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Ringfire: Actually, I love I Want Some Candy, it's one of my favorite episodes, one of the edgiest and most powerful of the whole series. That's why I basically despise Girl's a rip-off that pales in comparison to the original. In my opinion, at any rate. Why mess with perfection? The whole story about Leonard Freeman wanting to reuse the footage because the networks wouldn't re-air the first show is a poor excuse as far as I'm concerned. Why not just come up with a totally new story and a totally new episode? Answer: money. SPOILER ALERT. Besides, what was the grandmothers' purpose in staging the kidnapping? To prove her daughter was an unfit mother? This is never clarified.
Columbus, OH USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 20:08:28 (PST)
Chris, you gotta be kidding me, right? "Little Girl Blue"... worst episode? If anything, it's one of the best! How can you call it bottom of the barrel?! Does this mean you also hate "And I Want Some Candy and a Gun that Shoots" from season 4? Because these 2 are practically the same episode! Same premise, same location (Diamond Head bunker), even same stock footage. Great episode! Jackie Coogan and Ronald Feinberg (once again playing a mentally retarded character). How can you not like their performances?!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 19:10:37 (PST)
Hi, Judy! Thanks for the queries. Sunrise is about 6:45 am. Sunset is 6:00 pm. Took me a while to get back to you on this. Sometimes, i find it hard to log on. I get this all the time: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /fiveo/guestbook/addguest.html on this server.
Hau'oli, Makahiki Hou! - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 18:01:35 (PST)
One of the things I loved the most about Five-0 was those beautiful big ol' Mercury/Lincoln's that McGarrett used to tool around in. Especially the late 60s models. Really nice cars.
Conshohocken, PA US - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 16:39:28 (PST)
I'm so old i remember the original airing of 5-0 and i can't imagine anyone playing steve unless you get a clone of jack lord. I have the 4 dvd's out and just ordered the 5th, i could watch them over and over again, they're so entertaning. The best part of having them all is catching the stock shots that were used in almost every episode, like steve and dano running down the steps to their car, the view of the plane either coming in for a landing or taking off, etc. funny. I'd be interested in who you have in mind for the leads, honestly can't think of any one who fits unless you go for unknowns.
connie magala
wallington, nj usa - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 15:10:41 (PST)
Little Girl Blue...a contender for worst episode ever? I know, there are probably shows from the last few seasons that are just as bad if not even more abysmal, but as far as seasons one through five go, this stinker is strictly bottom of the barrel.
Columbus, OH USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 11:50:46 (PST)
Thanks so much for the update, Ed. I sort of figured you might be popping in occasionally just to see what we have to say. So, it's nice to hear from you again. Your excitement about the pilot makes me feel confident that things are going to go well for this series. Best of luck to you. Looking forward to more updates.
Chicago, Il USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 08:23:25 (PST)
Recently watched Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die. Classic stuff. It was great seeing the veteran TV actors Malachi Throne, Nehemiah Persoff and Mark Lenard all in one episode. I'm not sure the plot holds up to intense scrutiny, but like The Usual Suspects, does it matter? For instance, why does Malachi Throne's character have to wait until Mr. Winkler surfaces to find somebody to impersonate him? Surely there would be other qualified agents who were more readily available, especially with plastic surgery techniques as advanced as they seem to be in this episode. Ah well, no matter. Five-O at its twisty best. I'm looking forward to watching it again. Have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Mike on a couple of episodes, though. I found the Family Crook show to be highly entertaining, and well-acted, but a long way from top ten status. As for Here Today, Gone Tonight, I love it for the same reasons Mr. Mike detests it. Because the plot is so out there. Unbelievable? Hell yes. Absurd? Ditto. Preposterous? Absolutely. And all the more brilliant for being so. The fifth season is where some of the storylines start getting more complex and, frankly, more whacky, stretching the viewer's disbelief to the point where it snaps in two, which is fine, it's one of the reasons I love this show!
Columbus, OH USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 08:20:43 (PST)
dear sir, I feel that there are many good actors in Hawaii, but i don't seen priece brosin- or watever I seen Don Johnson-from Nash Bridges along, with the rock- dywene,lucy Liu, the gal from ncis- the does the gothic dress. The one thing alot of all these comments about the former Five-o is that no one has even meneitioned the commratory between the cast and crew, I was there I saw it and was in it for a time, they did alot of shots at the building that i lived in Kaimuki. My brother and i all gave them a hard time including Mr. Lord, -- he would do a shot of walking up to the eleavator and we would come zipping out , either with some jokes like clown wigs on and so on, they all would laugh! and so on, plus there was the respect for the hawaiian culture aswell and it showed. All of this has got to be considered in the interprutation of the oringial five-o,to up grade five-o , i think would be wonderful, and i am a true lover of the show, back then some of the plots were real corn balls. Hopin you take in to consideration a blend of some of the shows that are currently on now. thank you and alohas
napa, calif. usa - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 08:06:55 (PST)
I have a question for you Kimo. What time is your sunset and sunrise? I've always been confused with that time frame on the show. One episode they remark at being there before the milkman that it was so early and it was broad daylight and in another episode it is 7:00 pm and dark. Always wondered if that was a production error or not? Thanks for your wisdom.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, NE USA - Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 07:44:17 (PST)
Hi Mike, you asked: 115. Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die Original air date: 2/6/73 Why does McGarrett's car have flags on its antenna at one point? Answer: Because while on stakeout, they're stationed in a used car lot. They put the flags on the antenna to blend in. Dunno how much Danno "blended in" stationed high above in that tower.
somerville, MA United States of America - Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 13:04:50 (PST)
Thanks for the update Ed, it's good to hear that things are moving along nicely with respect to the new show, we can't wait to hear more. I think this revival will be another hit for you and CBS, as crime/detective shows on CBS appear to be more popular than ever right now, judging by the Nielsen ratings. I think the time is definitely right for a Five-0 revival in our current world climate, especially if it stays true to the key elements that made the original a smash hit: compelling likeable characters, clever plots, gorgeous scenery, top guest stars, spot-on casting among the leads, and a jazzy music score. On a side note, I've been enjoying the first 2 seasons of CRIMINAL MINDS on DVD, and a lot of the elements that have made Five-0 a success in the past are present in MINDS too (cast, guest stars--Keith Carradine was a standout bad guy in the Frank shows-- suspenseful plots and more). Keep us posted, and Happy Holidays!
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 11:05:47 (PST)
Hey everyone -- sorry I've been away so long but, as someone mentioned in an earlier post, I'm trying to get three different shows ordered to pilot. I'm working very hard with my development partners at CBS and Paramount on the 5-0 script. I think you're all going to be pretty happy. I feel like we're keeping enough of the original world alive and updating it only where it feels right. I think that the pilot is going to feel a lot like an episode, but with a slightly faster pace. I've had a couple of 'insiders' take a look and have gotten some very positive responses. I can't thank all of you enough for the inspiration I receive every time I pop back to your site and read another round of comments (I don't always leave a note). Everytime I start to feel stuck or overwhelmed, I come back to your words and enthusiasm and get excited all over again. Thanks to all of you. I'll update you when there's something to update. Ed
Ed Bernero
Los Angeles, CA USA - Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 09:49:09 (PST)
Julie-Sorry I missed read your note. I thought you had a painting that Jack Lord had painted. Sorry.... Too long of a day!
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, NE USA - Friday, November 28, 2008 at 18:35:20 (PST)
Hi! I'm interested in the painting! What is it and what size and how much?
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Friday, November 28, 2008 at 17:57:52 (PST)
I have a painting of "Jack Lord" I did in 1972. Would anyone be interested in it?
judy stearns
paris, tx usa - Friday, November 28, 2008 at 09:38:09 (PST)
In the promo for Pig In the Blanket when the fallen cop shoots out the suspect's tire in that yellow sports car, the camera flashes to a tire blowing out. Did you notice this shot is of a tire blowing on a blue car, looks like a racing checkered flag emblem on it? When you go to the same scene in the actual episode the camera does not allow you to see that.
Cincinnati, OH USA - Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 18:46:38 (PST)
From the revered Hawaiian White Pueo, Happy holidays....
3, 2 1 - Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 15:27:49 (PST)
thankyou for putting five 0 on dvd .ian
caldow. ian
horsham, vic australia - Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 20:03:22 (PST)
From Tim Ryan's blog ( dated November 24, 2008: Coconut Wireless ALERT: CBS’s new Hawaii Five-0 series still has a tentative start production date on oahu of mid January though that was announced before last week’s Screen Actors Guild request to members for a strike vote…
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 15:06:58 (PST)
Thanks for the info Chris. I always remembered that episode. Never realized it was the pilot. I knew it had to be early in the series because I was quite young. My mom has always been a huge fan of the show and Jack Lord. My dad worked at a small airport in upstate NY when I was a baby and he heard that Jack Lord was flying in. He called my mom and she brought me there and we met him. I don't remember it, but my mom still tells the story.
Woodstockl, GA USA - Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 09:40:04 (PST)
Mr. Mike, I know what you mean about certain details spoiling a whole episode. I feel the same way about Yesterday Died from season one, the preposterous coincidence of everybody involved in some incident that happened in Korea years ago having moved to Hawaii ruins that show for me. Fortunately I didn't notice the things you mentioned in Fools Die Twice so they didn't bother me. I agree the episode isn't perfect, I would have liked to see Gulley's character developed more, more details about his disaffection, plus more insights into the seemingly dysfunctional and abusive relationship he has with his babish girlfriend who suffers from low self-esteem. I also would have liked to see more time devoted to Michael Conrad lumbering about, looking for revenge. As it is, I think it's a great episode, perhaps a near classic but not quite there. By the way, the episode Tom is referring to is the pilot, Cocoon. I'm sure most of you out there knew that, I just happened to be the first.
Columbus, OH USA - Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 09:13:14 (PST)
Can anyone help me. I remember watching an episode as a kid. It started with someone in a water tank and they had a mask on. Later in the show, they put Steve in there and it was to "break his mind" or something like that. I can't remember the name of the episode, but it was real creepy.
Woodstock, GA USA - Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 08:48:08 (PST)
for a great picture: key in search : lord elvis
mt. prospect, il usa - Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 05:51:11 (PST)
Just wanted to jump in here to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Don't eat too much and don't get lost in all the crowds during the day after Thanksgiving sales!
Chicago, IL USA - Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 05:25:50 (PST)
I love the Fools Die episode. In the middle of the shootout someone is walking/strolling across the lawn in the background like no big deal. And when he crawls out of that hospital bed and goes over to the girls' house and colapses right there and dies I lost it. I also love it when Steve gets the call he had left the hospital. "Oh the Dr. said he couldn't make it a hundred yards, and this is the same doctor that told you he wouldn't make it thru the night?" Classic McGarrett. The Jinn. If Wo Fat is soooo concerned about someone recognizing and IDing his hit man, why the hell doesen't he dispose of the body after he ices him? He does deliver the classic line 'you could be, but you'll not be' and then that muscle twich in his face, classic!!!!!!!!! This season is pretty good afterall, still working on the first two discs and rewatching them all over.
