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Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

4 stars out of 6 is not equivalent to 2 stars out of 4. It is equivalent to 2? out of 4.

That said, there are a LOT of things that keep Sweet Terror from being anywhere near a "classic."

This is not a new opinion, I only gave it 2 out of 4 before now, it will probably stay at that rating.

Added: November 30 2018 08:16:20 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Blind Tiger re-viewed:

(Also took a while...)

Added: November 30 2018 06:57:06 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

I happened to read the IMDB review for "The Hostage" (season 7) and the reviewer basically says itís a retread of "King of the Hill" (which it is) but then says itís actually superior to "King of the Hill". I disagree. Not only did "Hill" come first but it was more powerful. The hospital setting is more dangerous/risky than an apartment complex. Yaphet Kotto was much better in his performance than Dane Clark (Daneís best performance was as Victor Jovanko in "Blood Money is Hard to Wash"). Kottoís John T. Auston was literally *there* in Vietnam when he flipped out. Clarkís Jesse Cooper was just suffering from some delayed stress - he wasnít imagining that he was right there on the battlefield fighting. Austonís captive is Danno whoís basically bleeding to death on the hospital floor. Cooperís captive is a young Linda Purl whoís completely unharmed. The stakes are much higher in "Hill" than in "Hostage". I like both episodes but "Hill" is easily superior. Plus I love season 1 McG being a complete firecracker, even if he is a bit irrational in his quest to save Danno, pushing everyone left and right. :D
I guess the one memorable addition in "Hostage" was the Grover character (nope, not Chi McBride), who weíd never see again. I guess itís fun to see McG butt heads with someone but I think it overstays its welcome pretty quickly. Weíve seen plenty of this by season 7.

Added: November 30 2018 05:22:48 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Mike, on the contrary, thereís a great interest in your newest reviews and we read them all. Removing stars certainly doesnít help things in my view. In fact the other day I watched King of the Hill and enjoyed reading your review after the fact. Yaphet Kotto gave an Emmy-worthy performance, especially with his rant at the end. Totally agree that he was sweating like crazy there too! Canít remember anyone else on the show ever being sweatier than he was in that scene.

As for some mistakes in your reviews (usually with names) Iíve spotted some over the years but didnít always reach out to you about them. I figured you were busy with other stuff. Itís no biggie, youíre doing a great job! Keep up the great work!

Added: November 30 2018 05:05:45 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I've always been a Sweet Terror fan. This should have been a Top 10 episode in the series but a few things keep it from being a Classic. Stoss is 1 of my FAV villains. He's a highly intelligent and arrogant villain. The destruction of Hawaii's sugar cane crop is an interesting concept for an episode. Especially since sugar and harvesting the cane an important industry in Hawaii. Sweet Terror has a promising start as Stoss uses an umbrella on a plane to silently murder an agent. The umbrella extends and inserts itself through the seat and into the agent. Killing him instantly. McG & HFO Team have a lead when the dead agent Bridger has been drawing a beautiful woman on the plane? Who is the beautiful, mysterious woman? She just happens to be part of the criminal enterprise with Stoss. Sweet Terror begins to falter when Marianna the attractive criminal from the plane is struck by a vehicle. Her likeness is striking to the picture. In the hospital, Marianna is eliminated as a loose end although she has not been disloyal to the group. Stoss using some toxic chemicals has infected at least 1 or 2 fields through the crop dusting. McG & HFO Team are able to limit the damage to the sprayed fields. With the young woman's accident and her murder in the hospital, Stoss's excellent plan starts unraveling and he needs to leave. Stoss is able to wound McGarrett with the umbrella but can't escape using the helicopter. Sweet Terror has a creative story and a good villain in Stoss but never reaches the level of greatness like a Hookman or a Highest Castle, Deepest Grave. There's too many coincidences like Bridger drawing Marianna on the plane. She just happens to be 1 of the criminal group. Or Stoss wounds McGarrett with the umbrella but not to a vital organ or any poison on the tip. I'd give Sweet Terror a solid 4 stars ???? out of 6. This corresponds with Mr. Mike's 2 stars ?? on his ???? star system.

Added: November 30 2018 03:55:49 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

With regard to why I removed the ratings for the first season, I already discussed this in a post on October 11 2018 08:37:15 AM (this is currently on the 4th page of the forum you can access at the top of the page).

It seems to me that there is not a lot of interest in discussing those shows that I re-viewed, which makes me wonder why I bothered to do this.

Ironically, I was watching "Sweet Terror" the other day prior to reviewing >that< one again, and I found a major error mixing up two of the characters in the show which has been in the review for at least 18 years. Strange that no one caught this (I have fixed it now).

Added: November 30 2018 09:14:51 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I *knew* there was a Five-O connection - I just didn't know that was it! The name was familiar but I didn't know the episode. Or in this case, the pilot movie :)

Added: November 29 2018 05:23:38 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

No problem, Bobbi. Whenever I come across Morton Stevens I just gotta give it a listen. That piece actually reminds me of this superb Ennio Morricone piece from the Charles Bronson flick VIOLENT CITY from 1970:
I think itís the maestroís most underrated pieces of film scoring. Probably because it belongs to a largely forgotten early Bronson revenge flick. I love it though - both the film and the score.

As for the Andy Griffith TV movie (which I should probably make some time to see) did you notice it was directed by Paul Wendkos? He directed "Cocoon" of course.

Added: November 29 2018 03:49:43 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - that is awesome!! It's goes along, lulls you into happiness, then bam! the tempo changes and the notes wake you up. It is a fun piece. Thanks for finding that!

Added: November 29 2018 01:32:15 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Check out the intro theme by Morton Stevens to the Andy Griffith TV-movie STRANGERS IN 7A. Itís an excellent piece. Sounds like a cross between Ennio Morricone and Lalo Schifrin.

Added: November 28 2018 08:05:44 PM

Submitted by: alpha128
From: formerly of the IMDb

ringfire211 wrote:

"Hey alpha, good to hear from you again! I totally agree with you about the importance of the star rating in Mr. Mike's episode reviews. That's the first thing you see when you look at the episode title and that's the immediate impression you get about the episode. Of course the real treat then comes from reading the actual review to see why Mike gave the episode the rating that he did. Without reading the review the star rating doesn't mean anything. Can't really have one without the other."

Hi ringfire. I agree that the review and the rating of each episode go hand in hand. I think everyone understands that the ratings are subjective and reflect Mr. Mike's opinion. There will be invariably be different opinions and that's OK.

Added: November 28 2018 07:46:07 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Agree Ringfire - The ratings are based on what Mr. Mike is seeing. Everyone's opinions vary. I found his reviews helpful in more than one way - all depends on what I'm looking for.

Added: November 27 2018 02:18:22 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

I understand that tastes are subjective and Iím obviously just talking here about Mikeís opinions of these episodes. These are his reviews after all. He can give out the star ratings as he sees fit. Iím sure he takes all his analyses into account when deciding on the star rating.

Added: November 27 2018 02:11:28 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Good discussion about the ratings HFO Forever. I think most of the Classic HFO fans can agree on the best episodes of the Series. My guess The Vashon Trilogy, Hookman, Draw Me A Killer, The Ninety-Second War Part I would be on most Top 10 or 20 lists. I think the psychological episodes have the most division or difference in ratings. Deadly Courier, Deadly Persuasion, Journey Out Of Limbo are episodes people have mixed opinions on through the years. I liked Deadly Courier although it is highly unbelievable for some to believe in the behavior modification with lights too. Also in such a short period of time. Deadly Persuasion would have been better without the schizophrenia episodes instead as a revenge episode. I did like the Deadly Persuasion story and Danno's framing. Journey Out Of Limbo again is complex with Danno's concussion and fragmented memories. It might have been better if the vengeful officer held the Chinese friend hostage in his compound. His rage building as he recounts his Son's death. Would have been better without the convoluted death plot involving the remote control explosion.
I think other differences result in the story itself like Six Kilos. Why does McGarrett take Brown's identity? Why not just tail Brown since they had Danno, Chin, and others in position at the airport?
In my reviews, I have a 6 star system. Usually, I start at 4 stars and chip away from there. Most HFO episodes are above 4 stars because of the excellent acting and writing. I'm still amazed 50 years later how the Classic HFO episodes hold up. I like the ratings especially when Mr. Mike includes the stars and half star reviews. I probably would only have full star differences in 8-10 episodes out of 278 with Mr. Mike. Not much difference at all. I would give higher stars to For A Million Why Not?! King Of The Hill, Samurai, Deadly Courier for example. However, on episodes like the disappointing The Killer at Sea and the remarkable Honor Is An Unmarked Grave...Mr. Mike right on the money with my thoughts and ratings. I think the ratings and reviews help. You might remember the old Siskel & Ebert show when they would give movies a thumbs up or thumbs down review. Most of the time, they were accurate on the quality of a movie. JC

Added: November 27 2018 12:04:59 PM

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oaks

Hard to respond to the question about the value of the ratings stars. Opinions vary about whether an episode is good, and those opinions are very subjective. After all, we all see different things. One of us judges the plot, while another watches how characters interplay or how the guest stars perform. Yet another of us is captivated by the scenery or the cars or the costumes. Well, the list goes on. Is it possible for anyone to be objective when the decision is so very subjective? I don't think so. But, hey ho, this discourse is just one person's opinion.

