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Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I really enjoyed Most Likely To Succeed Streets Of SF. Think it's Season 4. One of the few I somehow missed. Brilliant episode from start to finish. It was a great family but the pressure on the student to succeed was noticeable. Everything about Most Likely To Succeed was well-done. The teacher had to work on the final grades and Paul was failing. The 1 bad grade would ruin his chance at the Ivy League college. I thought when Paul had the psychotic episode with the sword was an incredible scene. Most Likely To Succeed definitely Top 10 Streets Of SF. I have The Takers and Mask Of Death as the 2 best Streets Of SF but Most Likely To Succeed would easily fit anywhere from #3 to #9. JC

Added: October 29 2018 06:29:33 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

I watched SOSF ďSchool of FearĒ. I still think itís an interesting episode and quite good, though maybe not the classic I thought it was. The major problem is that the frail elderly teacher looks VERY old and dottering so itís pretty laughable that his captive students canít overpower him. Especially when heís holding a knife to get them to comply. Ok I can understand that they might fear a gun because it doesnít take much for it to go off. But a knife? A healthy agile teen canít disable a frail old man with a knife? Címon! You can either disable him and take the knife away from him or just simply run away. Whatís he gonna do? Throw the knife at you as you run? Lol. It should have never even gotten to the point where he could chain them in that abandoned building. But I digress. Other than that itís an interesting episode. Maurice Evans plays the character very well and his British accent in particular is a joy to listen to! The way he recites poetry is magnificent! But Iím shocked that he was only 64 in this episode. He looks downright ancient. He could pass for an 80 year old easy!

EDIT: Actually I just checked and Maurice Evans was born in 1901 so that would make him 74. Thatís more like it. Though I still say he looks more like 80 and beyond.

Added: October 26 2018 12:31:34 PM

Submitted by: DJ
From: North Liberty, Iowa

Sad to report that Roger Robinson, who played Gil Weaver on Kojak, has died. I've recently gotten into Kojak thanks for Mr Mike's suggestion and was impressed by Robinson's acting. He always felt like a strong, vital character, even though he only appeared in 11 episodes. Robinson also had quite an Broadway career according to the NY Times obit. RIP, Gil.

Added: October 05 2018 07:14:55 PM

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