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The following are comments which I've received about the Hawaii Five-O Home Page in e-mail...

I was at the 5-0 Reunion with you all & your 5-0 homesite is the 1st-Class BEST of the BEST!!
I'm a new surfer but it didn't take me long to find this H50 site. I will spend many hours here.
Your site is wonderful!!!!!!! My family tried to never miss an episode of Hawaii Five-O. It is still one of our favorite shows, although we can only see it in reruns. Thanks for bringing some very nice memories back to me. I love your site!!!
Your 5-0 page is absolutely one of the best websites I have ever seen! I love the show and your episode guide has proven invaluable when figuring out which episodes to tape on my VCR. You must have put a considerable amount of time into creating such a great resource. Thanks.
Awesome says it all.
Just discovered your site while surfing around. It is excellent! I have bookmarked it and plan to return.
I am so pleased to learn that I am not the only individual that was -- at one point in her life -- completely hooked on Hawaii Five-O. Thanks for the memories.
Just looked at your reviews - great job. Five-O is my alltime favorite show.
First may I say your web site is nothing short of outstanding. I can't believe all the 5-0 info!!
CONGRATULATIONS on your site award, Good work! I enjoy it regularly.
I grew up with Hawaii Five-O always on television - it's one of the foundations of my youth, you might say. That and "All in the Family" (not that the two shows could be compared other than in their longevity!) and my parents' annual Christmas bash. Anyway, I've hit your site a couple of times and am really impressed with the amount of work you have devoted to your page. Really amazing and a wonderful, informative location. It's also easy to maneuver inside (a very important quality for a computer neophyte like myself!).
I've been visiting your site for several months & am very impressed with the work you've done. Thank you again for a wonderful web site!
Thanks for being the Five-O junkie that you are!!!!!
Hello, I am excited I found all this info on Hawaii 5-0. I thought I was the only person who likes the show so much. I used to see it when I was a child in my country, Dominican Republic. They were in Spanish but the guy that did McGarrett talked just like Jack Lord. You have a great webpage.
I recently discovered the Hawaii Five-O webpage, and it has been so much fun seeing all it has to offer.
I thought your website of Hawaii Five-O was excellent. This is one of the best websites dedicated to this series.
Thank you for your absolutely fabulous page about Hawaii Five-O. I enjoy it almost every day!
I'm pleased to say that no Internet site has ever frightened me more than yours. Congratulations. When I found yours, especially the episode by episode breakdown, allowing me to look up my particular favorite -- the bubonic plague hits Five-O -- I knew the Internet had gone out of control.
Your Five-O page is THE BEST! Thanks for keeping it updated.
Keep up the great work. I have checked into the FIVE-O page from time to time and noticed the latest improvements. I am 49 years old and FIVE-O was one of my favorite tv shows while growing up. Our small south Texas town played the theme song at all our high school football games.. The halftime music still plays in my head. Thank you for keeping the spirit of FIVE-O and Jack Lord alive.
Your site is second to none!
You have one of the best pages on the Web. Congratulations. As a former island resident and jack lord fan, it's great to tour your site!
A lot of fans will be glad that you've done such a marvellous job.
I love your page, I'm only twelve years old and I'm a big fan of Hawaii Five-O. I tape every episode and watch it about 2 or 3 times that night depending on how good it is.
You have done a fantastic job with the Hawaii Five-O page. Good work!!!
Wow! This is one of the coolest sites ever! I grew up watching 5-0 and can honestly say it is STILL my favorite show. Let me put it this way; they could be showing evacuation routes out of the city on one channel and Hawaii 5-0 on the other and I'll be watching "A Bullet for McGarrett" :-) This site is awesome! I sat and listened to the main theme about 15 times. Now I just have to quit my job and get that one way ticket! Who knows, I could be the next Hunter R. Hickey! (kidding, just kidding...) Seriously: Excellent work! I thank you.
I was surfing the net one day and I happily came upon your " Hawaii Five-O " Home Page. It was soooooo much fun going down memory lane with all my pals from the Palace. Your synopsis of each season, AND each episode is incredible! I just love all of your personal likes and dislikes. Those in the know, behind the scene snippets are precious. Your descriptions are so vivid I can actually SEE what you are talking about in each episode. Thank you for having the most informative, fan friendly, visual, " Hawaii Five-O " school of FUN fan site that I have ever had to pleasure to read.
I want to first congratulate you for your shrine to Hawaii Five-O. The amount of information is nothing short of amazing! I am using your episode guide/lists to keep track of my growing H5O video collection (I record episodes currently running on WGN). Yours is definitely the best H5O site out there in cyberland!
I am impressed that one man would endeavor to compile such a monumental tribute that your web site is.
No matter how many times I read your summaries they always make my laugh out loud. Often a week later. Your summary of Samurai made me giggle almost as much as the episode itself. I just got cable, so now I get to watch a final season episode at 2am followed by a first season episode at 3am. I'm in heaven. Thank goodness I work at night.
I love your web-site. In fact I love it so much that I have put it in my '' Favourites '' box. I visit it often and have printed out a number of items. It is so extensive that I am still exploring it , and almost daily I come across new golden nuggets. Thanks a million for all your hard work.
Thank-you for the wonderful site. I had only planned to glance through it but found it so interesting and entertaining that I viewed it for about five hours.
I love Hawaii Five-O and this is the by and far best site on the show. Man, do I love that 68 Merc!!!!
I've visited your site many, many times & figured it was time I told you "thanks" & what a totally COOL site it is!:) I have literally spent hours here!
Mike - congratulations on your web site - it's great! I've been a Five-O fan since its first season. I can still remember the night that my parents brought home our first ever Color TV. Guess what the first show as that I ever saw in color? I very clearly recall watching that famous opening sequence with my mouth hanging open in awe. I'll never forget it.
I just wanted to say I enjoyed surfing through Your website devoted to one of my favourite TV-series since my childhood. Its a good thing to know that good TV shows will never be forgotten thanks to people like You.
Mike - congratulations on your web site - it's great! I've been a Five-O fan since its first season. I can still remember the night that my parents brought home our first ever Color TV. Guess what the first show as that I ever saw in color? I very clearly recall watching that famous opening sequence with my mouth hanging open in awe. I'll never forget it.
great site... amazingly exhaustive. nice job! you are the 5-0 god! kick ass!

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