Season 2 Classic HFO Cry, Lie

by John Chergi Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:32 pm

I have Season 2 HFO on DVD and Cry, Lie is always an intelligent watch. Chin Ho the HFO detective is brilliantly framed orchestrated by cocky lawyer Eddie Callo. The goal is to show corruption in the HFO forces and hopefully the fallout will bring down McG and the entire HFO organization. Chin Ho has supposedly taken payoffs and then placed the $ in a secret bank account opened by Mr. Saunders. Things deteriorate further for Chin Ho when Mr. Saunders is gunned down as a loose end and Chin Ho has no alibi. We learn that Chin Ho is not as organized as McGarrett. He cannot remember where he was on certain days when these payoffs and meetings were taking place. McG has little choice but to place Chin on suspension with the Governor's pressure on him and the evidence mounting on Chin. McG and the HFO team go on the offensive planting seeds of doubt into the minds of Carl Brohm and Eddie Callo hoping one will crack and make a mistake. Danno and Kono pretend to be criminals shooting at Callo as Callo runs quickly up stairs in a building under construction. McG arrives on scene and Callo pleads to McG for help. Callo is taken away when he agrees to talk about Brohm. The ending is strange for Hawaii Five-O as McG is known for being a stickler of doing things honestly and above board. I guess the ends justify the means because Chin is reinstated to duty and a great investigator regains his badge and good name.

Cry,Lie receives a strong 5.5 stars out of 6 from my review. McGarrett shows that he fights for Chin Ho and his team and his brilliant mind is always looking for a solution. Future episodes will show various HFO and HPD members framed including Duke in Death Is A Company Policy, Danno in Deadly Persuasion, McG in the Vashon episode and Man In A Steel Frame, and Kimo in Good Help Is Hard To Find. I think Cry, Lie would be a great episode for a young HFO fan to view due to the complexity and strength of the Chin Ho frame and McG's determination to punch a hole in it. Chin Ho would be an excellent detective for 10 seasons at HFO ending with his death in Episode 238 A Death In the Family.