Added: November 27 2018 07:44:37 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

alpha128 wrote:

"Personally, I think the star ratings are one of the most important features of the site. Back on the old IMDb, when we would discuss specific episodes, we would always give our ratings and compare them to yours."

Hey alpha, good to hear from you again! I totally agree with you about the importance of the star rating in Mr. Mike's episode reviews. That's the first thing you see when you look at the episode title and that's the immediate impression you get about the episode. Of course the real treat then comes from reading the actual review to see why Mike gave the episode the rating that he did. Without reading the review the star rating doesn't mean anything. Can't really have one without the other.

Added: November 26 2018 12:52:26 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

You man after all that heartache and waste time, they just walk away?

Now I'm really confused. But this is the reboot we're talking about. :!thinking:

Added: November 25 2018 01:39:10 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Plenty to discuss on the HFO forum. Thanks to Mr. Mike and many of the regular posters. Bobbi, I agree on Season 6 Classic HFO. It has many excellent and interesting episodes. Hookman, Draw Me A Killer, The Sunday Torch to name a few. The 6th Season is my 2nd FAV HFO Season behind Season 3. The Banzaii Pipeline might be a 4 out of 6 on my rating system. Good surfing footage and the surfer turned to crime using the credit card to finish the movie. I would have liked to see the surfers survive the shooting. A good ending would have been the 2 surfers surviving the shooting. They realize the movie had been released and a success. McGarrett lecturing the one using the credit card with a stern warning and some kind of community service and restitution plan instead of jail time. Good episode.
On The Ways Of Love: I think it's an intense and violent episode. A young woman jumped or thrown from a high speed car chase. A guard attacked in prison and controlled. Barca also had a violent streak to him beating up I think Larsen. Probably 1 of McGarrett's best undercover roles. It has a well-written story and it was good to witness Barca's end. With Barca's personality and temper, he would have died a violent way in prison or on the streets.
Season 2 Classic HFO has some excellent episodes. I'm happy that Mr. Mike is going through these episodes again now with Joker. The Joker episode might be Top 10 in most shows catalogues but it might be around 25-30 on my list. It demonstrates how many incredible episodes were in the shows 12 year run. JC

Added: November 25 2018 11:40:38 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

"The ninth season of "Hawaii Five-0" is in full swing and continues to entertain fans, yet the need to stay ahead in the Friday night ratings game is still an important necessity for the veteran police procedural."

The competition for H50 on Friday night is garbage. Even a repeat as happened on Friday (a holiday weekend) had higher ratings. The show on November 16th had almost 3 times the rating for the next highest show.

Unless one of the other networks wants to seriously take on the reboot (and Blue Bloods' ratings are also very high), it is quite likely that H50 will be running for a very long time...

Added: November 25 2018 09:47:23 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Counting beans in Anchorage

So in my current little project - little being the operative word - I've been rewatching episodes and I find myself currently in the midst of Season 6. this is also my small way to celebrate the show's 50th Anniversary.

While Season 6 is quite enjoyable and you go along and things are not a big deal on the face of it, if you have the show via Amazon like I do, it's a bit of a challenge since they have a bunch of episodes out of order.

Anyway, I just got done with the "The Banzai Pipeline." And something struck me funny...toward the end of the show, the Five-O team drive screaming up the street toward Greggs and his right hand man, Cass Tanner. Greggs and Tanner start running, of course, but only after Tanner starts SHOOTING!!?? Say What!?

Yeah, that's the first thing a criminal should do when Five-O is hot on your tail! :D

Most others probably won't find it as funny, but I do. :!cool:

Added: November 25 2018 03:01:58 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

The Joker's Wild Man Wild! I think is an important episode in the Classic HFO catalogue. Jo Louise, the attractive blonde daughter of wealthy father Royce, plays an insane card game with 2 young male suitors. They both want Jo Louise and are willing to do what it takes by picking a card and doing what the card says. Each card has a point value say 50, 100 etc. Billy and Craig are willing to torch a jeep or sink a boat as the stakes rise. This is an interesting episode because the watcher knows this escalation can only result in something drastic like robbery or murder. McGarrett and HFO team are initially stumped due to the randomness of the criminal acts. Jo Louise was seen taking pictures at the scenes and becomes of interest to the HFO team. She has been protected by her wealthy father who simply pays off any of her problems. As the card game continues, Billy gains the upper hand drawing the "Kidnapping" card and kidnapping a drunk man named Stumbles. Craig behind in the game has to draw a big card. "Murder" it is and Craig is willing to kill the drunk stumbles. Joker has a fantastic ending and worthy of 5 stars ????? out of 6. Mr. Mike's rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 4 for Joker is right on the money. It is a memorable episode thanks to Jo Louise, the insane card game, and Stumbles. It's definitely worth watching for those younger viewers getting interested in Classic HFO. Also, to older HFO fans who haven't watched it in decades.

Added: November 22 2018 03:06:53 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

The Joker's Wild re-viewed:

(This one took quite a while...)

Added: November 22 2018 11:26:58 AM

Submitted by: alpha128
From: formerly of the IMDb

Mr. Mike, I noted the following on your front page:

"I am redoing reviews for the original Five-O because many of the reviews on my site date back over 20 years from when I first started doing this and have never been updated. This has resulted in changes to some of the "star" ratings, though I am thinking of just removing these ratings altogether like I have done in some of my other TV show review sites."

Personally, I think the star ratings are one of the most important features of the site. Back on the old IMDb, when we would discuss specific episodes, we would always give our ratings and compare them to yours.

In addition, the ratings for episodes like "To Hell with Babe Ruth" perform a valuable public service, kind of like warning signs next to downed power lines! :D

Added: November 21 2018 05:27:59 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Added: November 21st - "The Ways of Love" 50th Anniversary.

Mr. Mike - I don't know how you do it, your review covered a lot of territory and that's no easy task, especially with all the "geekiness" in this episode. I do love the boo-boo at the beginning, my logistics mind loves it!

As far as the episode itself, there are a lot of holes in it but certainly the highlight is McGarrett as Crowley. Barca probably would have seen through him right away but it was still fun to watch. McGarrett stepped out of the cool, calm, business-like exterior and had some fun.

As far as the "radio broadcast" - far-fetched at best. Not sure what they would have done, most likely their own broadcast. However, there's a lot that goes into that so that just for coordination and would be a logistical nightmare.

Good questions on the Consul General and the Wade character. I just assumed someone would have notified the Consul General and that Wade was one of the conspirators and not needed anymore so Larsen knocked him off. Again, I'm assuming but it doesn't make sense for it to be anyone else.

This episode is fun to watch McGarrett in an undercover role. Too bad he couldn't have brought that same energy to his future undercover operations because as Crowley, he was the tops.

Of the photos in the review, by far my favorite is the one with Danno and Chin in the front with McGarrett looking out of the back seat with those cool shades. :!cool:

Thanks again Mr. Mike!!