Cincinnati, OH USA - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 21:59:24 (PST)
...And,if anybody can pull it off it is Ed as he likes us to call him. If you watch "Criminal Minds", you can see that there is emphasis on quality writing and intelligent storylines. It's either him or Donald Bellisario..those are the two, however as a fan, Ed gets my vote... They will likely update the pacing, although it still needs to be a DRAMA not a crime show. With the right cast (and that's the hard part!) and retention of common values Five-O can possibly work. It needs a strong patriarchal lead with star quality who is "larger than life" As a homage, we should use Kam Fong's son in the show, perhaps not as a regular, but certainly it would be a nice nod to the original. I am surprised Ed hasn't posted in a while, but as i understand it he is working on developing three new shows simultaneously including Five-O. A new Five-O would revive interest amongst a new generation who will be curious and generate a renewed interest in the original as well.. New Five-O?? YES, we can...
Tampa, FL usa - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 14:57:53 (PST)
Re my comments below, old Five-0 vs new: Law & Order still features more exterior location than others but they are an old show now and the spinoffs stay in studio more. New cop shows seem to love head shots and overacting. Every line is delivered with some sort of inner conflict/anghst. Even L&O has become very touchy feely. Cops conflicted about their role in society. The old Five-0 squad never second guessed, well almost never. Maybe Danno. Five-0 was almost like 'Dragnet Hawaii' -more so in the first season. It was no nonsense cop work with a clorful cast of guest stars and of course the 'Five-0 Players' also a similar formula to Dragnet. My point is the bar is set very high for Mr Bernero.
Newport Beach, CA USA - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 12:58:46 (PST)
Mr. Mike -Thanks for the additional comments on the Vashon trilogy and breaking down each of the 3 episodes. As far as the new show, I would almost prefer they don't do it. New shows don't have the budget to shoot on location. They are shot 99% on sets in a sound stage. Five-0 was a perfect storm of stories, actors, and spectacular WIDE SHOTS, on location. More like a film than TV. Today, it would be impossible to come even close to the original IMHO.
Newport Beach, CA USA - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 10:09:09 (PST)
Fools Die Twice is an interesting episode concept-wise, but I actually downgraded this as far as my star rating is concerned for two reasons. One: during the terrific gun battle between the cops and the payroll robbers at the beginning, there is absolutely no damage to any of the police or military cars. (Think of the incredible gun battle during the bank robbery in the Al Pacino movie "Heat" and you'll know what I was expecting.) Two: the way the computer solves the crime at the end is stupid. Danno feeds information about Gulley into the computer and it doesn't find anything, so he has a "brainstorm" (Danno's exact word) and feeds in Gulley's initials along with locations where there are pumps making noise, and BINGO! The computer says the person can be located on a "navy surplus minesweeper on Sand Island." Huh? What does that mean, is this like a houseboat or something? I like my computers to be realistic.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 09:40:55 (PST)
I'm halfway through season five and so far I agree with Rob, the tone of the show is a little different, although I must say I'm lovin' this season so far, and I can't say that I find that many of the endings anticlimactic. The ratio of weak episodes to classics is good up to this point, with only a couple of subpar shows, You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich(bad script, bad performance by the Shat, even the title is weak, it has no relevance to the story) and Chain of Events(great idea, poor execution, even Jack Lord seems to sleepwalk through this one), outnumbered by the classic eppies by more than two to one, Pig and a Blanket, The Jinn Who Clears the Way(fantastic ending!) and of course the V for Vashon trilogy. The rest of the shows are all good to great. Fools Die Twice(love that title) is an overlooked episode, not a classic, but definitely very well-done and entertaining. One thing I've noticed, the show seems a bit more right wing this season, with McGarrett pretty much trampling over the fourth amendment every chance he gets, or at least finagling around it. Anyone else notice this?
Columbus, OH USA - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 06:04:09 (PST)
Regarding the new show. If nothing else, please don't end each episode with some lameass pop song performed by some wimpy emo band playing in the background as one of the cops has an "emotional moment," which seems to be the current trend(see Without a Trace, etc.). Five-O must retain its hard edge, otherwise it ain't Five-O, bruddah!
Columbus, OH USA - Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 05:50:50 (PST)
This is defintely a different 5-0 beginning with the 5th season. Not better or worse but different takes me some getting used to. It seems to be more confusing plot wise, which is not a bad thing, I find myself having to go back as the episode plays because I miss something. I have digested the 1st 2 discs, best episode so far is Pig In A Blanket. Some of these endings are not knocking me out of the box like before they seem to anti-climatic at times. I think someone over at the Mark & julie site were saying the show had 3 distinct eras, the 2nd of which began with this season.
Cincinnati, OH USA - Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 21:30:41 (PST)
Fantastic site! Watched "A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead" (again) Wow that Barbara Luna is Hot Stuff! Five-0 featured some really beautiful babes throughout it's run. Including Linda Marsh, and Sabrina Scharf. Also Mary Angela who I believe appeared in only one episode, "East Wind, Ill Wind". Many more but these women come to mind.
Mr Greene
San Diego, CA USA - Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 17:18:32 (PST)
As previously mentioned by me, The Fifth Season "reviews" at are full of complaints from people who are upset at CBS/Paramount's screwing up of music in other DVD releases (not Five- O). If you have purchased Season Five, either from or elsewhere, please make your true feelings (hopefully positive!) about this set known there to counteract these negative comments, which theoretically could have an impact on future Five-O releases.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 10:17:51 (PST)
Journey Out of Limbo. When they bring the dignitary from the airport out to the guy's house I swear they ride him in 3 different cars. He leaves the airport in what looks like a caddy. Then they show a mercury lincoln with american flags on the front. When he arrives he is in another kind of caddy it looks like no flags. I have only watched the 2nd disc so far it seems as though this is the season I start to notice the wheels coming off of 5-0. There have been a couple of lame endings after the Jinn episode. No knockout punch like before. Is McGarrett finally losing his mojo??!! However alas there is hope, I saw the promos on the 1st disc and looks like I am in for a treat with some of my fave actors like Shatner, so here goes!!
Cincinnati, OH USA - Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 22:18:39 (PST)
Mr. Bernero Sinse I read about your plans to bring back Hawaii Five-0 to prime time TV. I really wondered if it will be a success,mainly re makes are not really the same as the original. Reason is simple. Attempting to mimic the original actors and charactors of an original show rarely works. In my opion to make a five-0 re make a success then you will need to really get creative,while sticking with the original Hawaii Five concept,i suggest that you create a new cast of charactors,because in the real world Steve McGarrett and his original team would be retired from from Five-0 by now,and in the real world,there would be a new top cop and team at Five-0. The new series should be about Five-0 and it's good reputation,by only excepting the best at what they do,in a professional manner. As for the leader of the team. I suggest the following actors if you can get them? First Choice (Harrision Ford,Second Choice Don Johnson,who played detective Sonny Crockett in the 1980's TV series (Miami Vice) and 1990's series (Nash Bridges) I believe these two actors can play the leader of Five-0. If you want to stick with McGarret? Then I suggest that it,be either a relative such as a son,like Steve Jr. for example. Or adapt the name McGarret as a code name as the top cop? The real identity of the head of Five-0 could be kept secrete for the obvious reasons,in the new series. By the way i really enjoy your Criminal Minds Series.
Vern Conway
San Francisco , CA USA - Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 19:11:58 (PST)
~ In 'Death Wish On Tantalus Mtn.', Ricardo's yellow race car is one that has wheels tucked into fender wells and bearing the number 6. When the race car expert from California takes it for a test drive after inspecting it and then crashes it, the car is still yellow but has open wheels such as an Indy racer has, and is bearing the number 96. Still with discrepancies, I love the show, and the view of Koko Head from inland is beautiful! * Still "Be(ing) there", ALOHA! ~ ~
holly's mount, NC " I'm so glad I'm living in the" USA - Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 10:44:11 (PST)
At the end of #101, The Jinn Who Clears The Way, it looks like McGarrett throws Wo Fat's phony passport on his desk. Unfortunately (especially since I have perpetuated this idea for many years on my WWW pages), this is not correct. If you freeze-frame the sequence of events very carefully, you can see that McGarrett actually throws a small black book which was on the right side of his desk. The passport stays where McGarrett dropped it on his desk prior to Jonathan Kaye entering the room. Thanks to John Seeder who pointed this out (a very long time ago!).
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 08:20:01 (PST)
~ Kidnappings, intelligence, murdered officers; investigating sabotage; McGarrett relentless. Killings, now it all. . . . .FITS TOGETHER! Season Five(O) is underway on DVD in NC. I LOVE IT! It takes McG to piece it together, OR. . .can someone else? Let's take a look!* Be(ing) there, ALOHA! ~
holly's mount, NC USA (doggone right) - Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 03:22:03 (PST)
"but when they take actual dialogue from another season, i just have to shake my head. Come on folks, we're not stupid, we notice these things. drogers" Yea. uh, tell em to reshoot it, quick, before it gets too old and becomes part of TV history!
Kimo, Kimo Kimo - Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 02:07:59 (PST)
Blockbuster sent the 2nd disc 1st. I treated myself to a hefty dose of Mr. Wo Fat this afternoon. Classic line #1 "because of your bungling......." I fell off of the sofa when McGarrett threw the passport on the desk for the closer and had to rewind!!
cincinnati, OH - Friday, November 21, 2008 at 22:12:11 (PST)
Stock footage in Journey out of Limbo: Not only is footage from Leopard on the rock used early on but so is some actual dialogue from "No Cans, No Bottles and No People" from season 4. It's right before the scene where McGarrett and the Governor meets with the deputy attorney general in the 747. McGarrett is wearing a blue suit but when he gets out of the limo with the Chinese official, he's wearing a beige suit. I laugh at the stock footage taken from the pilot (the two-door mercury whizzing by the fountain or taking a slow curve around a large ocean freighter) but when they take actual dialogue from another season, i just have to shake my head. Come on folks, we're not stupid, we notice these things.
Somerville , MA United States of America - Friday, November 21, 2008 at 20:28:50 (PST)
I got season 5 from Amazon the day it was officially released. The quality is superb. The show storylines are much better. The hippie references on some earlier shows date the show otherwise I look forward to getting all 12 seasons. All I can say is hurry up and release them.
Las Vegas, Nv USA - Friday, November 21, 2008 at 09:14:09 (PST)
That's because Jack Lord was colorblind and a requisite for acting on the show was everyone else who worked on the set had to be colorblind too.
kimo, omik kimo - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 19:12:40 (PST)
Did anyone ever notice in "Cry,Lie", when Danny ask about Chin owning a blue suit. Chin replies that he has one and that it is wool, but that it is too hot for him to wear it now; Chin is waering a blue suit at that moment? Never caught that before. I think that was a oops moment.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 18:22:01 (PST)
I have only read one review of the set so far on the Home Theatre Forum. It was pretty generic. Other than that, there are several "reviews" at, many of which are moronic, since the people are using Five-O as a platform where they can attack CBS/Paramount for the way they screwed up The Fugitive, Season 2, Disc 1, and most of the comments were made before the set came out two days ago. Yes, I have the set ... it looks pretty good to me. I have updated several of my anal-yses on the page for the Fifth Season already.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 17:18:03 (PST)
"I'm getting ready to order it, but would like to read some reviews first. " Guess Hawaii 5-0 is a passing fancy for some. dass okay. ainokea.
well, LaTee Daaa! - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 12:46:13 (PST)
Hey, Mr. Mike. Are you going to post some reviews regarding the Season 5 DVD on your main page? I assume you already made the purchase. I'm getting ready to order it, but would like to read some reviews first. Also, I noticed Seasons 1 & 2 looked spectacular on DVD, but Season 4 seems to be more grainy and not as crystal-clear as the previous seasons. Just wondering if these DVD releases are not slowly deteriorating...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 12:23:19 (PST)
Oh yea. Steveo would sure go somewhere like that to meet him. In a suit! hahaaa.
noplace, like home - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 11:45:40 (PST)
Hey, Kimo, is there a "Warrior Ridge" on Oahu somewhere? In the show Fools Die Twice, McGarrett has to meet the bad guy there. According to some WWW page I found, "Kekoalele (lit. "the leaping warrior") Ridge, which starts by the Oahu Country Club in Nuuanu Valley, rises up to join Napu'umai'a." Is that what is being referred to?
