Family friendly site examines the old and new shows

by Mr. Mike » Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:04 am

Reviews of the old and new shows from Common Sense Media, a site which looks at things from the "family" point of view, among other things:

Parents need to know that this classic crime series about a team of detectives in Hawaii was considered groundbreaking when it hit the screen in 1968 but seems dated now. Filmed on location, the show made a point to include a multiracial cast and often featured references to Asian cultures and the politics of the Pacific Rim. These efforts were progressive then, but the small glimpses of Asia are no longer exotic; instead, they seem somewhat clichéd and stereotypical. Still, overall there aren't too many moments that are inappropriate for kids. There are a fair number of fights, and main character Steve McGarrett sometimes has romantic encounters, but all of these scenes seem quite tame by today’s standards. One thing you'll see more of is smoking, which is accurate for the era.

McGarrett treats law enforcement like a military engagement: Shoot first, and shoot to kill (and thanks to his deal with the governor, there are no pesky reports to fill out afterward). As the show has progressed, it's gotten more violent than ever, more like CSI than a shoot-em-up cop show, with violent, gory, and bizarre murders committed on comely young female victims. Don't look for realism here. This show is all about the action, and there's plenty of it. There isn't really much connection to the original series, either. The names are the same, and the location, and -- of course -- the music. But otherwise, this is just another cop show, albeit one with particularly choice casting, particularly for guest stars and recurring minor characters.

by honu59 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:57 am

Interesting reviews, thanks for posting these. What caught my eye were the ratings for "positive messages" and "positive role models." For the classic show, 3 stars in both categories. For the new show, 1 star in both categories. Couldn't agree more.

by ringfire211 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:43 pm

...albeit one with particularly choice casting, particularly for guest stars and recurring minor characters.

What in the world do they mean by "choice casting"? As in "good casting"? Gimme a break!! The leads suck and the guest stars are the epitome of "stunt casting"!! You won't find a serious show out there that features the likes of P. Diddy or Jonas Brothers or Nick Lachey or Jaleel White in their guest cast. I'm not supposed to be watching an actor and constantly being reminded "Hey, that's Urkel!!!". Not that I have anything against Urkel mind you. But puuhleease!!!