Added: November 21 2018 03:08:41 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

It was early morning garbage day and taking out some boxes and things. I decided to watch Season 1 Classic HFO episodes. The decision Six Kilos and The Big Kahuna back to back. As many have noted, there are little inconsistencies in both of these episodes that keep them at 4 stars out of 6.
On Six Kilos, I noticed McGarrett as Brown keep asking questions about The Man. His identity. It was like a detective or police would probe. I don't understand why they just didn't tail Brown and see where he was headed or his contact would be. There's also holes as far as The Man knowing and watching everything. The Man did not know about the McGarrett switch as Brown or McGarrett meeting Danno at the tennis match. I liked some of the banter between Brown and Swanson and Margie was quite attractive. I enjoyed the stealing of the H from the safe. It showed the plan and all the characters involved aboard the ship. Good execution of the plan.
On The Big Kahuna: Sam was a sympathetic character. He never was in any trouble before and insisted he was defending himself from Pele the Goddess of Fire. McGarrett did the right thing investigating the situation before Sam was sent for psychiatric evaluation. The plan to extricate Sam from his land probably was better than I thought. Through the use of ingesting hallucinogenic drugs and projected images, Sam was eventually going to go insane fighting off Pele. Or die trying. Good acting from Sally Kellerman and her character and Kemp the film maker. I agree with Mr. Mike from his review that I don't see how McGarrett picked George's wife out of that film sequence. She was heavily costumed and made up. The end was kind of silly with her in the costume falling off the mountain. All that work for nothing. This reminded me of Journey Out Of Limbo when this elaborate plan could have been quickly ended with some well-placed string across the stairs tripping Sam in the dark house or just smothering Sam as he slept. I loved the ending with Sam converting the land for the Hawaiian Children's Hospital. Another thing: A few times they mentioned Sam's neighbors but he had a 10 acre spread. Don't know who would be complaining about screaming or gunfire. JC

Added: November 21 2018 02:54:58 PM

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Sea-Town, No-No West

Gotta agree wit you Ringfire, Chicken remember you makin a point a Charlie Gordlow bein the original Five-O psychotic. So for "One for the money" itís Serial Killers.

And Vic Rawlins & Nora serial killers as well. Yeah, they swindlers but they just dig the killin too much. They run up quite a body count, man.

Dunno if Iíd call "Not that much different" a Soap Opera either. Hafta read your updated review mmmmmmmMister Mike. Really enjoyed your earlier insights into the edginess of the story, Manningís longing for Julian, that got toned down by the CBS suits. Manning was a psychotic as well, an intriguing baddie if only the plot didnít get bogged down. Chicken always dug when Mannin prattling on bout "commandin in Hell" and Steve-O tell em he only wounded and heíll be sittin in an an iron box instead :D

Iíll take Five-O psychos for 500, Mike :D

Added: November 19 2018 11:11:41 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

One for the Money a soap opera? :D Totally disagree. Itís serial killers all the way!!! More so than even Full Fathom Five which could also be categorized as a scam/con job.

Added: November 19 2018 06:18:57 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

For the last category - how about "hot romances gone bad".

Just a thought :)

Those are some good categories.

Added: November 19 2018 03:27:39 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

I've been thinking about how H50 shows could be categorized. For example, in season 2, there are shows connected with bioterrorism and where "foreigners come to Hawaii." Here are some suggestions for season one, what do you think?

Big time criminals
The box

And they painted daisies

Up tight
Six kilos

24 karat kill

Foreigners come to Hawai
Face of the dragon

It's personal for McGarrett
Once upon a time

Yesterday died
King of the hill
By the numbers

Along came Joey

Only in Hawaii
Strangers in our own land
The big kahuna

Serial Killers
Full fathom five

Soap operas
Not that much different
One for the money

World of entertainment
Tiger by the tail
No blue skies

Pray love remember
The ways of love

Added: November 19 2018 09:22:09 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I know I live under a rock, but I'm not seeing any of these other people here. ;)

Wow - just wow. So many shows I can think of that I would consider 'The Best Ever' - including the original Five-O - but not once does the reboot come to mind. What about "Star Trek" by the way? Way more impact. Just pointing that out. :!cool:

Added: November 17 2018 01:37:06 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Oh, Puh-leez...


Lydia ??

Hawaii Five-0 is the best tv show ever.
When I thought @HawaiiFive0CBS couldnít get any better, they ADDED ADAM AS A NEW TEAM MEMBER and I couldnít be anymore happier! Thankyou @PLenkov for making Adam part of the team!


Peter M. Lenkov Retweeted Lydia [and he replies] ??

Best ever? Better than St. Elsewhere? MASH? All In The Family? Paper Chase? Beachcombers? I may have to disagree with you

Added: November 17 2018 10:18:31 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Spotlight Review Classic Hawaii Five-O Season 8 Honor Is An Unmarked Grave. 5.5 Stars ***** 1/2 out of 6 Stars.Excellent episode!
This is 1 of the few 12 or 15 episodes I've never seen before until last winter. I'm glad that I finally watched this episode last winter. Also, several times since. It's a well-written episode with outstanding photography. I would probably place it with Double Exposure and East Wind,Ill Wind as 1 of the best later episodes.
It's a mystery type episode involving the missing heir Brian Henderson. He simply vanished 7 years before. HFO had never solved the case. A flamboyant lawyer and writer Travis Marshall believes he has discovered Brian Henderson's unmarked grave. Marshall is arrested for desecrating a grave but McG and HFO team have to reopen the investigation. Marshall's powers of observations and detective work proved to be right. It is Brian Henderson's remains. McG and the HFO team are left with several questions: How did Marshall know where Henderson's grave was located? Who murdered Brian Henderson? Why was he buried at that location? Marshall as a lawyer and writer keeps digging for new information and is hired by the matriarch Mrs. Henderson to report any new info to her. McG and HFO team's investigation encloses on the Henderson family and close circle. Koji an old servant dies suddenly deepening the mystery. The noose tightens around Marshall as he is a threat to the real killer or accomplices and also McGarrett and HFO wants him to reveal his information. The ending is excellent as McG learns of the truth through 1 of his visits putting together the puzzle. James Olsen's finest acting performance as Travis Marshall and great acting and story. A strong 5.5 stars might be 6 stars next viewing. JC

Added: November 17 2018 01:36:03 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - in total agreement. There are a few people I know, including myself, who have never seen Game of Thrones. But I would certainly count that as more 'legendary' than Five-Faux.

I read somewhere that even the State of Hawaii has a certain reverence for the original Five-O. I see that because the show literally changed the landscape of the islands, at least Oahu. I don't see that with the reboot.

Speaking of legendary, did CBS even bother with a retrospective of the original for the 50th Anniversary? CBS is not on my good list at the moment for lots of reasons. So when talking about TV, I don't think many people are talking about CBS shows in general, but I could be wrong.

Added: November 16 2018 03:56:52 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Mike, the person who wrote that article clearly doesnít get out much. At my work all people talk about is Game of Thrones, Westworld, and a bunch of other cable shows that I donít watch. No one (I mean NO ONE) talks about a Friday night show on CBS. No one cares about it now and no one will remember it once it gets taken off the air. I donít care if it reaches its 500th episode. Means nothing.

24 was a groundbreaking show in its time and I own it on DVD. But guess what? No one talks about it these days, even though itís certainly more iconic than Five-Faux. So Five-Faux doesnít stand a chance. It doesnít have a prayer. As Harry Cardonus said "not a single solitary prayer". What new ground did it break? Created the cargument? Please.

Added: November 16 2018 12:49:48 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

This comment in the review seems very questionable to me:

For a television show to reach 200 episodes means so much more than just hitting a number ó it marks a milestone that pushes them from the ranks of popular entertainment to legendary status.

Added: November 16 2018 08:40:21 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike - that is too hilarious - wrong on so many levels but hilarious!! :D

As part of my current project, just finished with "Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?" and I came to a bad realization. Five-O would have never gotten involved in all this spy mess if it weren't Danno's instincts. He pressed on to request the prints and identity of the real Hoffman and he if hadn't - which, why did he he other than being twitchy about 'Winkler'? - they would have never gotten involved.

It would have simply been a Grand Jury poring over evidence of this guy shooting another in his shop. Weird! :!cool:

Added: November 15 2018 06:30:21 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Speaking of Margo, McGarrett's old flame, which was discussed a few messages ago, she returned in the 13th season!!

The Burning Lice ???

McGarrett's old girl friend/now journalist Margo Cooper (Carol Lawrence) returns to Honolulu, ostensibly to do a feature article on him for a major magazine, but the two of them pick up their romance from where they left off in season five's "Thanks for the Honeymoon." Goopy music by John Cacavas is heard as the two of them are seen in bed together (pretty shocking for the time this show was originally aired). However, the whole scene has a certain "virginal" air about it, as McGarrett still can't seem to make his mind up about whether he wants to commit himself to Margo. After Margo returns to the mainland, McGarrett seems very antsy when ordering the Five-O team around, much more than usual. Feeling he is under severe stress, he visits Doc Bergman who gives him a thorough checkup. Bergman tells McGarrett "You are suffering from an infestation of phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta, order Phthiraptera, suborder Anoplura, family Pthiridae, genus Pthirus, species Pthirus pubis." Exasperated, McGarrett tells the doctor, "English, Doc, English!" Bergman replies: "McGarrett, you've got the crabs."

