your Top 10 and Top 15 Classic HFO Ringfire. I like your Yesterday Died pick. Larch played CPO Trinnian with the perfect amount of anger and cool. This episode is remembered as Trinnian shoots McG 3x on the beach at close range. I like this episode because there is room for interpretation. Maybe, Joe did receive a raw deal. 15 years is a long time behind bars. Love Joe's long walk up the staircase. I've given The Box more of a break after watching it a few times. It's a difficult episode to watch. McG goes into the Lion's Den into The Box. A convict not keeping his word. Big Chicken gets a few licks on McG. It was suicide for McG to walk in there alone. Rest In Peace, Somebody is a fine episode. I think the episode would have been better if McG could have figured out the target but the angry ex-cop painted the path to the Governor's door. Outstanding and realistic McG running back the tape over and over for clues Tin Idol! There was a healthy discussion if there was enough paint in the can to stretch over that many yards. The ending sure was tense and suspenseful. I think a man of his experience and training would have shot the Governor in the head instead of lower. The guy's excellent plan fizzled. A real waste. Maybe, he deserved another chance on the force but his death prevented that forever. JC

by ringfire211 Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:23 pm

Yep, a head shot would have made more sense for Cameron to take. But then he would have killed the Governor and we can't have that. Just gotta suspend your disbelief in that scenario. In the real world most assassinations involve a head shot. Think Lincoln or JFK. It's the primary target for an assassin. Short of a miracle, there's no chance of survival.

by todd Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:29 pm

My top 10, listed from 10th going upward:

10) Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born (Season 1)
9) One Big Happy Family (Season 6)
8) Steal Now -- Pay Later (Season 7)
7) The Young Assassins (Season 7)
6) Mother's Deadly Helper (Season 6)
5) One Born Every Minute (Season 6)
4) Vashon Trilogy (Season 5)
3) Nightmare In Blue (Season 6)
2) I'll Kill 'Em Again (Season 7)
1) Draw Me a Killer (Season 6)

Honorable mentions:

The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild (Season 2)
Welcome to Our Branch Office (Season 7)
Nine Dragons (Season 9)
Hookman (Season 6)

As you see, I really liked seasons 6 and 7.

by ringfire211 Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:08 pm

I see that 5 of your top 10 are from season 6. All excellent episodes to be sure, but I'm surprised Hookman isn't one of them. I see you have it as your honorable mention. Personally I'd switch it with One Born Every Minute and place the latter into the honorable mentions category.

by barnzoboy Fri May 12, 2017 9:42 am

Hard to narrow down to a top ten, but here's mine:

1) S03 E11 - Over Fifty? Steal
I'm a huge fan of Lewis Avery Filer. I wish this character could have been developed to the same frequency as Wo Fat

2) S06 E01 - Hookman
A consensus top 10 on many sites such as IMBD

3) S04 E03 Wednesday, Ladies Free
I like how the team pulls an all-nighter to analyze the case, drinking "gallons" of coffee

4) S06 E04 One Big Happy Family
The raw murderous violence had to be unusual for a prime time show back then. Hot daughter-in-law

5) S03 E01 And a Time to Die
Awesome presence by Wo Fat in this one, he makes a comment about keeping his promises because if he didn't, no one would fear his threats - I loved that line.

6) S04 E01 Highest Castle, Deepest Grave
Mainly because of the plot twist at the end

7) S04 E04 - 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
Buddy Ebsen - plus the last line of the show which was "Aloha.......Aloha Suckers" - I've made this my cell phone notifications sound (theme song is ringtone)

8) S03 E03 The Second Shot
While maybe a bit far-fetched, the plot kept a level of suspense throughout the episode

9) S06 E21 Nightmare in Blue
The story could easily have happened in real life in terms of impersonating a police officer. Plus this episode has the female decoy cop who is super-hot

10) S02 E 02 Just Lucky I Guess
You really have to feel for the old guy when he gets in the predicament that he finds himself in

Honorable Mentions:
Vashon Trilogy
Odd Man In - again Filer in this one
You Don't have to Kill to Get Rich, but it Helps - it's Shatner, enough said

by ringfire211 Fri May 12, 2017 1:53 pm

barnzoboy, I see that you're a big fan of seasons 3, 4, and 6. The show at its peak!!