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 10:17:42 (PST)
Jmmags, actually it did read like that, to people who were paying attention. Welcome to the website, you just got your first dis from Kimo, which I guess qualifies as the initiation ritual. Bear up, my friend, it won't be the last.
Columbus, OH USA - Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 06:11:07 (PST)
Hey Kimo, I'M SORRY FOR ALL THE CAPITAL LETTERS! I agree what you were saying about CSI:MIAMI. That's what I was trying to say,guess it didn't read back like that.
mt. prospect, il usa - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 14:50:12 (PST)
" let there be no mistake:THE REASON IT LASTED 12 YEARS IS BECAUSE OF THE PASSION AND CLASS JACK LORD BROUGHT TO THE ROLE. " Firstly, stop yelling, rude person. Secondly, yea. It would be a mistake to think the show, being shot in Hawaii had anything to do with its popularity or longevity! -- "The scenery needs to be "part" of the show not just a snapshot (Like they do in CSI:Miami)" No, that would be a mistake, for they shoot much of CSI Miami in El Lay and hope viewers assume it to be Miami. THAT means you want them to shoot it in El Lay and fake the Hawaii locations. TOO much of that already.
Kimo, Kimo Kimo - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 13:33:08 (PST)
Here is something interesting. I came across one of those applications on the net--this one allowed you to upload a photo after which it computed who the closest look-a-likes were. Interesting, when i uploaded the "Starring Jack Lord" screen cap, Carlos Bernard's name came up. He is from 24, which i don't follow. I can see he resembles him somewhat. Unsure about his acting though. Have no idea.
KD MCgarrett...Don't you ever call me Kimo..
Tampa, fl is KD title is Mister - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 12:03:26 (PST)
Some suggestions for the reboot:
1)McGarrett casting- HOF DT from the Chicago Bears:Dan Hampton (look him up-He looks like Jack Lord on steroids)
2)Don't have too large of a supporting cast.
3)Tie it in with a NCIS crossover-(Pearl Harbor murder or such)
4)The scenery needs to be "part" of the show not just a snapshot (Like they do in CSI:Miami)
5)Try some 2 hour event movies instead of a weekly series. maybe part of a weekly revolving thing with other COP dramas like NBC did some years back.

mt. prospect, il 60056 - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 07:27:26 (PST)
Hi, I too loved 5-0. The scenery was nice,but let there be no mistake:THE REASON IT LASTED 12 YEARS IS BECAUSE OF THE PASSION AND CLASS JACK LORD BROUGHT TO THE ROLE. I think this country NEEDS another TV cop with the same attributes. Right now,cop shows are full of one dimensional,cookie-cutter charecters. Also,let's get past the PC casting of 1 old white guy,1 hot girl,2 or 3 minorities with attitude. Hire actors who CAN ACT with no regard to color,age,etc. Also,throw in an arch-enemy who is always just out of reach (WoFat)!
mt.prospect, il usa - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 07:08:09 (PST)
Rob, Amazon shipped my set on Sunday, should be getting it today(hopefully). I usually don't watch them in order, I'm sure the V for Vashon trilogy will be among the first I go for.
Columbus, OH USA - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 06:11:37 (PST)
Picked up Season 5 last night at Walmart for 39.95. Watched the first epi and part of Death on Tantalus Mtn. Had to laugh at the truly apalling cut away shot of the helicopter blowing up after Stevo and Danno shoot their carbines at the assassin who comes to clean up the mess left in the wwake of the frame job on Duke. The footage is so grainy and anathema to the rest of the episode it's almost laugh out loud funny. Ricardo M. looks a hell of a lot more human in the second episode vs his made up plastic man look in the starring role he had in the first season... I'll probably have these all kncked out in a week (perhaps I'll stretch them a bit this time ... Nah !!!!) Roll on Season 6 !
Millersville, pa USA - Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 05:53:23 (PST)
Did anyone pick up Season 5 today? Blockbuster just mailed me the first two discs I should get them Thursday and am very excited!!
cincinnati, oh usa - Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 21:19:03 (PST)
In the episode Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain, Ricardo Montalban tells off his son with some foreign words that are not translated with any of the subtitles. I got a reply from a message I posted in a Usenet newsgroup about this:
The Montalban character says: "When I want your opinion I will ask for it, Nicky. żEntiendes lo que te digo?"

The Spanish question at the end means "Do you understand what I'm saying?" or "Do you understand what I'm telling you?".

Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 15:02:49 (PST)
"Don't talk to me about bin laden rights to a trial, just kill the m****r fucker.Thats what McG would say." Yankeeeee do, I gotta tellya, Yer placement of asterisks is quizzical.
doe, Ray Coniff - Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 10:29:04 (PST)
The haw. 5-0 team was not all male, all the time. -- "there are still Mormons practising polygamy." a splinter group. Mormons don't consider that group Mormons. -- I will ask Al reason for his departure next time I talk with him.
3, 2 1 - Monday, November 17, 2008 at 12:45:14 (PST)
liked the idea of the into starting with the original music, than jazzing it up. The intro shots could add in speed boats, the new speed cat ferries, and volcanoes. But a lot of the background music used brass, it worked, stick with it. Also, hate to sound like a sexist, but the all male 50 team worked. Come to think of it the A-team all male force worked too. Females add sex and put different dynamics into it all. Its just about the about our guys catching the bad guys. Defo Also, McG used an exagerated form of acting, not unlike william shatner. Lots of facial expressions, (including smiling), lots of finger pointing, fist banging, oh yea make our blood boil. Too often cops, D.A. etc. approach crime, including the most heinous, in the most objective, nonchalant, apathetic manner. Don't talk to me about bin laden rights to a trial, just kill the m****r fucker. Thats what McG would say.
chi, w.sussex uk - Monday, November 17, 2008 at 12:00:39 (PST)
Mr, Mike, I wrote that piece at 3:00 in the morning; I apologize for any misunderstanding. Actually, I was poking gentle fun at Kimo's assertion that Harrington held polygamist views; I was teasing him for accepting rumors at face value. Apropos Harrington's departure, I believe that the simple truth is that he wanted more air time, was refused it, and just wanted out.
Fresno, CA - Monday, November 17, 2008 at 10:12:30 (PST)
Tony, you seem to be accepting the "old adage" that "If it's on the Internet, it must be true." I would challenge you or anyone else to find a reference on the Internet or anywhere else (other than the mention at giving any credence to this rumour about Al Harrington and his "polygamous views." By the way, there are still Mormons practising polygamy. See this article.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Monday, November 17, 2008 at 08:29:52 (PST)
Kimo, are you sure that the idea that Herman liked polygamy is not a rumor? ;-) You can't believe them thair rumors. On a related note: if we want to accept the old adage that the simplest reason is usually the correct one, then the idea that Al just wanted more air time is probably the boring, simple truth.
Fresno, CA - Monday, November 17, 2008 at 03:54:06 (PST)
My favorite aspects of the show were:
1. The teamwork.
2. Forensics and computers were used in solving crimes, but interactions between people were the key.
3. McGarret. If you cast and write for that character correctly, the show will work.
4. The scenery (AND unique culture) of the state.
5. The music and opening titles. I realize that the shots will need to be redone, but I hope you can capture the spirit of the original.

Anthony Thompson
Big Lake, MN USA - Monday, November 17, 2008 at 00:35:20 (PST)
There is no reference to Season 6 at yet from what I can see. There is some mechanism by which people can list things that are not available or just "new" at this site. If you are selling things at and have a certain status, you can create new items, which is probably what happened in this case. The listing says there is only one disc in the set, for example! Again, a very dumb feature of when people can create such listings and/or comment on them.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 16:04:30 (PST)
Karen, helluavan idea. Kala'i Miller would be perfect. A local as top cop and then a haole (kama'aina hopefully) as his 'sidekick' haa. perfect. hope that happens. And then mel cabang as kono, Paul Ogata as Chin Ho. Or a reasonable facimile. It can be done.
wot, choo tawkinbout!? - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 14:11:26 (PST)
Did I miss a year? They're advertising season 7, but not season 6 ? The advertising depeartment must be out to lunch somewhere or else it was a heck of an office party.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 14:06:23 (PST)
Yea, Mr. Mike. That is nonsense. Mormons haven't practiced polygamy in decades. It was infuriating to Wedemeyer cuz he in fact DID like the idea of many wives and learned it's now not allowed in that cult.
uh, uhuu hu-uuuh - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 13:49:48 (PST)
Dear Sir, I was raise in honolulu at that time , many times i got to work as an extra and knew the cast and crew , there are many well round actors in hawaii , such as the Rock, he would be great in it, also why not bring Dan-o back?! in jack lord's place, also some of the reborn culture of the hawaiian heritage . Hawaii is not just an island or were the Dog lives! It's growing city as in alike to S.F.!
napa, ca. usa - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 11:38:47 (PST)
What is this nonsense?

This is part of a review of Season Seven at, which isn't even announced by a long shot yet!

A veteran character actor from the first six seasons, in various episodes, usually playing Police Det. roles, the 6'5" Doug Mossman, who played Frank Kamana in sixteen episodes during the seventh season after the self-promoting Mormon [Ben Kokua] Samoan actor 'Al Harrington' got fired. He kept buging the rest of the cast pushing his poligamist cult views on everyone, especially infuritating Herman Wedemeyer, who complained to Jack Lord who fired Harrington.

All the more reason that reviews should not be allowed at until the DVDs are actually released (and then only people who have bought the release could review it)!
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 10:30:20 (PST)

One thing to note: 70s movies and TV often moved at an often-glacial pace, which was just right for those introverted times--you were supposed to absorb what was going on. However, this pace does not translate very well to 2000 times; it'll have to be speeded up, possibly including rapid-fire editing, to hold the interest of viewers in these post-Rambo times.