Added: November 15 2018 03:28:52 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Hey Big Chicken, Ringfire, HFO Forum Regulars. Good discussion this week! Here's 10 of my 6 star ****** Classic HFO episodes. 6 stars is my highest rating. In no particular order. 1. Murder--Eyes Only 2. Hookman 3. The Vashon Trilogy 4. Didn't We Meet At A Murder? 5. Highest Castle, Deepest Grave 6. Yesterday Died... 7.The Ninety-Second War Part I 8. King Of The Hill 9. Engaged To Be Buried 10. Cry, Lie. There are a few other 6 stars but listed these 10. What Classic episodes would comprise a Top 10 for you? Which do you think your highest rating? JC

Added: November 15 2018 02:34:03 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - Love it anytime they put Valley of the Temples into the show. I've been to Oahu twice and I haven't been there either time. I will have to change that when I go next. It looks stunning. Have they built up around it or is it still kind of serene?

Another episode they used it in was Pray Love Remember, although I think they used some long shots for that episode. Oh, and there's FOB Honolulu too. It's where Wo Fat was shot by the unlikeliest of people.

Added: November 15 2018 01:23:18 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Bobbi, I also love the ending at the Valley of the Temples in DP. Any episode that shows the Byodo-In Temple gets an extra point for me. I visited the place on both my Hawaii visits. Love the place! The exciting helicopter climax in the classic MAGNUM episode "Did You See the Sunrise?" also took place here. As did the climax of my favorite 2nd season Five-O episode "The Singapore File". Going back to DP, it was cool actually seeing Kario Salem (not a stuntman) scrambling up there on the roof of the temple in the long shots!

Added: November 14 2018 11:46:44 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Alaska Four-9 does not have the same ring

Ringfire -Loving your breakdown of DP. I agree with 100% on the camera shot at desk level as we see the gun slide toward McGarrett. Slick! I know some people don't like the episode but I find it enjoyable every time. Another good scene is when Danno is 'arrested' at the airport. Poor guy!

JC - I have to agree with you on Nicole and Cathi from A Man in a Steel Frame being good choices for McGarrett. But again, the man is married to his job. I don't see where he would fit it all in but this is McGarrett we're talking about.

Mr. Mike - Love the review for 24-Karat Kill. I like the Dupre character as she comes across as someone who isn't going to take flak from anyone. I see why Treasury chose her - or is that the Governor? :D

We also see McGarrett's temper flare in this episode once again on behalf of his men. In this case, Chin Ho. Ouch!

The attack is another example of actions happening off-camera with the consequences and after-effects being seen in front of the camera. It's a nice technique in story-telling, especially when it's done right and this is an example of the right application.

And of course, it was 50 years today - as Chicken baby already pointed out and Mr. Mike in his most awesome review - that we heard that famous phrase for the first time: Book 'Em Danno!!

Added: November 14 2018 04:42:02 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

John, you said... "The Stevens character was clearly creative and intelligent. I didn't see the need for the psychology component."

I don't understand why you see this as an issue. He can be creative and intelligent AND be a total nutjob at the same time. Just look at Danny Goldman as Eddie Josephs in "I'll Kill 'Em Again". He certainly was no dummy. Now, if you want to say that Kario Salem as an actor wasn't as effective as Goldman or Elliott Street playing the psycho then I could agree with you. Salem overdoes it a bit and can be a bit annoying at times. But to say since Stevens was intelligent and creative he didn't need to also be a psycho doesn't make any sense. You can be BOTH.

Also your main issues seem to be with the virus and how Stevens knew about it and how he knew how to handle it and how he could climb that crane (the last point I don't really find far-fetched anyway). But none of this has anything to do with the guy being schizophrenic. Would any of this make any more sense if there was no psychology angle and if it was just a straight revenge story? Wouldn't all these things still be far-fetched? So if these are your main issues then the psychology angle is irrelevant.

Speaking of the episode, I absolutely love the scene where Chin slides Danno's gun over to McGarrett across his desk. The way the camera is positioned at desk level and the gun slides towards the camera is too cool! One of my favorite shots in the entire series!

Added: November 14 2018 02:43:25 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I disagree Ringfire. Deadly Persuasion could have worked as a straight revenge episode. The Stevens character was clearly creative and intelligent. I didn't see the need for the psychology component. Mr. Mike also gave Deadly Persuasion a low star rating. It the episode just stretches credibility. This average college student can navigate that construction crane, swing down and steal the nerve gas, leave no trace of himself being there. He would rival MacGyver in those abilities. There are several questions about Deadly Persuasion: 1. How did Stevens know the nerve gas was located there at the particular industry building? 2. How did Stevens know how to store the gas? How not to release it? Remember this was before Google and the Internet. He must have had knowledge of this from a book or source. 3. Why wasn't the nerve gas placed in an alarm ringing glass case? The scientists talked about how deadly the nerve gas was to the Five-O team but Stevens appeared making it look easy stealing it. I wished they would have utilized a flashback of his father Stevens. Maybe, the police officer talking to Danny. It would have helped me to understand the case against Stevens better. I thought Deadly Persuasion was a creative and intelligent episode but a few flaws knock it down for me. The ending sure was suspenseful with that crazy Stevens having the nerve gas on him. He could have killed most of Hawaii. JC

Added: November 14 2018 12:58:25 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

John, just because itís a revenge episode doesnít mean his schizophrenia wasnít needed. You can have both. Itís his schizophrenia that drove him to do what he did. Without it he would have just come to terms that his dad was a dirty cop. End of story. But this kid was sick so that drove him to do what he did and to seek revenge. Weíve already had multiple other revenge stories before this (Yesterday Died, Rest In Peace, Vashon, Hookman, etc) and in their own various ways you could say those guys were messed up in the head to one degree or another. They just took it a step further with Stevens in DP. Nothing wrong with that. Heís similar in this regard to Arthur in Draw Me a Killer and Eddie in Iíll Kill ĎEm Again (even if perhaps not as well acted). But I donít see any clash between schizophrenia and revenge. Theyíre not mutually exclusive.

Added: November 14 2018 10:06:42 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

I think Nicole from The Singapore File would have been the best wife for McGarrett. She was attractive enough and also resourceful to stay alive in Singapore. I think they also had the most natural chemistry together. Margo like McGarrett was married to her career. I don't think it would have worked out as a marriage. I liked Cathi in Man In A Steel Frame but she was killed off. She was very attractive.
On Deadly Persuasion: Intelligent episode but there's no way Stevens would know the nerve gas was stored at Kern Industries! No way! That hurts the episode from the start. Also, his weird psychology wasn't needed as it was a revenge episode. A real mistake the schizophrenia. I do like Kario Salem as an actor. He's a detective type in some of the KOJAK movies. Stevens did an excellent job of framing Danno but McGarrett is too smart. It probably would have worked better if Stevens worked as a student trainee at the Lab Place. That would have given him access to the nerve gas. Love episodes when the criminal is in plain sight but the detectives or McGarrett doesn't know it yet. JC

Added: November 14 2018 08:08:39 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Eyes are bloodshot from trying to read license plates, Alaska

Chicken! You're Awesome!! Made me LOL!!! :D

I agree with you - McGarrett was on top of his game and taking nothing from anybody! Don't mess with his guys! :)

I just went through "Thanks for the Honeymoon" in Season 5 and found something kinda disturbing...

What's with McGarrett and Danno *both* being attracted to photographers anyway? In "Honeymoon" there is a chick by the name of Margo Cooper who was an old flame of Steve's. She's a photog for some of the best magazines and Toni is ready to cash in for a nest egg for 'Junior' - her unborn baby.

But Margo's not the last. There's Ann Waring in Season 9's "Double Exposure" and the last incident, which still creeps me out - I'm being honest - and I'm not sure why it does, but it creeps me out even thinking about it. It happens in Season 10's "My Friend, the Enemy" and Liana Labella. It's the scene where McGarrett says, "Rank has its privileges." This is after she tells McGarrett she's supposed to have dinner with Danno...

uh, know you work together, right? :D

Added: November 14 2018 12:44:40 AM

Submitted by: Grande Pollo
From: Man, that treasury agent dude sure look likes the Govenor

Hey Ringfire Ė great send up a "Deadly Persuasion." :D Chicken actually dig that ep and Karioís whole psycho dialogue/monologue bit. MmmmmmmmMister Mike, you kinda harsh with the star and a half rating for DP.

Bobbi Ė thanks for weighin in on "Daisies," certainly a Danno-centric ep as well as great crime procedural.

Hey an tomorrow be the anniversary of the inaugural "Book Em Danno!" First uttered by Steve-O in the Johnny Fargo 24 Karat Kill ep.