by John Chergi Sat May 13, 2017 4:10 pm

Impressive list Barnzoboy. Hope you will be a regular contributor to the forum. Hookman in most Classic HFO fans Top 10. I'm mighty impressed with Highest Castle, Deepest Grave from the moment they find the 2 skeletons in the archaeological dig. Who are they? How long were they there? Who murdered them?
One Big Happy Family not in my Top 10 but it sure is memorable. A family killing for little money going around USA to Hawaii as well. I agree on Nightmare In Blue. That episode worked for me because they placed this good looking Walter Stark as a fake cop. You could see that the women would trust this police man. He was handsome and a trusted authority figure. Then he turned on them.
Good list of episodes. JC

by WilliamJE Mon May 15, 2017 8:52 am

My 10 favorite episodes in no particular order

The Vashon trilogy
Over Fifty- Steal
One Big Happy Family
3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
Highest Castle Deepest Grave
All the King's Horses
Draw me a Killer
I'm a Family Crook -- Don't Shoot
Nine Dragons

I think the show's best seasons were 3-6. The show begins slowly slipping in season 7, Season 8 more so (too much repetition), in season 9 the show started having too many bad or mediocre shows.

by ringfire211 Mon May 15, 2017 9:53 am

WilliamJE, I would often wonder which season I preferred - 7 or 8. They were about even for me. I know a poster on the Five-O IMDB board (before it closed) who actually considered season 8 to be his second favorite season, after season 6. But the more I think about it the more convinced I am that season 7 is slightly better than 8. In many ways it's a direct continuation from the stellar season 6, with the same producers (Bob Sweeney and William Finnegan) and Al Harrington still onboard as Ben, at least for the first half of the season. Duke is still a member of the HPD - he would shed his HPD uniform for a suit the following season, even though still not quite a full-fledged memeber of Five-O (at least not if we go by the opening titles). And while perhaps season 7 lacked some of the punch of season 6 the best episodes of that season (like I'll Kill 'Em Again and The Young Assassins) are stronger than the best episodes of season 8 (like Deadly Persuasion and McGarrett is Missing). And despite all the praise for Vashon's return in The Case Against McGarrett I feel the episode should have been more powerful than it was. It kind of fizzles out towards the end. Vashon should have been killed or something. The antagonism between him and McGarrett should have been stronger. The mock trial seemed kind of dumb and Vashon couldn't even control his own fellow inmates. They quickly realized that he was a lunatic and wanted no part of it.

by John Chergi Mon May 15, 2017 3:09 pm

William And RINGFIRE
Interesting talk on Episodes and Seasons. I think Season 7 was a transitional year. Mr. Freeman died earlier in the year and Jack would gain more control of the series and even some directing. I'll Kill'em Again, How To Steal A Masterpiece, and A Gun For McGarrett Classic episodes of the Season. It's a close vote but I prefer Season 8 to Season 7. Strength of Death's Name Is Sam, The Case Against McGarrett, McGarrett Is Missing, plus The Defector win the vote.
Only real disagreement...I thought Season 9 was one of the best in the series William. Incredible episodes Nine Dragons, Yes, My Deadly Daughter, Assault On The Palace, etc. I think Season 10 where Classic Hawaii Five O showed some signs of slippage and decay. Weak episodes When Does A War End?, Tall On The Wave arrive on the scene. However, Ill Wind, East Wind, Tsunami, and A Death In The Family some of my FAVS.
RINGFIRE, you bring up a good discussion with Duke. He was always a FAV character of mine. I can't decide if I liked Duke better in his HPD uniform or his suits. My guess through Duke the writers showed one with hard work and talent could feasibly gain entrance into Hawaii Five-O. FAV Duke episodes: Death Is A Company Policy, A Lion In The Streets, etc. JC Season 8 by WilliamJE Tue May 16, 2017 9:04 am

I wrote this (Daniel Thomas is a pseudonym I use) of Season 8 at Amazon almost 7 years ago.

"Hawaii Five-0 was beginning to show its age in season 8. None of the episodes grabbed you like other classics(Over Fifty?--Steal, The Vashon Trilogy, One Big Happy Family etc) and repetitiveness started seeping in. Late in this season there are back to back kidnapping episodes. Two episodes(The Capsule Kidnapping and Death's name is SAM) saw car-airplane chases at the end. Another pair of episodes had McGarret in the grasp of the episodes villians(Case Against McGarret and McGarret is missing)

Two other episodes(Anatomy of a Bribe and Deadly Persuasion) had villains who were more than a few cards short of a full deck but their actions at the climax didn't add up when compared to the rest of the episode. Honoree Vashon also became more and more unhinged as The Case Against McGarrett progressed. Season 8's writers kept coming back to the same themes.