Fresno, CA - Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 10:24:39 (PST)
I loved the original show. I think Kala'i Miller would be perfect for the role, (from Baywatch Hawaii, and a shortlived cop show named Hawaii). He's handsome, and has a great smile. I hope the new show will have great locations that show off all the scenery. I'd like to see some places off the beaten path, with panoramic shots. I hope you'll keep the theme song, starting with the original rendition, and after the first verse jazzing it up with a modern version. Can't wait ! I'll watch every episode ! ! !
prospect heights, il usa - Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 20:56:15 (PST)
I have obtained a copy of the Season Five box set, and the first show I watched was Chain of Events, which was previously not remastered. It >has< been remastered to the same high quality as other episodes in the DVD sets so far ... there are several instances of outstanding use of color in this show which the remastering highlights. Of course I have revamped my anal-ysis of this show.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 16:17:52 (PST)
Nice of Ed to ask for some input on Hawaii 5-0.2 from fans of the original. Don't believe version 2 can equal the original but I most hope the cast is not all beautiful, movie-star perfect-looking but real (like the supporting cast of the original and of another brilliant police show, Hill Street Blues) and reflects the people who live and visit Hawaii, and that Hawaii will be a character. Having been lucky to work (administrative staff) for a state law enforcement agency, I know that the commitment, seriousness and professionalism at top levels (seen in the fictional McGarrett) is real in the best of the best. I'd like the two leads to be male. Another thing that could be explored more in version 2 is the political nature of a law enforcement agency because of its partnership with local law enforcement (this was seen with "HPD" in the original) and with the governor's office, other state agencies, AG and the legislature. State agencies depend on the legislature for funding and support of the agency and laws to better fight crime. One of the supporting characters could be the governor's public safety policy adviser, or a legislative assistant to a justice or public safety committee-- just a couple ideas. :-)
Oregon USA - Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 14:47:18 (PST)
Kimo, that's twice you've made me laugh. You've got to quit doin' that--you'll ruin my reputation. ;-) You're all right with me, man; next time you're in Fresno, drop by and we'll split a slab of Spam. On an unrelated note: I sure do respect Mr. Berman, but I don't know how they're going to pull this off. H50 seems inimitable with the 70s time stamp, and the dual whammy of Jack Lord and James McArthur. I'll be watching this drama unfold and hope for the best.
Fresno, CA - Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 11:12:12 (PST)
Chris McG will need an awesome sidekick, but certainly no connection with a Danny Williams child (I'm sensing a terrible daughter character here). Too much of that sort of stuff will give 2.0 a bad name. I hope Bernero lands the right guy in Chris' role. An unknown is fine, as is a movie actor making the transition to the small screen, as long as they have the chops. I am so excited! Anybody into Five-0 on MySpace can look me up at
USA - Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 08:01:02 (PST)
" I'm the kind of nerd that never "gets' jokes" wow. Tony. we never had an inkling. no idea 'til now. thanx for 'splainin it to us lowly serfs. It helps. Truly it does.
2, 1, Blastoff! - Friday, November 14, 2008 at 22:45:06 (PST)
Mike, it might have seemed incomprehensible to you that someone could have taken that page seriously, but I skimmed it the first time, and besides, I'm the kind of nerd that never "gets' jokes--the kind of guy to whom jokes often have to be explained. Yeah, yeah, I know....
Fresno, CA - Friday, November 14, 2008 at 22:41:06 (PST)
Kimo: Hey, wait a minute! Mike, is the whole webpage a joke? If so, the joke's on me! [DUH!!! - MQ]
Fresno, CA - Friday, November 14, 2008 at 08:46:05 (PST)
"So, any thoughts of substance about the new show" kd: how insulting; By inference, no comments heretofore have contained any substance. jezz, louise! some o' deez haole... I tellya.
wot, da hell... - Friday, November 14, 2008 at 03:31:32 (PST)
So, any thoughts of substance about the new show? -Do we think it will pan out? It is not an easy task to re-develop Five-O and maybe that's part of the problem i.e. getting it right. -Ideas for new head..possible cast etc. Let's get thinking...
tampa, fl usa - Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 13:14:59 (PST)
"No, Wo Fat", from the thirteenth season is so unavailable, it never existed before. "thirteenth season" is unavailable also. Boy, you guys on the mainland have it good. Seeing eps that we here never heard of before. And we used to watch 'em being filmed! wait. is this some o that "fan fiction" stuff you guys do over there?!
doe, ray liotta - Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 12:55:11 (PST)
Mr. Mike, we all know about "Bored..." being missing, and now I see on your website that "No, Wo Fat", from the thirteenth season, is also unavailable; are there others?
Fresno, CA - Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 11:51:03 (PST)
If you want to hear the theme song, there are several versions in the "music" section on the main page. I have thought about having it playing when people come on the main page, but the problem with that is the novelty of hearing the same song every time you come back to the page wears out very quickly.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 09:03:25 (PST)
Great web site! Needs to have the theme song playing! Really! That's what I was looking for...other than the name of the character Jack Lord played--Stevie M! Oh yea! Doo do do do DOO do.....
Dar Heffron
Garden City, MN USA - Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 16:57:44 (PST)
How about Horatio Caine from miami CSI, hes got the hair, (bangs may need a litle lenthening), but hes certainly cool enough. Changing the subject...the plot for the pilot...How about the Taiwanian president goes for his regular vacation to Hawii, but the red chinesse have an imposter to replace him they do the swap, 'steve', the pres's friend, thinks something sticks. But its when red chinesse warships head off and approach taiwan and the imposter says, "let our chinesse brothers visit taipai, as you say in your america...if you cant beat 'em join em The govenor say "ah well Steve not our business", untill wall street crashes, and the heng sang soars, than the gov. shouts, find em steve. Steve gets back on the case, untill a chinesse 'boomer' surfaces just off hawiian waters, and pops open one of its cruise missle hatches!..than the gov. shouts "back off steve", steve says, "they wouldnt dare" But the gov is too scared. Steve continues to find the real pres,(but secretly). he and the rest of 50 blast into a navel air base and 'borrow' one of the navy's new stealth preditors and follows a hunch and finds the bad guys out in the sticks on the big island. steve, a navel reserve helo pilot saves the day. in the process, the sub closes into territorial waters and steve has to sink the sub to stop 'em launching a missle and getting away. CHEERS
chi, w.sussex uk - Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 14:49:10 (PST)
So back to the show. Who do people think should be cast as the new head. By the way, my choices, in no particular order. 1. Pierce Brosnan (i know he is in his fifties but looks young and has that charm and glint in his eye) Also resides in Hawaii 2. Ray Liotta (can look very intent. has the Jack Lord look and is an amazing award winning actor)Even before the idea of a revival, i noticed a resemblance. Check the Smoking Aces photographs. V McGarrett-esque 3."The Rock" Dwayne Johnson-if we go down that route. He can carry a show. Good actor as well. 4. Josh Brolin. Don't have too much exposure to him, however probably has enough charisma. If like his Dad, and he resembles him quite a bit, probably can do the job? Thoughts?
Tampa, FL USA - Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 09:27:03 (PST)
hey Jude. I can be a smartass about 90 % of the time. If I go over that, I would assume Mr. Mike's welcome mat would roll up and I would be shaken off. If I ain't there already. So, sorry, eh?!
close, but no guitar. - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 17:11:44 (PST)
Kimo, I'm disappointed in your reply. I would of bet that you would have written: "Yea-Ran out the back door just to check. Still standing." Just when I thought that I could figure you out--you fooled me!
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne U - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 16:49:55 (PST)
Ok, am familiar with that ep. Got it confused with that other one where he dated that blonde Brit... Yea house is still there. Although Hawaii state is notorious for tearing down landmarks, this being a private landmark estate still stands. Know it well.
Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice Beetlejuice! - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 15:40:55 (PST)
" Is it still standing?" Tone, haveta get back to ya on that...
poi, boy numbah1 - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 14:35:39 (PST)
Kimo, being a native of HI, perhaps you could answer a location question. In one of the episodes, McGarrett, who has fallen in love with a blonde English lady, is framed for her murder. The house in which he is found unconscious is possibly the most beautiful house I've ever seen; built with a lot of rock and wood, it resembles a Frank Lloyd Wright dwelling. Is it still standing?
Fresno, CA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 14:18:17 (PST)
~ I love the line that McGarrett says to Vashon in the first episode of the trilogy, responding to him accusing McG of killing his son Chris. "No, no Vashon, I shot him. You killed him, you and his Grandfather, long time ago." Powerfull! Also, McGarrett's last line in the same episode; "Kimo, take over." Prophetic, I say! ~
holly's mount, nc usa - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 14:06:43 (PST)
Grammar correction: It does seem hard to believe that archival copies could be RENDERED using bad-quality answer prints, but if you all say that it can be done, I believe you.
Fresno, CA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 14:00:46 (PST)
Interesting, Kimo; I had no idea that this could be done. I knew about film, but little about video and still less about computers. It does seem hard to believe that archival copies could be remastered using bad-quality answer prints, but if you all say that it can be done, I believe you. On an unrelated note, I am beginning to understand you, Kimo: you're a guy with a healthy, dry sense of humor that's often misunderstood. This realization does shed some of your posts in a different light. Peace out.
Fresno, CA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 13:51:43 (PST)
A CMS does *not* affect page load time. It's content that affects that. Flash animations, large pictures and large videos make it slower - not the foundation on which the site is built. The content doesn't have to change. The big benefit is ease of administration for Mr. Mike and ease of use for visitors. I'm done. I rest my case. Thank you Mike for keeping the site going all these years. I've been visiting this site for a long, long time - just haven't said anything until recently. Over and out.
H. W. McNair
USA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 13:44:22 (PST)
Tony, good question; was just thinking about that while watching the ep: I could import into FCP, pull out my arsenal of every plugin known and unknown to man woman and child and have at it. get rid of the strobing. try to raise the resolution,/get rid of the pixelation... do some audio editing/manipulation, of course delete that extra blank film junk 1/3rd of the way in. then it render and author onto a dvd. -- McNair. Kimo was joking. azz why hahd, ah? braddah no mo sense of humor. But tanx, eh, fo da joomladrupal info.
blog, clog hog - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 13:31:13 (PST)
Not wishing to speak out of turn, I think Mr. Mike's website is fine as it is. One thing a lot of webmaestros don't seem to remember is that a lot of people in the hinterlands still rely on dialup; a fancy-schmancy H50 site on dialup would take too much time to load. If it's not broke, why fix it?
Fresno, CA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 13:06:02 (PST)
Kimo, you told on yourself, my friend. Blinking text and background colors is what web designers wowed visitors with back in '96. Of course it doesn't work anymore, and that's not what I was referring to at all when I asked about improving site navigation, content presentation/organization, and interactivity. In the year 2008 we have extremely powerful (and free I might add) software available to us called content management systems (CMSs). Two of the best CMSs out there right now are Drupal ( and Joomla! ( These are platforms on which admins - and users with permission - can *easily* add content such as articles, photos, videos, and documents. Features like categories, member profiles, event calendars, RSS publishing, user comments, site search, polls, blogs, image/video galleries, product sales, etc. are either included in the CMS core or can be easily added with free extensions. The days of creating/updating static web pages with Microsoft FrontPage and manually linking them all together are long gone (at least for 95% of webmasters). It's a needless, time-consuming effort to build and maintain a site with plain old HTML pages. With these CMSs, anyone (and I mean anyone) can run a web server right from their home or have it hosted by a service provider. So Kimo, 1996 called. They said they want their blinking text and backgrounds back.
H. W. McNair
USA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 12:44:31 (PST)
Community: I have realized that many of you may not know what we're talking about. I'll explain briefly: by the time you see any movie, it has been copied three times over; we're discussing those various generations...
Fresno, CA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 10:04:06 (PST)
Kimo: that's two interesting posts in a row. :-) I found "Bored..." more interesting than most other people, because of its 60s time stamp and the psychological nature of the subject matter. It seems like they could get around the legal issues by merely putting a "Do Not Try This at Home" subtitle, like they do in car commercials. QUESTION: even with today's technology, just how much can they do with "Bored...", noting its age, it's condition, and the fact that it's an answer print? It seems like a formidable task.
