M Station Hawaii was a 1980 TV pilot executive produced and directed by Jack Lord following the twelfth and final season of Hawaii Five-O. (See IMDB for production credits and my site for plot description and anal-ysis.) The show was not picked up by any network.

I received a DVD from a person who purchased some of Lord's memorabilia on Ebay a few years ago, including U-Matic tapes which contained excerpts from daily shooting of Hawaii Five-O (click here to see those excerpts) and M Station Hawaii. The person described these tapes as follows: "Most of the tapes were 5-0 episodes that Jack Lord taped on his own U-Matic Machine from television (or perhaps were provided directly by the studio) -- each containing one episode. Many of these tapes were labeled by the studio, or some studio service, as dailies at one time but were re-used by Mr. Lord and taped over. These are the oversized 3/4 inch tapes that are almost twice the size of a VHS tape. U-matic was the first attempt at making commercial video equipment for the consumer market. One tape apparently Jack Lord taped over with Super Bowl 16!"

The excerpts from M Station Hawaii, the first day's filming on February 21, 1979, are in three sections. The first two are each about 16 minutes long, the third is less than a minute. Jack Lord does not appear on screen in these excerpts (he has a very brief cameo in the film as a Navy Admiral), but you can hear his voice as director in the background.

In some of the scenes, Vasily Litvak (Ted Hamilton, who looks like The Man From GLAD), head of the local Russian agents, meets with his superior Restov (Frankie Stevens). They are worried about information on a submarine which sank off the coast of Oahu falling into Americans’ hands. The submarine is located very close to international waters, and the plan is that another Russian submarine will attempt to get close to it and destroy it. But in order to do this, the submarine has to be located first.


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