Two episodes(The Waterfront Steal and Love Thy Neighbor Take his Wife) have the daughter of the bad guy involved with the criminals or the person being framed for the crime.

Richard Kiley could have made a great guest villain but he is given little to do in A Killer Grows Wings except to drive a car between sugarcane fields.

The best episodes, Retire in Sunny Hawaii--Forever, The Case against McGarret, Turkey Shoot at Makapu, Honor is an Unmarked Grave, and A Touch of Guilt, were very good but only Retire(and just marginally) ranks among Five-0's all-time best episodes. With the possible exception of Deadly Persuassion and Wooden Model of a Rat, there isn't a bad episode during the season. So overall this is good season but the warning signs of Five-0's future decline were very obvious."

Season 7 was my first introduction to 5-0. I was 13 at the time. The season is good, but I don't find any of the episodes a classic. (We Hang Our Own comes the closest. I considered putting it in my top 10) Quality is consistent throughout the season and with the exception of "A study in Rage" there isn't a bad episode.

When the DVDs were coming out, my wife and I watched the episodes with my mother-in-law. I'd ask Nanay- 'You want to watch Hawaii Five-O tonight?" We watched 8 seasons all three of us. Nanay died before Season 9 came out on DVD. She was 75.

by ringfire211 Tue May 16, 2017 2:09 pm

When the DVDs started coming out I had no intention of getting every single season. I originally just wanted to get seasons 1 and 5 because those were my favorites. However once season 2 came out and I recalled so many classic episodes I caved in and bought that one as well. Ditto season 3. Ditto season 4. LOL! Of course I had to get season 5. And of course then I had to get season 6 as well because that was part of the show's classic run (seasons 1-6) and by many accounts the show's best season! Finally I decided that I would stop there. No more! I finally had the classic 6 seasons. Shortly after I decided that I would wait for season 9 and get that one too because I considered it superior to 7 and 8. So while waiting for the release of 9 I became so terribly vexed (LOL!) that a classic like I'll Kill 'Em Again or Young Assassins or Computer Killer wasn't in my collection, so I buckled and bought 7 as well. So then I thought oh screw it, might as well get 8 too since I'll be getting 9. Everyone knows that 1-9 are the REAL classic seasons, right? But that's really the end. Finally. No more. Right?

Wrong. I ended up getting both 11 and 12 (Amazon was selling both as a package special for pennies, ok dollars) but never bothered with 10 because it was never remastered. Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have purchased 11 and 12 if Netflix hadn't removed the show from live streaming. I was content with having 1-9 in my collection and just watching the last 3 on Netflix. I finished season 10 on Netflix and started season 11 and that's when they pulled the plug. And since it's been too long since I'd seen any of these later episodes I decided to just buy those last 2 seasons and watch them. It's not really about the money but about the shelf space. But what the heck... Anyway it's interesting seeing some of these later episodes (some that I haven't seen in 15-20 years) and watching them as a grown up now and seeing whether my memory of them is accurate. Some are better than I remembered, some are worse.

by todd Tue May 16, 2017 11:57 pm

Season 7 gets a bad rap, and I don't understand it.

Look at all of these really good episodes from that season:

The Young Assassins
I'll Kill 'Em Again
Steal Now -- Pay Later
We Hang Our Own
How To Steal a Masterpiece
Welcome to Our Branch Office
Computer Killer

There were a few bad episodes in Season 7, but nothing too terrible.

Season 6 and 7 are still my favorite overall, though Season 6 was the best.

by John Chergi Wed May 17, 2017 6:26 am

My 12 season Classic HFO box set just arrive yesterday. It might be a good summer project comparing Season 7 and Season 8. I forgot Computer Killer was in Season 7. That really was a landmark episode. The 2 Season 7 episodes that I enjoyed A Gun For McGarrett an How To Steal A Masterpiece. JC

by ringfire211 Fri May 19, 2017 11:52 am

Let's not forget the excellent "A Woman's Work is With a Gun". That was pretty edgy material there - with 3 female desperados!! I love how violent and unhinged the main one is (the junkie - forget her name) and how she's able to pull the other 2 women into her crime spree. The new Five-Faux even paid tribute to that episode where some scantily clad chicks are robbing tourists on a tour bus.

Season 7 was a strong season! Still not a fan of "Steal Now - Pay Later" though.