Fresno, CA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 10:01:39 (PST)
Wonderful site, Mike. Really glad I found it since it helped me put a name to the only Hawaii Five-0 episode I remember distinctly from my childhood when it was on. My question if any of your other posters can help would be appreciated, does anyone know what happened to Mrs. Mondrago's portrait when Hawaii Five-0 filming closed down? Also, did France Nuyen pose for the portrait? Thank you all in advance.
Washington, D.C., USA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 09:49:37 (PST)
Tony, "vinegar syndrome" is a real threat. Too many who should know better, don't and these are those in positions of ownership and stewardship and they do nothing: No refrigeration. No transferring to digital in order to save and archive... It's sad. Once it shrinks and starts curling... i can deal with the turning red; old footage looks ok in greyscale. But they gotta get it before the vs.
a , tonto z - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 01:26:43 (PST)
Jeff, your posts have been wonderfully insightful and informative, but I wonder if perhaps you could do some video-to-film language translating for me? By the term "original masters", are you referring to the original internegatives, printed from the fine grain interpositives? (As I have said before, I know a lot more about film than TV or videotape.) One other thing: you sure were right about amateur-owned prints decaying! I bet not one person in a hundred knows that even safety stock film deteriorates, due to something called "vinegar syndrome", if not stored under optimal conditions.
Fresno, CA - Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 01:15:16 (PST)
Watching the episode now. Boy, sure with we had a good viewing copy. man there are so many things wrong with the ep, I can see why they "withdrew" it. hey, I know that place the hippies live in. a few blocks from my place. One of the fun things of watching eps; hey! there's.. and that's the...
x, y z - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 23:28:20 (PST)
Thanks guys. I do agree with Tony's theory that a new set of internegatives was created at some point for every episode. Hard to say if the original masters were themselves in any way abused for syndication prints, or safely stored away in an underground CBS vault somewhere (although several other old shows have had their original negatives tampered with in some instances when 16mm syndication prints were made, as Tony noted; very sad). CBS Paramount now has a set of digitally-remastered SD syndication masters (209 shows), and a partially-completed (to date) set of HD masters (in addition to DVD, they can use these HD masters to create a new set of HD syndication prints someday as more and more local stations upgrade to HD broadcasting, keeping H50 alive and looking good well into the future in TV syndication). It's also possible, since Leonard Freeman Productions was the company that held ownership of the show, that his estate may have a nice set of negatives somewhere as well). As for "Bored She Hung Herself", I am purely speculating based on my limited legal and business knowledge, but I suspect from what I've read over the years that legal reasons are preventing its distribution to this day and CBS had no choice but to omit it from the Season 2 DVDs; I don't necessarily believe that the original print doesn't exist. Whomever owns a 16mm print of that show should get a digital transfer made, if for no other reason than to simply preserve a nice copy that will look as good on the 100th viewing as the first--unlike the 16mm film itself, which will eventually degrade in the hands of an amateur collector. If such a digital copy is ever made from the 16mm print, it would no doubt be a huge hit in fan trading circles (as long as the owner did not attempt to profit off it).
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 22:47:02 (PST)
One other thing: apropos "Bored, She Hung Herself", would it have been typical in the TV industry to have destroyed the original camera negative, the interpositive, and the internegative, as well as all the answer prints? The copy circulating on the Internet is a camcording of a 16mm print believed to be the only one in existence.
Fresno, CA - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 22:06:37 (PST)
Jeff, that was absolutely absorbing information--at least to me. (I read it three times.) If the TV industry is anything like the film industry, it's possible that the original internegatives, used too often to make prints, could have become crappy from overprinting, which would have made even brand-new answer prints look crappy straight out of the can. Probably, in 1989, when the second syndication package was introduced on Videotape, the original internegative--worn to shreds by then--would have been scrapped, and new internegatives printed from the fine grain interpositive; this would have enabled pristine prints on videotape. As for the digital remastering, (part 3 of this episode), as you say, the negatives would have been used, but I believe that they would have been the aforementioned new internegatives, not the old ones. Has all this made sense? Do you agree with my line of reasoning? (Caveat: this is admittedly speculation!) On a unrelated note, please keep in mind that while the second syndication package was superior in video quality, it's important to remember that they had a run of only 7 (seven) years, while the 16mm prints ran on for nearly 20. (Another caveat: I"m an admitted film snob--I can't help it.) Jeff, once again, you didn't bore me for one millisecond; your post wasn't too long, it was too short!!
Fresno, ca - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 22:01:43 (PST)
that was cool. Jeff. I work with film and tape. so I appreciate the info. (Wooops, sorry Barb.)
Cloggin , da blog - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 21:38:27 (PST)
Tony, I'm not a tv syndication expert, but through my own experience over the years, it appears that the original 200-episode syndication package that stations ran in the 70's and 80's was comprised of the grainy 16mm prints that most shows were syndicated in during that era (I don't know if these prints were struck from the original film negatives). Stations frequently made their own cuts for extra commercial time (WOR did for sure) and as these prints ran over time, they got progressively more scratched up and spliced. I recall actually watching a season 1 episode literally burn up on screen once on WOR in 1986 near the end, and they didn't finish it. Then, around the beginning of 1989, stations began running the 282-hour package, which were cleaner-looking betacam or digiBeta videotape transfers instead of 16mm film. In those days, the new transfers were 10 times better-looking and more colorful than the crappy 16mm prints. These prints were used through the 90s on TV stations and replaced the 200-episode 16mm package. Then, in 1997, The Family Channel acquired the series to broadcast on their network in cleaned-up digitally remastered versions that they helped subsidize. Only 175 episodes were cleaned up. It is my belief that they went back to the original negatives and created a new set of uncut prints from the 175 shows. FAM then proceeded to edit the living shit out of them during the year they ran them (they were time-compressed and ran around 42-43 minutes). This package was then put into syndication to local stations including WGN eventually, but in different versions that cut out the pre-commercial waves and other tidbits, used lots of fade-outs going into commercials, and ran about 46:30 minutes each--the FAM versions left the pre-commercial waves intact at least. An additional 34 episodes were digitally remastered a few years ago and added to the current syndication package, bringing the total to 209 (leaving some 75 hours still missing in action). The DVD episodes appear to be re-mastered in high def, as the Paramount syndication website has recently noted that the first 5 seasons now have a set of HD masters (I don't believe they are 1080p, more likely 720), with season 6 in progress. So I hope that helps clear things up, that's probably more than most people ever wanted to know anyway. Hopefully a few of you found it mildly interesting.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 21:12:39 (PST)
"lately it does somehow seem like the "Kimo" show. And it's not that I don't enjoy SOME of Kimo's posts, but he seems to want to comment EVERYTHING. " Good point, Barb.
ah,one, anda,two anda,three - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 12:32:17 (PST)
~ I love Hawaii Five-O! I like McGarrett's style, bust 'em with a smile. "We have our first Vashon, Chin." Killing, intrigue, murder, officers investigating suicides, attempting now assassination, suspense, segregation, hornary officers leaving explanations? YES! * Season 5, comin'up! Can't wait! * Be(ing) there, Aloha! ~
holly's mount, nc USA - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 12:14:44 (PST)
Judy, I just realized my last post to you, being poorly worded, was ambiguous; may I try again? My aside in my penultimate post was aimed at you to a small extent, but mostly at other interested parties. I apologize for any offense taken. I merely assert that dismissing rumors out of hand is a mistake to the serious researcher because often, kernels of truth are found in them. I hope this clears it up. :-) Peace out.
Fresno, CA - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 09:36:11 (PST)
Geez, Judy...I thought you and I were the only females posting here until I saw Teresa Christian's post. I'll bet she has a lot of great input for this site........I have to agree with some of the most recent posts that this site seems to be getting away from what Mr. Bernero was hoping for. He truly seems to want to make the Hawaii Five-O remake very special and has asked for our input. I just happened to stumble on this site right around the time Mr. Bernero made his original post and I enjoyed coming here every day to catch the new posts. But lately it does somehow seem like the "Kimo" show. And it's not that I don't enjoy SOME of Kimo's posts, but he seems to want to comment and comment and comment on EVERYTHING. ..... I have a feeling that if Mr. Bernero has been coming to this site every day like I do to read new posts that he is probably disappointed and getting tired of some of the negativism. Not a good way to get him to come back to us and give us any updates.......Oh, well, that's just my humble opinion.
Chicago, IL USA - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 04:58:32 (PST)
Mr.ED Bernero I understand your planning a new Hawaii Five-0 TV series. I suggest that you make it as close to the original series as possible,but but write the plots to fit todays headlines. Vern
Vernon Conway
San Francisco , CA USA - Monday, November 10, 2008 at 02:56:41 (PST)
JEFF: OK, here we go; I beg your patience. Here's what I know as fact about the film industry: the original negative is developed to an interpositive, which is developed again into an internegative, from which numerous answer prints are developed, which are sent to the zillions of theatres for exhibition. I don't know what happens with TV, but let's assume that in the 60s, the same process created 16mm answer prints which were sent to the affiliates. (Let's ignore kinescopes for the moment.) Sometime in the late 70s--and most definitely by the 80s--these internegatives begat the detestable videotapes. (I detest videotape because the images are so fugitive.) This seems to imply that the earliest syndication packages included 16mm prints, which is a darn good thing, because without this Bored She Hung herself would have been lost to us forever. Later syndication packages offered videotape, as are the packages offered today by Paramount. Is all of this correct so far? Now then, I have three questions for you: 1. How did they get internegative images on videotape before computers (the 70s and 80s) and 2. What would have been typically saved in vaults, out of the source material? The originals, the interpositives and internegatives, or merely the prints? Or, god forbid, only the videotapes? Now then, a third question: What source material would have been chosen for the digital remastering of Hawaii Five O?
Fresno, CA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 23:34:08 (PST)
Judy: The soft approach melts me every time. The comment was aimed only partially at you ; I apologize. As an aside, I would like to posit one notion: I think it's a mistake for the serious researcher to arbitrarily dismiss rumors; sometimes, lost treasures in the film industry are found that way--I could give you lots of examples....
Fresno, CA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 23:07:40 (PST)
Aloha Mr. Bernero, I worked on Hawaii Five O for about 5-6 years as a "secretary" in the outsider office(Danny's, Chin's), and Kam Fong's stand-in and as an actress in a couple of episodes. It is amazing to still get residuals. I am pleased to hear that someone who loved the show is bring it back. I want to be involved. Please go to my IACTOR site to contact me.(Teresa Christian) [What is the URL of this web site? - MQ] Best of luck with the show!
Teresa Christian
Pahoa, HI United States - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 16:23:35 (PST)
"anybody every see McGarret sitting at his huge desk, or his office door ever shut?" yea. me.
Clogging, there blog - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 14:46:06 (PST)
Question, anybody every see McGarret sitting at his huge desk, or his office door ever shut? It seemed every Tom, Dick, and Harry wisked into Steve's office with either a tid-bit of information, or this or that folder. Steve always straght back with this or that directive, what a 'boss'! Kojack's? office?... small, dirty office wikh fat, sweaty office slobs, who mumbled to each thanks lol
chi, w.sussex uk - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 14:30:32 (PST)
I dunno Mike Post from adam, I do know Morton Stevens composed many things including Hawaii 5-0 theme...
