Top 20 Hawaii Five O Episodes

by John Chergi Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:29 pm

I did a quick exercise of my FAV Top 20 Episodes. It includes strength of script, acting excellence, action and suspense, directing and photography, and HFO team detective work and engagement.

1. Engaged To Be Buried
2. Hookman
3. V For Vashon Trilogy
4. King Of The Hill
5. Didn't We Meet At A Murder?
6. FOB Honolulu I and II
7. Nine Dragons
8. Draw Me A Killer
9. Highest Castle, Deepest Grave
10. The Ninety-Second War Part I
11. The Singapore File
12. The Bomber And Mrs. Moroney
13. Yesterday Died....
14. Yes, My Deadly Daughter
15. Number One With A Bullet S11
16. The Reunion
17. East Wind, Ill Wind
18. For A Million...Why Not?
19. Over Fifty? Steal
20. A Lion In The Streets

There are about a dozen of the late episodes I have not watched. It's a very tough process with 50+ episodes worthy of consideration. Murder--Eyes Only a tough cut. Love the photography and the story. Some of the Season 8 episodes like Death's Name Is Sam and The Case Against McGarrett Honorable Mention. What about you Classic HFO fans?