Lekio (Radio)

Season Two: Show #18 -- First broadcast 2/27/12

Mr. Chang

Jimmy appears in this episode of the Five-0 "reboot" as Mr. Chang, owner of a produce store who is selling illegal fireworks which are hidden in the bottom of boxes of fruit. Jimmy reported on his Facebook page: "Peter Lenkov, Producer, told me about a year ago that he wanted to write me into one of the episodes. Last week, I got a call to come in and look at some dialogue and take some camera shots. It seems that all went well on both sides and I'll be shooting a nice part that could be a recurring part. My big excitement is ... I'm shooting with Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan and ... TAH RAH ... JAMES CAAN. He's one of my favorite actors! We get to bang heads (dialogue-wise). We shoot next week. Thank you, Peter Lenkov, Thank you Rachel (for the hot read) ... JAMES CAAN ... YAY."

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