8, O 8 - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 14:06:15 (PST)
Mike Post could always be counted on for a good TV theme. His most memorable themes were The Rockford Files, The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team and Wiseguy, which are among my favorites along with H50 and Magnum, PI. Ironically, Mike Post scored the Stephen Cannell '90s Five-0 pilot, which was distinctly unmemorable. A rare misfire.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 13:56:42 (PST)
second best? magnum maybe... although I don't like Thomas's smug look and burnout from the 'nalo roadside...
8, O 8 - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 13:48:59 (PST)
Yea, the 5-0 intro has been voted the people's favorite for many years...
8, 8 - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 13:46:30 (PST)
sorry i meant intro, yea. the rocky arial pan. than the zoom into mcgarret on the hotel balcony, the spin, the 'smile', perfection. no better.
chi, w.sussex uk - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 13:43:36 (PST)
in my books H50 had the best TV into, period. Second best mmmm Miami Vice, who else is in the running, dunno, yikes help?
yankee-doo aka (JHulling)
chi, w.sussex uk - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 13:37:58 (PST)
Well, I have a bit of an interest in this subject and like to mix it up with my homies here. That's one o da ways I spend my time. Rather do that than b!tch about things and count other's posts for an avocation.
8, 8 - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 13:19:03 (PST)
~ I'm not the one that's been on here 19 times since Nov. 1st, kimo. ~
holly's mount, nc usa - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 13:14:34 (PST)
well donno, try stop clogging, den!
anti, clogging associaction - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 12:58:15 (PST)
~ This site used to be fun to come to and read, when people talked about the ORIGINAL show, the actors and characters they portrayed, and the beauty of Hawaii. Now, it is merely a clogged BLOG!
holly's mount, nc usa - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 12:53:13 (PST)
Tony: I found your side comment a little hurtful and insulting. Are you trying to provoke trouble? It really wasn't necessary.And, I wasn't even sure who it was aimed at. We all really need to get along here.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 12:43:28 (PST)
yep, Judy... to be exact, Hawaii officially joined the union in August, 1959. The 50th star of the U.S. flag (representing Hawaii) was added to the american flag on July 4, 1960. (many locals don't recognize this as a day to celebrate) (but that's another contentious subject for other web sites...)
Primo, Kimo Primo - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 12:40:10 (PST)
Tony, I have studio contacts through my job but claim no special insider knowledge with respect to television syndication, just lots of research over the last 20 years as a dedicated Five-0 fan. I have no idea why Six Kilos was withheld originally, but contractual issues (and expiration therof some 20 or 30 years later) seems to make the most sense. It obviously wasn't released into syndication back in 1989 when the other missing-from-syndication shows became available, or virtually every station in the 90's would have been running it. However, it clearly became available to stations at some point prior to the 1997 digitally-remastered package. I've seen the print that Mr. Mike references prior to 1997 myself via a VHS recording, but it was on none of the stations that I watched that aired H50 in the late 80's and the 90's. That's my 2-cents on it.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 12:35:59 (PST)
Mr. Mike, the previous query is directly related to H50. I will tie it together shortly; please bear with me.
Fresno, CA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 11:49:20 (PST)
Thanks a bunch, Jeff. (One caveat: we have to be careful about educated guesses in order to preserve the mental health of some of the posters. ;-) ). On a related note, do you agree with the concurrence on the reasons for Six Kilos' withdrawal in the first place? To continue on, do you have a lot of knowledge about TV's distribution practices? I have a lot of questions about it, if I could beg your indulgence. (I know quite a lot about the film industry, but relatively little about TV.)
Fresno, CA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 11:38:17 (PST)
Tony, my pure guess as to why Six Kilos showed up in some markets but not others: I think many local stations ordered the 1989 package of episodes (which was generally complete with all 284 hours minus "Six Kilos" and "Bored..."). These stations ran these episodes for years on long contracts, up until a few years ago when the remastered package became available. I think at some point "Six Kilos" was offered up, but stations that were already in long-term contracts running the package they currently had probably weren't aware of "Six Kilos" and for whatever reason didn't acquire it, whereas other stations started running packages with "Six Kilos" after it became available, or nenewed their contracts to run the show and picked it up with the renewal. Just a guess that happens to fit the facts.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 11:23:21 (PST)
Jeff, thanks for the information regarding the syndication deals, that clears up a lot of questions.
Columbus, OH USA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 06:39:59 (PST)
John, I agree with you. One thing that I think will have to change is that McGarrett was a little bit of a sexist-now guys I don't mean that in a bad way!!!He always called women "Love"; "Honey"; "Sweatheart"; and etc. I kind of enjoyed hearing it, but I think the rest of the audiences out there in the vast wasteland of TV will jump on that! I always smile because I figured calling a gal that is one less name he had to remember in the dialogue besides giving him that male edge.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 04:46:19 (PST)
Kind of ironic isn't it to have a new Hawaii Five-O also released for the fifieth anniversary of Hawaii into the statehood? Am I wrong, Kimo, in my facts?I'm sitting here with a head cold and my memory is a little fuzzy. And, yes Kimo is right, it is named for the fifieth state.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 04:39:50 (PST)
Yea, John. dass it. five oh. fiftieth state.
yep. , sure youbetcha. - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 02:32:42 (PST)
judy: i agree, "holding out for a hero", how long the wait? Trouble is i can see our 'new' hero having the croocked smile, but the hair do? Bit iffy, lol. Should be and unknown actor with, perhaps mixed blood? So that like he not sure how to label himself? Also maybe he's also a navy reservist too, just like mcGarret? Maybe also he got a half brother name 'Dog-The-Bounty Hunter? lol. The Govenor could be a very interresting character too, Sarah Plain may want a job lol. I always wondered about the 'Five-O', i assume it means Hawii was the 50th state to join the union right? Cheerio
john hulling
chichester, uk, w.sussex u.k. - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 02:20:06 (PST)
JUDY: "Hint: If you don't want people to get upset-don't post rumors as if they are facts unless you know for sure." Judy, there's undoubtedly some merit in this sentiment, but posting rumors often has a positive benefit: we can all put our heads together, mull over things we've heard, read, or seen, add a dash of common sense, and concur on some kind of plausible truth. This, you will have seen, is exactly what has happened on the issue of Six Kilos--it was determined that some kind of legal issue, probably involving a guest star's conflicting contract demands, prevented it from being shown during most of the 70s and 80s. (There is still an element of doubt concerning the actual dates of availability of this episode). The trouble is that I admittedly chose the wrong approach for this, so in that respect, your point in taken. I have other rumors, questions, mullings of the mind, and other errata to offer; for example, why would Six Kilos be taken out of circulation from "most markets", but not them all, if some kind of legal issue was at hand? Comments please...
Fresno, CA - Sunday, November 09, 2008 at 00:43:57 (PST)
To Chris: you were not alone regarding the missing episodes from syndication. Through most of the 80's Viacom syndicated a 200-episode package of Hawaii Five-0, omitting the 2-parters, the 2-hour shows, most of the 10th season shows, and the 11th and 12th seasons, and a few other scattered episodes. A few of these 'missing' shows were still broadcast by CBS in the late evening hours under the title 'McGarrett' during the 80's. It wasn't until around 1989 that these remaining 84 hours began to appear in syndication, in a new complete package that featured every episode except "Bored She Hung Herself" and, in most places, "Six Kilos". These complete syndicated packages ran on many stations for years to come until Paramount and FAM Channel digitally remastered 209 of the 284 hours, which is the package found nowadays on most stations that still show the series.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 20:21:49 (PST)
The new show should refer to the episode "Mother's Deadly Helper" for how the new McGarrett should act. Kicking open his office balcony door, slamming his desk with a fist and blasting around in his car with the ever present brake locking, skidding stops and peel outs from the Palace parking lot!
Steve H
Fort Worth, TX USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 20:12:33 (PST)
Everytime I think of Jack Lord or Steve McGarrett-Bonnie Tyler's song "Holding Out for a Hero" comes to mind. I guess that's what we are doing waiting for the new show to come out.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 20:03:52 (PST)
Hey guys! I believe we just went past amusing with all the comments. This is Mike's site and I really do appreicate everything that he has done keep Five-O alive for us. I think that the comments are getting way off base, and a little too personal. Let's have fun with this. Hint: If you don't want people to get upset-don't post rumors as if they are facts unless you know for sure. If you want to questions something-there are enough different sources that are tuned into this site to help confirm or deny the question.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 19:59:08 (PST)
Okay, Kimo, I am pretty ugly, but for your information I learned to dress myself just this past week.
Columbus, OH USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 18:46:07 (PST)
Christopher Columbus, that so so unfair. I, being full of the ol Hawaiian water AND Hawaiian aloha spirit, would never insult or put down anyone. Besides, yer ugly and yer mother dresses ya funny.
wot, boddah you!? - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 18:00:47 (PST)
To Gregg, Jack McCoy is no knight in shining armor, he often twists the law for his own ends, which makes him a very fascinating and highly watchable character, but hardly a by the numbers guy in the mold of Steve McGarrett(Cry Lie is the only Five-O episode I can think of where McGarrett really steps outside the playbook). Good to see another L&O fanatic posting here. Regarding the syndication packages that used to be sent out to various markets, I really got turned on to Five-O in the '80's via a local Fox affiliate which had a bizarre syndication deal that didn't include any of the two-part episodes, or two hour movies(including MQ's favorite Nine Dragons), so I never saw Cocoon, Once Upon A Time, Grandstand Play, Ninety Second War, any of those two-parters until the DVDs came out. The local station did show the V for Vashon trilogy(thank God), but all other extended episodes were passed over. I was wondering if anybody else had the same experience, and if so, any possible explanations to share. By the way, I agree with the one guy that a lot of Kimo's posts come across as fairly insulting. First we had the arrogance of Michael Hedges, now Kimo with his constant put-downs. Must be something in that ol' Hawaiian water...
Columbus, OH USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 17:34:07 (PST)
i saw your local son, barack, describe himself as a 'mut', a reference to his mixed parantage no doubt, and am reminded of the Vulcan IDIC pendant. You remember, infinate diversity in infinate combinations, and how there inherent strenth in anything that encompasses many parts. Such a quantity that 'muts' have, and yes, Barack has such tremendous strenths too. Rgds, John
john hulling
chichester, w.sussex uk - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 15:26:24 (PST)
Gregg, yer spot on; Wild Wild West remake was dreadful. And 5-0 was very serious (loved that about it) but a little humor tossed in once in a great while. Only once do i remember a scene showing them all in da office joining in a group chortle, then a short, curt "Ok back ta work ya lazy bums, ya!" from topcop. Eh, John, Barak our local boy, (boy are we proud of that...) is half white. So, perfect for america! we's a real mix here.
three, counts, moiduh! - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 14:20:07 (PST)
hey kimo, i heard on cnn that that obama's new chief of staff, Rhem Emanuel, is very similar to the chief of staff character from the TV series 'west wing'. you gotta figure barack watched the show, and may have even moved him to run. maybe he wants to bring fiction to reality, and be the new martin sheen? yes i know hes not white, but in all honesty, he doesnt act like the 'atypical black guy'. which, i think, is why he was elected. any way its damn late here, so im going to hit the hey. Cheerio, john
john hulling
chichester, w.sussex uk - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 14:04:12 (PST)
I think remaking 5-0 is a great idea as long as you stay true to the original. Some of the remakes Hollywood has come up with lately (Wild Wild West, Dukes of Hazzard) have been cheap knock offs that are for nothing but making some cash and showing some T&A. Ridiculous. Clean it up and let the drama and the diaglogue do the talking--that was the way of it with Hawaii 5-0. McGarrett has to be the hard nosed, clean standard for right that he always was, and that we grew up looking to as an example of what a cop should be. There was character, integrity--he was above even a hint of reproach. It reflects a time that we need to get back to in a lot of ways. It was clean and watchable, but it still hit hard, dealt with social issues and above all, it was SERIOUS. Deadly serious it was, and I think that's what gave 5-0 it's power. It was an unyielding relentless piece of granite that always let you know where you stood--just like Steve McGarrett. Recapture that, and you'll have the same hit you had back then. Jack McCoy stands as testimony that there is still room for a character like that in our changing society.