And "24 Karat Kill" contain one a Chickenís favorite scenes a the whole series when a highly combustible Steve McGarret :!mad: scrawls Chinís name in that shyster Dennisonís desk blotter. Great you included a primo shot a that in your updated review Mr. Mike. Right On, man! ;)

"You betta know that name."

Added: November 13 2018 10:53:07 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - that is hilarious! Can you imagine? :) He looked so serious! What a great moment for him.

Added: November 11 2018 10:58:13 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Chick, right on about the baybees! No such thing as too many baybees when youíre a swingin hep cat. :!cool:

Man oh man, Mr. Mike, man oh man. Like, you just blew my mind. I thought my quotes were close enough :)

Bobbi, I tried to imagine Kario Salem up there on the stage making the Emmy acceptance speech and then starting to argue with himself... "no no no, ask Mr. Emmy about his views on circumstantial evidence. No I will NOT! Yes you WILL!" :D

Added: November 11 2018 07:49:53 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Only 2 people have taken me up on my offer to write guest reviews of recent #H50 episodes. Of course, most people around here don't even watch the new show!

If you want to write a guest review, it must be at least 100 words long. There is no guarantee that I will accept your review, and all reviews are subject to editing to remove things which I think might be objectionable like bad words or libel.

You can send me your review by clicking here. Please do not post your review in the Discussion Forum. Thanks!

Added: November 11 2018 10:56:23 AM

Submitted by: Ravi
From: Virginia

Like you, I am done with the re-boot. The first season was great. In fact, I liked the first few seasons but things have continued to get more and more ridiculous. The 200th episode was unwatchable. The best part of the reboot were your reviews.

Added: November 11 2018 06:03:54 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Is Lenkov trying to breathe extra life into Five-Zero? Who knows.

Ringfire - thanks for that find! Too cool! :)

Chicken - I'm in total agreement with you on "Daisies" - the epitome of the crime procedural.

Added: November 11 2018 01:42:48 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Am I missing something?

Lenkov is thanking people on Twitter for their reviews of last night's show, the 200th (dunno why that is such a big deal).

The headline on this morning's TV By the Numbers article about last night's TV is:

TV Ratings Friday: ĎBlindspotí and ĎThe Cool Kidsí tick up, ĎHawaii Five-Oí ties season low

Added: November 10 2018 10:18:48 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

"man oh man, man oh maaaan, like, just blew my mind, man oh maaaan"

This quote is actually inaccurate. :!devil:

We think Bobby George
has been kidnapped.

You're putting me on.


Man, oh, man.
Man, oh, man.

Why would anyone
wanna kidnap him?

And then a few lines later...

Where could he put his hands
on enough money
to make it worthwhile
to a kidnapper?

I'm blank.
Like, I just blew my mind.

Did he have anything of value?
Anything they could hold him for?

No, nothing.

Added: November 10 2018 10:13:53 PM

Submitted by: Big Chicken
From: Law is Cool

RingFire writes "But yeah itís shocking to think that Lord wasnít always the one and only choice. As Bobbyís girl Carol from Tiger by the Tail would say... "man oh man, man oh maaaan, like, just blew my mind, man oh maaaan".

Hilarious Ė you fracture me with that, man. :D And hows bouts Mr. Mikeís Five-O stats clockin 14 utterances of "baby" by Sam Melville's Jerry Parks in Tiger! Chicken thinks Robert Plant still hold the record for "baybees" though, as sung on Led Zeppelin I. :D

Offerin the McGarrett role to film titan Gregory Peck just an out-n-out bold move by Len Freeman, servin notice he was goin big with the Five-O. American actor Robert Brown tall and athletic & I recently caught some impressive "Have Gun Will Travel" eps with Richard Boone on some retro channel, but hard to imagine any cat but Jack playin Steve-O Five-O. In fact, years ago I seen a TV movie called "Doomsday Flight" where Jack play another cloak&dagger Federale. Donít think is on DVD though. Anyway, nice find on Kario Salem and Chicken definitely concur with your prior thoughts on the exceptional writin an actin on "Mutual Concern."

John Ė I dig King a The Hill, Yesterday Died...& Samurai as well, man. But I didnít find the missin gun motif to be that major in "Painter Daisies." For me the focus is "Daisies" bein the first major Steve & Danno ep. Even though he push Danno to give his account a the shooting on scene, as his superior Steve back him up all the way, reassuring the doubtin Danno who is understandably shaken. An later Steve-O give em the tough love in the office cause "How hard is too hard." And as Mr. Mike note, the conclude is them walkin into the light of the Honolulu sun.

Címon babee, you gotta give "Painted Daisies" and Gavinís Chicken they do. The ep is po-leece procedural extraordinaire, man.

Added: November 10 2018 09:04:28 PM

Submitted by: Vrinda
From: NJ

Lenny Freeman worked with a lot of actors whom he could have considered to play McGarrett, so it's not as though he would zero in on Jack only. Jack still got a part ownership in the show, whether that Star Trek nonsense happened or not.

Added: November 10 2018 08:58:40 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Hey guys, check this out! Itís Kario Salem (the psycho from the underrated Deadly Persuasion) receiving an Emmy for writing Don King: Only in America (starring Ving Rhames). This was back in the 90s. The lovely Jane Seymour presents the Emmy. Pretty cool find!

Added: November 10 2018 07:29:08 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin... is a good Season 1 episode but I enjoyed King Of The Hill, Yesterday Died...and Samurai better. A few others as well. Strong Introduction with Danno noticing Thad committing a crime and a footchase commences with gunfire. Thad return to his apartment area and hides in his room. Danno shoots through the lock fatally wounding Thad in the back. Annie the blonde junkie somehow quickly avoids Danno's detection and escapes with the gun. This episode quickly loses me after Thad is shot dead. The missing gun is a tired cliche in crime dramas and movies. I must have seen a dozen of these type shows. Obviously, witnesses who witnessed the foot chase had to see the gunfire and a few might have been struck by Thad's bullets. I also thought Danno was overly emotional for this situation. It was an accident the bullet shot into the lock would strike Thad. My guess Thad had his back up against the door and was listening when Danno fired. I also don't understand how Annie picked up the gun, hid beside the door, and quickly exited the front entrance without Danno's detection. All of this happened in a few seconds. The rest of the episode is Danno and McG trying to find this weapon to clear Danny's name and finding Annie who left with Thad's gun. Big Chicken makes an appearance as a criminal type who supplies Annie with the stuff. I would have loved to have written this episode but I wasn't born yet. It might have worked better as a chase episode with Annie and Thad moving from pad to place with HFO 1 step behind. Or Danno shoots into the lock and later wounded by Big Chicken inside Thad's place. Big Chicken and Thad both go on the run. I found And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin...had its moments and would give it 4 out of 6 stars. JC

Added: November 09 2018 05:07:45 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Same here, Chick. You woulda thought Len Freeman remembered Lord in DR. NO and knew right there and then that he found his McGarrett! But apparently Lenny had Richard Boone, Robert Brown (not the British actor who played M in the 80s Bond films), and even Gregory Peck in mind for McG. Iím guessing Len must have considered Lord but maybe after the Star Trek incident where Lord wanted more control he decided Lord would be difficult to work with. Only after the other choices didnít pan out did Len decide at the last moment to go with Lord. As you say, a "command decision" indeed! :)

But yeah itís shocking to think that Lord wasnít always the one and only choice. As Bobbyís girl Carol from Tiger by the Tail would say... "man oh man, man oh maaaan, like, just blew my mind, man oh maaaan".

Added: November 09 2018 12:39:17 PM

Submitted by: 50th Anniversary Chicken
From: Seattle

Right On Brudda Ringfire & Bobbi Ė "Painted Daisies" a hard hittin "gut punch" ep, arguably the first truly stellar ep of the series. And as you can rightly tell, one a Chickenís faves. Great lines, indeed, cause "Everybody has to pay, Annie. The stuff costs me, it cost you. I wish it was free."

MmmmmmMister Mike Ė great, great updated review! Even after Fiftee years and countless viewings, they still much to ponder. And Nominatin Big Chicken to the Five-O Villain Hall of Fame Ė a command decision, Mr. Mike.

Even 50 years on, Daisies" lose none a its power as a grim police procedural. Thereís no big mystery to solve, no Steve-O brainstorminí, just the tedious legwork a trackin down Thadís gun, canvasing for witnesses, interviewin Annie. Then the police work a linking that hot carburetor to Big Chick. In fact, the crime scene detail and Steve & Danno walkin though what happened would make fans a The Wire proud.

