Season 1 - Your Top 3 Faves

by Jeff*H Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:52 pm

Figured a good thread to kick off this topic is a discussion of your top 3 favorite episodes from season 1:

1. Death Watch - extremely tense episode, great performances all around, particularly from Nehemiah Persoff and James Shigeta

2. Full Fathom Five- the delightful Kevin McCarthy is the villain you can't help but love, despite his ruthlessness, thanks to his oily charm

3. The Box- Big Chicken, Charlie Swanson, and McGarrett all trapped in a tiny room--what's not to love?

Guilty pleasure for me is " Samurai", because of Montalban, a fiery McGarrett, and a great music score by Morton Stevens, even though Montalban's makeup and accent are ridiculous.

by Mr. Mike Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:52 pm

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by Vrinda Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:09 pm

There are too many to count from Season 1, but going by process of elimination, it would be:

1. ... And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin ... - the episode that introduced me to Hawaii Five-O. I can still see McGarrett threatening to cram that chain down that blonde hippie's throat!
2. Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born - a chilling story that keeps you on edge - with Steve severely injured and near death, Danno in charge, and the attorney general on the hit list.
3. King of the Hill - more suspense as only Five-O can do - a psychotic Vietnam vet, Danno injured and held hostage, a hospital under siege, and McGarrett pretending to an army medic to save the day.

by Mr. Mike Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:50 pm

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by Steven from Miami Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:55 am

1. Up Tight- Love the sunny-on-the-surface-but-darkness-within regarding late 1960s acid casualties. Notice how it's just the young, beautiful, and angelic young women who are shown as the victims. This must have terrified the average parent then. Both Five-0 and Mannix--the P.I. of the "Silent Majority"--represented both the nobility and reflected the fears of the World War II generation albeit through the limited scope of TV. Ed Flanders, while a recurring guest star--what, seven appearances in the first seven seasons?--was positively chilling, particularly his flat, hypnotic voice which was so reassuring and creepy at the same time.

2. Cocoon- Virtually everything about Five-0 is set up here. It feels like a movie. Brilliant use of music and of silence, too. For those who feel that Five-0 turned into a spy show of sorts--nobody here, of course--never saw the pilot because Five-0 began as a Cold War, international intrigue series.

3. Once Upon a Time- The one real time when we get to see the personal side of McGarrett--and The Big Daddy to Hawaii sheds copious, emotional, yet supremely masculine, Greatest Generation tears. i wish we had gotten more of McGarrett's family, but it was not to be.

by Mcgarrettsmerc Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:44 pm

1, Cocoon. Because it is the first. Because it has a bigger-than-hourlong television episode feel to it.

2. Samurai. Because of that beyond cool transition scene with the '68 Park Lane Brougham cruising at its sinister best down Portlock Road.

3. Up Tight. Three words-Brenda Scott bikini.

by ringfire211 Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:18 pm

1. The Box - dir. Seymour Robbie
Tense prison drama at its absolute best!! Jack Lord, in his all-time best performance, is on fire here! He's an absolute firecracker!! Just watch him and Big Chicken square off - you just can't turn away! And speaking of, Gavin MacLeod as Big Chick is the all-time sleaziest and most memorable baddie in the show's entire run! He's like a vulture here, circling around McGarrett, ready to finish him off. Gerald S. O'Loughin as Charlie Swanson puts in an excellent performance as well.

2. Deathwatch - dir. Herschel Daugherty
Two actors - Nehemiah Persoff and James Shigeta - as Harry Cardonus and Joe Matsukino deliver in spades to make this episode an all-timer! Jack Lord's performance when he promises Matsukino ("if it's the last thing I do from behind this desk") to send him to Oahu State for life ("for the murder of my good friend Charlie Kadison") gives me goosebumps each and every time! Plus I just love McGarrett's disdain and disgust towards Cardonus, having to protect him knowing that the latter was the one who hired the "boxman" who killed Charlie.

3. Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born - dir. Herschel Daughtery
An absolute classic! One of the most chilling openings (that Morton Stevens score that plays while we follow the killer from his POV is spine-tingling!) where McGarrett is stalked from behind the bushes on the beach and then shot multiple times. Brrrrrr! John Larch did great work as the revenge-obsessed Joseph Trinian!

by Mr. Mike Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:33 pm

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NOTE: Cocoon is at the end of the Season 1 poll list, it was broadcast at the end of the season in two parts.

by North Wed Jun 29, 2016 2:03 pm

Top 3 of my favorite season, tough assignment! I did my best and came up with the following in order of original airtime:

1... Cocoon, despite it's weaknesses it set the tone for 12 years and made it clear that McG wasn't just a cop on the beat, great production values for a 60's TV show made a great first splash
2... Full Fathom Five, You have to love Kevin McCarthy, such an entertaining yet serious episode all at once
3... Strangers In Our Own Land, not the best episode in terms of acting and story but it brought a huge local issue to light, over development. It made it clear that Hawaii was going to be more than just scenery with H5O

by John Chergi Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:00 pm

Season 1-Top 3 Faves Classic HFO

1.King Of The Hill. One of the first incredible episodes of Classic HFO. Yaphet Kotto's acting was dynamic and first rate. McGarrett shows his brilliance and resourcefulness throughout as he must save a bleeding Danny from a Marine John T. Auston who thinks he's back in Vietnam. The episode is tension-packed throughout. McG has several obstacles to tackle. Auston is suppose to receive an Award in Washington DC for his Vietnam service and must not be killed. It is also a Cardiac floor with patients just out of surgery. Throw in Auston is armed and firing down the hospital corridor and Danny might bleed to death if immediate action doesn't happen. One of my FAVS 6 Stars!!!

2. Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born. An exciting and revenge-type episode. McG is shot 3 times on the beach at point blank range. Who is the perpetrator? Danny elevates his game and tries to find the unknown assailant. It looks like Steve might be finished with 70/30 odds against surviving but McG is a tough Capricorn goat. The perpetrator CPO Joseph Trinnian has just served 15 years of hard time in Portsmouth prison and looking for revenge in Hawaii. Killing those he blames for his incarceration. The final scene is Classic with Trinnian taking the long staircase up to murder the Attorney General. It's a race against time. 6 Stars good!!!

3.Full Fathom Five. Excellent episode. A full proof plan by Nora and Victor Reese in meeting single women and widows. Befriending them quickly, taking their money, and killing them. This effective killing machine meets their match with Joyce. She's a mother and police woman sent undercover by McG. A suspenseful episode as Joyce meets Victor Reese and Nora and must be watchful of their movements and motives. Danny finds a deadly poisonous pill in Victor's quarters meant for Joyce. McG must save Joyce before she becomes the next victim. A strong 5 stars and 1st episode HFO gives it #3 on the FAV list.

by John Chergi Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:38 pm

Vrinda and Ringfire

I'm curious where you would put Cry,Lie on your Top Season 2 Classic HFO episodes. Season 2 was a very strong season. I really thought it was an excellent episode. The lawyer Callo has a strong plan to frame Chin but McG as we see for 12 seasons cannot be outsmarted. It was strange to watch Callo unravel when he was a cool and in control customer throughout. Happy to see you two on the forum. I was going to have a new name like Clem Brown or HRH but kept my name from last forum. I might move Cry, Lie to #3 but I have Just Lucky, I Guess in that spot for now.

by ringfire211 Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:44 pm


"Cry, Lie" is indeed another classic episode. It doesn't quite crack my top 3 (or top 5) for season 2 because there are other episodes that I am even more fond of. But it's an excellent episode nonetheless - easily Kam Fong's best performance. You really feel for him. It really is Chin's show all the way! I also love the scene where McGarrett tells Kono "if you weren't a friend I'd punch you right in the mouth".

I also don't mind McGarrett bending the law a bit at the end to make Eddie Calhao confess. It was good to scare the crap out of him and wipe that smug look off his face. Martin Sheen did a great job playing up that young arrogant cockiness. Of course if he had found out that it was all a ruse then he could claim it was entrapment and the case would most likely get thrown out of court. But since he doesn't know it then it's all good. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

by paula.proffitt Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:55 am

Just joined the site after guesting for a while

Hard to land on 3 but giving it a shot...

Yesterday Died...great story, Steve injured, and Danny saves the day. I'm a simple woman.

Once Upon a Time. Jack Lord's emotional scene shows the depth of his acting abilities...sure miss him. Also shows us Danny isn't afraid to speak his mind to his boss and friend.

King of the Hill. Again great acting but also we see how much Steve cares for Danny. Also was a timely episode and subject matter. We also see more of Danny's nature when he's unable to save himself by simply shooting his captor.

Must give a mention to Cocoon. I don't consider it a true episode. It sets up the show and even though Steve and his staff have some personality changes from the pilot to the next installment it's still a favorite. Shows us Steve is tough as nails! Biggest regret is that Jimmy MacArthur wasn't there yet. I had introduced my 21 year old son to the show last year but didn't show him Cocoon until he had viewed a couple of seasons first. Then I introduced Cocoon and he was amused, and surprised, by the character changes - was fun to see his reactions!

by bmasters9 Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:50 pm

ringfire211 wrote:2. Deathwatch - dir. Herschel Daugherty
Two actors - Nehemiah Persoff and James Shigeta - as Harry Cardonus and Joe Matsukino deliver in spades to make this episode an all-timer! Jack Lord's performance when he promises Matsukino ("if it's the last thing I do from behind this desk") to send him to Oahu State for life ("for the murder of my good friend Charlie Kadison") gives me goosebumps each and every time! Plus I just love McGarrett's disdain and disgust towards Cardonus, having to protect him knowing that the latter was the one who hired the "boxman" who killed Charlie.

And that latter revelation on Cardonus' part leads McGarrett to say "Shut up," and then angrily yell "SHUT UP!!" (Pardon the all-caps, but that's how it came across to me when I saw this outing from the first-season DVD release.)

by John Chergi Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:09 pm

I think King Of The Hill is my FAV Classic HFO Season 1 episode. So many interesting things about the episode. Danny has been shot and needs medical attention but captured by a Marine John Auston who has flashbacks to Vietnam action after getting hit in the head with a bat. Everything in the episode is authentic and suspenseful. Auston will be receiving an award in Wash DC for his service so killing him would be out of the question but he has Danny hostage who's bleeding. Throw in the cardiac patients recovering from surgery and it appears a no-win situation for McG. How will he rescue Danny but somehow capture Auston without killing him. It's a powerful episode and in my Top 10 Classic HFO.