Gregg Peelman
Farmersburg, IN USA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 13:52:35 (PST)
hey, a Brit! Alohas to ya mate, and welcome to Tony's chat room! "Wo Fat character was a real meanie, he looked japanesse! i was surpised he never planned to bomb pearl harbour." He did, but his henchman turned to him upon hearing this plan of his, and said "uh, Fat? It's been done already." (Trivia no: 45C)
a, b c - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 13:23:57 (PST)
The shooting technique was very different form all the other 1970's cop shows, they used a lot of long shots, lasting twenty or thirty seconds! The idea must have been for viewers to appreciate the fantastic scenery. But it also created a different, interesting mood. The wardrobe, inpartcually Steve McGarrets suits, was excellant, they all looked so cool. Their big cars too where cool. Interesting supporting actors too, not so much the whitie, shame they couldnt act, lol. The plots didnt just include boring murders, they had interresting espionage stories, with red china as the enemy. Of course they still are, perhaps even more so now that they got $2 trillion of our dollars. Wo Fat character was a real meanie, he looked japanesse! i was surpised he never planned to bomb pearl harbour. I have grown bored the all the criminal/scientific details that 'House', CSI, and NCIS indulge in, give me car chases and punch-ups. hawii being obamas birthstate should create renewed interest in the place, and the series. "Book-It, and they will be watch watched". Cheers, john
john hulling
chichester, w.sussex united kingdom - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 13:17:50 (PST)
Tony, I am deeply ashamed of you for thinking only one of my posts was funny.
Bok, choy, Danno - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 12:39:42 (PST)
"I'd rather hear from you if you have some interesting H50 trivia to share." been there, done that. I was seeing my 'trivia' on other web sites all around the net. ain't agonna give that away anymore. Wait for the book.
1, 2 3 - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 12:34:23 (PST)
"your posts will not be responded to." wait; my posts were responded to? didn't need that as much as to offer a local kama'aina's view of the show and other views.
a, b c - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 12:30:44 (PST)
Kimo, although one of your posts was very funny, it seems as if, for the most part, you're looking for a fight. I don't share this interest, Kimo: I'd rather hear from you if you have some interesting H50 trivia to share. So from here on out, unless you have some of this interesting trivia, your posts will not be responded to. Peace out.
Fresno, CA - Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 09:43:54 (PST)
Dorothy Malone was deeply ashamed of her H50 part and asked that the credit be removed. At least that was the rumor that I must pass on, cuz all rumors are true. at least that's the rumor.
quinn, marton production - Friday, November 07, 2008 at 13:34:17 (PST)
"[This is not a "surviving print." This is a bootleg copy of a 16mm print which someone projected on a wall and filmed with a camcorder. - MQ] " Mr. Mike, thanks for the clarification. I should have realized this, because on the bootleg, you can clearly hear the "clickety-clack" of the projector.
Fresno, CA - Friday, November 07, 2008 at 10:32:37 (PST)
Dear Mr. Bernero, I have been a hardcore Five-0 fan since 1968. I own the fist four season of it on DVD and am very excited by the news of the show returning to CBS. My main concern is that you stay true to the spirit of the original. The original show was very taut, very tightly paced with virtually no "dead air.' In short, the show moved. It also portrayed the characters as profesional in every way. What I didn't like about "Hill Street Blues" and its ilk is all the personal angst. That's not what "Five-0" was about. "Five-0" stuck to business of getting the bad guys. Best of luck with the new show. I will be watching. Book'em, Bernero, Bill Kraft
Bill Kraft
Suk Rapids, MN USA - Friday, November 07, 2008 at 09:38:07 (PST)
Ringfire, your comments do have the ring of truth. Let me make this clear: I'm repeating gossip that I heard, years ago, from a correspondent who knew D. MacKaill very well. I, of course, don't know how much of it is the truth, and besides, it's been quite a few years ago. Be that as it may, some of it's pretty interesting. D. MacKaill just wanted something to do when she played on H50; she was long-retired, and probably would have done the part for nothing. (She was friends with someone on the production staff, and was in the "in" crowd in Hawaii at the time.) However, supposedly, union rules prevented her from appearing for free, so she worked for union scale. So goes the story, anyway. Interesting character, that Ms. MacKaill. I know quite more about her than D. Malone. It's possible D. Malone was in Hawaii to appear on a non-H50 show--I just don't remember. Whatever the case, she and D. MacKaill were very close friends, despite their age difference; they'd worked with a number of the same people in Hollywood during their heydays.
Fresno, CA - Friday, November 07, 2008 at 09:06:12 (PST)
Hey Tony, I have a hard time believing this story about Dorothy Malone being on the show. Here's why: first of all, she has not been credited as a guest star on any of the shows. Secondly, if she had bit uncredited parts that would make NO SENSE! Dorothy Malone was a famous actress who starred in "The Big Sleep" with Humphrey Bogart, "Beach Party" with Robert Cummings, and won an Academy Award in "Written on the Wind". I'm sorry, but Oscar-winners do not get uncredited bit parts! If Dorothy Malone guest-starred on Five-0 she would be the MAIN GUEST STAR/GUEST STAR OF THE WEEK/A FEATURED PLAYER! If we go by your theory, that would be like seeing Hume Cronyn or Geraldine Page in an uncredited bit part. That would never happen. Even Dorothy Mackaill who obviously never reached the fame that Malone did had a credited part (Mrs. Pelcher was it?... in season 9's "Target - A Cop", where she heard scratches outside her window). Take a look at Nancy Malone (who played McGarrett's sister in "Once Upon a Time") - she was hardly a mainstream actress, but even she was a featured player and not worthy of supporting player status... or even uncredited status. That is why Dorothy Malone (a high-caliber Oscar-winning actress) could never be in an uncredited bit role.
Philadelphia, PA USA - Friday, November 07, 2008 at 08:26:13 (PST)
Silvia, if the source material was anything like the quality of the other unavailable film, "Bored, She Hung Herself", poor quality could indeed be at least a factor--the surviving print of "Bored..." is so poor that it could actually be mistaken for a kinescope. [This is not a "surviving print." This is a bootleg copy of a 16mm print which someone projected on a wall and filmed with a camcorder. - MQ] ( To give a non-H-5-0 example, a complete "director's cut" version of The Towering Inferno could not be offered for this exact reason; some of the suppository material, which was printed on inferior stock, had deteriorated too badly to be used on a DVD feature.) However, it still seems more reasonable to me to suppose that a legal issue was at hand, but until such time someone "in the know" tells us, I guess we'll never know.
Fresno, CA - Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 23:19:50 (PST)
I would definitely like to see a revival of the series come to CBS, but only if it will utilize well-known, talented actors and have the interesting and solid structure the original showed delivered for so many years. Recent revivals of such classics as Dragnet and The Fugitive didn't make it because of sub-par acting and boring scripts. I say replicate the original as closely as possible to keep the new version just as invigorating. McGarrett and Dano never had the Internet to use help them solve crimes, so I wouldn't make the new show too technologically sophisticated either, as that runs the risk of turning off viewers looking for something more closely related to the traditional methods they used all those years ago. Good Luck and thank you!
TX USA - Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 20:20:26 (PST)
Could the unavailability of "Six Kilos" for many years have anything to do with the quality (or lack of such) of the film? Now that it is on DVD, it doesn't have the visual luster of other Season 1 episodes. [This is because it was not remastered as part of the "Family Channel" package several years ago. - MQ]
Pembroke Pines, FL USA - Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 18:47:35 (PST)
You're right about Dorothy MacKaill. :-) I can give you quite a lot of detail about her because my correspondent knew her very well. The other star was Dorothy Malone, but even as I say this, her name does not appear on any of the Hawaii Five-O credits; perhaps she played uncredited bit parts. Since I have lost touch with my correspondent, there's no way to ascertain. In any case, despite the age difference, the two Dorothys were very close friends who spent a lot of time together whenever Dorothy Malone was in Hawaii. She, in the 70s, was heavy-set, but still beautiful, dressed to the nines, with jet-black hair. Dorothy MacKaill's story is quite a bit more complicated, but since this is a site concerning Hawaii Five-O, I'll give the readers more details only if they ask.
Fresno, CA - Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 11:52:35 (PST)
The silent screen star is probably Dorothy Mackaill. Who is the other person?
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 10:59:18 (PST)
Thank you for the information, Mr. Mike. Some kind of legal issue is really the only thing that makes sense, doesn't it? My correspondent was probably correct on that matter. Concerning the 1997 syndication matter, I assumed that perhaps you were merely mistaken. However, you seem to be absolutely sure about it, so I believe you. On an unrelated note, this correspondent I knew lived in Hawaii in the mid-70s, and was privy to quite a bit of interesting trivia concerning the show. Specifically, he became close friends with a former silent-screen star who played on H Five-0 a couple of times, and met one other actress on the show who was popular later in the 40s. If any of you want to hear some of this trivia, just let me know.