I dig the scene with the dopers too, Mike. Even though McGarrett running high octane this ep, he finesse things at Maggieís when he coulda went all riot squad. Good point about Ďcop who cares.í

Ringfire Ė for years I thought Len Freeman musta had Jack pegged for Steve McGarrett based on Dr No. Only from Mr. Mikeís endless wealth a info on the site did I learn Jack wasnít even top choice. To parphrase our boy Jerry Parks learin that "Just blew my mind, babeee."

Watching Jackís electric inaugural performance in Cocoon, Ise just amazed how he wasnít no huge star already. Jack had that 60ís cool that McQueen dealt in and like you observed, Mr. Mike, he had that Dirty Harry vibe before Dirty Harry.

With Jack as Steve McGarrett Ė The Law Is Cool :!cool:

Added: November 08 2018 10:17:12 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Thanks, Bobbi! Yep we all have our favorites and our tastes do vary. Actually "Mutual Concern" doesnít make my top 5 or even top 10 for season 4 because itís such a solid season and there are other episodes that I dig even more. But itís still an episode I enjoy greatly on rewatches.

Right ooooon about Daisies! I know our Chick really digs that ep! As you mentioned it has some real great lines, especially from McGarrett and Chick!

McG: "Iím looking for a girl"
Chick: "Oh you donít need my help there, you do alright for yourself Mr. McGarrett". :D

Added: November 07 2018 04:57:16 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - you rock! Your comments concerning "Mutual Concern" prove that Five-O is a pretty versatile series. We all like what we like and any given episode, some will like it more than others. And that's for EVERY episode in the series. Is it any wonder we're still watching 50 years later?

Speaking of that - today is the 50th anniversary of "...And They Painted Daisies on his Coffin." Perhaps one of the first punch you in the gut episodes of the series.

It has it's problems -- i.e. is the gun silver or black? When "Thad" pulls it out on the street to shoot at a pursuing Danno, it's silver. When Ann picks it up, runs out of the apartment - the place is dinky! - and is holding it on the beach, it's black. When it's recovered - just who recovered it anyway as Mr. Mike points out in his excellent, as always, review - it's silver again! AGH!!

But the episode puts the viewer through the ringer as we find ourselves rooting for our guys to figure out the case.

I especially like McGarrett's lines at the beginning about the assumption of guilt before innocence concerning a police shooting. "Now that's backwards, ugly and unfair, but that's the way it is." I LOVE that line especially and one that has stuck with me. When it comes down to it, McGarrett doesn't mess around and why the show has endured. This line is also the epitome of my dad, he always said, "Tell it like it is." I see why he watched the original run.

This is also the episode where we meet Big Chicken for the first time and I know several people are really happy about that. :)

A couple of other memorable scenes - Mr. Mike points them out as well - include the beach scene where McGarrett and Kono kick literal butt against Tommy Tommy and his punks and the hippie pad. The latter is where McGarrett tells one of the dopers, "Unless you want to swallow that chain, you better sit down. Dig?" Classic!

All this and the confrontation with the Attorney General! There is so much in this episode to chew on and mull over, no wonder it has stood the test of time. It is definitely one of my favorites and one I had to go back and watch after seeing "The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney" from Season 3 since it refers back to this episode, albeit incorrectly.

Regardless, a classic Five-O outing and one of the best even with the 'growing pains' of a new series. :!cool:

Added: November 07 2018 02:20:16 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

A Bullet For McGarrett is a solid episode. Dr. Farrar Psychology Professor and Wo Fat pupil, uses these different hypnosis techniques on unsuspecting people leading to murder. Young Karen an attractive student shoots down the Chinese Student as he is diving into a pool. She is under the influence of Dr. Farrar's hypnosis. Obviously, the HFO team talk to Dr. Farrar. Both are students in his Psychology class. A real coincidence. McGarrett decides to send Joyce the Police Woman undercover as a student. Through his contacts, Wo Fat learns Joyce is a police woman and passes this info to Dr. Farrar. Action and Suspense heightens as we see Dr. Farrar utilize his relaxing hypnosis on Joyce. It appears to be working. It builds to the climax when Joyce must shoot McGarrett in this hypnotic state. Great final scenes as Joyce shoots into the 2 figures as they battle in darkness. A Bullet For McGarrett has some Journey Into Limbo and Mr. Winkler complexity where a simple solution of shooting McGarrett using a hitman more certain. There's also questions why Dr. Farrar would be in isolated Hawaii. He could do more damage and make more in roads say LA, NYC, or Wash DC. Maybe, Wo Fat utilized Dr. Farrar in Hawaii 1st as an experiment. There's also questions how Wo Fat received info that Joyce was a police woman that quickly. Say Wo Fat utilizes sources in HPD but other times he does not know what McGarrett is doing. I probably would have taken Joyce out of there when Joyce slapped McG. It was out of character to do so yet McGarrett proceeded. Joyce shooting the gun at the men was suspenseful. I would probably give A Bullet For McGarrett 4 stars out of 6 similar to Mr. Mike's 2 stars in his 4 star ratings. JC

Added: November 07 2018 05:46:32 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Yo Chick, I was about to reply to Bobbi dissin' "Mutual Concern" ;) but then you chimed in and pretty much laid out why it's a primo episode! I enjoy it every time I watch it - would never consider fast-forwarding it. Mike calls it a total "race-o-rama" (right oooon, bruddah!) and that's what makes it so fun for me. But it's more than just these 4 dudes putting each other down I also dig the story (I love the whole back story of Big Uncle and that one of these 4 is basically plotting to eliminate all his competition) as well as the top-notch acting. Opatoshu, Marno, Tupou, Sakai really deliver in spades! Especially Marc Marno as Kim Lo Lang (as you rightly pointed out) - my favorite scene is towards the end between Marno and Opatoshu at the War Natatorium. They're the only 2 left and Opatoshu eventually offers to sell all his belongings to Marno for a few cents and Marno basically mocks him every step of the way, throwing all kinds of insults back at the old man. Some of those are absolute howlers! :D Just great stuff! Wonderful dialogue penned by the great Vashon scribe Alvin Sapinsley! This was his first Five-O script and you can see that the man had talent.

Also thanks for the link to Jeffrey Wright. He was good as Felix Leiter. But like the man says no one can top the big dog himself Jack Lord. NOBODY! I would then pick David Hedison as the second best Felix after Jack.

Added: November 07 2018 01:26:24 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ah Chicken - I love it! You make me laugh!

I did watch the English lesson McGarrett gave. I can't help it Chicken, I'm a Danno fan and he's not in Mutual Concern that much except at the beginning. It's just not one of my favorites.

I will agree Over Fifty is just a fun episode and is one that brighten my day anytime I watch it. :)

Added: November 07 2018 12:00:08 AM

Submitted by: Free Range Chicken
From: Sea-Town, No-No West

MmmmmmMister Mike Ė many thanks for postin Karen Rhodes' best & worst eps. Chicken down with mosta Karenís picks but whereís the love for "Matter a Mutual Concern"?

Chicken find "Mutual Concern" a rip roarin good ep, full a cracklin dialogue. Bobbi Ė how could ya fast forward thru McGarrettís English lesson, or Manu Tupou kickin it as the surly Tasi the Samoan, the shout out to Ralph Nader, and David Opatoshu showin you donít need no bad make up to play a Caucasian as Asian Ė you just gotta speak haltingly and deliver your dialogue like they is fortune cookie sayings.:D

But the real is deal is Marc Marno as hepcat gangster Kim Lo Lang, who is cool enuff to swing with the likes a the uber cool Joe Matsukino and Harry Cardonus. :!cool: I could go on about this ep Ė but Iím in the middle of inventory!

Brudda RingFire Ė Iím with you, man "Over Fity" an All-Timer. The best Five-O are Steve-O & the Boys matchin wits with they adversaries and Lew Filer got serious game. Itís just a fun episode. Chicken just watched "Skinhead" which is outstandin, but itís rough stuff even for 72. "Over Fity" straight up cops n robbers. An Emmy for Hume Cronyn, Indeed!

Knownin you a big James Bond fan, thought Iíd share this interview with Jeffrey Wright who talks about bein a big Felix Leiter fan cause a Jackís original portrayal:

Wright is quoted as sayin:

"For me outside of Muhammad Ali and Miles Davis, Jack Lord, the Felix Leiter I knew, was one of the baddest mother____s in the whole space. Jack Lord was it."

As Vincent Vega say "That's a bold statement." But man, is true. No Doubt. Jack's The Man

Added: November 06 2018 08:57:24 PM

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oaks

Excellent review of "A Bullet for McGarrett." The then-and-now pictures add a lot! Not the strongest episode, but certainly a strange one.

