by Johnny 6 Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:47 pm

The Case Against McGarrett

It's always good to see Honore Vashon and the Vashons trying to stop McGarrett and ending up as losers. Vashon gives it one more kick at the can as the last living of the Vashon males. He's in prison and already eligible for parole after about 4 years. This was a very good episode The Case Against McGarrett. McG has a week to stop Vashon's parole and build a strong case to produce to the parole board. McG introduces evidence to the parole board in a comprehensive report as a bitter Vashon knows that this could seal his fate. Vashon is denied parole but finds another way to try and end McGarrett. This time, Vashon and a half-dozen prisoners take a group of visiting dignitarities at the prison hostage. Vashon bets that McG will exchange himself for the safety of the hostages. McG agrees to the demand and becomes a defendant in his own trial. Vashon puts him on trial for the murder of his young son Chris Vashon. The prisoners act as jurors who will vote on McG's fate.

There is good back and forth in the mock trial. McG explains HFO investigating the hotel robbery and how it led to Chris. Vashon tries to paint McG as vindictive and a murderer who killed his son in cold blood. Vashon takes too long with the trial giving Danny and the assault team time to go through the vents and rescue McG in an exciting scene.

A few things that could have enhanced The Case Against McGarrett:
1. Having the jurors vote. It would have added to the tension. Would they all have voted Guilty? Or would 1 or 2 have voted Not Guilty.
2. Vashon discovering the secret listening device on McG. This would have added to the suspense as the assault team would have no way of knowing what was going on inside the room.

I would give The Case Against McGarrett 5 stars out of 6. What about you? John