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Season Seven: Show #155 -- First broadcast 12/3/1974


In this uncredited performance, Jimmy plays a reporter from the Star-Bulletin who grills McGarrett when a car is fished out of the drink by the docks.

Interesting trivia: When the video clip was originally posted, someone suggested that Jimmy's voice was dubbed by radio personality and voice actor Casey Kasem. Another person said this was not true, and I was skeptical. So I went to the "horse's mouth," JB himself. He replied: "It was dubbed by a professional in LA. Because it was a one-day shoot for me, I didn't have the right to do my own overdub...has to be a 3-day shoot before they have to send the film back to Hawaii for me to overdub my own voice. It does sound a bit like Casey Kasem!" JB later elaborated on this: "They overdubbed me without my permission. I went to the Union and got $5000 extra from that producer. I thought they wouldn't use me again, but they called me one week later for a role."

Further trivia: Fred Helfing, a poster in my discussion forum, pointed out that on the season 7 DVD set, there is an episodic promo for this show, where JB's actual voice is heard! JB has confirmed this is his voice in a message to me: "That is my voice. I'm thrilled to be intact." Check it out below...

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