Added: November 06 2018 06:17:34 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Thanks Mr. Mike for listing Karen's Best and Worst Episodes Classic HFO Seasons 1-12. I received her book for my birthday this year. There's not much real dissention from me. Honor Is An Unmarked Grave Season 8 is a FAV. Crisp and outstanding photography. Might be Olsen's best performance as Travis Marshall. It's a very interesting story about the missing heir Brian Henderson. and Marshall figured out his burial spot. I probably wouldn't place Ready Aim... As the worst but Season 8 a solid season. Singapore File is 1 that gets better with time. McG and Nicole have a great chemistry on the run and I enjoyed the temple shootout sequences. I agree with Ringfire on A Bird In Hand. It has an interesting action and story for Season 12 but there are flaws. Santos hiding in the backseat and as a potential victim...The reporter should have been protected at all times. I think The Kahuna and screaming Karl in Voice Of Terror might be worse. I agree with Over Fifty? Steal being slightly overrated. It's very amusing and Filer is a creative character but there were excellent episodes in that Season. East Wind, Ill Wind would probably be my FAV Season 10. Intelligent story and beautiful photography. Mrs. Sandanarek was quite beautiful and mysterious. I thought the fake drowning lady Macy was very attractive too. The only weakness I think was leaving the scuba gear. That's expensive stuff and it also would give them an avenue of detective work. I'd probably place King Of The Hill as my FAV Season 1 although there are days Yesterday Died...would be #1. JC

Added: November 06 2018 01:43:30 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike - once again, a nice review for "A Bullet for McGarrett." I especially like the pictures of the apartment building and intersection and how those look today.

As far as the ladies' shooting talents, those are valid points you brought up. Why wouldn't Joyce have mortally wounded McGarrett? Was she fighting back against the hypnosis? Did we see the 'McGarrett factor' in action again? ;)

I think it's a combination thereof. As far as Karen being a crack shot right off the bat...who knows! Maybe she was a secret sniper and that's why they chose her ;)

Added: November 05 2018 05:37:03 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Some much to take in! Thank you guys!

Todd - re: your comments on the iMDB ratings, specifically number 3) "A Distant Thunder" - my sentiments exactly! It's put together well and should have ranked higher.

Mr. Mike - thanks for sharing Karen's thoughts on the shows per season. There's not much there I can disagree with. Every episode has a redeeming factor or two but there are certainly clunkers along way and some are definitely worse than others. :)

I will say in my current project, I think I went through "A Matter of Mutual Concern" in record time. I was fast-forwarding at every opportunity. I think it only took me 30 minutes, if that, to go through that episode. Bleh!

Added: November 05 2018 04:43:08 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Mike, regarding Karen Rhodes picks for season 5:

Best: Tie between The Jinn Who Clears the Way and the Vashon trilogy (Honorable Mention: Death is a Company Policy; The Listener)
Worst: The Diamond that Nobody Stole"

I can agree on Diamond probably being the worst (or maybe Percentage) but what strikes me as funny is a tie between Jinn and the Vashon trilogy. I don't think Jinn is anywhere in the same ballpark as the Vashons. The Vashon trilogy is pretty much the best 3 episodes of the entire series whereas Jinn isn't even my favorite Wo Fat episode. My Wo Fat picks are Cocoon, Nine Dragons, and And a Time to Die. I didn't include A Bullet for McGarrett (which I adore) because Wo Fat only makes a cameo there.

Added: November 05 2018 03:29:23 PM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Todd, you wrote:

"How could they have forgotten the awful "A Bird in Hand" as one of the worst episodes of Season 12?"

The answer is simple - McGarrett recites a poem for the ages at the end. "Gold, gold, gold..." :D But seriously, in my opinion it's far from the worst of the season. The plot is pretty interesting and moves along fairly briskly which is more than can be said for other clunkers of the season.

Todd, you also wrote:

"On a side note, I'm glad they included "I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot!", one of the more underrated and forgotten episodes of the series."

I disagree that it's forgotten or underrated. In fact it regularly shows up on people's favorites lists. But it's interesting that your views and mine on this episode and "Over Fifty" seem to diverge. It looks like you enjoy this episode much more than "Over Fifty" whereas I'm the opposite. I think "Over Fifty" is a bonafide classic and my personal favorite from season 3 whereas "Family Crook" is VERY GOOD (but doesn't quite crack my top 5 for the season). I'm a huge Andy Griffith fan (love both TAGS and MATLOCK) but Hume Cronyn as Lewis Avery Filer is in a whole other league in his performance. He SHOULD have won an Emmy! Next to Gavin MacLeod as Big Chicken I can't think of anyone else who can hold a candle to Cronyn's Filer. Maybe Luther Adler as old Nick Vashon and Danny Goldman as Eddie Josephs if I squint hard enough.

Added: November 05 2018 03:18:21 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Al Harrington on To Tell The Truth in 1957:

Thanks to Bill Koenig.

Added: November 05 2018 02:04:17 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

From almost 21 years ago in Usenet newsgroup, these were Karen Rhodes' best/worst episodes of the showÖ

Best: Once Upon a Time (Honorable Mention: King of the Hill; The Box)
Worst: One for the Money

Best: Just Lucky, I Guess (Honorable Mention: The Singapore File, The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild; Blind Tiger; Cry, Lie)
Worst: A Bullet for McGarrett

Best: Over Fifty? Steal (Honorable Mention: Time and Memories, Paniolo, Trouble in Mind, The Reunion, The Guarnerius Caper, To Kill or Be Killed, F.O.B. Honolulu)
Worst: Dear Enemy

Best: Skinhead (Honorable Mention: R&R&R; Highest Castle, Deepest Grave; Rest in Peace, Somebody; Nine, Ten -- You're Dead)
Worst: A Matter of Mutual Concern

Best: Tie between The Jinn Who Clears the Way and the Vashon trilogy (Honorable Mention: Death is a Company Policy; The Listener)
Worst: The Diamond that Nobody Stole

Best: Hookman (close race! Honorable Mention: Draw Me a Killer; Mother's Deadly Helper; Nightmare in Blue)
Worst: Tricks are Not Treats

Best: Three way tie this time: We Hang Our Own, I'll Kill 'Em Again, and Bones of Contention (Honorable Mention: Computer Killer, How to Steal a Masterpiece, Diary of a Gun)
Worst: A Study in Rage

Best: Honor is an Unmarked Grave (again a hard choice. Honorable Mention: Wooden Model of a Rat, Anatomy of a Bribe, A Killer Grows Wings, Retire in Sunny Hawaii -- Forever, Termination with Extreme Prejudice)
Worst: The Waterfront Steal

Best: Nine Dragons
Worst: Ready, Aim . . .

Best; Up the Rebels (Honorable Mention: The Descent of the Torches)
Worst: A Short Walk on the Longshore (Dishonorable Mentions to Angel in Blue, Tall on the Wave, and When Does a War End?)

Best: Number One With a Bullet
Worst: The Case Against Philip Christie (Dishonorable Mentions to The Pagoda Factor, Small Potatoes, The Bark and the Bite, and Why Won't Linda Die?)

Best: A Lion in the Streets (it's the ONLY tolerable one!)
Worst: A Bird in Hand (Honorable Mentions for Worst of the season: all the rest of them!)

Added: November 05 2018 08:44:22 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Regarding the high/low IMDb ratings, thanks Mike for organizing the top and bottom rated ones by season, so we can more easily digest it.

Most of the high/low rated episodes are ones I would mostly agree, but there are a few exceptions:

1) I still don't understand why "Over 50? Steal!" was such a beloved episode. It was easily the top rated on IMDB. I always found it to be overrated, and thought the episode was just okay. I remember it being talked up on the Five-O newsgroup in the '90s, and I was disappointed when I finally saw it.

2) Very surprised that "Nightmare In Blue" and "I'll Kill 'Em Again", two episodes in most people's top 10 (and mine, too) didn't make the "good" list.

3) "A Distant Thunder" wasn't a bad episode, and deserved a better rating than it got.

4) How could they have forgotten the awful "A Bird in Hand" as one of the worst episodes of Season 12?

On a side note, I'm glad they included "I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot!", one of the more underrated and forgotten episodes of the series.

Added: November 05 2018 08:27:53 AM

Submitted by: Todd
From: Los Angeles

Mike, I will write some reviews of the new Five-Zero.

Can't promise it will be done in a timely fashion, or every week for that matter, but I'll write some.

I'm wondering why you are no longer watching the new show.

You gave the first four episodes no worse than 2 stars, so it seems as if you prefer Season 9 over Season 8.

Why pick this point to quit watching?

