Season 3 - Your Top 3 Faves

by Jeff*H Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:16 pm

Was almost tempted to make it Top 10 Faves, due to the sheer quality of this season overall. But, for consistency, I will choose 3, which I consider to be the best of the best of the best:

1. And a Time To Die: likely my favorite Wo Fat show, mainly due to his wonderful character development in this one, and outstanding performance by Khigh Dhiegh. The score by Shores is excellent, too, and Donald Moffat shines as Dr. Forbes.

2. FOB Honolulu: My favorite of the series' espionage thrillers, with an outstanding guest cast, tight plotting with lots of twists, and another fantastic helping of Wo Fat, spread over 2 episodes!

3. The Second Shot: I know most fans aren't likely to choose this one, but I thoroughly love the plot of this one, with Eric Braeden's best guest performance as the mole out to assassinate Dr. Lemira (John Marley's best guest performance as well). Some ham-handedness in the plotting towards the very end, but still has a great pace, great score, great scenery, and that wonderful guest cast.

My runners-up would be The Ransom, The Late John Louisiana, Over 50? Steal, Force of Waves, and Paniolo.

by John Chergi Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:30 pm

Great topic Jeff. I can't resist throwing my 2 cents in on Season 3 Classic Hawaii Five O. This could be one of the strongest seasons. Tough to pick 3 but here it goes.

1. FOB Honolulu. A brilliant 2 part episode as McG follows the bloody trail of 2 perfect counterfeit $20 plates. Some of the best characters in the series with the poisonous and beautiful Nicole Fleming and the cunning criminal WO FAT. Throw in the military officer CDR Nicholson who goes over to the dark side and the underrated Mr. Madrid and it is a powerhouse episode.

2.The Bomber & Mrs. Moroney. Simply one of the best episodes in the series. An intelligent criminal seeks out Danny Williams who killed his brother and sets to avenge the death. The criminal is wired to detonate and has several hostages in the HFO office. McG is out of town and it is up to Danny to find a way out of the situation. A suspenseful and tension-packed episode. I'll always remember Chin Ho blinded by muzzle flash and the little quips by Mrs. Moroney. Exceptional episode!

3.The Reunion. One of the best military type episodes showing 3 American GI POW friends at a 25 year reunion who discover a sadistic and torturing Japanese officer walking right in front of them. One has been crippled by this Rashieri and another had his mind scrambled from torture by the officer. McG has to weight the evidence and situation. Could the soft-spoken grandfatherly businessman really be the torturous Japanese officer at the POW camp? The Reunion builds suspense as more of the characters are framed or killed and an excellent ending pushes The Reunion into the top 3.

Just missing the cut...The Late John Louisiana, And A Time To Die, Trouble In Mind, Beautiful Screamer.

by ringfire211 Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:23 pm

You simply can't have a season 3 top 3 without "Over Fifty? Steal"

1. Over Fifty? Steal - dir. Bob Sweeney
2. The Ransom - dir. Michael O'Herlihy
3. The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney - dir. Paul Stanley

Other stellar honorable mentions: The Second Shot, Beautiful Screamer, The Reunion, The Double Wall, Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart, The Guarnerius Caper