Season One Keywords

by Mr. Mike Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:01 pm

I have been wanting to categorize the episodes by keywords, so you can put them into Excel or something and anal-yze how many of a particular keyword there are in a season or the whole series. Here is what I have come up with Season One. What do you think about these? The keywords should be short, no more than two words each.

The expression "internal affairs" does not really work with Five-O, because it is a unit unto itself and not beholden to HPD. Typically if there was an "internal affairs" issue with Five-O, Manicote or someone like him would get involved. I am curious to know if "internal affairs" were featured on any other classic cop shows. They are popping up in Kojak all the time. This investigative branch with the Los Angeles police department started in 1949, so I am sure other "real" police departments followed suit.

001 Full fathom five - SERIAL KILLER
002 Strangers in our own land - HAWAIIAN NATIONALISM
003 Tiger by the tail - KIDNAPPING
004 Samurai - MOBSTERS
005 ...And they painted daisies on his coffin - INTERNAL AFFAIRS
006 Twenty-four karat kill - SMUGGLING
007 The ways of love - ROBBERY
008 No blue skies - ROBBERY, TARGETED HIT
009 By the numbers - NUMBERS RACKET
010 Yesterday died and tomorrow won't be born - MURDER, ATTEMPTED MURDER, WITNESS PROTECTION
011 Deathwatch - MOBSTERS
012 Pray love remember, pray love remember - WRONG SUSPECT
014 Up tight - DRUGS
015 Face of the dragon - ESPIONAGE
017 One for the money - MURDER
018 Along came Joey - MURDER
019 Once upon a time, part I - MEDICAL QUACKERY
020 Once upon a time, part II - MEDICAL QUACKERY
021 Not that much different - MURDER
022 Six kilos - ROBBERY
023 The big kahuna - INTIMIDATION

by North Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:18 pm

That is a great idea, I'd suggest that you apply a few standard key words per episode rather than narrowing it down to one or two, for example
002 could be Hawaiian nationalism and over development,
004 could be mobsters (organized crime), Race relations and History,
017 could also include Psycho
019 could also include "off islands"
023 could also include Hawaiian nationalism and over development

It would be neat to see how the mix changes over the 12 seasons, as you mentioned in some quick Excel spreadsheet