Added: November 05 2018 12:36:18 AM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Classic H50 re-view continues:

S02E06 - A psychology professor (Eric Braeden) trained by Wo Fat hypnotically programs a policewoman to assassinate McGarrett.

Added: November 04 2018 09:36:20 PM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Great insights Bobbi on Just Lucky, I Guess. It's an outstanding episode. Plenty to recommend. Marty Sloane plays the hard-working and well-respected California hardware salesman who enjoys an evening out with Angela. Sloane's married but he's in Hawaii for the convention and looking to score with an attractive prostitute Angela. He's new to this kind of thing and is awkward and nervous. Sloane is instructed to hide by Angela and gives Sloane a key. Bombay gives Angela a few opportunities to hand over the stuff "H" but she refuses. She's hidden it or stolen it from Charlie somehow. Out on the terrace, Sloane witnesses Charlie Bombay toss Angela off the balcony and down several stories to her death. Sloane is a conflicted man as he is an eye witness to a murder. However, going forward would also expose himself to being with the prostitute and undoing his good works. Family and friends he'd hurt as well. The story is also energized by Joyce a policewoman who plays Angela's sister. She Wants to make a deal with Charlie for the merchandise she knows where it's hidden. I would give Just Lucky, I Guess a strong 5 stars pointing to 5.5. Excellent acting all around from Marty Sloane to Charlie Bombay to Joyce.

Added: November 04 2018 11:11:33 AM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

I think I'm done today after this post, but I'm not guaranteeing anything ;)

As usual, I enjoyed your review Mr. Mike. This time, "Just Lucky, I Guess."

I agree Albert Paulsen seems to be yelling more than anything but I did enjoy Ann Helms role as "Joyce" - no less than the third policewoman with that first name! The other two were in "Full Fathom Five" and "A Bullet for McGarrett."

John Randolph was enjoyable too because he gave the right mix of nervousness and hesitation when he discovered he was in over his head.

The plot point of using a stuffed animal to hide drugs has been used before too and I find Five-O's use especially amusing. You pointed out "Wait Until Dark" - it's from 1967 and I think it was on TCM recently. I can back up another six years with an episode of "The Untouchables" called "Death for Sale" with an original airdate of 27 April 1961 - it even has its own Five-O connection!

In the episode, a cocky 20 year-old named Johnny Lubin is the criminal mastermind and he's already eye-ball deep in crime. Long story short, for one, he's a jerk and for another, he's out to make himself a millionaire before he's 21. His plan is to take opium and push it out using stuffed animals - mostly pandas. These pandas were in his girlfriend's apartment and it's how Ness and his men caught him. It's an enjoyable episode and that's mostly because of the actor portraying Lubin. About 23 years old at the time, it's none other than James MacArthur - our own Danno! Now, the latter throws the stuffed animal found at the airport at McGarrett in the Five-O office and I giggle *every* time - it's the irony I find exceptionally funny. :D

Added: November 02 2018 08:11:06 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

H50 1.0 Forever - sorry for smashing your name so badly. Sometimes my memory fails even if I've seen something a few minutes before.

Mr. Mike - I've watched McGarrett more than once pick up something trying not to transfer his prints. Not that it's a big deal, his prints are on file and they can eliminate him right away.

Anyway, I think that's the premise - not to mess up the prints. We also see items getting bagged which is even better. I don't think we really saw the bagging technique on a regular basis on TV until "CSI" but I could be wrong.

Added: November 02 2018 01:57:55 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Re-view of Classic H50 S02E04 "Just Lucky, I Guess."

A salesman attending a convention in Honolulu witnesses the murder of a hooker, he is reluctant to identify the mobster who threw her off a balcony.

Added: November 02 2018 01:33:42 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Ringfire - you go! :) Agree 100% - don't know what's going on but no one needs to do anything just because someone demands it.

H5-0.1 Forever - I now need to check out this movie. Not that I wasn't already sold - you sealed the deal. :)

Back to the series - I have been re-watching episodes slowly but surely. Last night was "For a Million...Why Not?" There was one editing lapse at the beginning of the hour. The Torino wagon Kono gets into leaving the scene suddenly disappears as it drives out of the shot! An HPD car is parking in the background as McGarrett is walking with the federal guy just after Jerry Turner is killed. I had to rewind it twice to make sure I saw what I saw. :!cool:

Added: November 02 2018 12:27:19 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

On cop shows, not just H50, cops will pick up a glass with fingerprints on it using a handkerchief. I don't understand this ... does this mean that this will NOT smudge the prints? Doesn't make sense to me, I'm sure depending on how they handle it from that point, the prints could indeed be messed up!

Added: November 02 2018 10:38:17 AM

Submitted by: John Chergi
From: Pittsburgh PA

Classic HFO Fans: Which is your FAV episode between Forty Feet High And It Kills! or Just Lucky, I Guess?
Murder--Eyes Only Season 8 has been watched a few times on my new DVD player and it has earned the rare 6 star ****** rating. That's equivalent to Mr. Mike's 4 stars ****. Other 6 star ratings include Hookman, Didn't We Meet At A Murder?, Highest Castle, Deepest Grave, Yesterday Died..., The V for Vashon Trilogy, King Of The Hill, etc.
On Murder Eyes Only, I boosted the rating from 5 to 6 because of the incredible depth of story and excellent photography. I also understood that Mrs. Waldren was being rescued from the Clinic and it was a real clinic with patients. The scene with Danny shooting McGarrett with the empty gun was powerful. I noticed they weren't upset at the end at Waldren like I thought. They realized the incredible skill of how Waldren was placed in the hypnotic state. Wo Fat & Company tried but McGarrett as usual unraveled who was behind it. A well-photographed and well-written story. JC

Added: November 02 2018 09:25:26 AM

Submitted by: H50 1.0 FOREVER
From: Under the Live Oaks

Going back to "Just Lucky, I Guess" and John Randolph and John Frankenheimer's "Seconds" (1966), there's excellent writing (David Ely) and acting in that film. John Randolph portrays Arthur Hamilton, the middle-aged bank executive, who was seriously disappointed to learn that climbing the corporate ladder isn't all that society told him it would be. Tony Wilson (Rock Hudson) was equally disappointed to learn that starting over isn't as simple as taking on a new name and face. It is giving up the good, as well as the bad, a price most of us aren't willing to pay.

About half the cast of "Seconds" went on to appear on H50: Khigh Khiegh (Wo Fat in 15 episodes), Jeff Corey (King of the Hill / Highest Castle, Deepest Grave), Will Geer (Forty Feet High and It Kills), and Richard Anderson (The Child Stealers). Frank Campanella and Murray Hamilton appeared in Len Freeman's post-Five-0 series, "Men at Law".

But, then, we're talking about two A-1 projects that have since become cult classics. If you haven't seen "Seconds," by all means, do. But hang on to your seat. You're in for a scary ride.

Added: November 02 2018 06:30:05 AM

Submitted by: ringfire211
From: Philadelphia

Elise, I have no idea who you are but Mr. Mike doesnít need to do a damn thing if he doesnít feel like it. Who are you to tell him what he needs to do? Chill out.

Added: November 01 2018 10:58:07 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike - excellent review as always, this time for "Forty Feet High and it Kills!"

I especially liked Will Greer's performance in this episode - he has a penchant for showing a mean streak that lies just beneath the surface. He so enjoys tormenting Wo Fat. :) As if he's twisting the knife by saying, "You don't quite have me." Lochner is no doubt amused by Wo Fat's squirming.

I also enjoyed how this episode unfolded - events happened in the order they were supposed to. There were no major jumps in logic and we saw the Five-O team work well against Wo Fat and his men.

The premise was clever but not overly so and I found myself enjoying it more the second time around than when I watched it the first time. :)

Added: November 01 2018 09:42:06 PM

Submitted by: Bobbi
From: Anchorage, AK

Mr. Mike - concerning your comment about Hayes Guards. I have another -- the guard looking out the window with the manager in "For a Million -- Why Not?" is from Hayes. This is after the "botched" robbery to set up the heist of $6 million.

Yes, they're bad. :D

Added: November 01 2018 06:13:57 PM

Submitted by: Elise
From: Montana

Ringfire, we have encountered each other before. I would suggest that you reread my original comment to Mr. Mike and understand the intent that he still needs to comment on the atrocious current series otherwise he is doing a grave disservice to the original series, which wasn't always perfect either, but what the heck.

Added: November 01 2018 06:12:04 PM

Submitted by: Mr. Mike
From: Vancouver

Re-view of Classic H50 S02E03 Forty Feet High and It Kills! Wo Fat engineers a bogus tsunami alert in order to kidnap a top genetic scientist.

Added: November 01 2018 03:45:21 PM

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