Fresno, CA - Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 09:45:32 (PST)
Tony, you are not reading what I wrote earlier. I saw this episode prior to October, 1996. Therefore, Paramount's comment at their WWW site that the episode was out of circulation prior to 1997 ("for decades," as you suggest) is NOT CORRECT. Either this is an outright error on their part, or the fact that I did see it (from two different sources) was just a fluke where someone screwed up and inserted this show into the syndication package at the time. I recall when I originally saw this episode, KVOS TV was coming to the end of a cycle of shows being broadcast, and they were coming up to a point where it was possible Six Kilos would be shown, but I did not expect that it would be. However, I was totally surprised when it WAS shown. That's why there is such a lengthy anal-ysis in my Season 1 episode guide. I did ask Karen Rhodes about her opinion of why the episode was allegedly suppressed, and she said: "What I think was at the root of the withdrawal of the episode was some sort of contractual matter concerning one of the guest actors. Apparently, the contractual difficulty was either resolved, expired (as in statute of limitations-style expiration), or was rendered moot by another circumstance, possibly the death of one of the involved parties." Karen, by the way, also viewed this episode (which was discussed in her book, published around the beginning of 1997 and written some time before that) from a copy taken from a German broadcast, which gives further credence to the fact that this 1997 date at the Paramount site is wrong.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, November 06, 2008 at 09:01:57 (PST)
I know this cuz a reporter friend overhead a conversation back then, between Jack and Marie Lord once and it went like this: ----- Marie Lord: Uh, Jack, I've been thinking about a particular episode of yours I saw a couple weeks ago. That kilo one... It has been burnin' a hole in my mind and I need 'closure' on this! - - Jack Lord: Uh, Marie? "closure" is what you do to a door or lid of something. This is nineteen sixty eight. Pretentious psychobabble lingo hasn't been invented yet. - - Well still Jacko, I am upset. I need to vent. - - Marie!!! - - Ok. sorry, big Jay, I mean I wanna get this off my, uh, chest. - - Awrite sweety, what's wrong with the thing? - - It's really a chauvinistic mysoginistic episode. I want ya ta do sumpin about it. - - Aaah c'mon Marie! It's in the can! Been a month already! Did my job; hit my marks, mispronounced Hawaiian words, yelled at costars, it's done! Can't undo it! - - Well, to ME, you can! - - Ok , Marie, my dearest, whaddya want? - - I wanna see some remorse. - - OK, I am remorseful. - - Are you ashamed? - - No, not really. - - Well Jacky, you should be! - - OK, ok awrite. I am ashamed. There.... What's for dinner? - - Not so fast. HOW ashamed are you? I wanna see some reality. See ya feel it. Act, if ya have to. - - Ok. I am real ashamed. - - Very? - - Yes. Marie. I am now very ashamed. - - Uh, still not enough! I want ya to be deeply ashamed! - - Marie, 'deeply ashamed' is not real. that ain't a real phrase. You are either ashamed, or yer not ashamed. If I were given a script that had me utter those words, I'd fire Danno. Just for spite. - - Ok. Just regret it and make sure the episode is withdrawn! Marie, that ain't real EITHER!
1, 2 3 - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 21:39:12 (PST)
Lord was deeply ashamed of his womanizing caricature. marie made sure he was sorry. Hell, I dunno. as i said, I didn't notice nor did it affect me any that the ep was 'withdrawn". There is so much more to hawaii 5-0 to anal-ize for me at least.
a, b z - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 18:03:55 (PST)
Kimo, I'm referring to the episode Six Kilos that was withdrawn, not any episode of Mission: Impossible. Apparently, it was unavailable for decades prior to 1997; I heard this both through the Internet, and through the research I just did at Mike himself has confirmed this through his episode descriptions.) No one seems to know exactly why, although those Internet rumors did hint at legal trouble involving the plot device. As we have ascertained, those rumors involving the plot device do not seem to hold water. And now I'm asking you: what is your pet theory about the reasons for the withdrawal of SIX KILOS?
Fresno, CA - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 13:30:28 (PST)
"make some sense out of the withdrawal of the episode." I don't get this. I have seen this ep for a long time (often) all through reruns over the years. But I agree with you there was a show called "Mission Impossible" Where, why, how. was it 'withdrawn"?
1, 2 3 - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 13:10:52 (PST)
Kimo, it sure is interesting to ME. While I don't expect everybody to share this fascination, others have shown an interest. Pursuant to this endeavor, why do YOU think the episode was withdrawn?
Fresno, CA - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 13:06:52 (PST)
The mystery surrounding Six Kilos is as interesting than some of the mysteries on H-50 itself. - No, it is not. It is much ado about nothing. Mission Impossible used many OTHER different "plot devices" aside from the use of a tape recorder... to receive instructions from an off-screen "boss". They can't own each and every "plot device" in perpetuity!
ah, b c - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 12:55:53 (PST)
Kimo, I'm merely trying to make some sense out of the withdrawal of the episode. Please keep in mind that I did not originate the theory; I heard it, fourth- or fifth-hand, on the Internet, a zillion years ago. At the time, it did seem to fit the facts, but as we have ascertained, the theory doesn't hold water under close scrutiny. Which leads us to another mystery: why WAS the episode withdrawn? There aren't many possibilities. Besides a legal issue, there's the aforementioned "creative differences" issue, i.e. somebody in power wanted the episode suppressed for personal reasons. (Don't think that this doesn't happen in Hollywood; many artists have made products of which they're ashamed. For example, Alfred Hitchcock made a movie he was later embarrassed by.) Besides these two reasons, can you think of any other ones? On a unrelated note: at least the withdrawal of "Bored, She Hung Herself" made sense...
Fresno, CA - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 12:51:25 (PST)
"as in the case of all rumors one hears, there is a kernel of truth in it. " - "It seems reasonable to suppose that some kind of legal trouble ensued" - "was deeply ashamed of his performance" _ "Does anyone have any other theories?" yea. I got a theory. Your statements make no sense. I WANNA agree with something lately, just to balance things out but Jezuss Kee Rice. you sound like a wannabe paralegal. read the above. "every rumor is true"?! "deeply ashamed"?!
1, 2 3 - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 12:32:52 (PST)
Tony, I see where you're coming from and I think your theory is an interesting one, but flawed, largely for one basic reason: CBS owned both Hawaii Five-O and the original Mission:Impossible series. Take a look at the end titles link from Mr. Mike's website and you'll note at the end "copyright Columbia Broadcasting Company". Now, granted, the two shows were made by two different production companies. I suppose it is possible that Bruce Geller sent a memo asking the folks at Leonard Freeman productions to please don't go any further with that taped leader sequence in the future, but I doubt any legal action was made, or could have seriously been made. CBS owned both series and had the right to use whatever they wanted from any of its shows across the board. I offer Magnum P.I.'s references to Five-O as evidence: another CBS show that was produced by a different company. Ironic that Paramount, which owned M:I, would also end up owning Hawaii Five-O.
Shawnee, KS USA - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 12:19:35 (PST)
I have done a little bit of research since I first posted. First, the information about 1997 seems to be accurate; the new syndication package including the previously unavailable Six Kilos was introduced in 1997, according to Paramount's website: The rest of the information is still speculative. I think that, as in the case of all rumors one hears, there is a kernel of truth in it. It seems reasonable to suppose that some kind of legal trouble ensued; what other reason could there be? As you have correctly noted, the plot device rumor, believable at first, fails to carry conviction under close scrutiny. The only other possible reason I could think of is that perhaps Jack Lord, or one of the other principals--someone in a position of control-- was deeply ashamed of his performance, although this seems highly unlikely. Does anyone have any other theories? The mystery surrounding Six Kilos is as interesting than some of the mysteries on H-50 itself.
Fresno, CA - Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 09:46:19 (PST)
This information regarding Six Kilos is pretty questionable, in my opinion. First of all, I had seen this show prior to the 1996 Five-O convention which happened in October of this year (I printed out my anal-ysis of the show -- the same one that appears on this WWW site -- and took it with me to the convention). I can't remember where I saw the show, whether it was live on KVOS Bellingham or a tape from KCIU San Jose that a friend sent me (I think they were both shown around the same time). As far as the plagiarism rumour is concerned, I ran this past Karen Rhodes, author of a book about Five-O, and she commented in e-mail: "Plot devices are not subject to copyright. Copyright would only apply if the scene had been copied -- plagiarized -- word for word from the M:I episode."
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Tuesday, November 04, 2008 at 18:37:13 (PST)
The episode "Six Kilos" was unavailable for decades until it was returned to the syndication package in 1997. Although the reason for the withdrawal of this episode has never been made officially public, rumors of legal trouble have leaked out through Chinese Whispers over the years. Specifically, the episode contained a plot device, viz., the use of a tape recorder to receive instructions from an off-screen "boss", that was allegedly deemed to be a direct act of plagiarism from the popular series Mission: Impossible. It is not known if the MI producers collected actual monetary damages, or if a simple cease-and-desist order was issued; presumably some kind of deal was finally reached in 1997 that made "Six Kilos" available again for our enjoyment.
Fresno, CA - Monday, November 03, 2008 at 21:41:02 (PST)
Hey, maybe for the "nipster" role, Mr. Bernero could land Adam Sandler. He would be perfect at heel-nipping. Mr. Mike: for the men in the group, I find it time consuming to scroll through the ep summaries to find my fav babes like Barb Luna or Ann Helm. Could we get a "HOT BABE!" inserted next to the star ratings please??? A pic of them in their bikinis right next to the ep summary would be cool, too. lol :-)
Big H
Raleigh, NC USA - Monday, November 03, 2008 at 09:12:23 (PST)
No one?! ok. I will say it; i have heard many descriptions of Danno's relationship to McGarrett. But up 'til now? NOthing that describes "James MacArthur's nipping at his heels". wow. ok; Are these alternate eps shown on da mainland only?!
6, 6 6 - Monday, November 03, 2008 at 01:43:34 (PST)
I have read a lot about the best actor to take over the reigns as head of H50 and I have also enjoyed putting forth my pick, but I have started to think that more attention should be paid to who plays the second in command. Just as Joe Frazier brought out the best in Muhammad Ali, the same was done for Jack Lord through James MacArthur. What I am trying to say is that, even though a great actor is picked to head the new series, can this actor achieve his or her best without an actor of James MacArthur's calibre nipping at his heels?
Douglas Fee
Courtenay, B.C. Canada - Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 23:22:42 (PST)
...with short sleeves, coconut buttons and matching pocket?! man that would be messy.
ah, b z - Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 19:38:38 (PST)
At one point, I experimented with making the background on some pages a Hawaiian shirt design. It was gross -- you couldn't read the text on the pages!
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 17:35:41 (PST)
and we want dollar bills shooting out our screen onto our lap every time we clik on another episode page.
spoiled, much? not me - Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 14:24:01 (PST)
Mike, I want to see McGarrett's head, not stars in your episode reviews. What's up with this, Mike? If an episode is a 4-star episode, I don't want to see 4 red stars (what is this, Communism or something? Red China, anyone?). I want to see 4 McGarrett heads instead. And how lame is the background color? That's such a puke-ey color. Haven't you ever heard of turquoise? Oh, and I want to hear a "Book 'em, Danno!" every time I scroll past an episode. Also, can you make the text 3-D? That'd be so hot. And is it really too much to ask for to have the text jump off the screen when moused over? Sheesh, Mike....
Philadelphia, PA USA - Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 13:42:18 (PST)
Mr. Mike, when are you going to update and bling out your web site here? It needs to be tricked out. We want neon blinking text, that animate when rolled over and chartreuse diagonal striped background alternating with black and yellow background when we scroll.
Happy, hallow een - Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 12:15:49 (PST)
Mike, your H50 site is great just the way it is - just keep doing what you're doing - like you said, the web site pages load just fine on most browsers and they load fast on mine - again, keep up the great work!...:-)
NEW YORK, NY USA - Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 11:07:41 (PST)
H. W. McNair, posting for the first time, as far as I can determine, complains:
Mike, when are you going to bring this site up to date as in improved site navigation, content presentation/organization, interactivity, etc. These static, flat HTML pages are nearly as old as Five-O itself.
I suppose I could spend time fixing the pages so they have frames and other fancy bullshit as you are suggesting, but this takes time, which I do not have a lot of. Anyway, the pages as they are view and format quite nicely on my mobile device and don't take a long time to load on regular browsers, which some people might consider an advantage. Unlike some other sites, I make an attempt to keep things up to date as well, though there is always room for improvement in this regard. This site has been around for over 12 years, and you are the first person to ever bring this issue up, which tells me something.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, B.C. - Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 07:01:26 (PDT)

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